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Return of Miming son

' The abovo is the query of thc mother and she sayr that
he is the eldest on missing froo 7-5-63; Numbcr given by thc
anxious mother is 19.

Time of judgment-5-38 P.M. 25-t2-67 Horotcope is as


Mars Dasa balance

l*"oo ,- I months 23 daye.
6 yrs. I
Sat. 12-35 I Laena

l'* To lcave one's home,

to go away and llve in
an unknown quarters is
lndicated by thc houser
3 and 12, counted from
Marg Jup. (R)
thc house lndicating that jiq'

25-O4 t2-32 relative.

3rd house is occupied
Suil 9.42 27-fi Moon and owned by Vcnus but
Mercury Kethu
7-44 t-o2 m-22 Kethu, a node ls ln that
vII 2640 slgn owned by Venus.
Hence take Kethu and judgc. Kethu govcrns Aswini, Makam
and Moolam; Rahu, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun are in Kethn

l2th house to the 5th is occupietr. by Jupiter; owned by

Moon. Venus is ln Jupiter's star whereas none is in Moon's
star. So Yenus and Moon indicatc i2th house mattcrs. Jupiter,
Mercury, Sun, Rahu, Kcthu, Moon, Venus are thc significatorr.

Pcoplc who lcave tho house without aty alm or

any I
programme or notice, wlll be, naturally, going from one place
to the other and hence the ?th house also needr judgment. $
During the poriod of and sub period of the significator of thc
?th house and the 3rd house, onc will be makiag many shott- '
jouroeys and one will be brtaking journey on thc way. ?th
house countedfrom thc sth (Lco) representiog sol, i8, occupicd
by Saturn. Saturn alonc is in lts star Uthrapathrapada, 4,



. Now, if we calculate when the boy had run away, and work
backwards it is Moon Dasa Saturn Bhukti Rahu Anthra.
Moon is lord of 12; Satlrrn ie the significator of ? end
Rahu by occupylng Mars srgd'Aries, denotes 9th house matters
and by bcing in Kethu constcllatioo and Venus, sub indicatcs
that hc hrd beon moviug aimlesrly from one place to the
other during thc above evil period. It was Tuecday. Rahu
star day ln Venus rign.

The question is about,,the return of the boy and not

about the time of his rnisslng\

Judge the houses 2 (family), 8 (4 to 5), lt (reunioa). 2nd

house is occupied by Kethu, Rahu, Jupiter, Mercury uoO Suo
are in Kethu star. 8th house is occupied by Rahu and nonc
Rahu star. llth house is unoccupied. Mercury rules rhe
house and no pranet is in. Mercury star. Therefor6
Rahu, Mercury (Rahu indicates Mars) conjoined sub pcriod
will bring him back, i.e., Mars Dasa Rahu Bhukti Mircury
Anthra, i.e., between3rd November, 1968 and 25-12-6g.

Consider the ruling planots at this moment. Today it is

Monday ruled by Moon. Cbithra governed by Mary,
represented by Rahu. Lagna is Gcmini owncd by Mercury.
Therefore, he will return in Moon shookshme when the lagna
is in Arudhra and Mars dasanatha trancits Moon's posiiion
ar the time of query, 1.e.,6-12.6t at about 6-30 p.M.

iV.B. :-When one analyses and, judges a chart, if any

one else presents a horoscope, note the ruling planels of that
horoscope. It wrll agree with your' finding. Mr. Gopinath-
M.A. (Sanskrit), Delhi and Mr. Rama Sharma auditor, Vi*g.l
and Mr. K. Ganapathl are in my room. A highly piaced
official of a group of lndustries came without appointmcnt
for the first time and prosenled his chart. I asked Mr.
Grnapathi and Mr. Gopinath to write down the nakshathra
of the pereon to provc that the ruling planets at tbe momeot
will agree with.thc ruling planets of thb chart taken (cspecially
when the query is to know thc birth star). Both wrote
"Arudhra." I asked them to read out what they wrot6. They - 4"j -
said Arudhra. The Ofrcer admired at the cbrrectness lnd
apprcciated how they gave the samG star and that too, in a few

- Thls is meniioned here ? To Impresr on the readers how

the rnling plenetr .at the moment of .iurtgment give very
rccunte rerults and can vlth courage and confidence correctly
predicq when it is Useful to the querist and advantrgeour to tho !

Astro/oger i Whete lc tendency or probably, here. ;


Numbcr 208 war givcn at Bombay at 7.30 P. M. I. S. T. on
24-11-1968 by the querist when asked to give any numbcr
within 249.

The horary chart rhowing the disposition of the 12 cusps

for the given number for Bombay (Latitudc 18' 55') and the
planetary position for thc above mcntioned time and date is
as follows:-
Salurn The judgment could
26-02 (R)
Rahu IIr 11-13 IV 9-13 Y +13 not be worked out
t3-70 immedlately after the
rr 7-13
query as I had no time.
Lagna The analysis was actually
0.0' 24-ll-196E vI 0-13
done at 5-30P.M. I.S.T.
7-30 P.M. r.S.T.
18-55 N os29-ll-1968 at Bombay
No. 208 when the querist again
Ayanamra 23o 19'
. 8-26 vu 0"(r came to rcmind about it'
xrr 0-13
The number given by
tbe querist shows his
ie'ii" I rx rr-r3[l;'fr--S
I sii"s-dt
z-ozl lagna, Any one with
xr 4-r3
:, luac. Fil. i;:5i whom he deals is shown
Uy tn" itn house, When he wants to-borrow,. thc.
rhowsthe lender. when he applles fol scholarship, the 7th
house shows the pcrson or tho institution
giving the scholar'