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Year 3/4 As Theologists, we will be

answering the key question,

Celebration of Learning
Term 1 What do Christians learn from
the Christian story?
We will be celebrating our 3D art by presenting our
work to the other children in our phase. 101 Opportunity
We will have the opportunity to
As Athletes, we will be focusing on balancing in invite our Grandparents in to talk
gymnastics on a Tuesday afternoon. On Thursday, about Yate in the past.
our PE lessons will be taught by Bristol Rugby.
The Y Project
As Musicians, we will be learn-
As Artists, we will be exploring different
As Technologists, we will be using our ing and performing the Abba
printing techniques and finishing off
word processing skills to create a poster song Mamma Mia.
creating a printed design of a feature of
advertising a re-developed area of Yate.

As Geographers, we will be learning about the physical and human features around Yate. We will be:
Understanding the difference between physical and human features.
Naming some of the main counties and cities in England.
Using 4 and 6 figure grid references.
Understanding how the human geography within Yate has changed over time.
Exploring and completing fieldwork around Yate.
As Mathematicians, this term we will be focusing
As Writers, this term we will be focusing on a on improving our understanding of a range of differ-
range of different genres such as: ent strands by answering different problem solving
and reasoning questions. The areas of focus this
Recounts (diaries)
term are:
Narrative Poetry (revolting rhymes)
Number and place value
Fairy stories
Addition and Subtraction
We will be making sure that we meet our Literacy
Milestones for term 1 which are:
To use cursive handwriting
A big focus for us will be to ensure we know our
To accurately spell key high frequency words
times tables up to 12 x 12.
To punctuate sentences accurately with full
stops, capital letters, question marks and excla-
mation marks
As readers, we are focusing on maintaining
To use expanded noun phrases
frequent and consistent reading at home and
To use capital letters for people, places, days of improving our comprehension skills.
the week and the personal pronoun I.