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08SEPTEMBER2017 | Vol 9 Issue 25

Rohit Takyar Kaus

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Who are we ?
We are the party of the common man. We are your voice. No matter who you are, and where you have come
from, we are here to help.

What do we as New Zealand Peoples Party stand for ?

We have people coming to our party office from all over the world. People with rosy pictures of life shown
and promises made to them for a beautiful life with their families in New Zealand. All coming to this country
in pursuit of a peaceful, secure future that they dreamt of when they made a choice to leave their respective
countries. There are so many who have gone through nightmares dealing with myriad issues from a diverse
cross section of the population. It is on a daily basis that our candidates hear out people with shattered
minds, tearful eyes and completely crushed and failed hopes. Some students, some skilled migrants, some
families with little children who have been living in the country for a few years having residency applications
being declined and some who have just come and their businesses attacked by robbers and criminals. So
many have been cheated and conned by different agents and immigration consultants here and in their own
country of residence. They come knowing there is no one to help them out and these are the people we meet
regularly. All with a common grievance. They all have been failed. Failed by the system and suffering their
unknown fate in New Zealand.
Mr S came to us after his application for skilled migrant visa as a Retail Manager was declined by
immigration. The concerns that the Immigration New Zealand had were that he was not really a manager but
a sales representative. Therefore not eligible to be granted a permanent residence. We have him a lot of time
and counselled his family and helped him by guiding him to take another opinion with another immigration
lawyer. This time his appeal was taken to the higher authorities and he finally had his visa granted.
Mrs Wang come to us in a hysteric condition having been attacked in her shop in Manurewa when she was
alone. She had called the cops but got no response. She had no one else to ask but somehow she came to
the Nzpp party office. After pacifying her and calming her down, the party office candidates went back with
her to her shop, called the cops and this time they came to assess the situation immediately.
The Police has been walking around that street now on a regular basis and she able to manage her shop with
less fear and more peace of mind.

Our job is to help. We are not here to just win

this election. We are here to be of assistance
to the people. We are your friends. To us, politics
is honesty, ethics and trust and that alone
is our only motto.

Authorised by A. Sharma, 258 Balmoral Road, Sandringham Auckland

08SEPTEMBER2017 | Vol 9 Issue 25

Labour Party Dev Dhingra Parineeti Chopra BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE
announces new Fund Master Visiting Australia
ethnic communities honoured was like meeting
policy a star
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Rohit Takyar Kaushal Patel

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Mortgage Brokers Insurance Brokers Accountants Property Managers


35 Morningside Drive, St. Lukes Level 1/203 Great South Road PROFESSIONAL
Mt. Albert, Auckland
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Manurewa, Auckland
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4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, September 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Malayali Samajam host mega Smiles galore at Eid celebrations

Onam celebrations in Auckland in Auckland

he Auckland Malayali he Muslim community in New Zealand
Samajam, which has celebrated Eid-ul-Adha on Saturday,
never failed in wowing September 2.
its community members, has Community members started the celebrations
transcended cultural barriers and by offering 2-rakat obligatory congressional
spread the celebrations across prayer at Mosques or Eidgahs and then feasting
different communities. during the day.
The Auckland Malayali Samajam New Zealand Eid Day, a not for profit
was the first is the world to celebrate organisation hosted a mega Eid celebratory
Onam in a parliament outside India. event at the Eden Park on the Eid day for
The parliament in Wellington on the community members to come and enjoy
Thursday, August 3 hosted Onam the festivity.
with the Malayali community Two big halls at the Eden Park Stadium were
members across the country and also reserved for the prayer services, separately for
released a commemorative stamp to mark the men and women. According to the customary
historic event. practice, Taqbeer (verses from the Holy Quran)
On Saturday, September 2, the Samajam were recited in a loud voice by the attendees
hosted a massive Onam event at Mahatma present before the prayers started.
Gandhi Centre that exhibited colours, dances The Eid Salah, which is a special 2-rakat
and music of Gods Own Country. prayer with 12 Taqbeer was conducted by
The event witnessed the presence of Mayor Hazim Arafeh, President of FIANZ (Federation
of Auckland Phil Goff, Deputy Prime Minister of Islamic Association of New Zealand).
Paula Bennett, Leader of the Labour Party Beating the wet and windy weather, more than
Jacinda Ardern, multiple award winning 7,000 men, women and children gathered at
Indian composer and musician Jerry Amaldev Eden Park Stadium to attend the Eid prayers, to visit and learn as well as be a part of this
who came as a special guest from India for and another 5,000 people came in through the multicultural event.
the event, National List MPs Kanwalijit day for the small carnival arranged within the It is important for the able and earning adults
Bakshi, Dr Parmjeet Parmar, Labour Party MP winning composer of film scores and has to sacrifice an animal (cow, goat or camel) on the
stadium premises for the visitors.
Michael Wood and Labour Party candidate for given music to some of the most important occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, the meat of which is
Henna, Islamic books and study material,
Maungakiekie Priyanca Radhakrishnan. Malayalam films. divided into three equal parts. One part remains
scarves and hijabs, and Islamic artefacts were
The event commenced with the popular Darpanam 2017, a magazine about the with the family, another part is distributed
on display to engage the visitors. Children
traditional Tiger Dance (Pulikali) where Malayali community in New Zealand was also among friends and relatives, and the third part
enjoyed the bouncing castles, face painting and
dancers and drummers marched from the end of released on this occasion by MP Kanwaljit is given to the poor and the unfortunate.
the visitors enjoyed the lip smacking snacks
the hall towards the stage that was hailed with Bakshi at the event. Eid-ul-Adha is the second biggest festival of
and delicacies at the venue.
cheering and applause. The event continued with an award ceremony the Muslim community after Eid-ul-Fitr, and
The purpose of such event venues is to get
Mayor Phil Goff felicitated Mr Amaldev, and cultural dance and musical performances it is this occasion when the Haj pilgrimage is
all the communities not just Muslim but also
who is a three-time Kerala State Film Awards by the young community members. made in Mecca.
friends and families of the Muslim community

The Dental Professional

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Dr. Nikita Verma
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The Indian Weekender Friday, September 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 3

Emotions run high in Kiwi-Indian

candidates election debate
SANDEEP SINGH d e b a t e s Roshan Nauhria of the New Roshan Nauhria of New

are more a Zealand Peoples Party. Zealand Peoples Party, the
lection debates are in
service to the The debate started with a relatively new political party,
fashion, with emotions
c o m m u n i t y, two-minute free run to each claiming to exclusively
running high, and
a n d candidate to explain their represent ethnic migrants
the Kiwi-Indian candidates
entertainment respective political partys sought to impress voters
election debate organised
quotient, if vision for New Zealand
by Indian Association New on election promises on
any, is a bonus. followed by a more nuanced
Zealand (IANZ) on Saturday, immigration and law and order.
conversation on specific issues
September 2, was no different. T h e To what extent did they
such as the economy, health,
Emotions ran high in this community eventually succeeded remains
housing, immigration and law
debate, especially on the needs to to be determined in future.
and order.
questions of law and order comprehend But, the debate was an
Candidates expectedly were
and immigration, with some key political following the trajectories appreciative initiative that
members of public entering passionately as some of the voice on this important issue messages of each political of their respective political brought to the fore an important
in a heated exchange of words other issues in two leaders affecting one and all in the party, and sometimes this parties and leaders. point that a lot more is needed
with the candidates, requiring debates between Prime community. is best achieved by directly While Nationals Kanwaljit to educate the Kiwi-Indian
immediate intervention Minister Bill English and Election debates are usually hearing local ethnic political Singh beat the drum of community about key policies
by moderators, organising Labour leader Jacinda Ardern expected to swing from representatives in each party
committee and other members economic progress, surplus of major political parties.
on TVNZ 1 and Newshub serving the entertainment, to rather than from mainstream budget, and record levels of
of public. respectively. service to the community, like political leaders. The narrative for the Indian
Clearly, it was a blinder, low-unemployment, their community is changing, Veer
Though anti-immigration a pendulum on an imaginary In this regard, this nemesis, Labours Priyanca
which many in the audience Khar, IANZ Diversity Centre
sentiments are overflowing utility-pendulum (if anything debate organised by Indian Radhakrishnan passionately
might have missed the drama Chairperson told The Indian
in this election with calls for like that exists). Association of New Zealand advocated the cause of low
by a whisker. Weekender.
arbitrarily closing doors of Bigger the election debate, and supported by Humm FM productivity in the New
However, what such public
New Zealand, but what is preferably broadcast live on and The Indian Weekender The debate was collectively
bickering between political Zealand economy, poverty and
being missed is the point that national TV, the potential of was a success as it brought five moderated by the trio of Ajay
leaders as Jacinda Ardern had inequality.
such calls around immigration serving entertainment exceeds contenders from main political Vashist, Ram Lingam, and
publically said on Newshub Mahesh Bindra had the task
affect lives of individual the element of service to the parties vying for the Indian Roy Kaund.
leaders debate the other night, of challenging the notion of
people and communities. community, provided voters communitys votes. At the end, a straw poll was
proved beyond doubt, was that New Zealand First party being
Thus leaving the do not necessarily stack their The contestants included taken to determine voter trends
immigration and law and order racist and xenophobic and Raj
responsibility on the wider votes on election debate. Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi of which returned with National
are the two most important Pardeep Singh a first timer
Kiwi-Indian community to the National Party, Priyanca at 40 per cent, Labour at 34
issues for the Kiwi-Indian However, for the Kiwi-
Radhakrishnan of the Labour in politics had his task cut out
community. lobby against any knee-jerk Indian community and by and per cent, NZ First 12 per cent,
Party, Mahesh Bindra of New for helping the Green Party get
Interestingly, these two policy on immigration and large other ethnic communities, Greens at 9 per cent and NZ
Zealand First, Raj Pardeep into Kiwi-Indian voters.
issues were not debated as bottom-up their collective the scope of such election People Party at 5 per cent.
Singh of the Green party and

there are two New Zealand Integrity

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6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, September 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

25-year old Indian

missing in Auckland

25-year old Indian man has been
reported missing since Tuesday, August
29, when he failed to return back home
in Ellerslie, Auckland.
He was last seen at Mission Bay a seaside
suburb of Auckland city, around 11:30 a.m. on
the same day.
Ramireddy Malapati was living with his
friends in Ellerslie and had gone to Mission Bay
with his roommate who dropped him near the
Mvenpick ice cream parlour.
According to Mr Malapatis roommate
Srikanth Subireddy, Mr Malapati travelled to
Mission Bay almost twice a week to meet his did not come work for the past two months.
friend or his lawyer. On Friday, September 1, Mr Srikanth and his
He would say that he is going to meet other roommates then lodged a missing person
his lawyer and sometimes his friend and my complaint with the Auckland Police.
roommate Gopi would drop him there, Mr The Auckland City District Police had earlier
Srikanth told The Indian Weekender. on Monday, September 4, appealed to the
Mr Srikanth added that he would usually go
public through its Facebook post to help police
in the afternoon and return by 10 or 11 p.m.
provide any information on the whereabouts of
in the night, but he failed to return home on
25-year old Ramireddy Malapati.
August 29.
At the time of going to print, there was no
He asked me to drop him at Mission Bay as
he wanted to meet his lawyer and I did, hoping known whereabouts of Mr Malapati.
that he would return on his own at his usual According to Mr Malapatis other roommate
time, but he didnt, Mr Gopi added. Bandi Gopinath, Mr Malapati started living
When Mr Malapati did not return, his with them since August this year and said he
roommates called him on his number, texted was working with a private company in Mt
him on phone, Whatsapp and Facebook but Wellington.
got no response. They assumed he would have Mr Malapati came to New Zealand in
stayed at some of his friends place that night. December 2014 on student visa to study IT and
Mr Srikanth then contacted his family in was classmates with both Bandi Gopinath and
Hyderabad on Thursday hoping he would Srikanth Subiredy at Ntec, a tertiary education
have called there, but he hadnt. Mr Srikanth provider in Auckland CBD.
then contacted Mr Malapatis employer in Mt The visa status of Mr Malapati is not known
Wellington who confirmed that Mr Malapati to his roommates.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, September 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 5

FTA with India is a priority

for NZ, says Trade Minister
Your Trusted Financial Advisers

Special Care & Expert Advice for

First Home Buyers

INZBC is the premier trade organization

in New Zealand working for over 25 years to
build trade relations between India and New Right advice and economical Better rates and stress free loans
Zealand. Earlier in the week, The Minister quote for all your insurance needs Advice on best loan structures
had visited The Indian Weekender studio
and spoken about his intent to signing a

rade Minister Todd McClay has quality trade deal with India.
reaffirmed New Zealand governments We have modernised our trade strategy
commitment to signing a Free Trade for the next 10 to 15 years and announced
Agreement with India. Trade Agenda 2030 earlier this year.
India is a priority for me. We have set up an ambitious goal of
I have been engaged in talks with the former having free trade agreements cover 90 per
cent of New Zealands goods exports by
Minister for Trade of India, and we both have
2030, up from 53 per cent today.
agreed to put more personal political effort into That means we have to complete the
the ongoing negotiations. trade agreement with India because India
Now I am very hopeful that in the next is a big and fast growing market, Minister
three years of National government we would McClay said.
be able to deliver the agreement with India, There is a good opportunity there,
Minister affirmed. and India should not view New Zealand
economy as a threat. We have a lot of things
The Minister was speaking at a business
that Indian economy wants.
event hosted by India New Zealand Business The probability that New Zealand
Council (INZBC) in Pullman Hotel, Auckland, economy can impact agricultural production
on Thursday, September 7. in India is zero.

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8 VERDICT 2017 - SPECIAL FEATURE Friday, September 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Makes the Difference


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unexciting policymaking and
N. GURU DUTT lacklustre campaigning are the
same old faces that seem unable to

fter three terms and see the straws in the wind. National
minus the charisma of still seems reluctant to acknowledge
its previous leader, the the immensity and severity of the
housing problem and Auckland
National Party looks increasingly
regions public transport issues.
weighed down by jadedness In an age where voters around the
wrought by the burden of world are rooting for leaders who
incumbency as campaign 17 take firm stands and not politically
approaches crescendo. correct wishy-washy non-stances,
There is nothing new and Nationals leadership seems content
novel in Nationals bag of tricks. with doing exactly that. In the
Whatever is being presented as new debates it has shown ambivalence
seems an afterthought a bunch of on a number of issues in contrast to
hurriedly cobbled initiatives that Labours readiness to take a stand.
are more reactive than proactive Ms Arderns hardline retaliatory stand
with a strong whiff of expedience, on Australias treatment of Kiwi
eyes firmly on the elections. Bill students is a case in point. So are the
Englishs surprise billion dollar ones on cannabis and abortion.
child poverty announcement at the While National seems to have
second televised leaders debate is run out of ideas to renew itself, the
a case in point. Jacinda effect has hit the reset button
Labour has exploited this to for Labour. National is burdened by
the hilt. In that debate on TV3, the weight of having to defend its
Jacinda Ardern repeatedly asked rule of nine years and the growing
Bill English, But why has it taken perception that it could have done
nine years? and Thank you. We much more for the country.
have been pushing for this for nine Labour is selling the dream of the
years, to peals of applause from future only a dream at this stage,
the studio audience. nonetheless. Labour has a fresh,
Clearly, Nationals policy new, young face, just as in Canada,
France and Ireland where voters
makers, like everyone else on the
have put their weight behind younger
political firmament, have been
leaders. It is symptomatic of a voter
caught unawares by the Jacinda tired of the status quo and more than
juggernaut. And that has sent them willing to risk backing untested,
scurrying back to the drawing board inexperienced young leaders.
and to more rounds of number But can Labour continue its
crunching, mostly in response to juggernaut into the Beehive merely
Labours policy pronouncements on the basis of vision? Its new
than coming up with something leader is inexperienced, never having
original. held a ministerial role or even being
Unfortunately for National, part of government. Youth is on her
that number crunching has been side. Something that will appeal to
flawed. Hurried, sloppy work has younger voters who increasingly find
landed Steven Joyce in a spot of it difficult to relate to the old guard
embarrassment having picked a of the baby boomer era and therefore
non-existent $11 billion hole in have tended to exclude themselves
Labours budgeting. None of the from the electoral process.
nations leading economists have Labours promises on tertiary
been successful in finding that education and housing will also find
hole on the contrary many have favour with the young. And for the
actually lauded Labour for the Doubting Thomas not easily swayed
transparency it has shown in its by campaign spin, the big tick that
budget. Mr Joyce finds himself in their budgeting has received from
splendid isolation, with a nary a leading economists, especially in
voice of support even from his own response to Nationals criticism
party. now all but debunked as flawed if not
Ms Ardern and her finance mischievous gives those promises
spokesman Grant Robertson have much needed credibility.
asked Mr Joyce and National to What this new young leadership
apologise to Kiwis for what they does not have though is the heft of
see as an attempt to mislead them. experience of Nationals old guard
Nationals trepidation at Labours and Mr Englishs redoubtable
phoenix-like rise has seen Mr reputation for navigating New
Joyces communications team Zealand through the doldrums of the
go for the jugular on Labours global financial crisis. He is proven
policies. Almost every media as a superb Man Friday. But his
release coming from his office has record as leader has been less than
critiqued Labours policies rather flattering, having led National to its
than selling Nationals own. While worst ever defeat in 2002.
critiquing the opposition is a time- That is the cross that Mr English
tested campaign strategy, solely and National will find increasingly
concentrating on it is clearly a sign heavy to bear as what more and more
of nervousness. looks like a two-horse race reaches
Adding to Nationals staid, the finish line on September 23.
The Indian Weekender Friday, September 8, 2017 VERDICT 2017 - SPECIAL FEATURE 7

Bill vs Jacinda second debate: What if English

would have ruled out Winston Peters completely?
SANDEEP SINGH Jacinda Ardern is already riding of the moment, could have added a

he second leaders debate was on a high tide of popularity driven much-needed iota of charisma on
not just fiery and competitive by her charisma to revive Labours Mr Englishs personality to lure
but was compelling in many fortunes from an abysmal 24 per cent back some undecided voters who
other ways. to a high of 43 per cent to mount the might have gone to Labour following
One such compelling moment was first real challenge in nine years to Jacindas charisma.
when Prime Minister Bill English change the government. In essence, Anyway, the cost of being in
had to come out and make a bold she would not want to gamble big government adds an appearance of
commitment to reducing child time to risk this new-found position complexity and lack of forthrightness
poverty in New Zealand by about 30 of being in government. in ones responses and hence risk
per cent, which roughly comprises Moreover, she has already taken
of being seen as indecisive. Mr
100,000 children in next two or the lead and demonstrated audacity
English had many such brain-fade
three years. to rule out deputy Prime Ministership
moments on questions of one single
Was this commitment, a well- and the Finance Ministers portfolio
policy for Maori, one single issue
planned and thought out strategy for Mr Peters to lure undecided
and Leader of Opposition Jacinda to march for New Zealanders and
voters. Another statement could
or something that was spun out at Clearly, pressure many more.
the heat of the moment and well Ardern seeking to emphasise their have gone wrong as an ambitious
is on Mr English strengths and making inroads into overstatement. By ruling out a septuagenarian,
extracted by Newshub Political Mr Peters, boldly and decisively
Editor Patrick Gower could not be to hold the strengths of their opponents. However, Mr English did not have
Another fascinating moment of any such baggage of previously would have covered much ground for
known immediately. ground after nine Mr English.
However, it would definitely the debate that could have been even ruling out Mr Peters and is in much
years of being in better was when both leaders were need of political oxygen to keep Earlier in 2008, John Key had
oxygenate Mr Englishs personality
government and asked about what they will be putting Jacindamania at bay. ruled out Winston Peters, which had
with much-needed compassion in
on the table while negotiating with Another outright commitment on then wiped out New Zealand First to
countering the rising popularity of facing a rising
Winston Peters after elections. the night, calculated, or on the spur propel National back into power.
Jacinda Ardern to some extent. Jacindamania.
So far Ms Ardern has successfully Surely, Mr Peters is another
established a monopoly
compassion and vision for
on personality that would have a
significant impact on the outcome JOBS AVAILABLE
New Zealand. In that regard, Mr English is of elections, to the extent that he NZ Benchtops Ltd- an established kitchen cabinet
following a strategy of accentuating was discussed in the leaders debate
Mr English at the debate was
on policies while intermittently
making company seeks to hire for its factory in
able to make some inroads into Ms despite not being a participant or
showing passion and adding to present on the occasion. North Shore. Preferably experienced/semi-experienced
Arderns claim of compassion for
New Zealanders. personality to entice voters. It is interesting to ponder what with legal status to work. Must have a can-do attitute
Clearly, pressure is on Mr English This election continues to be if one of the leaders in the debate and interested in cabinet making. Start any time.
to hold the ground after nine years debated around the question of would have dramatically ruled out Call Michael at 021631080/09-4414337. Or email
personality versus policies with two Winston Peters in any post-election
of being in government and facing a
leaders Prime Minister Bill English government forming negotiations.
rising Jacindamania.

Raj Singh
Candidate for
Manukau East

Raj is the founder and Principal of a South Auckland based

law firm who wants to share his professional success by giving
his community a voice and representing them in Parliament
through his work with the Green Party.
He is passionate about policy, law, effective communication
and leadership, education and immigration.
Raj often offers legal education seminars to communities.

Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Level 1, 17 Garrett Street, Wellington

10 VERDICT 2017 - SPECIAL FEATURE Friday, September 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Contact Labour launches new

Labours Ethnic Ethnic Communities
Communities Team Policy
Phone 09 373 3332
Address 85 Grafton Rd, Auckland NZ 1010

SANDEEP SINGH There is a provision for a blind job

he Labour Party has launched a new application process for senior positions in
Michael Wood MP
Ethnic Communities Policy promising a public sector.
Spokesperson for
Ethnic Communities more supportive and fairer environment Key Highlights:
for the ethnic communities in New Zealand Deliver 1000 new frontline community
under a new Labour government after election. based police officers to work at the
community level, deterring and solving
Jacinda Ardern MP The Policy was announced by Michael Wood,
Labour Leader Labour Spokesperson for Ethnic Communities
Deal with the root causes of crime, providing
on Thursday, September 7, in Manukau, South
jobs, education, and hope for young people
so that they become productive members of
We recognise in particular that ethnic
communities in New Zealand seek opportunities
to live in safe communities, to succeed and Establish a unit of twelve Victims of Crime
contribute back to New Zealand, to be treated Advocates who will be empowered to co-
fairly and on their merits, and to build lives ordinate government agencies to provide
in a respectful and tolerant community, said swift and co-ordinated support to victims.
Michael Wood, Labour Spokesperson for Provide financial support to Community
Ethnic Communities. Patrols NZ to deliver twenty new patrol
Among other things the Party is committing cars each year for three years, and twelve
Authorised by Jacinda Ardern MP, to upgrade the current Office of Ethnic Affairs paid volunteer co-ordinators to increase the
Parliament Buildings, Wellington to the Ministry of Ethnic Communities. reach of community patrols on local streets.
The Party is promising 60 new community Work with police and the Ministry of Justice
Michael_Wood JA_255wx175h_advert.indd 1 3/08/17 2:35 PM
patrol cars over the period of next three years to to provide guidelines to small business
keep community safe. owners about their rights when confronted
Jenny Salesa - Speaking Out for You The Party is also promising to establish a
unit of twelve Victims of Crime Advocates who
by offenders.
Run a voluntary trial civic engagement
will be empowered to co-ordinate government course for new and recent migrants to

agencies to provide swift and co-ordinated support their participation in New Zealands

Jenny support to victims.

This will be at the cost of $1.2million opex
(operational expenditure) per year ongoing.
civic life and access to community services.
Conduct a high level review of the reasons
why highly qualified migrants are often not
for Manukau East It seems that the Party has also taken a
note of growing number of stories in media
able to get jobs in their fields of expertise
and develop policy initiatives to remove
and public life where large numbers of highly barriers
skilled migrants are not able to be absorbed Within the public service run a two year pilot
in New Zealand economy and secure decent scheme to ensure that there are equitable

Party Vote employments relevant to their skills forcing

many to drive taxis and doing other relatively
less skilled jobs.
opportunities for diverse communities to
advance to senior positions.
Structured mentoring for public servants
Labour is promising to conduct a high level from ethnic communities who want to
review of the reasons why highly qualified develop their careers.
migrants are often not able to get jobs in their The development of a programme that pro-
fields of expertise and develop policy initiatives actively encourages diverse communities to
to remove barriers. apply for senior positions across the state
The Party is also offering to run a two year services
scheme within the public service to ensure that Blind job applications for senior positions
there are equitable opportunities for diverse in which name and country of origin are
communities to advance to senior positions. removed from the initial job application.
Authorised by Andrew Kirton, 160 Wills Street, Wellington. 04 384 7649

'Fund Master'

und Master, one of New Zealands
leading financial services companies
has won two prestigious awards
last week. Fund Master was awarded 1st place in the
2016 BNZ Adviser of the Year and earned the
third place in the 2016 Home Loan Adviser

Vote 11-23 September of the Year.

Vote SALESA, Party Vote LABOUR

This election is a choice, a chance to take this new voice of fresh
appeal to be part of the government.

New Zealand People's Party, as the name suggests is a party for the
people. It is a voice of for the people. A party that is all about you.

We are a righteous, relentless representation of your community and

we are raring to go. All we need to make it happen is your PARTY

Anil Sharma
General Secretary



Authorised by A.Sharma, 258 Balmoral Road, Sandringham Auckland, 09 846 8059

12 VERDICT 2017 - SPECIAL FEATURE Friday, September 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

National Increasing elective Fair immigration is

surgeries to 200,000 a year critical: NZPP Thats tens of thousands more
in. They are two different
issues. The parent category
Roshan Nauhria
life changing operations such should be open again.
as joint replacements, cataracts, Leader, New Zealand Also on the question
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi People's Party
cancerous skin lesions and of how would our party

National Party List MP cardiac surgeries and we are deal with the future of
egarding a question asked
committed to doing more. international students who have

to me by one of the debate
s New Zealanders live longer, Over the next four years we will landed here in the hope of gaining
organisers on if our party permanent residence, my response
access to elective surgery is increase the number of elective Well implement our new mental
in favour of cutting immigration would be that students who are
becoming more important surgeries by an average of 5,500 more health and addiction plan, supported
numbers my reply would be that already here came under the
than ever. operations a year meaning we will be by $224 million in funding.
we are not too concerned about impression that studying in New
Over the next four years National doing 200,000 elective surgeries a year Supporting mums and babies, with
will further increase the number of by 2021/2022. a free dental course for pregnant the numbers. What we want is fair Zealand is a pathway to residency.
elective surgeries to 200,000 a year, To support this National will women and mothers of under 1s, immigration. What we promise we But this opportunity has been
ensuring access to life-changing increase spending on elective surgery need to deliver. If there are people backtracked. You are backstabbing
and making a third free IVF cycle
operations like hip replacements for by $30 million per year for the next who have been given a promise and them - which is not right.
available to eligible couples who
thousands more New Zealanders. four years, rising to $120m per year dont fall pregnant after their first they have come to our country based We need to offer these students
Under National, access to elective by 2020/21 part of our record two funded cycles. an open work permit if they are
on that, then we have to respect
surgery has increased every year, and investment in health. Complete the redevelopment of willing to take up courses which
that and take care of them. If we
we will continue to do more. As I said in this column earlierhealth the $463 million Acute Services address our skill shortages. Once
cannot do that, then we must not let
Elective surgery makes a real is our top funding priority, with a Building and the new $72 million they finish their course, we can
Outpatients facility in Christchurch anyone come in till we are not sure. then give them a work permit so
difference to patients and their record $16.8b to be invested this year -
families it reduces pain, restores an extra $888m on last year. Complete the new $78 million The serene government is being that they can work anywhere.
independence and improves quality of Grey Base Hospital in Greymouth indecisive and bringing a very bad Next question was if we are
We are investing in primary care,
life. screening and early interventions Build Dunedin a new $1.2-$1.4 name to the country. They need to bringing in Migrant workers long
Health has been Nationals top because catching issues earlier helps billion hospital. Provide additional take a stand on one option. I would term to fill our skill shortages
funding priority in Government, and increase our chances of successful mental health facilities at the Mason say immigrant bashing had to be should they be offered permanent
our strong economy has allowed us to treatment. Clinic in Auckland. Establish residency?
stopped. We have to let immigrants
continuously increase access to world- a School of Rural Medicine to Again I would say yes. If
We have increased free and cheap come as they are important for the
support rural New Zealand you give them a work permit, it
class health services like elective GP visits and prescriptions, there are economy. And we need to take care
Increase the number of elective
surgeries in a sustainable manner. more doctors and nurses than ever, implies they are good workers. So
surgeries to 200,000 a year over the of them also. We cant bring them
When we came into office there and we are tackling mental health and why dont we want to give them
next four years. and take their money and then send
were 118,000 elective surgeries being addiction issues. These are significant increases permanent residency here? We
delivered each year and they were them back home. might want to give them a 2-year
Were delivering thousands more and demonstrates our commitment
increasing by only 1,400 a year. The number of people being work permit after which if they can
elective surgeries and specialist to further increasing access to
Under National the number of assessments, and lifted Pharmac allowed to come over will change - apply for permanent residency after
healthcare for New Zealanders. it can go up and down - depending
elective surgeries carried out by DHBs funding to record levels, meaning Only National can manage the the required vetting checking their
on the requirements of the economy.
has increased by 56,000 to 174,000 more access to world-class medicines. economy while also continuing to medical history, criminal conviction
If you want to reduce the number
surgeries every year and theyre Cheap GP visits for 600,000 low increase access to the world-class if any and a good reference from the
of people coming over, then dont
expected to reach 178,000 this year. income Kiwis health services people need. employer etc.
also reduce the families coming


Lua and Jenny


Keep our place beautiful. Only put your rubbish in the right place.


The Indian Weekender Friday, September 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 11

SOUTH LINE News-in-brief

from South Island

Over 850 attend Christchurchs Social Sensation by the Fiji

Association in Christchurch
Ratri before Navratri
rganised by the Christchurch
branch of Atmiya Youth
Group, a wing of the Yogi
Divine Society (YDS) New Zealand,
the citys annual Ratri before
Navratri festival held last Saturday
was a big success with attendance
exceeding 850.
Dipak Kalidas, an They
active member of also noted that
YDS and the main apart from celebrating
organiser of the
the age-old festival of Dancers at Christchurch Fiji Association's Social Sensation 2017
festival said,

We started this Navratri, their motive for
he Christchurch Fiji being served. It was a good gathering,
yearly affair in organising these annual events is
Association an organisation and a precursor to our main event
2012 and have to spread the YDSs message of
formed in 2002 to initiate, next month, which will be the Diwali
grown since selfless service to mankind and Ratri before Navratri in Christchurch

then. We do it living in harmony with self, promote, support and maintain celebrations.
wearing the best A star attraction at the festival was cultural, religious and educational
in two parts. First friends, family, society and The event gave an opportunity
costumes Neel Patel, winner of MIK Tarana
is the Ratri before environment. needs of the Fiji and Pacific migrants to our kids to display their talents.
They also noted that Idol 2015, who sang dandiya raas
Navratri celebrations and their children organised its
apart from celebrating and garba melodies continuously for In our Association we appreciate
which was held last
the age-old festival of almost four hours. annual Social on September 2. all artists and dont judge them. No
Saturday, followed by the main
Navratri, their motive for organising Mr Kalidas, who is a multi- Vinesh Prakash, Secretary of the
event on September 23. screening is done. People just come
these annual events is to spread the talented musician himself, was at
The organisers and main event Association said, Attended by over and perform.
YDSs message of selfless service the Octapad, ably supported by Ravi
sponsor Guruji Food Mart also 200 members, the event saw karoake
to mankind and living in harmony Maisuria, lead percussionist at Taal This has fostered a community
acknowledged and gave prizes to the
with self, friends, family, society and Productions a music production and dance performances, as well as spirit and helped us succeed year
best dancing groups as well as those
environment. the traditional Fijian drink and food
company. after year.

Eid-ul-Adha celebrated in Christchurch

he citys Muslim community Canterbury Muslim Community Trust meals for a diverse multicultural singing from pre-schoolers, the for distribution. \Notably, the Muslim
gathered at the Cowles (CMCT) organised an Eid Breakfast cross section of the Christchurch organisers added. Association of Canterbury had also
Stadium on the morning of event, which was attended by over Muslim community, CMCT said. In line with the message of Eid, organised an Eid pot-luck picnic on
September 2, to offer the Eid-ul- 100 people. The well-attended event The event included a super kids the food that was not served was Sunday at the Groynes, which was
Adha prayers. Later, on Sunday, the was by registration with free catered speech competition and some great donated to the Help the Homeless cancelled due to bad weather.

LocaL VoiceS
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi Katrina Bungard

Manukau East

Katrina Bungard

Agnes Loheni
Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.
Authorised by K Bungard, 107 Great South Rd, Greenlane.
Authorised by A Loheni, 107 Great South Rd, Greenlane. Agnes Loheni
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The Indian Weekender Friday, September 8, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 13

Bollywood with a twist of EDM

ollywood parties in Auckland are a revolution with EDM fused with desi in Auckland. He has more than 14 years of Pause Films and Photo and is working on
bookmarked by most Indiansand music, it is something that the Indian crowd experience under his belt, specialising in aninternational Tech House and Psychedelic
Kiwisin the city. has yet to experience in New Zealand. House, Hip-hop, and Electronic music, and has music festival, which is still under wraps.
A recent rise has been seen over the past And that is what is on offer with Page 3s a good ear for urban Bollywood music. But before he hits the international stage,
few years and DJs spinning crowd-favourite first event. DJ Robin moved to New Zealand Talking about the music he likes to play, DJ catch DJ Robin spinning the latest hits at La
dance tunes in popular clubshave now become from India more than seven years ago and Robin said, Every party has a vibe of its own. Zeppa in Auckland on Saturday, September 9
a common sight on most weekends. Joining quickly became a part of the Auckland night Music is a universal language, and I make sure (10 p.m. onwards).
this night scene is Page 3an entertainment scene. that the crowd and I share the same vibe. The Tickets are priced at $25 (general), $45
company that is gearing up to bring some of the In his home country, he worked as a full-time crowd guides me to the selection of the tracks (couple), and $50 (VIP) and can be purchased
best of Bollywood music but with a twist. And DJ and was seen at a number of Bollywood and the genre I play. by texting/callingSanchit at +64 21 0677283.
the man behind the decks this time is DJ Robin. celebrity events. Today, he is often seen playing Apart from his full-time job, DJ Robin runs For more details, check out Page3s Facebook
While back home, club parties have seen in clubs such as Lenin, Underpass, and Hangar a successful film and photo company called page.

Onam 0272 16 17 18
concludes in

Special For Indian Subcontinent

Air China $ 884* (8 Jul to 30 Nov 2017 & 16 Jan to 30 Nov 2018)

China Southern $ 1080* (20 Jul to 30 Nov 2017 & 08 Jan to 13 Jul 2018)

King Mahabali makes an appearance at Kerala Cultural

Korean Air $ 925* (1 Aug to 30 Nov 2017 & 18 Jan to 30 Nov 2018)

Singapore Airlines $ 1145* (1 Oct to 30 Nov 2017)

Forum's Onam celebrations in Christchurch_picture courtesy
Councillor Jimmy Chen

Malaysia Airlines $ 1055* (1 Aug to 15 Nov 2017)
he citys Malayali community gathered again on
Saturday, September 2, to celebrate the festival of
Onam under the umbrella of city-based social and
cultural organisation Kerala Cultural Forum. China Eastern $ 999* (3 Jul to 04 Oct 2017 & 10 Oct to 30 nov 2017)
Dinesh Kumar Chattikal, President of KCF, said, With

*(Inclusive All Taxes)

over 450 people attending, this was one of the
biggest ever Onam celebrations "It
in the Garden City. is a harvest
As expected, the festival, and is
highlight of the day was celebrated with joy
the delicious feast of and enthusiasm all over Special
Onam called 'Onam
the state by people of DECEMBER SPECIAL
Sadya', and thanks to
all communities. The
Jet Airways $ 1430
Binoy Kuriakose and

Fiji Airways $ 1200

his team for preparing
celebrations here were
Fiji Airways $ * *

Jet Airways $ 1430*

such delicious and
mouth watering food, which was

* China $ 1480
praised by one and all.

Hongkong Airlines $ 1450

The chief guest of the day was Christchurch City *
Councillor Jimmy Chen, who said, I was delighted and Air
honoured to attend the Onam festival at Middleton Grange

Airlines $ 1450
School today. I got to know that Onam is the biggest and
the most important festival of the state of Kerala.
"It is a harvest festival, and is celebrated with joy and Hongkong *(Inclusive All Taxes) *(Inclusive All Taxes)
enthusiasm all over the state by people of all communities.
The celebrations here were wonderful.
The gathering also appreciated Vibi Krishna and his 12 Months Interest Free Tickets (Gem Visa)
team for an outstanding stage dcor and pookkalam [floral
carpet]. Live Chat Availble
This time, we also introduced a KCF achievement
award, whose first recipient was Uma Verma and her Mt Albert-0508 1516 17 4 23 Christchurch-0800 024418 Papakura-0800 204503
dancing school Revathi Performing Arts. This was in KRoad -0800 024409 Wellington-0800 03 11 29 Tauranga-0800 024417 Royal Oak-0800 024379
recognition for her devotional work for classical dance in
Christchurch, added Mr Chattikal. Papatoetoe-0800 024411 North Shore-021781414 Hamilton-0800 0244 08 Manukau-022 -103 -1003
Among others, the organisers also acknowledged Mr Three Kings-0800 024410 Queen Street-0800 024410 Otahuhu-0508 15 16 17 Blockhouse Bay-0800 024414
Rajeshwar from the Telugu Association South Island for
helping them during the event. Manurewa-0800 024413 Palmerston North- 0800 405 685 Addington-0800 024419 *Ts & Cs Apply
Thought of the week
There is no royal road to anything.
One thing at a time, all things in
succession. That which grows fast,
withers as rapidly. That which grows
Editorial slowly, endures. Josiah Gilbert Holland
Election and Auckland Weather forecast for the week

debates: Whats in
Sept 9 Sept 15, 2017
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu

it for the migrant

A Mostly Mostly Partly sunny Some sun Partly sunny A periods
monring cloudy cloudy, a with a with a with a of rain
shower, with little little rain shower little rain shower

some rain
ew Zealand is well entrenched into election fever right now with debates taking sun
centre stage of the countrys political life.
14 14 14 14 18 14 18
Almost every second day there is an election debate somewhere in our
8 8 8 10 8 8 8
proximity and almost every time served live on television, radio and Facebook.
Undoubtedly, the leaders debate between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the
Opposition continues to attract more attention than others and for obvious reasons.
The nation collectively exhilarates, even if momentarily, after every round of such
This week in New Zealands history
debates guessing who the winner was and by what margin. 8 September 1862
The actual debates are being followed by social media frenzy, next day lunch time First Albertland settlers arrive in Auckland
gossips at work place, at bars over a drink and even few more days, for the more heMatilda Wattenbachbrought 352 Nonconformist (non-Anglican Protestant) immigrants
enthusiastic politics watchers among us, till the next debate hits on them. from England. Another 315 arrived on theHanovera week later, and six more immigrant
To many Kiwi-Indians, who still carry some memories from their old life from India a ships had arrived by 1865.
place that many still call as their original home this fervour may remind about their own
insatiable appetite for discussing heroics of the Indian cricket team. 8 September 1954
Indians have a huge appetite for following heroics of Indian cricket team live in the New Zealand signs Manila Pact
stadium, then watching on television, repeat telecasts and then reading again and again in
newspapers and social media. T he South-East Asia Collective Defence Treaty, or Manila Pact, aimed to contain the spread
of communism in the region. The South-East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) was the
institutional expression of this treaty.
This is separate from the lively and often animated discussions on the public transport
on their way to work and back to homes. 12 September 1914
Surely, there is a huge and much-cherished appetite for cricket among the broader
Forty-three miners killed in explosion at Huntly
Indian community.
t 7.20 a.m. an explosion at Ralphs mine on Raynor Rd rocked Huntly. Fortunately, it was a
Coming back to elections, these debates are the current toast of the nation, and Kiwi- Saturday and only 60 men were at work instead of the weekday shift of 250.
Indian community is no different except the fact that they might find less beef or meat
as they say here in New Zealand to remain glued for long to such debates. 13 September 1933
For some observers beyond our communities, laying out such an expectation that New Zealands first woman MP elected
whats in it for migrant communities, it might be a little bit boisterous, if not outrageous. he Labour Partys Elizabeth McCombs became New Zealands first woman Member of
However, there is no escaping from the fact that such expectations are inevitable and Parliament, winning a by-election in the Lyttelton seat caused by the death of her husband,
should be welcomed rather than viewed with any aspersions. James McCombs (one of the first Labour MPs, he had held the seat since 1913).
Migrant communities and Kiwi-Indian community, in particular, have an equal stake, if
not more than others in this countrys politics.
Indian Weekender : Volume 9 Issue 25
They need to participate in the political process of the country, especially in shaping
the narrative about immigration, which has a huge potential to affect their day to day Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited

experience in their lives in this country. Managing Editor: Bhav Dhillon |
The current narrative on immigration propelled by both major parties National and Content Editor: Sandeep Singh |
Labour Party is not very helpful. Chief Reporter: Swati Sharma |
While Labour Party is calling for radical chopping of numbers of immigrant workers on Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad |
the pretext of catching up on infrastructural woes of Auckland, and this is despite some Chief ReporterSouth Island: Gaurav Sharma
whopping shortage of skilled labours across all major industries around the country. Chief Technical Officer: Rohan Desouza |
The National Party though boasting of being the only party in favour of keeping Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar |
immigration open is, however, guilty of perpetuating, or allowing to perpetuate, a negative Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand |
stereotype that most of the immigrants arriving in this country are low-skilled and of less Accounts and Admin.: 09-6366306 |
value, who are willing to work on low-wages to remain in this country. Sales and Distribution: 022 3251630 |
There is no denial of the fact that there are, and there would be, many vulnerable
Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
migrant workers who would submit themselves to be exploited by shoddy employers to
is not responsible for advertisers claims as appearing in the publication
remain in this country.
But not everyone in the migrant community, in fact, an overwhelming majority, do not Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
subscribe to the current perception where they are seen being conveniently clubbed as the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
low-skilled workers who are playing an insignificant role in New Zealand economy and Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.
society. Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
This narrative has to change, and for that to happen, it is critical that migrant communities
Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
engage proactively in the electoral process of the country.
Towards that goal, leaders debate are a good starting point for the community to get
involved in the election process and ask the question whats in it for me?
16 OPINION/EDITORIAL Friday, September 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

neighbouring nations to voluntarily blows, decisive battles and finally
submit to Chinese hegemony. This checkmating or claiming total victory

at Doklam:
is a clear echo of the distant past. In over the opponent.
416 BCE, when the mighty Athenian The Chinese counterpart of
state overpowered the tiny island of shatranj is the game of "wei-qui",
Melos, it had delivered an ultimatum, based on "surrounding pieces" and

India must
using a similar chilling phraseology: "strategic encirclement". Opponents
"The strong do what they can, and seek empty spaces and building up of
the weak suffer what they must." strength, surrounding and capturing

take long-term
Servile personalities like Philippine opposing pieces. While chess
President Duterte have given China encourages single-mindedness, wei-
false illusions of grandeur and power qui generates strategic flexibility. Let

by kowtowing for economic gains. us learn to play wei-qui.
These illusions have been reinforced Thirdly, while patting ourselves on
by America's aborted "pivot to the back for deft diplomacy, let us not
Asia" and ineffectual "freedom of forget that we have had a close call.
navigation" operations by US Navy. While our gallant armed forces could
The artificial South China Sea islands certainly have given a "bloody nose"
are here to stay and China knows that (so eagerly sought by militant TV
possession is nine-points of law. anchors) to the PLA on many fronts,
PLA Colonel Liu Mingfu's 2010 a general war or even a limited clash
dialectic, seen and heard during the vis-a-vis our strategic stance and book, "China Dream", provides many would have been equally damaging
(RETD) past six weeks. The common man policies towards an increasingly pointers. It defines China's national to both nations and their economies.
goal as to become "number one" in Let us, also, remind ourselves that

has, understandably, heaved a sigh bellicose China.
ccustomed as we are to shrill of relief at the (short-term) resolution This seeming diffidence is partly the world, but rejecting the "peaceful the PLA is undergirded by a military-
hyperbole in India's public of a dire crisis; an eyeball-to- rooted in a fear of the unknown, rise" thesis, it advocates a "military industrial complex, established in the
discourse, the description eyeball confrontation between two our profound ignorance about this rise" along with its "economic 1950s, which is a prolific producer
of the tense Himalayan face-off major military powers and nuclear- huge neighbour. We have neither rise". A part of the "Chinese dream of missiles, tanks, fighters, warships,
as the "incident at Doklam" and armed states. The Chinese do not created a substantive pool of of national rejuvenation" is the submarines and ordnance. While the
its denouement as "expeditious risk the outcome of a conflict on Mandarin speakers, nor fostered establishment of a "unified global world has an inkling that the "Make
disengagement of border personnel" a single clash; they plan elaborate many organisations dedicated to system", or Empire, termed tianxia in India" project is awaiting take-off,
by the Ministry of External Affairs multiple strategies and the patient researching China's history, culture, in Mandarin. Order, in this system, the feckless office of the Comptroller
came across as refreshing examples accumulation of small gains. Doklam economy, industry and strategic is maintained under the aegis of a and Auditor General of India saw it
of phlegmatic understatement. was, by no means, India's last thought. With bizarre perversity, hegemon state, which dominates fit to choose this juncture to reveal
The diplomatic finesse shown by confrontation with China and there we have been spurning the huge by virtue of its acknowledged every single shortcoming in India's
India stood in stark contrast to the is, thus, no cause whatsoever for window, into China, that a willing superiority. half-full arsenal.
Chinese spokesperson's gauche our soldiers, diplomats and political and cooperative Taiwan has been According to former US Secretary Avoiding knee-jerk responses, let
declaration that India had "pulled leadership to become complacent -- offering to us, for years. We need to of State Henry Kissinger, the Chinese us undertake long-term measures
back all the trespassing personnel for four reasons. stop groping in the dark and create have been shrewd practitioners of to ensure that our armed forces are
and equipment". Firstly, our 1962 military defeat strategies to counter China's long- realpolitik and follow a strategic always equipped and ready to fight a
Political pundits and diplomatic was due to the egregious misreading term intentions. doctrine distinctly different from 30-day "intense war". Let us also find
analysts are likely to spend days of China's intent by India's political Secondly, China, translating its the rest of the world. Followers of ways to prevent statutory bodies like
deciphering the hidden meanings leadership. Fifty-five years on, enormous economic gains into the game of chess or "shatranj", the CAG from endangering national
underlying the Chinese conduct and clarity and resolve are still lacking coercive military power, expects Indians think in terms of striking security.
Licensed REAA (2008)

Modi promotes four to cabinet,

18 Friday, September 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

are the best
inducts nine new faces in govt category of
nation builders:
our Ministers of State Demolition Man when as DDA
Dharmendra Pradhan, Piyush Commissioner he undertook a President
Goyal, Nirmala Sithraman campaign against unauthorized
resident Ram Nath Kovind
and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi were constructions in Delhi scrapping
on Tuesday, September
on Sunday promoted to the Cabinet 15,000 buildings, is a former IAS
5, said teachers are the
and nine new faces including four officer who joined the BJP in Kerala.
best category of nation builders
former bureaucrats became Ministers As a Collector, Alphons played
but noted there is a dip in the
of States as Prime Minister Narendra a leading role in making Kottayam
standard of education because
Modi expanded the union council the first literate town in the whole
country in 1989. He is the first BJP teachers are running away from
of ministers.
The promoted ministers and the person from Kerala in the central their responsibility.
new faces were administered the oath government after the veteran O. After meeting teachers who
of office and secrecy by President Rajagopal. received awards on the occasion
Ram Nath Kovind at a 35-minute R.K. Singh, a Lok Sabha member of Teachers Day, he said: You are
ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, from Ara in Bihar, was union Home the best category of nation builders.
attended among others by Vice
Cabinet ministers Piyush Goyal, Nirmala Sitharaman, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and
Secretary during the UPA rule and India is a diverse nation... bringing
Dharmendra Pradhan at the swearing-in ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New
President M. Venkaiah Naidu, Modi, Delhi served in various capacities. all children to the mainstream is the
BJP President Amit Shah, Leader of responsibility of teachers.
the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha CABINET MINISTERS 14. Anant Geete: Minister of Heavy Industries and He also said that it was important
Ghulam Nabi Azad and family 1. Rajnath Singh: Minister of Home Affairs. Public Enterprises. that our children should be taught
members of the some new ministers. 2. Sushma Swaraj: Minister of External Affairs. 15. Harsimrat Kaur Badal: Minister of Food Processing to be good human beings first and
The new Ministers of State 3. Arun Jaitley: Minister of Finance; Minister of Industries. imbibe the values of honesty and
are former diplomat Hardeep Corporate Affairs. 16. Narendra Singh Tomar: Minister of Rural integrity because it was only then
Puri, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat 4. Nitin Jairam Gadkari: Minister of Road Transport Development; Minister of Panchayati Raj; Minister will they excel in the profession
(MP), former Mumbai Police and Highways; Minister of Shipping; Minister of of Mines. they choose.
Commissioner Satya Pal Singh (MP), Water Resources, River Development and Ganga 17. Chaudhary Birender Singh: Minister of Steel. Kovind however said that there
former bureaucrat K.J. Alphons Rejuvenation. 18. Jual Oram: Minister of Tribal Affairs. is a dip in the standard of education
as well as Ashwini Choubey, Shiv 5. Suresh Prabhu: Minister of Commerce and Industry. 19. Radha Mohan Singh: Minister of Agriculture and because teachers are running away
Pratap Shukla, Virendra Kumar, 6. DV Sadananda Gowda: Minister of Statistics and Farmers Welfare. from their responsibility.
Anant Kumar Hegde and former Programme Implementation. 20. Thaawar Chand Gehlot: Minister of Social Justice He also called on teachers to
union Home Secretary R.K. Singh 7. Uma Bharati: Minister of Drinking Water and and Empowerment.
try to understand the family and
(all MPs). Sanitation. 21. Smriti Zubin Irani: Minister of Textiles; Minister of
financial background of students so
Sundays exercise did not involve 8. Ramvilas Paswan: Minister of Consumer Affairs, Information and Broadcasting.
that they can bring all students to the
BJP allies including the Janata Dal- Food and Public Distribution. 22. Harsh Vardhan: Minister of Science and
same level.
United. 9. Maneka Sanjay: Gandhi Minister of Women and Technology; Minister of Earth Sciences; Minister
Children in schools are
The portfolios of the new and Child Development. of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
from diverse socio-economic
existing ministers if any of 10. Ananthkumar: Minister of Chemicals and 23. Prakash Javadekar: Minister of Human Resource
backgrounds. Teachers need to take
them gets a new ministry will be Fertilizers; Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. Development.
care of this. They should make an
known after Rashtrapati Bhavan 11. Ravi Shankar Prasad: Minister of Law and 24. Dharmendra Pradhan: Minister of Petroleum and
effort to understand the childs family
issues a press communique on Justice; Minister of Electronics and Information Natural Gas; Minister of Skill Development and
Entrepreneurship. background and minimise disparity
recommendations of the Prime Technology.
25. Piyush Goyal: Minister of Railways; Minister of among the students of a class.
Minister, who left for China after the 12. Jagat Prakash Nadda: Minister of Health and
Coal. Without understanding the
swearing-in ceromony. Family Welfare.
26. Nirmala Sitharaman: Minister of Defence. background of every student,
Pradhan (Petroleum), Goyal 13. Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati: Minister of Civil
27. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi: Minister of Minority Affairs. uniformity cannot be brought, he
(Power), Sitharaman (Commerce Aviation.
said in his speech in Hindi.
and Industry) and Naqvi (Minority Pointing out that many teachers
Affairs) were Ministers of State with Prabhu had offered to quit after the Lok Sabha and one is from Satyapal Singh, an MP from gave extra tuition to those who
independent charge. Suresh Prabhu last monthss rail accident in Uttar Rajya Sabha. Puri, who was Indias Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh, was paid for it, he said it was like
appeared to indicate that he will no Pradesh claimed 23 lives. Among Permanent Representative at the UN, Mumbai Police Commissioner and is
selling education.
longer be the Railway Minister. the new entrants, four are former joined the BJP ahead of the 2014 also known for his work in Maoist-
As per Indian tradition, education
Thanks to all 13 Lacs plus bureaucrats. Lok Sabha election. An officer of the affected areas of Andhra Pradesh and
is not sold, it is given as a gift. If you
rail family for their support, love, While Puri and Alphons are not 1974 IFS batch, he is known for his Madhya Pradesh.
convert it into tuition or coaching,
goodwill. I will always cherish these members of Parliament, R.K. Singh experience and expertise in foreign He was credited with breaking
what would be the difference in a
memories with me. Wishing you all a and Satyapal Singh are members policy and national security. the backbone of organised crime
trader and a teacher? You would be
great life, he tweeted. of Lok Sabha. Four others are from Alphons, who earned the sobriquet syndicates in the 1990s.
selling education, he said.

India-Russia friendship rock solid: Sushma President assures full support

for Womens Reservation Bill
he friendship between India

and Russia is solid like a rock,
resident Ram Nath Kovind We have got a very good
External Affairs Minister
on Tuesday assured a response at the highest level of
Sushma Swaraj said during a meeting
delegation of womens governance and sincerely hope that
with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei
groups of full support for the speedy we will get the bill passed this year.
Lavrov on Wednesday, September 7. passage of the womens reservation "Womens groups will leave no
According to a tweet by the Indian bill as it sought his backing for stone unturned, and step up their
Embassy in Russia, Sushma Swaraj gender equality in politics. campaign in the coming months,
also said that there was no way this The delegation updated Kovind said Ranjana Kumari.
friendship could get weak. on the present status of women The statement said: Even after
Earlier in the day, she addressed in governance and the immediate 70 years of Independence, crime
the third Eastern Economic Forum, passage of the bill. against women is rampant and
which is aimed at improving relations The President extended his full gender equality is completely
between the international investment support, said a statement released by lacking in every sphere of society.
community, Russian business and the delegation. The status of women is best
federal and local governments. The delegation was led by Ranjana reflected in the political sphere,
It is also aimed at making a Kumari, Director Centre for Social where women hold mere 12 per cent
comprehensive expert assessment Research. The other members were seats in Parliament and an average
of the economic potential of East Sara Pilot, Chairperson, CEQUIN, of 9 per cent in state assemblies
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, left, and his Indian counterpart Sushma
Russia, as well as the improvement of Swaraj smile during their meeting at the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia Ranu Bhogal, Director (Policy, in India.
the competitiveness and investment Research and Campaign), Oxfam, Womens groups believe that
attractions of the region, both at the Prime Minister and Presidential Prime Minister Narendra Modis India; Vinodhini Moses, National unless there are more women in
Russian and international levels. Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far participation in the St. Petersburg General Secretary, YWCA of India politics, their concerns cannot
Sushma Swaraj also held a Eastern Federal District. International Economic Forum in and Gayatri Sharma, Director, be addressed consistently and
meeting with Yury Trutnev, Deputy Her visit here follows Indian June this year. Women Power Connect. effectively, it added.

Kohli stars as India thrash Sri Lanka

20 Friday, September 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

irat Kohli led from the front with some Pandey hit the winning runs in style, hitting healthy total.
explosive batting as India thrashed Sri Thisara Perera for a boundary to the mid-off Munaweera and Priyanjans 37-run stand for
Lanka by seven wickets in the one-off fence which also brought up his half-century. the fourth wicket was the only highlight of the
Twenty20 International at the R. Premadasa Earlier, Sri Lanka rode on Dilshan Sri Lankan innings which once again derailed
Stadium on Wednesday, September. Munaweeras 29-ball brisk half century at a crucial juncture, thanks to the Indian spin
Kohli plundered 82 runs off just 54 to post 170/7. duo of leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and
deliveries, smashing seven boundaries Put in to bat after chinaman Kuldeep Yadav.
and a six as the visitors chased down a rain- Towards the end, all-rounder Isuru Udana
the 171-run target with four balls and slammed an unbeaten 10-ball 19 but more
seven wickets to spare. importantly chipped in with a 36-run
Manish Pandey gave Kohli excellent undefeated eighth-wicket
support from the other end. The right- stand with
hander from Karnataka brought up his
maiden half-century in T20Is and remained
unbeaten on 51 with four boundaries and a six
studding his 36-ball innings. delayed
The duo put together 119 runs between start, the hosts lost
them off 77 deliveries after the early the opening duo of skipper Upul
departure of Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Tharanga (5) and Niroshan Dickwella (17)
Lokesh Rahul. within the first five overs to totter at 46/2.
By the time Kohli fell to young pacer Isuru Indias T20 specialists Bhuvneshwar Priyanjan to help
Udana caught by Dasun Shanaka while trying Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah gave the visitors a the Sri Lankans go past the
to clear the mid-wicket fence the Indians were perfect start to remove the opening duo. 150-run mark.
on the threshold of victory, with 10 runs needed Bhuvneshwar got rid of Tharanga with a Chahal was the wrecker-in-
off nine balls. perfect in-swinger as the ball crashed into chief picking three for 43, while
For Sri Lanka, veteran fast bowler Lasith his middle stumps before Bumrah, who was Kuldeep (2/20) applied the
Malinga, Seekkuge Prasanna and Isuru Udana bludgeoned for three boundaries in his first brakes on the hosts scoring
took a wicket each. over, came back to castle Dickwella in the fifth as India aimed to finish off
Rohit and Rahul had put the visitors off to over of the innings. their tour on a winning note.
a promising start. But Rohit virtually threw Coming in at
away his wicket with a poorly attempted slog No.3, Munaweera
off Malinga, which saw Thisara Perera running (53 from 29 balls,
in from mid-on to latch onto the skier. 5*4, 4*6) saved
Rahul departed exactly three overs the hosts from the
later thanks to a brilliant diving catch by blushes with a
Dasun Shanaka at cover off Seekkuge fighting half century
Prasannas bowling. that came off 26 balls
But that was the last bit of celebration that before all-rounder
the Lankans will manage for a long time as Ashan Priyanjans
Kohli and Pandey came together to ensure a unbeaten run-a-ball
comfortable victory for India. 40 helped them to a
Kohli's scores in last ten successful T20I chases

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The health benefits of coconut
The Indian Weekender Friday, September 8, 2017 FEATURES 21

oconut is a natural fruit with many the oil, and you can literally soak into its
benefits for the health. moisturising benefits.
Coconuts are highly nutritious, rich Rub coconut oil on minor cuts, scrapes,
in fibre, and packed with essential vitamins and bruises. The oil calms the area and
and minerals. They have become a very hot creates a barrier against dirt and bacteria.
and versatile food commodity and are being
Benefits of Coconuts
used in everything from our daily cuisine to our
beauty regimens. Healthy heart:coconut helps to
From culinary creations to magic beauty provide healthy short chain and medium
portions, they pack a good punch. They are chain fatty acids (MCFA) that are
one of the wonder foods on earth and amply essential to good health. Close to 98% of
provides for all human needs and have multiple all fatty acids consumed are long chain
health benefits. fatty acids (LCFA) which have negative
These benefits include lowering cholesterol, effect on cholesterol ratios. MCFA have
healing, stabilizing blood sugar, hydration, no negative effect on cholesterol ratios
and replacing blood plasma in an emergency. and help lower the risk of atherosclerosis
Considered to be one of the most treasured and protect against heart disease. Unlike
foods, coconuts products including coconut other fats, the unique properties of
flesh, coconut oil, coconut water, coconut coconut also contain a large amount of
cream, and coconut milk, each deliver superb la-uric acid, which is the predominant
health benefits. fatty acid found in mothers milk.
Coconut oil is most popular for its hydrating High in dietary fibre:coconut supply
properties. It is suitable for all skin types and good an impressive 61% dietary fibre. There
for dry skin, dry patches and wounds, say experts. are two types of fibre: soluble fibre
Beauty benefits of Coconut oil fights redness and irritation so it reduces which consists of starch and sugar and
acne while leaving your skin conditioned promote calories, insoluble fibre which
Beauty benefits of coconut oil contains no calories. Since the body
from within.
Coconut oil can be used as make-up Using coconut oil regularly underneath cannot digest the dietary fibre in
remover as it is mild and gently removes and around your eye area can prevent coconut, no calories are derived from
all kind of make-up including waterproof wrinkles and reduce puffiness and under- it and it has no effect on blood sugar.
make-up as well. eye circles. Quick energy boost:coconut
It can be used on body as well for massage Mix honey and coconut oil in is utilized by the body to produce
and relaxation. As massage oil, its most equal parts and apply it as a energy rather than store it as
important property is hydration and glow. face mask. The mask will help body fat. It promotes healthy
Most of the moisturisers available in to clear acne and keep skin soft thyroid function and helps to relieve
the market are water or petroleum and glowing. symptoms of chronic fatigue. It also
based, coconut oil, on the other hand, You can mix coarse sugar with coconut will leave the skin moisturised. supports improved endurance during
is completely natural and a much better oil and use it to exfoliate skin, the grainy Instead of bubble baths and bath salts, physical and athletic performance.
moisturiser for the skin. Coconut oil sugar will slough off dead skin and the oil try using coconut oil. The hot water melts

Health insurance
designed for you
For more information about how we can provide health insurance for you and your
family please contact or speak with your financial adviser.
22 FEATURES Friday, September 8 2017 The Indian Weekender 2

coriander leaves and salt. Mix well.

Divide the mixture into equal portions
and roll gently with your hands

into golf size balls (koftas).
Make a hole in the centre
of the kofta with your
finger, press some raisins
and cashews into the

Malai Kofta
middle and seal the
2 Tbsp raisins, for the lling
1 Tbsp cashew nuts, chopped, Oil, for
Heat oil in a deep
deep frying
pan on a medium
1/2 cup cornour, for coating koftas
Soft potato dumplings in For the gravy
heat. Spread the
cornflour onto
a luscious nutty sauce 1 Tbsp cashew nuts

a plate. Roll the
oftas were brought to India by 2 tsp poppy seeds
individual koftas
travellers from Persia according 1 Tbsp water, as required
in the cornflour to
to anecdotes and sure enough, the 1 Tbsp butter
coat evenly. Deep-
Persian word kfta describes mincemeat 2 medium onions, chopped
fry in batches until
and spices rolled into balls. There are as many 1 tsp garlic paste
golden-brown in colour.
types of koftas made as there are regions 1 tsp ginger paste
Remove from oil and
possibly even more. In contemporary cooking, 4 medium tomatoes, chopped
drain them on a paper
they can be served as dry nger food, on 1 tsp red chilli powder
towel. Keep aside.
skewers or swimming in gravy. In this recipe, 1 tsp cumin powder
For the gravy
koftas made of potatoes and paneer meet a 1 tsp coriander powder
Place the cashew nuts and poppy
delicate gravy of cream (malai). 1/2 tsp garam masala powder Indias Most Wanted Recipies | 77

seeds in a food processor and grind them

Ruby Dhillon

1/4 tsp turmeric powder pan, stir,

into a smooth paste adding little water at
Preparation: 20 min Salt, to taste a d d red chilli powder,
a time. Keep aside.
Cooking Time: 45 min 1 cup water cumin powder, coriander powder,
Heat 1 Tbsp of butter in a heavy-
Serve: 6 1/2 cup cream garam masala powder, turmeric powder
bottomed pan, add onions and fry until
Taste: Mild 1 Tbsp butter and salt. Mix well, saut again until oil
they turn golden-brown in colour. Add
1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves, chopped surfaces.
garlic paste, stir, add ginger paste and
saut for 23 minutes. Add 1 cup of water to the masala, cover
Method: Add chopped tomatoes, stir and saut and bring it to a boil on a low heat,
For the koftas Add the cream while stirring gently.
3 medium potatoes For the koftas until soft. Add chashew nuts and poppy
Boil potatoes until tender, then peel and seeds paste to the onion masala, cook Add koftas to the gravy. Cook for 23
100g paneer minutes on a high heat to heat through.
mash them. while stirring for 2-3 minutes or until oil
23 green chillies, pured into a paste Garnish with chopped coriander.
In a large bowl, mash and crumble the surfaces. Take the pan off the heat. Once
1 tsp coriander powder Serve hot with Plain Naan or Jeera Rice.
paneer with your fingers until soft. Mix it cools, pure the sauce into a fine paste
1/2 tsp cardamom powder Ruby's Tip: Add koftas to the gravy just
in the mashed potatoes . Add green chilli with a hand-blender. Keep aside.
1/2 tsp red chilli powder before serving, otherwise they become soggy
paste, coriander powder, cardamom Melt 1 Tbsp of butter in a heavy bottom
1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves, chopped or they can break since they are very soft.
powder, red chilli powder, chopped pan. Add the pured masala to the
Salt, to taste

Dont trust anyone blindly, who promises you first move on the romantic front, so be prepared!
the moon. You will financially be in a position Health and finance appear good.
to upgrade an expensive gadget. A good advice
will let you seize an investment opportunity. Lucky Number- 18 / Lucky Colour- Maroon
An evening out with lover is indicated. Loving
September 8 to September 17 | By Manisha Koushik Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21)
bonds are likely to get strengthened for newly
married couples. Children are likely to brighten A windfall on the professional front cannot be
Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and the domestic atmosphere. Shifting to a new ruled out. Someone you are promoting is likely
fengshui consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is house is indicated for some. Health remains
available for consultations online as well. E-mail her at or contact to get established firmly. Your image is likely
perfect by being regular in your daily exercises.
at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +919015607139 to get a boost on the social front. Someone is
Lucky Number- 15 / Lucky Colour- Turquoise likely to get serious with you and compel you
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20) Returns from property and investments will
keep your coffers brimming. Your efforts Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23) to take a call on the romantic front. Health wise
There is a fifty-fifty chance of getting a break you will feel on the top of the world this week.
towards maintaining good health will be richly An enjoyable time is foreseen this week. You
that you so eagerly want. Some promising Taking career advice from elders or seniors will
rewarded. You may plan a trip out of town for are likely to have fun travelling with family.
career options may come to those looking for be beneficial.
something urgent in the coming weeks. Those searching for suitable accommodation
suitable employment. You will be able to achieve
may find luck shining on them. Minor ailments
what your heart desired on the professional Lucky Number- 22 / Lucky Colour- Royal Blue Lucky Number- 11Lucky Colour- Lavender
can trouble you.Your focus may waver on the
front. A timely loan may save some from an academic front and get you into all sorts of
Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 20) Aquarius (Jan 22-Feb 19)
embarrassment. Raising money for higher problems. On the professional front, you may
education will not be much of a problem. You Getting a leg up on a rival is only possible if you be hard pressed to prove your mettle. It will You are likely to regain lost ground on the
are likely to adopt healthy options to achieve play your cards well. You will be torn between be wise to restrain yourself from spending on academic front. Things started this week
total fitness. Catering to somebodys mood is professional and domestic commitments, and things that catch your fancy. will prove most beneficial. You will need to
required. may find it difficult to prioritise things. Pressure
Lucky Number- 8 / Lucky Colour- Electric Grey become financially savvy to raise capital for
on the work front may mount, but you will be
Lucky Number- 17 / Lucky Colour- Purple able to counter it well. Some of you may remain something big. Not being in sync with other
Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
occupied trying to figure out ways to make a family members may make you feel that you
Taurus (Apr 21-May 20)
quick buck. Needless risks are best avoided There is a possibility of someone you know are not being given a fair deal. You may be
You will need to be at your persuasive best to by those romancing on the sly. Health remains from your childhood days springing a surprise. taken aback by someones brazen attempt to
get what you desire! Familys support will help satisfactory. Your desire to visit a tourist destination is likely
indulge in romance, but deal with the situation
you in thinking something big on the financial to get fulfilled soon. A house or an apartment
Lucky Number- 7 / Lucky Colour- Golden may come in your name. Changing your diet diplomatically. You will remain fit and energetic.
front. Someone that you find harsh on the social
front may have a soft heart, so dont make and shunning junk food is the need of the hour Lucky Number- 15 / Lucky Colour- Coffee
Leo (Jul 21-Aug 22)
opinions in haste. You may be held responsible and will have positive effect on your health.
Preparations for a journey may keep you busy. Financially, you will be able to achieve stability. Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)
for a deed that you have not committed at work.
A new mode of conveyance is set to ease Indecision regarding choosing the right career
Academically, you may find things improving. Someone may be out to hurt you, but you will be
your commuting problems. Putting money in may keep your mind in turmoil.
An exercise routine may look discouraging, but able to get the better of him or her. You are likely
will help bring you back in shape. property now is likely to prove a goldmine at Lucky Number- 2 / Lucky Colour- Light Blue
a later date. You are likely to develop romantic to grow monetarily stronger by taking some
Lucky Number- 5 / Lucky Colour- Dark Red feelings for a co-worker in the office and receive Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21) good decisions on the financial front. Someone
positive signals too! Expenses may need to be Options open to you on the academic front may may seem hell bent in drawing your attention
Gemini (May 21-Jun 21)
brought under control. You will need to pay appear a bit confusing, but make a considered on the romantic front. A property issue may get
Developments on the professional front more attention to your health and make efforts choice. Family will be much more supportive of decided in your favour. Irregular timings may
appear favourable. Luck may favour you on the to keep yourself fit. your ideas. Some of you will have a good time tell on your health. Your initiative at work may
academic front in getting something that you in the company of friends or cousins. This is go in vain, if you dont supervise it.
Lucky Number- 3 / Lucky Colour- Saffron
desperately want. Some problems being faced a good time to go enjoy a picnic or visit an old
on the personal front are set to get resolved. Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 23) monument. A love interest is likely to make the Lucky Number- 4 / Lucky Colour- Dark Grey
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24 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, September 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender


Parineeti Chopra: Bollywood

songs are losing
Visiting Australia was poetic value:
like meeting a star Kumar Sanu
opular playback artist Kumar Sanu says

that he prefers singing for the regional
arineeti Chopra, who has been appointed as the first Indian film industry as compared to Bollywood
woman Ambassador in Friend of Australia (FOA) advocacy as the quality of lyrics and the poetic value of
panel by Tourism Australia, says that visiting the country Hindi film songs have become poor.
was like meeting a star. At a press conference Parineeti, asked to Asked about his choice of songs in recent
comment on her feeling about this association with Australia, said: times, Kumar Sanu, a recipient of Padma Shri,
I feel really good. Even if not for this honour, I find myself very told the media on Monday: These days Hindi
connected with Australia. When I first time went to Australia, I film songs mostly have bad lyrics like char
literally did a Saashtang namaskaar (kissed the ground) when I bottle Vodka.
came out of airport. It was this one location I have been waiting to Bollywood songs are losing their poetic
go to. value. When it comes to the 1990s songs, we
In fact I travel a lot and visit 4-5 new countries every year... I all can recall them by their beautiful poetry,
am that kind of a person. But Australia is one of those places, I was melody and how soothing they were to the soul.
waiting to visit as I have heard a lot about it and researched so much. These days listening to Hindi songs, mostly,
So when I went there it was like meeting a star. it was like, you have boils your blood. However, in regional film
only seen him on TV or seen in pictures, but now meeting in person... songs, they still value good lyrics.
so that was the kind of feeling I had, and I feel very loved over there. Kumar Sanu, who lent his voice to the title
The Friends of Australia programme has been devised as a way for track of Sony Entertainment Televisions
Tourism Australia to foster mutually beneficial long term friendship upcoming show Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai,
with those they regard as unique, positive and influential storytellers. was present at the shows trailer launch.
With this, Parineeti joins fellow Indian Friends of Australia, chef He performed live along with singer Sadhana
Sanjeev Kapoor and renowned cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle. Sargam at the launch. He, however, said he
Asked to comment on her status as single and rumours she was was not against modern music. See, change
dating Hardik Pandya, Parineeti said: Whether I am single or not is constant. Music should change. Technically,
feel really
is not a discussion, but yes, I am definitely not dating Hardik we have come a long way matching up to the
good. Even if
Pandya. Even I was surprised when I heard about this from few international standard. It is good.
not for this honour,
of my friends. But, we have to always remember, songs
I find myself very
Parineeti who is teaming up once again with Arjun Kapoor are based on their melody and lyrics. I am not
connected with
for Dibakar Benarjees Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar, said Arjun saying these days people are not making good
has already started workshops for it. songs. They are doing it. But it is two songs
We are already in preps... Arjun has already started workshops out of 10 whereas in the 1990s, good film songs
with Dibakar. I am starting with Golmaal promotions now and then used to be nine out of 10! Thats the difference.
after its release I will join the workshops immediately after coming The singer performed some of his popular
from the script. But I am very excited as its going to be an intense film, numbers like Mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai,
a physically and mentally challenging film. So very excited to get into Saanson ki zarurat hai jaise and Jab koi baat
it. After that we (I and Arjun) are doing a very light film Namastey bigad jaye along with the title track of the show.
Canada. So it was like we will be spending next one year together. It is composed by Anu Malik.
I am very excited, I get along very well with him (Arjun), as he is Produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions, the
one of my closest friends in the industry, said the Ishaqzaade actress. story of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai is about
Apart from Parineeti, Golmaal Again also stars Ajay Devgn, Arshad a teenage love story set in the 1990s when
Warsi, Kunal Khemu, Parineeti Chopra, Tabu, Neil Nitin Mukesh and gadgets had not invaded the youngsters world.
Shreyas Talpade. The trailer of the film will be out this month. The show will premiere on Tuesday,

That phase of my life is over: Teachers in any form are

September 12.

Hema Malini on film comeback actual heroes: Anupam Kher

eteran actress and said, A lot of people ask me
ctor Anupam Kher says teachers in any has been with me for so many years have really
politician Hema this question but I dont think
form are actual heroes. gone forward in their careers. So for me, its a
Malini says that her I have the nature to become a
Teachers in any form are actual very big honour and Im very grateful.
acting phase is no longer part minister and rule. I am very
heroes because they produce so many heroes Leena Lele Dutta, Business Head, Sony
of her life but if something happy with what I am. I dont
and its a thankless job because they need to Pictures Network Kids Genre, also said:
interesting comes up then she expect all these things and I
create more and more stars or heroes and they Through this unique initiative, we want
would definitely take that up. dont have that desire. I want
remain there, Anupam said in a statement. to thank all the teachers, the true backbone
I think that phase of my to contribute in the field of art
Anupam along with National Award winning of the nation, for all the time and effort they
life is over (laughs). Even and if I become a minister then
choreographer Shiamak Davar, leading Kathak have put in to bring out the greatness in all
people in parliament ask me I have to sit there and people
exponent Birju Maharaj, former national level their students.
whether I am working in films will not able to meet me.
wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and Shaheen
or not. I feel like doing a film, As an MP, I am trying
Mistry (CEO of Teach for India) were felicitated
but I must get a proper story. I present the programme. to do my best work and I
by childrens entertainment channel Sony
just cant do any films which I am focusing on this am really happy with that. I
YAY!. The channels lead characters Prince
come my way. programme and I will not be want to bring change in my
Jai and Dumdaar Viru handed them the Heroes
If anything similar to my dancing in this but presenting Mathura constituency and I
Behind the Heroes mementos. Anupam lauded
role in Baghban or anything it. That doesnt mean I am will not stay in peace until that
the effort.
interesting comes my way going to stop dancing. I want happens, she added.
Im very honoured to be presented this
then I will definitely work to continue my work in the Through the Synergy
award... This is a very fine award, he added.
in films, Hema Malini said field of dance and service of 2017 festival, Hema Malini
Through the initiative, the channel aims
on the sidelines of the press people of our country, the will be promoting a lot of
to inspire children to love, respect and
conference for her upcoming actress added. young artists from all over
acknowledge their teachers and mentors.
programme Synergy 2017, Hema Malini is a BJP MP India who will perform
On receiving the award, Davar said: Im
an international cultural from Mathura constituency. classical dance forms. The
very happy to be honoured with this because as
festival. When a journalist asked her festival will be held in
a teacher, Im so happy that my Shahi
Talking about the event, if she is going to become a Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai
Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Boman Irani,
she said that she is going to Union Minister of India, she and Kolkata.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and everybody who
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8 Sept Fri Gaythri Jayanthi
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