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Battery Supplies

Alessandro Volta, Luigi Galvani, Gaston Plant, Thomas

Edison, Henri Tudor thanks to these people who
contributed to the invention of the battery, weve got the
chance to make a business of batteries. As our name
implies, Battery Supplies supplies everything concerning

Our range contains starting batteries for cars, lorries, bat-

teries for industrial cleaning machines, scissor lifts, aerial
devices, fork-lift trucks UPS, electrical tools etc.

Apart from that, we dispose of a complete range of

accessories like e.g. battery chargers, filling systems and
maintenance systems... The maintenance and repair of
batteries and chargers are also one of our trump cards!

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Battery Supplies has the widest range of batteries, chargers & accessories.
Whether you need Starter batteries, Cyclic batteries, Traction batteries, Stationary
batteries, E-bike batteries, batteries for Solar or Marine applications we have it.

Established in 1999
70 people
Turnover: > 26.000.000 euro
2009: new SAP-system for a more efficient functioning thanks to barcode
scanning and stock optimization
September 2011: move to a new building with over 8.000 m2 of warehouse
and offices on 10.000 m2 surface
Supplies all types of batteries, battery chargers & accessories
In Belgium we supply to: Car parts shops, Lift truck traders, Industry,
Distributors of golf carts, Importers of industrial cleaning machines, Hospitals,
France: Battery Supplies France - Mainly to resellers
Export: Mainly to battery dealers
Large accounts: OEMs, renewable energy sector
Our strengths
The advantage we want to offer to our customers is the possibility
to deliver small or big quantities of all these types of batteries to
our dealers & customers all over the world.

Thanks to this strategy we can deliver you with fresh top-quality

batteries in a very short time at sharp prices.

Battery Supplies:
Purchase per container dealers and customers:
purchase in small quantities

One-stop shop for our customers:

1 supplier for a complete range! (large stock)

Suppliers in Europe, USA, China, India,

Commercialisation under brand name or under Battery Supplies-label

Dont worry about how to arrange the transport :
whether its by truck, by boat or by plane we take care
of it !

And for all your technical questions about batteries

e.g. what type to use, how to maintain them, new
technologies, dimensions, our technical sales team
is there to answer all your questions by phone or mail.
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For your Forklift, Industrial Cleaning Machine, Aerial Platform, Car, Truck,
Motorcycle, E-bike, Golf Cart, Boat, Mobilhome, Wheelchair, Traffi c Signali-
sation, Electrical Vehicule, Crane, Lawn Mower, Solar System, Windmill, UPS
System, Alarm System, Electric Drill, Electrical Garden equipment, RC Toys,
Laptop, Barcode Scanner, Mobile Phone, We have the battery !

Our range:

Traction batteries
Cyclic batteries
Deep Cycle batteries
Gel batteries
AGM batteries
Pure-Lead batteries
Lithium-Ion batteries
Heavy Duty batteries
Motorcycle batteries
New technologie
These Li-Ion batteries are made out of lithium. This technology is
already frequently used in smaller devices, like drills, laptop batteries,
cell phones batteries and even electrical bicycles. We expect that in
the near future, these batteries will also be used in cars, forklift trucks,
cleaning machines, The big advantage of Lithium-Ion batteries is
that they are very light, compared to leadacid batteries. They can also
guarantee a better performance and a longer lifetime. The extra cost
is immediately compensated through these advantages.

Chargers & jump starters

Different types of batteries also means different types of chargers. Every type
of battery needs a specific type of charger : open lead-acid, Gel, AGM, Li-Ion,

For chargers there are also different technologies: Traditional chargers, High-
Frequency Chargers, Built-in chargers, Trickle chargers,

Our range:

Buffer chargers
Industrial battery chargers
High frequency built-in chargers
Industrial chargers for traction batteries
Quick chargers
To completely satisfy all your battery needs we have a full range of accessories
such as : testers for batteries, cleaning products, safety devices & also all spare
parts for batteries : connectors, automatic filling plugs, floaters, cables, bolts,

Our range:

Battery connectors & industrial plugs

Battery discharge meters & convertors
Filling caps
Cable connections & solded connections
Measuring and testing equipment
Filling pumps
Emergency response acid spill kit

Crown Battery USA

Battery Supplies is the exclusive importer of Crown Batteries from
Fremont - Ohio, USA.

Crown Battery USA is one of the most important players in the battery
industry. Their role in the market keeps increasing as they gain more
and more customers from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufactur-

With over 76 years of experience Crown Battery has developed

from a small, successful battery repair shop to a fast growing and
profi table company with a 170,000 square foot manufacturing facil-
ity. Backed by a large and loyal customer base and 460 dedicated
employees producing the best quality battery on the market today, the
name Crown was truly an appropriate choice.

Great People, Great Service, and Great Products have been and
always will be the main ingredients in the Crown Battery History.
Battery Fix
Another one of our specialties is our Battery Fix repair shop. When customers hand
in their old batteries (Ni-Cd NiMh-Li-Ion) of their drilling device, E-bike, garden tools,
we renew the elements that are inside, so you receive a new battery in the old housing.
4 Saving money for a greener world !

Service department
We have our own service department for repairing & maintaining the
batteries & chargers. We can perform capacity tests on batteries,
regenerate batteries, and much more, right here in our company. The
electronic department is specialised in repairing all types of chargers:
traditional or high frequency.
Renewable energy
Solar and windturbines
We also target the market of renewable energy. We have a whole range of batteries, that
can store energy produced by solar panels and windmills. The principle goes as follows:
the newly gained energy does not lead to the electricity grid, but it is stored on a 24V
or 48V battery bank. From this bank we can generate electricity that can be used as
energetic provision for houses. This system is called an off-grid-system. This principle is
becoming more and more popular in countries where the electricity grid is not very
accessible, e.g. in out-of-the-way territories, but also for holiday houses, for example.

Apart from that, in many countries it will also become obligated to store a certain
percentage of the new energy (produced by solar panels) in batteries, in order to make
sure the electricity grid is not overcharged. We believe there are still many opportunities
on this market for our Solar Technology batteries.

Storage of energy produced by wind turbines or solar panels

off-grid systems

Battery Street
Our first shop was opened in Roeselare after that we opened 4 other shops in Ghent,
Deerlijk, Doornik and Antwerp. When this concept is successful in Belgium, we are
planning to start up these shops abroad. We will use the concept of licensing. Future
partners will be allowed to open their own Battery Street shop. We will provide them
with all their batteries and support them with publicity and marketing. They will be al-
lowed to use the registered trade names Battery Street and Battery Fix.
Nijverheidslaan +50/56
8540 Deerlijk
(0)56 617 977