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Associates ;

Workaholic Favio Flores

Michael Flores
Matias Vergara
Andrew Talle
Libar Kaldess

The Rules and Regulations


FeedBack Essentials ; NO EXCEPTIONS (AUTO-

After each assignment that's completed we will take time to
asses how we can do better and organize ourselves as a team,we
strive to continue to get better and learning from one another. Non-Participation ;
@Michael (FeedBack) Every associate of the
group will contribute to
RollCall Essentials ; the completion of the task
We are all given a role in the team. @Michael (RollCall) Late Submission /
Non-Submission ; There
A furnace will specify each individual's part for the project.@Libar will be NO late/non-
(Roll Call)
exceptions to the tasks
TeamWork Essentials ;
We as a team must constantly keep a daily stream of No Cellphones
Whatsoever ;
communication. @Michael (TeamWork)
Cellphones will not be
If a member seems to struggle a lot or provides lackluster tolerated during class
hours or group meet-ups
work,the group can intervene so as to uplift the burden on the
unless needed to help
group. @Andrew (TeamWork)
look up sources,etc.
Communication Essentials ;
We as a team must constantly keep a daily stream of
communication. @Michael (Communication)

We put the peoples needs and opinions first.@Michael


When giving feedback give it in a form of a compliment

sandwich. Do not immediately criticize an idea,all inputs are
valuable.@Fabio (Communication)

Everybody needs to communicate;If a message is sent,a simple

Okay or k will suffice as long as we received confirmation that
you have received the message.@Andrew (Communication)


#1) Participation ;

We as a team must constantly keep a daily stream of

communication via Skype,our Group Chat,our linked email and our
Google drive.We have to be on the same page and progress
through each assignment as a team. @Michael (Participation)

#2) The Strike System ;

1 Time Mercy - what's more important to our team is that we put

the team members before the 100%, if one demonstrates valuable
to the team, by being of value we as a team will be giving 1
warning instead of a automatic kick. Doesn't be earned. Can be
saved @Michael (The Strike System)

#3) Tardiness/Non-Arrivals ;
During group meetings a point will be awarded to the member who fails to:
Show up
Tardiness,for example ; 30 minutes late is inexcusable upon agreed time and will not go without

We as a group will discuss this over chat,we together will evaluate how many points will be
awarded for breaking the rules. @Andrew (Tardiness/Non-Arrivals)

If a member fails to do the assigned task HE should then provide a reasonable explanation as to
why.For example,valid reasons maybe ;
Major sickness

#4) No Ideas,are irrelevant ones ;

Everyone should respect each others idea. When giving feedback give it in a form of a
compliment sandwich. Do not immediately criticize an idea, all input is valuable. @Fabio (No idea is
an irrelevant one)

Every idea deserves to be fully comprehended and taken seriously towards the task in hand,as the
workaholics,we as a group are all considered benefactors especially when it comes to brainstorming
ideas. @Libar (No idea is an irrelevant one)
There are NO WRONG answers,always contribute. @Andrew (No idea is an irrelevant one)


Working as 1 Equality ;
Before we submit anything we must all revise the assignment and align it with our individual
approval, we all our aware of what gets turned in and what needs to be completed we have to be
on the same page and progress through each assignment as a team. @Michael (Respect & Equality)

Group Homework/Projects should be distributed equally. @Andrew (Respect & Equality)

Acknowledgement Respect ;
Everyone in the group has different schedules. So planning days to meet would be difficult.Once a
team member has chosen a date and time to meet every member must show up if agreed upon.If a
member in the group does not show up without letting the group know it can become a problem
and may have to face another section of the contract. But if a member informs the group ahead of
time (for i.e. texting) and gives us a good reason for not being able to make it,we will allow. When
in the meeting we all must be focused on the assignment and should not have any distractions. So
phones are not allowed and a computer can be used but only for the assignment. @Fabio (Respect
& Equality)

Everybody is entitled to their opinion please respect each other. @Andrew (Respect & Equality)


Minimal Respect,is an Aspect ;

Meetings we schedule must be respected unless communicated ahead of time.
Lack of respect for one's ideas and thoughts.
We must all know about what is going to be turned in and when


Unfulfillment ;
If we as a team fail to live up to our contracts promises,for example;if there is a lack of
communication or lack of team support one can excuse themselves from the team after the task in
hand is complete.@Michael (Walking Away & Its Reasons)

If one feels that the work is not being distributed equally and has mentioned it and no change has
been made
- If one feels that he is being put down or disrespected over and over
- If one feels that they are not being supported


Overtime Respect ;
If one builds a reputation within the group of being reliable and respectful and constantly
contributes he can ask for forgiveness and if agreed upon the group that individual member will not
be kicked.

If the member has shown equal contribution to the group.

If a member is struggling with his assignment it shall not be seen as non participation but as an
act for the group to be able to help that individual.