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Step by step guide in understanding the story

Announcement winner for the Holmes Walkins Medal

Lynne opened her eyes and gripped her seat

1. How was Lynne Webbings feel while she was waiting for the result?
Geoff Bolder and Lynne Webbings both wrote very fine short stories
for the medal Lynne felt her mouth moving Lynnes story
about a sheepdog in a flood was both exciting and moving. Geoffs
story of a circus elephant running loose in Albert Park

1. What is Lynnes story about? And what is Geoffs story about?

She made her way to Geoff as he came down from the dais with the
medal and congratulated him. She went home and everything tasted of
cardboard that night

1. Who won the medal?

2. How did Lynne feel after the result has announced?
Lynnes discovery

She read it again. And again. The tips of her ears prickled with
anger He did not write it at all, he just copied it down.

1. Why did Lynne feel angry?

Please sir, Geoff beat me in the short story competition and I hate to
lose. So I am telling you how he cheated so you can give the medal to

1. What was Lynne thinking to do?

Lynnes explosion of anger

or Bradburie. The words exploded from Lynnes mouth in a sudden

burst of anger.

1. Why did Lynne suddenly shout Bradburie in the class?

Later Lynne saw that all the Bradburie books had been taken from the
school library

1. What happens to the Bradburies book in the library?

2. Who has taken the book?
3. Why was the book taken?
In the principal office

I read the book. Theres a story there about an elephant

escaping in a park. It is not much like Geoffs story, but Geoff feels he
took the idea from the book without realising it. He wants me to
disqualify him for cheating

What do you think? A story of similar idea but a different story, is it consider

your story, Lynne, being entirely original, must be considered a

little better

So, is Lynne considered as the winner of the medal now?

She began to wonder where it was that she had read a story about a
sheepdog in a flood.

Why is she doing that?


We found that a lot of readers are looking for the notes on themes, moral values and
characters for this short story. It is quite difficult to find resources. Here we will share
with you the notes.

1. Themes
Themes Explanation and textual evidence

Being judgemental Explanation

The short story is revolved around the theme
of being judgemental. There are a few
characters can be related to this theme. They
might jump into conclusion too soon and it
caused misunderstanding.


Lynne is one of the characters who is

judgemental. After she read about the book
written by William Bradburie in the library,
she was filled with anger. She said that Geoff
is cheating in the short story competition even
though she has never read Geoffs story

Another person related to the theme is Marge.

She is the classmate for Geoff and Marge.
When Geoff mentioned that he wanted to be a
barrister or lawyer, Marge labelled him as
money minded. It can be hurtful when we
labelled someone.

Creative writing is not always Explanation

original A creative idea or innovation like is not always
original because we will take idea and
inspiration from different resources to make
improvement. The same goes with story
writing, the originality does not really exist
because our storys idea will come from the
story that we read, our experience and our


Lynne emphasised the importance of

originality in the writing. When she realised
that Geoff is not cheating, she was wondering
whether she had read any story related to the
sheepdog in flood.

As for Geoff story, although his story idea is

similar to William Bradburies story, Mr Velos
told Lynne that the story is still consider
original and Geoff is not cheating.

2. Moral Values

Moral Values Explanation Examples

Honesty and courage Honesty and courage are We consider that Geoff
about being brave to is an honest person.
tell someone the truth. After Lynne shouted at
We must take Geoff, Geoff went to Mr
responsibility to the Velos office to confess
mistakes that we have that he might be
done. cheating due to the
similarity of his story
and William
Bradburies story.
Perseverance If we are perseverance, Lynne used weeks to
we will not give up complete the miserable
easily even the job is story. She spent time
challenging or to draft and rewrite
difficult. We will keep the story. Although in
on trying until we the end, she won the
achieve success. second place in the
competition, I
personally consider
that it is a good
result from her hard

Avoid being We must not be After she read about

judgemental judgemental because the the book written by
truth might be different William Bradburie in
from what we think. If the library, she was
we do not know the filled with anger. She
detail of the situation, said that Geoff is
we should not make the cheating in the short
conclusion too soon. story competition even
though she has never
read Geoffs story
3. Characters

Lynne Webbings Textual evidence

Ambitious Lynne had a big dream to win the

Holmes-Watkins medal in the short
story competition. When the result
announced, she felt really

Jealous and vengeful Lynne was jealous and vengeful when

Geoff won the competition. After she
discovered that William Bradburies
story was similar to Geoffs story,
she wanted to take revenge by
reporting to Mr Velos so that she
could win back the medal.

Persevering Lynne used weeks to complete the

miserable story. She spent time to
draft and rewrite the story. Although
in the end, she won the second place
in the competition, I personally
consider that it is a good result
from her hard work.

Geoff Bolder Textual evidence

Humorous Geoff tried to cheer Lynne by telling

her a joke. Geoff joked about how Mr
Velos picked the winner by climbing
up to his lovely special mahagony
desk and dropped both papers, and the
papers that hit the floor first wins.

Realistic Although Geoff has potential in

writing, he wants to be a barrister
because he says that there is more
money in law.

Honest Geoff confessed to Mr Velos that he

had read a book by the American
Humourist, William Bradburie three
years ago.