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Five Steps to Develop a Strategic Plan

Note why you are planning and

any concerns
Select a steering group or person to
STEP 1 keep the planning on track
Get Organized Determine if outside help is needed
Outline the planning process that
fits your organization
Get commitment to proceed

Pull together necessary background

STEP 2 information
Take Stock Review your nonprofits past,
(Situation Analysis) present, and future situation
Identify key issues or choices

Develop a vision of your organiza-

tions future
- Critical issues approach
- Scenario approach
STEP 3 - Goals approach
Set Direction - Alignment approach
Determine how to move the organi-
zation toward this future
Develop a first draft of the plan

STEP 4 Review and refine the plan

Refine and
Adopt the plan
Adopt the Plan

Implement the plan

STEP 5 Monitor progress
Make adjustments
the Plan
Periodically update the plan

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Revised and Updated.

Copyright 1997, Fieldstone Alliance,