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24-hour campaign

on September 12 at 2:00pm
Partner with us to meet our goal of developing Torah leaders who are empowered with the skills to
utilize and impart their knowledge in a clear and precise manner in order to lead, impact and advise our
communities, couples, families and individuals.

Advanced shiurim and classes are the reason that some who already have semicha have applied to the program The goal is to train them in To-
rah and Halacha, and I have only
positive things to say about this ap-
proach. Rabbi Mordechai Twerski,
Hornesteipler Rebbe, Head of TCCI
Shalom Bayis Coaching

Rabbi Heinemann tests the yungeleit for semicha The yungeleit took to the program very well. They were excited and I was deeply impressed
eager to learn. The men were bright, did their homework, and were on with the intelligence, cu-
top of their game. They want to be successful in every area of life.- Mr. riosity, and knowledge of
Avi Shulman, Life Coach the young men at the kol-
lel. The honor of speaking
with them and fielding
their questions was truly Hands on application takes the
a memorable experience.- learning from knowledge to prac-
Rabbi Avi Shafran, Agu- tice, whether koshering a kitchen or
dath Israel understanding davar charif

It was a wonderful experience. The men are provid-

ed with tools so that they will have a rich tool chest
when leaving to work with the tzibbur. Rabbi Eliyahu
Kaufman, right, Rav of Young Israel in Edison, NJ Kollel Horaahs first group of musmachim, future leaders
and teachers of the Jewish nation

The Kollel is wonderful!

Practically speaking, it cre-
ates a ruach in the Beis Me-
drash. It makes the minyan The yungeleit have learned halacha lmaiseh and have been
shtark. The yungeleit have equipped to handle any situation that arises. They can go on to
a rotation to deliver a short, become leaders of the community, and address problems that exist.
powerful devar Torah af- - Harav Reuven Feinstein, Rosh HaYeshiva Yeshiva of Staten Island
ter shacharis and mincha,
and interact with the com-
munity in a positive way. TO CONTRIBUTE VISIT
-Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz,
Monmouth Torah Links