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Ques 1: Apply the POST framework discussed in class to delineate
Maersk's social media marketing strategy.
POST framework talks about 4 key aspects of Digital Marketing targeting in social media strategy.

They are People, Objective, Strategy and Technology.

Maersk's clearly understood that People play key role in Social Marketing and key is understanding the people, So it
is very critical to understand what really matters to the People.

So Wichmann pretty well started with below two approaches.

Starting with where do your current supports hang out?

Where people or mass who can add value can be find in different Social Media platforms in different forms.

Like Experts in LinkedIn and Google+, Customers in Twitter or chatter, fans in Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest,
Facebook etc. Plus employees at Flicker, Vimeo, Chatter etc.

Another listening strategy that Crawford proposes, and which I find useful to explain the strategy of
Maersk Line on social media, is delegated listening which means that corporations listen in and gain
information through online communities
What stories are they most passionate about?

Wichmann under Maersk strategy focused on telling stories about Maersk to engage customers, sharable
content appealing to the wider public rather than business or sales content.
He figured out that people were more wanting Differentiated and innovative content: time-lapse videos,
thought-provoking branded journalism, hip photos of Maersk Liners on Instagram.

Use of powerful stories and visuals:

Maersk shares both positive and negative stories about the company
Constant updates about shipping industry and other current news
Honest stories humanize the brand and make it more relatable to people

Wichmann started with clear objective that will help in answer, What Maersk was trying to achieve and can it be
For Developing the social media strategy for Maersk line, he emphasized on the four areas were:
Communication, Customer Service , Sales and Internal usage. Goal in nutshell was to get closure to their customers,
while understanding the other opportunities to get better press coverage, gain higher employee engagement,
develop more brand awareness and so forth.

As part of Maersk line social media objective they focused on:

Raise Brand Awareness

Customer Loyalty
Customer Insights
Employee Engagement
Control News Flow

This is plan that meet the objective based on what one knows about his people. Maersk strategy focuses on a value
exchange between them and their supporter.

Content Strategy: They broke the notion of a boring B2B company and there Content appeals to a wider audience.
Brand becomes memorable as content is Unexpected (following the SUCCES framework)

Use of powerful stories and visuals: It is about not making false pictures about who you are. That is where the
crises occur, when suddenly there is a hole in the image you have created. Then you see the ugly reality.

Employees as content creators: They Establishing employees as thought leaders in the industry.
They Provide rich content for Maersk Lines digital presence
Employees help create and respond to online discussions about the industry

This way there Marketing is done with minimal budget and also achieved employee Empowerment: employees feel
more involved and engaged by being able to contribute to the brand

Once you understand people, objective, and strategy one can confidently select the tools and tactics one will use
for campaign. Focus becomes :
What tools and tactics will you use and What should you outsource
Maersk line utilized social media as per their respective platform strengths, like:

Facebook: Was used as center of their CRM strategy, in order to get themselves out into the social sphere.
Twitter: Utilized as a business platform.

Tweets were focused on stories that have come from within the business.
Focused on fostering a transparent, and social corporate culture.
LinkedIn: it helped them to tie their customer closure to them. To ensure that they know what Maersk have to
offer and understanding reasons around the same

Share pure business-related news.

Interact in groups and forums.
Is the largest container shipping company.

Instagram: This acted as just an awareness and engagement platform

Google+: This platform was built around innovation, Leadership and business. This was incorporated into their
ecosystem as a mean of generating candid discussion and generate leads.

Pinterest : This help in creating an transparent image and opens up on parts of the companies operation.

Ques 2. What are some out-of-the-box strategies that the social media marketing team use?

They focused on strategy delivering the right content to the right audience starting with Ranking:

Ranking social media channels from least to most corporate:

Segment the users as per there industry and found 4 target audiences:
o Fans
o Customers
o Experts
o Employees

Develop Content around 4 key areas of focus

o Communications
o Internal Usage
o Customer Service
o Sales
One of the out of the box strategy was Different social media platform and different strategies.

Idea of strong professional links between all social media for Maersk:

The Maersk Line Facebook page (/MaerskLine) has over 1.1 million likes with four main tabs shown on the page at
first Photos, House rules, Pinterest and Our tweeters. Furthermore, there is also an Instagram tab which pulls
in photos tagged with #maerskline you can see more about Maersks Instagram use below. These tabs have
personalised images and show the strong professional links between all social media for Maersk.

Tweets are sent a few times of day, with a specialised URL shortener and media and photos sometimes attached.
However, there is no direct engagement with other Twitter users, and this could show, again, a very B2B way of
using the platform.

LinkedIn: Social commerce

In a bid to introduce, what they call, social commerce, the company have made full use of the Products &
Services tab on the LinkedIn Company Page where they describe some of their core products and ideas and
people can Recommend these and comment too (hence social commerce).

Pinterest :
Maersk Line see Pinterest as the least corporate of the social platforms and although their account (/maerskline)
may only have 1,500 followers, it does have over 30 boards each telling the story of a different part of the Maersk
Line brand.

Google+ : The Maersk Line Google+ page (/+maerskline) is not updated regularly, but does have almost 2,000
followers and is mainly used for the Hangouts feature used to hold smaller press briefings when launching new
initiatives. These can hold a few (3 to 4) journalists who interact with executives on the talk.

ROI calculation for Social Media , which was 1500% was another unique strategy.