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Issue 03

Before You Crowning glory for

2 L&T at Kakrapar Atomic
Power Project
take off, A vibrant story of the first

fasten your
PGET in L&T Construction

seatbelt 5
Drafting designs to
drafting strategies

The long wait is over and your D-day is just round the RE-creation 7
corner! As you are getting ready to embark upon a life-
changing journey, we too have set the stage for your
Sometimes silence is
seamless induction. 8
not so golden!
The last two editions of Campus to Corporate offered
merely a sneak peek into our expansive operations, rest Riders to the Storm 9
assured, in no time you will be fully integrated into the
system to construct your dreams and build the nation 11 Meet your mate!
at the same time. This edition packs a few more projects
that is certain to wow you, additionally, we have FAQs 14
prepared a checklist to help you pack your bags. On
a lighter note, there are few more recreational options 15 Checklist of Documents
that you can explore, and a special rapid-fire round
from some of your peers.
Dress code for the
With an atmosphere charged with new experiences, Orientation
adventures, and of course, constant learning, we
encourage you to use our learning platforms to 16 Do you need any help?
challenge yourself and accomplish several milestones
along the way. We share your excitement and cant
The Editorial team
wait to have you on board. See you soon!
Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, Gopi Kannan S,
Best Wishes. Prakash Ranjan, V. Sheeja

L&T created history at its Kakrapar Atomic Power Project
(KAPP) in Gujarat. In a first-of-its-kind mission, the team
successfully lifted a massive 355 t Inner Containment (IC)

glory for L&T dome liner and placed it atop the Reactor Building (RB).
The iconic dome structure is 47m in diameter and 8.25m
tall, and was elevated to a height of 44m before it was
at Kakrapar Atomic placed on the reactor building. The operation was executed
seamlessly with the help of a specialized rigger gang that
Power Project was given the green signal from both L&T and the Nuclear
Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) on this extremely
challenging mission.
In a record time of 120 minutes, the heavy load was lifted
to the planned height and lowered into its designated
position. Following this, the well-prepared team swung
into action and completed the alignment and anchoring
in just 3 hours!
The teams hard work and meticulous planning did not go
unnoticed, as the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)
complimented them on the outstanding feat. The Board
members remarked that they were unable to distinguish
between the 3D model of the dome liner and the actual
one that L&T had created! Such was the perfection and
detail to the exacting standards. Whats more, this project
also has several safety awards to its credit that it has bagged
consecutively over the past couple of years.

Whats more, this project also has

several safety awards to its credit that it
has bagged consecutively over the past
couple of years.

A vibrant story of the
first PGET in L&T Construction

The systematic 1979 was one of the most fascinating a few weeks, I received a call letter
and exciting years because that for a written test cum interview. I
approach helped
was when I passed out from Indian got all excited and prepared myself
me learn many Institute of Science, Bangalore, with a to appear and present my case. At
things and I started post-graduate degree in Engineering Chennai I met the then Personnel
my career as a and also had campus appointment Manager, Mr. Sampath at his office
designer order from the State Highways on the top floor of L&Ts Club House
Department, Chennai. Wanting to road building. At that point in time,
fulfill his dream through me, my ECC was a small organization, but it
elated father was prodding me to join gave me an impression of evolving
to make a strong statement in my into an organization of repute within
humble village. However, my eyes a decade or so.
were set elsewhere!
With that impression, I took my
I dispatched a hand-written test which was filled with design
application to the then ECC, and detailing intricacies in civil
expressing my desire and dream engineering. I completed the test
to work for a nation builder. After within the specified time period of
3 hours and handed it over. After
sometime I was introduced to a fair
gentleman, Mr. K.V. Rangaswami
(KVR), who was heading the design
section for buildings and factories.
KVR congratulated me on the very
good design carried out in the test,
and also for the proper detailing. As a
novice, I was thrilled to receive such a
praise from a professional. I returned
jubilantly to my native and after a
month, received an appointment
letter asking me to report at Chennai
on a particular date.
I very happily let go of my
earlier appointment letter from
the government, and proceeded

to Chennai joining ECC on 14 to witness my design shaping up at the site. This experience taught me several
November 1979, not fulfilling my crucial things on not only constructability, but also the importance of making
fathers dream. The posting order constructible design, which is a must for an organization to get into design &
was for a Post-Graduate Engineering build mode.
Trainee with a salary of Rs. 900 in the
Over period, I too moved from level to level and started heading one of the
first year, and Rs. 1000 in the second,
biggest engineering departments which gave me the opportunity to further
with a monthly retention of Rs. 100
innovate and help boost business growth of the organization that I love. At this
for a period of 24 months, which
juncture, I had an excellent association with the present MD & CEO of L&T, Mr.
will be paid post confirmation of the
S.N. Subrahmanyan, to go for massive `Design & Build projects and accelerate
training period. It did not matter!
growth. Since then, there has been several mega projects, airports, IT parks,
Neither was I worried about the
commercial spaces, MRTS and L&T Construction grew from height to height.
training period nor the salary all I
With this came my opportunity to move from engineering and technology,
wanted was to learn and contribute
to business management, and build a niche area which can add value to the
to the field of innovative engineering
parent company.
During more than three and half decades of my journey in this organization,
My immediate boss, K Jayaraman, as
not once have I thought of leaving. It is also clear that whoever joins this
a first lesson, taught me how to design
organization and works hard, would definitely get rewarded, some way
on the chequered pad, by drawing
or the other. When I look back now, I still feel that nowhere else a person
margin lines with 1 gap on the RHS
would get this type of exposure to learn and acquire knowledge. New joiners
and 3 from LHS to draw remarks /
should therefore use the opportunity, learn as much as possible, contribute
conclusion. This helped me develop
for the organizational growth, and they will soon learn that they will grow
some sort of discipline, not only
professionally, but also personally.
The systematic approach helped me
learn many things and I started my
career as a designer, specializing in
precast and pre-stressed concrete
ECC was focusing on and moving
towards providing alternate design to
optimize cost to secure projects. This
initiative helped me introduce new
ideas in my area of specialization. I
started with one of the longest, widest
and heaviest precast pre-stressed
roofing system, in 1980-81, which
is still a marvelous piece at the IIT
Ocean Engineering Centre, Chennai.
This new idea and challenging design
gave me the opportunity to have
closer interactions with, the then
master in precast technology, Mr.
A. Ramakrishna, whose name still
stands tall in L&T Construction.
In fact, I submitted my entire
design calculations which I
prepared systematically for his
scrutiny and suggestions. AR
himself went through all the
calculations and gave his views
and suggestions. I was thrilled

Drafting designs to
converted to the present TC1, and a
workshop near the rear gate which is
currently TCTC.

drafting strategies During the GET orientation program,

I was the only architect, and I felt a
bit out-of-place surrounded entirely
I joined L&T ECC, as it was known back
by engineers. However, the then
then in 1993, as a GET, fresh from the
President of ECC, Mr. A. Ramakrishna
portals of School of Architecture and
soon put me at ease, outlining the
Planning, Anna University, Madras.
growth potential for an architect. The
In those days, there were only two
first few years were an eye-opener
schools for architecture in the whole
for me. I plunged right away into
of TamilNadu, making the 60 of us
preparation of concepts, schematic
who annually graduated, feel rather
proposals, views, working drawings,
elite! I was thrilled to receive my
and of course, the ever-important
I have enjoyed my appointment letter from this well-
days here and I known organization. With a sense of
excitement mixed with nervousness, Soon computers made its entry into
believe that with
I entered the Manapakkam campus our sphere and we had to move
an open mind, away from our large drawing boards
which had only a few buildings
willingness to back then; including the main AOB and T squares to AutoCAD and Sun
learn, and the right building designed by Piloo Mody workstations! It was an exciting
attitude, success is (where the design team sat), apart change and we all immediately
not very far away! from another office which was later caught up with it!

role in the design of a wide spectrum Demag factory at Chennai, the Honda
of projects: the township for PPN in factory at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, and
Tamilnadu, Aditya Birla Hospital in the adjoining Honda Suppliers Park.
Pune, HPCL retail outlets in North
After spending over 15 years in
Zone, and the Ford Corporate office
various design roles, it was time for
at Chennai, to name a few.
an exciting and welcome change.
One of the projects that stands out In the year 2009, I was given the
in my memory is the construction of opportunity to head the Mavens
the hockey stadium at Gachibowli, team a team created to spearhead
Hyderabad. This was a time- initiatives such as strategic planning
bound project, with a deadline and implementation, standardization
of just 70 days. I enjoyed the fast and financial monitoring. This
pace designing with focus on opened up new vistas and was a
constructability, preparation of great experience.
drawings, ease of detailing to support
In 2012, when L&T GeoStructure
speedy construction and quick
was formed under Mr. S. Kanappans
decisions, visiting site to check
stewardship, I moved into this
correctness. On the whole, it was an
start-up. I am currently the Head
awesome experience!
of Corporate Services, responsible
Another project which was rather for strategic planning and
unique was the construction of implementation, and initiatives to
the flight kitchen for M/s. EIH at enhance operational excellence,
Chennai. Being a food factory for business development and supply
airline catering, it was fascinating chain.
to understand the needs and deliver
From drafting designs to drafting
to the requirement of the client,
strategies it has indeed been a
while co-ordinating with kitchen
wonderful journey! I have enjoyed
In the late nineties, there started a consultants, a host of equipment
my days here and I believe that an
flurry of activities within the campus suppliers, Business Units and
open mind, with the right attitude,
the construction of the Convention the site team. With the Design &
and a willingness to learn, are the
Centre and the AR centre. The design Build model for business gaining
keys to success!
team grew in strength and moved to prominence, other notable projects
the new AR centre, and I played a key that I handled included the L&T Wish you all the very best!

We understand that life without celebration is colourless and tedious, so at L&T, we created
the recreation club!
L&Ts Recreational Club (normally functional across project sites too), organizes several
employee-engagement and entertainment programs all-round the year, rejuvenating and
exciting L&T-ites and bringing them together as one big family.
The events range from sporting fiestas to gala dinners to meet-and-greet sessions apart
from cultural events that bring out the hidden talents. Often, employees and their families
unwind in resorts over the weekends. On the annual club day celebrations, the winners
of the yearlong events are felicitated and recognised, reinforcing the fact that L&T-ites are
champions both on and off the site! Whats more, the club takes fitness very seriously
too with Zumba sessions and marathons to name just a few apart from full-fledged
gymnasiums at some of the locations.

Whats common between engineering and public
speaking? They are fun, imaginative and challenging! If
you feel that you are blessed with the gift of the gab or want
to become a speaker, we have just the right space for you at
L&T the ECCs Toastmasters club.

Toastmasters is a world leader in communication and

leadership development. Just as every construction
begins with a single brick, every speakers journey begins
with a single speech. You can keep the art of storytelling
alive, and travel back to those good old days where no
day was complete without a story. Even if you think you
cant tell one, just be a part of the audience and it will
certainly be as enriching!

to the Storm
Glowing monitors and clicking keyboards may be their bread and
butter, but their journey of life begins with the flick of thier wrist.
Nothing compares to the feeling when engines roar to life and
wheels zip through undiscovered landscapes. This my friends, is not
for the faint-hearted, so if you are an adrenaline junkie, you will feel
right at home with this squad that lives to ride!
Whether it is to chase the sun before it dips into the coastline, or
eat sumptuous meals at humble dhabas, the cruising crew has
embodied the adage Where there is will, there is a way.
If you are Game of Thrones fan, you might be familiar with the
catchphrase Winter is coming, but the riders at L&T prefer to say
Hey winter! We are coming!
For this bunch, no distance is too great, for they have covered up to 4
states in no more than 3 days! Scenic places like Coorg, Pondicherry
and Mysore are favorite weekend getaways, and venturing into
natures lap has never been just a distant dream.
Whats more, these bikers dont just ride for the thrill of it, sometimes
even for worthy causes. Several journeys have been undertaken to
spread awareness about diseases such as prostate cancer.
Meet your mate!

V Sarat Chandra
IIT Chennai

Why did you choose L&T as your career destination?

When it comes to civil engineering, L&T is the first name that comes to
the mind as a career goal for any civil engineer.

How excited are you to get onboard?

As a civil engineer being assigned to Heavy Civil Infrastructure (HCI) is

a dream come true. One of the most exciting thing is to start my career
in an Indian MNC, a Nation Builder. Along with these, the campus to
corporates issues has been really adding to my excitement by knowing
L&T a lot better to board the journey as an engineer.

What are the expectations you have for your career at L&T?

I wish to be a part of huge nation building projects that shape the future
of our country.

Do you believe L&T is the ideal platform that can unleash your full potential?

With the GET programmes as issued and excellent guidance of well

experienced senior engineers, I believe L&T is the ideal platform to
unleash my full potential.

What is your career aspirations 3, 5, and 10 years down the line?

After 3 or 5 or 10 years, I can imagine myself with the knowledge I acquire

from these years working as an engineer in L&T, along with my skills as a
great asset to the company, so I can make decisions for the benefit to the
company and hence work at a senior level of the company.

Meet your mate!
Apoorv Gaur
IIT Roorkee

Why did you choose L&T as your career destination?

I chose L&T Construction for its excellent training program, work culture,
challenging projects and its reputation. Also, I want to pursue my interests in the
construction sector and L&T Construction being one of the leading firms in India
provides the perfect opportunity for me to begin my career in this industry.

How excited are you to get onboard?

This is going to be my very first job and I am very excited about this opportunity.
Being a civil engineering student, Ive always wanted to work for a globally reputed
company like L&T Construction and to hone my skills further by working on
challenging projects.

What are the expectations you have for your career at L&T?

To work on challenging projects and many other learning opportunities.

To get exposure of every aspect of project like surveying, quality testing, design,
cost estimation, construction management etc.
Friendly working environment.

Do you believe L&T is the ideal platform that can unleash your full potential?

Yes, I do believe L&T Construction has everything that every fresh graduate would
look for in his/her first job to properly build the foundation of their career and to
maximize their potential.

What is your career aspirations 3, 5, and 10 years down the line?

To briefly put my career aspirations, I would like

To lead a team in 3 years
To be able to plan a project (like survey, design etc.) in 5 years
To be able to deliver an entire project on my own in 10 years down the line
(which is a huge responsibility)
Meet your mate!
Sreetama Sarkar
NIT Durgapur

Why did you choose L&T as your career destination?

L&T is the largest construction company in India and to work in a company of
this stature is a dream for anyone. I have always wanted to join the core sector
and so L&T was an obvious choice. I was particularly interested in the Smart
World and Communication unit of L&T and I feel lucky to have been selected
in that unit.

How excited are you to get onboard?

I am extremely eager to learn the practical aspects of the subjects that I learnt
during four years of my engineering course and gather industrial experience.
So I am really excited that I got a chance to be a part of the L&T team.

What are the expectations you have for your career at L&T?

To scale greater heights, one must have a clear idea about the basics. Since I shall
be starting my job life at L&T, I want to learn things from the scratch and use my
ideas and innovations in developing the projects that I will get to work on.

Do you believe L&T is the ideal platform that can unleash your full potential?

Since L&T handles a number of major projects across the length and breadth of
the country, I believe L&T can provide the exposure which very few companies
can provide.

What is your career aspirations 3, 5, and 10 years down the line?

I am the kind of person who likes to concentrate on the present. I like setting
up short-term goals and fulfilling them. I have really not thought about what
I would like to do ten years from now. Presently, I wish to devote myself to the
work that I will be assigned and excel in it.


What time should we reach the hotel on July
30th, 2017?
You can reach the hotel at any time from 12
noon till late evening.

What is the duration of the Orientation?
1 You will have a common Orientation till
August 02, 2017. Post which you will have
Do we need to have a bank account? What your IC Orientation, the duration of which
kind of account should we open? will vary as per individual ICs.
Yes, a bank account is required. The banker
will be available during the orientation to
enable you open accounts with them.

2 Can the Joining be deferred to a later date?
Joining cannot be postponed. Although for
What kind of clothes should we wear for the
some genuine reasons you may get in touch
orientation? Is there any dress code at offices
with your IC HR. (Contact details on last
and sites?
You are expected to wear business formals
during the orientation and at work as
detailed in this newsletter.

3 A few of my friends have received a survey
When will our Place of Posting be to give their preferred location for posting,
communicated to us? How will we travel to but I have not received any such survey.
our place of posting? Where can I give my location preference?
ICs follow their own plan for communicating Different ICs have different forms that need
the place of posting. Place of posting to be filled prior to joining. You may check
is generally communicated during the with your IC HR if any such provision is
orientation. Some ICs have already shared available for you as well.
the place of posting.

4 9
Can we bring our parents to stay with us Will we be picked up from the Station/
during the Orientation? Airport and dropped to our Hotel?
Your parents can accompany you but, as No, you need to reach your hotel on your
a company policy accommodation is not own; we will make travel agreements to & fro
provided for parents. from your Hotel to the Orientation venue.

Checklist of Documents
Hope you would have uploaded the required documents and details already
Please carry the following Documents in original.

S.S.L.C (10th Std.) Certificate and Mark sheet

H.S.C (12th Std.) Certificate and Mark sheet

Diploma Final Certificate including all semester mark sheets (if applicable)

All semester B.E / B. Tech degree mark sheets (up to previous semester)

Course Completion Certificate from college

A letter of acknowledgement from the college for the certificates, if the original certificates are

being held at college.

Undertaking & Guarantee documents duly notarized & completed in all respects

A copy of your Pan Card

A Photo ID proof (Driving license, Passport, etc.) for bank account opening.

12 nos. of your recent color photographs (04 stamp size and 08 passport size in Formal Attire)

Dress code for the Orientation

Formal Attire Women Formal Attire - Men
Indian Tucked in shirts: Full sleeves, Light/Medium shades
Pinned Saree (Not gaudy) Trousers: Dark shades
Salwar Kameez with dupatta Shoes: Leather shoes
Chudidar Kurta with dupatta Socks: Complementing the Trousers
Tie: Complementing the suit (Not Gaudy)
Blazer/Business suit
Formal Trousers
Formal Skirts (At least Knee length)
Shirts: Full sleeves
You are expected to follow basic guidelines for general
Blazer/Business suit
hygiene and grooming; Clothes should be clean, neat &
Scarf (optional)
wrinkle free. Well- groomed hair and nails. Boys must be
Formal sandals/shoes
clean-shaven or neatly trimmed moustache and beard.

Do you need any help?
Do get in touch with our HR Team. You can send you feedback and suggestions too.

Contact Person HR Email Phone Number
Company (IC)

Buildings & Factories Mr. Vijaya Raghavan 044-22597214

Heavy Civil
Mr. Vignesh A 044-33193131

Mr. Rajarshi Ghosh 022-61817605

Power Transmission & 044-33195706

Ms. Saumya Mishra
Distribution 044-33195722

Water and Effluent Ms. Malini D 044-22705992
Treatment Dakshinamoorthy

L&T Geostructure Ms. Ratna Mishra 044-22704327

Metallurgical and
Mr. Snehil Mishra 033-66353340
Material Handling

Smart World &

Ms. Kiran Kashyab V 044-33193954

Published by L&T Construction from Chennai. The views expressed in this bulletin are not necessarily those of the management of L&T Construction. The contents
of this bulletin should not be reproduced without the written consent of the editorial team. Not for sale - only for free circulation to trainees of L&T through e-mail.

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