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Proposed position: Head of Mission

Name of Firm: M/F Syria
Name: Wissam Doudar
Date of Birth: 22/11/1965
Nationality: Palestinian
Phone/Address/E-mail: 00961 70868020 /Beirut/
Membership in professional societies: Ex-President of the Health Sciences Alumni Chapter of the Worldwide
Alumni Association of the American University of Beirut (WAAAUB), 2013-
Member of the national CMR TF/Lebanon
Tasks assigned: Health Management, SGBV, CP, Financial Management, Assessing
Quality Indicators (Hospitalization), Health Human Resources and Staff
Management,, Project Management Skills, Protection, focal point for
Health Emergency Preparedness, Reforms in PHC, Capacity Building,
Mentoring and Coaching, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research,
Occupational Safety and Health, etc..
Key qualifications: Emergency Preparedness and Response Focal Person
Supply Chain Management
TOT Clinical Management of Rape
TOT Neutrality in using Social Media
Trainer on Time Management
Trainer on Management Skills
Soft Skills
MS Office, SPSS


Institution Start date End date Degree / Diploma obtained

American University of Beirut 2008 2009 Master of Public Health, Health
Management & Policy (MPH-HMP)
Beirut University College (Lebanese 1986 1989 Bachelor of Science in
American University) Biology/Chemistry

Employment records:

Date: Nov, 2013 - Ongoing

Employer: SeraphimGLOBAL
Position held: Emergency Health Specialist
Description of duties: Duties are to represent Seraphim GLOBAL at almost all inter-agency
meetings coordinated by UNHCR, WHO, UNICEF, MoSA, including Child
Protection in Emergency, GBV, and Health Working Group have had
active participation in preparations for RRP5, RRP6 in LCRP for the year
2015 and drafted some concept papers under the emergency appeal.
Focal person for Activity Info;
Representing Seraphim GLOBAL at RRP5, RRP6, 3RP and the recent
LCRP 2016;
Trainer of medical ethics and confidentiality of medical information;
Drafting concept notes and raising project proposals, including SGBV
and Child Protection;
Trainer and Coach of Clinical Management of Rape (CMR);
CMR task force member for the Syrian Crisis (Seraphim GLOBAL)
Pre-accreditation assessment/gap analysis in PHC

Date: September December 2016

Employer: UNFPA, Lebanon
Position held: CMR Consultant
Description of duties: I conducted a study on assessing clinical management of rape (CMR)
services at health facilities in Lebanon.
The assessment entailed literature review, conducting quantitative and
qualitative research and interviews, site visits to trained health facilities,
conducting focus group discussion meetings with GBV front liners and
case managers.
The final detailed assessment report was submitted to UNFPA.

Date: Feb., 1991 - Ongoing

Employer: UNRWA
Position held: Member of Health Management Team: Field Laboratory Services Officer
Description of duties: UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees
in the Near East- Lebanon Field Office).
Trainer of Neutrality and Social Media, Acted as field focal person to
monitor and evaluate performance improvement of contracted hospitals
(37 hospitals);
Health focal person for contingency preparedness and emergency;
Handled different tasks for UNRWA Front Office related to management
of primary health care and related reforms, organizational development
(OD), restructuring and organogram, hospitalization scheme and
coverage, training and capacity building, monitoring and evaluation,
performance improvement, change management, planning, management
of resources (financial and human), provision of medical care services,
proper and rational utilization of health care services, staff and patient
satisfaction, health information system (HIS) and others;
Monitored and evaluated implementation of different health programs and
projects, including but not limited to antenatal care, child health care,
communicable and non-communicable diseases including TB. Projects
included Thalassemia project, Monaco project, UNICEF and EU funded
Practicum coordinator conducting mentoring and coaching programs for
interns referred by the American University of Beirut and other
recognized universities;
Preparing biennium budget to cover work-related administrative and
logistics needs;
Raised project proposals to upgrade services and responded to work
needs, presented project objectives and expectations and managed
Conducted work-related studies and research;
Arranged and coordinated in-service trainings/seminars for health care
Had direct involvement in Human Resources and related procedures
starting with drafting TOR, screening applications, and nominated as
panelist and chaired several interviewing panels;
Had direct involvement in procurement and logistic procedures, including
call for bidding, analyzing received bidders, selecting potential vendors to
replenish our stock, mechanism of moving medical supplies, cold chain,
financial management of stock, etc and applied value for money;
User of ERP system REACH (SAP) for procurement and logistics.

Date: Jan, 2013 - Feb, 2015

Employer: WAAAUB
Position held: President
Description of duties: President of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Alumni Chapter of the
American University of Beirut.
Developed a strategic plan for the working period, stated the vision and
mission of the Chapter; also organized the data base of all FHS alumni
so as to filter and contact certain categories of alumni according to pre-
set criteria. We participated in special events related to AUB and
government, like AUB convention, AUB FHS retreat, planned and
coordinated some joint activities with other AUB Chapters, NGOs and
governmental bodies.
We established our page on Facebook as we established different sub-
committees to cope with objectives of the established plan, each with a
specific role (social, technical, scientific, career development, coaching
and counseling, media and communication); another sub- committee was
established to work on having a Syndicate or Order for the public health
profession in Lebanon and assigned the General Director of the Ministry
of Environment to lead this sub-committee as attended some of the
meetings with representatives from ILO and some parliament members
to help in shaping and pushing towards organizing the Order and
obtaining needed governmental approvals.

Date: Nov, 2012 - Jun, 2013

Employer: IMC (International Medical Corps)
Position held: Health Field Manager
Description of duties: My duties were to lead and manage IMC health teams for provision of
primary, secondary and tertiary health care provided to Syrian refugees
who fled into Beqaa Valley, North and South Lebanon Areas, and to
oversee all program details. Was responsible for IMC projects funded by
UNHCR and PPRM for the above purpose.
Ensure WHO, UNHCR and UNICEF standards and guidelines are
adhered to. Participate in drafting and reviewing relevant SOPs with
UNHCR for medical referrals of eligible individuals, defining eligibility
criteria, issuing a policy regarding medico-legal cases where a third party
is involved, etc ... Provide inputs for UNHCRs monthly reports and web
portal as required.
Lead and supervise compilation of situation report, monitoring &
evaluation of health programs and ensure attaining objectives before
Supervise and guide emergency assessments according to needs and
keep contingency plans updated.
Program Management:
Oversaw and work with my team of health officers, managers of PHC
clinics and Hospitals to ensure proper implementation of the assigned
health activities and ensured stated goals and objectives were met and
projects were appropriately monitored and evaluated.
Coordinated with the field teams at IMC project sites the implementation
and monitoring of the work plans ensuring that activities will be reflecting
the commitments IMC made to donors and the community, to guide the
implantation according to the designed work plan.
Ensured integrated implementation and approach with other sectorial
partners and staff, particularly other NGOs and Mental Health program.
Lead and supervised the senior health officers at different areas.
Supervised conducting relevant needs assessments and managed
reflections and interventions accordingly.
Worked closely with the health logistics officer and finance officer to
identify procurement needs and supply issues related to the health
programs and support the identification of corrective actions, and provide
weekly procurement updates.
Reviewed data for weekly situation report and submitted reports to
Country Director.
Coordinated, negotiated and arranged service contracts with hospitals
and with primary health care centers.
Decided on quantity of pharmaceutical supplies to be issued in order to
support contracted PHC centers.
Financial Management:
Worked on improving expenditure and procurement plans to guide
implementation of approved grants;
Reviewed budget vs. actual expenditure for health programs on a
monthly basis with Finance Department and Medical Coordinator;
Acted for the Medical Coordinator during her annual leave;
Decided on corrective interventions whenever any pitfall was identified
(related to compliance, over and under expenditure) that impact budget
Controlled hospital admissions and related expenditure;
Staff Management:
Worked closely with the North, Bekaa and South teams to manage and
supervise provision of services and daily work of our office teams and
coordinated with other stakeholders needed coordination that would be
beyond the authority delegated to our Area Senior Health Officers;
Monitored the health officers performance according to their assigned
tasks and provided regular guidance;
Wrote TORs to establish new or additional positions with involvement in
recruitment procedures.
Coordination and Representation:
Presented IMC and liaised with all relevant health actors UNHCR,
Hariri Foundation, MoPH, MoSA, and other NGOs;
Focal person and coordinator for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence,
SGBV, and clinical care for sex and assault survivors, CCSAS. In
addition, coordinated and organized training for health care providers on
SGBV at area level.

Languages: (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)

Language Reading Speaking Writing

English 1 1 1
Arabic 1 1 1

I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe my
qualifications, my experience and me.

Wissam Doudar
______________________________________________________ 05 September 2017
Signature of staff member and authorized representative of the firm Date