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Help me in the following MCQS?

Ikhlaas means to seek only the pleasure of Allah in one’s acts of

A. Obedience
B. Disobedience
C. Respect
D. Disrespect

The highest stage of Ikhlass is the rendering of an act

E. For a good life

F. For self satisfaction
G. For the sake of Allah
H. For worship

Single-minded devotion is the most essential part of the___________ of all good and
virtuous acts and behavior.

I. Inner reality
J. Outer reality
K. World reality
L. All of the given options

Ikhlaas and Lillahiyat denote that every good deed should be performed ________.

M. For a good life

N. For self satisfaction
O. For the sake of Allah
P. For worship

The Hypocrites shall be cast into the________ level of the Hell.

Q. Upper
R. Medium
S. Lowest
T. All of the given options

According to hadith, the best stage of goodness (Ihsan) in worship (ibaadah) that

U. You see Allah and He sees you

V. You see yourself
W. Allah sees to prophets
X. All of the given options
How many aspects of Truthfulness?

Y. One
Z. Two
AA. Three
BB. Four

What is the first demand of sincerity?

CC. Believe in Faith (imaan) with worldly benefits

DD. Similarity in inner and outer self
EE. Efficiency
FF. All of the given option

What is the meaning of sincerity in Faith?

GG. Believe in Faith (imaan) with tongue and heart

HH. Believe in Faith (imaan) without worldly benefit
II. Similarity in inner and outer self
JJ. All of the given options

First verse of Quran was revealed of Sura

KK. Al-Fatiha
LL. Al-Alaq
MM. Al-Aqara
NN. Al-Nisa

Name the place where the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stayed for 14 days during
the migration to Madina.

OO. Safa
PP. Tabook
QQ. Khaibar
RR. Quba
Who represented Muslims in the court of Najashi?

SS. Hazrat Abdullah-bin-Mas'ood

TT. Hazrat Abdul Utbah
UU. Hazrat Jafar Tayyar
VV. Hazrat Sa'ad ibn Mu'az

How many leaders of Makkah were imprisoned in battle of Badar?

WW. Fifty
XX. Seventy
YY. Eighty
ZZ. Hundred

Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought about Moral Revolution through his

AAA. Actions and sayings

BBB. Actions and worship
CCC. Actions and battles
DDD. Actions and activities

When battle of Badar took place?

EEE. 1 A.H
FFF. 2 A.H
GGG. 3 A.H
HHH. 4 A.H

Holy prophet used to focus on

III. Peace
JJJ. Brotherhood
KKK. Truthfulness
LLL. All of the given options

Proud on ignorance and wickedness are signs of

MMM. Modern times

NNN. Pre-Islamic days
OOO. Westernization
PPP. Islamic period

One of the major qualities of the Holy Prophet is

QQQ. Pardon
RRR. Forgiveness
SSS. Helping poor
TTT. All the given options

Dishonesty is one of the major signs of

UUU. Ethical standards

VVV. Ending of life
WWW. Nuclear war
XXX. Immorality
The hardest suffering fell to the lot of the holy prophet (PBUH) in the battle

A. Badar
B. Uhd
C. Khyber
D. Tabook

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