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PART- 1: GENERAL ENGLISH The tape recorder though remains an extension of the
Instructions: The passages given below are followed by oral transmission ofmusic, rather than a replacement of it.
questions. Choose the best answer for eachquestion. And the oral transmission of the North Indian classing
music remains, almost uniquely, a testament to the fact
that the human brain can absorb, remember and reproduce
PASSAGE 1 structures of great complexity and sophistication without
(Questions 1 to 8) the help of the hieroglyph or written mark or a system of
notation. I remember my surprise on discovering that
The teaching and transmission of North Indian Hazarilalji who had mastered Kathak dance, tala and
classical music is, and long has been achieved by largely North Indian classic music, and who used to narrate to me,
oral means. The raga and its structure, the often occasionally, composition meant for dance that were grand
breathtaking intricacies of tala or rhythm, and the and intricate in their verbal prosody, architecture and
incarnation of rage and tala as bandish nor composition, rhythmic complexity was near illiterate and had barely
are passed thus, between guru and shishyabyword of learnt to write his name in large and clumsy letters.
mouth and direct demonstration, with no printed sheet of
notated music, as it were acting as a go-between. Of course, attempts have been made, throughout the
Saussures conception of language as a communication 20thcentury for formally codify and even notate this music,
between addresser and addressee is given, in this model, a and institutions set up and degrees created, especially to
further instance, and a new, exotic complexity and educate students in this scientific and codified manner.
glamour. Paradoxically, however, this style of teaching has
produced no noteworthy student or performer, the most
These days, especially with the middle-class having creative musician still remerge from the guru-shishya
entered the domain of classical music and playing not a relationship, their understanding ofmusic developed by
small part in ensuring the continuation of this ancient oral communication.
tradition, the tape recorder serves as a handy technological
slave and preserves, from oblivion, the vanishing, elusive The fact that North Indian classic music emanates
moment of oral transmission. Hoary gurus, too, have seen from, and has evolved through, oral culture, means that
the advantage of this device, and increasingly use it as an this music has a significantly different aesthetic, and that
aid to instruct their pupils:, in place of the shawls and this aesthetic has a different politics, from that of Western
other traditional objects that used to pass from shishya to classical music. A piece of music in the Western tradition,
guru in the past, as a token ofthe regard of the former for at least in its most characteristic and popular conception,
the latter, it is not unusual, today, to see cassettes changing originate I its composer, and the connection between the
hands. two, between composer and the piece of music, is
relatively unambiguous precisely because the composer
Part of my education in North Indian classic music writes down, in notation, his composition, as a poet might
was conducted via this rather ugly but beneficial rectangle write down and publish his poem. However far the printed
of plastic, which I carried with me to England when I was sheet of notated music might travel thus from the
an undergraduate. One cassette had stored in it various composer, it stills remains his property; and the notion of
talas played upon the tabla, at various tempos, by my property remains at the heart of the Western conception of
music teachers brother-in-law, Hazarilalji, who was a genius, which derives from theLatin gignere or to
teacher of Khathak dance, as well as singer and a tabla beget.
player. This was a work of great patience and prescience, a
one and half hours performance without any immediate The genius in Western classic music is, the, the
point or purpose, but intended for some delayed future originator; begetter and owner of his work the printed,
moment when Id practice the talas solidarity notated sheet testifying to his authority over his product
and his power; not for expression or imagination, but for
This repeated playing out of the rhythmic cycles on origination. The conductor is a custodian and guardian of
the table was infected by the noises-an irate auto driver this property. It is an accident that Mandelstam, in his
blowing a horn; the sound of overbearing pigeons that note-books, compares the conductors baton to a
were such a nuisance on the banister; even the cry of a policemans, saying all the music of the orchestra lies
kulfi seller in summer-entering from the balcony of the mute within it, waiting for its first movement to release it
third floor flat we occupied in those days, in a lane in a into the auditorium?
Mumbai suburb, before we left the city for good. These
sounds, in turn, would invade, hesitantly, the ebb and flow The raga transmitted through oral means is, in a
of silence inside the artificially heated room, in a borough sense, no ones property; it is not easy to pin down its
of West London in which I used to live as an source, or to know exactly where its provenance or origin
undergraduate. There, in the trapped dust, silence and heat, lies. Unlike the Western classical tradition, where the
the theka of the tabla, qualified by the imminent but composer begets his piece, notates it and stamps it with his
intermittent presence of the Mumbai suburb, would come ownership and remains in effect larger that or the father of
to life again. A few years later, the tabla and, in the his work in the North Indian classical tradition, the rage
background, the pigeons and the itinerant kulfiseller, unconfined to effect larger that or the father of his work in
would inhabit a small graduate room in Oxford. the North Indian classical tradition, the rage confined to a
single incarnation, composer or performer remains (c) Values the composer more highly than the
necessarily greater that the artists who invokes it. performer
This leads to a very different politics of (d) Supports oral transmission of traditional music.
interpretation and valuation to an aesthetic that privileges 6. Which one of the following cannot be inferred?
evanescent moment of performance and invocation over
the controlling authority of genius and the permanent (a) It is easy to transfer a piece of Western classical
record. It is a tradition thus that would appear to value the music to a distant place.
performer as medium, more highly than the composer who (b) The conductor in the Western tradition as
presumes to originate what effectively, cannot we custodian can modify the music since it lies
originated in a single person-because the raga is the mute in his baton.
inheritance of a culture. (c) The authority of the Western classical music
1. The authors contention that the notion of property composer over his music product is
lies at the heart of the Western conception of genius unambiguous.
is best indicated by which one of the following? (d) The power of the Western classical music
(a) The creative output of a genius is invariably composer extends to the expression on his music.
written down and recorded. 7. According to the author the inadequacy of teaching
(b) The link between the creator and his output is North Indian classical music through a
unambiguous. codified,notation based system is best illustrated by
(c) The word genius is derived from a Latin word (a) A loss of the structural beauty of the ragas.
which means to beget. (b) A function of two opposing approaches creating
(d) The music composer notates his music and thus mundane music.
becomes the father of a particular piece of (c) The conversion of free-flowing raga into stilled
music. set pieces.
2. Saussures conception of language as (d) Its failure to produce any noteworthy student or
communication between addressor and addressee performer.
according to the author is exemplified by the
8. Which of the following statements best conveys the
(a) Teaching of North Indian classical music by overall idea of the passage?
word of month and direct demonstration.
(a) North Indian and Western classical music are
(b) Use of the recorded cassette as a transmission structurally different.
medium between the music teacher and the
trainee. (b) Western music is the intellectual property of the
genius while the North Indian raga is the
(c) Written down notation sheets of musical inheritance of the culture.
(c) Creation as well as performance are important in
(d) Conductors baton and the orchestra. the North Indian classical tradition.
3. The author holds that the rather ugly but a beneficial (d) North Indian classical music is orally transmitted
rectangle of plastic, has proved to be a handy while Western classical music depends on
technological slave in written down notation.
(a) Storing the tales played upon the tabla at various
(b) Ensuring the continuance of an ancient tradition.
(Questions 9 to 16)
(c) Transporting North Indian classical music across
geographical borders. This contract is so one sided, I am astonished to
find it written on both sides of the paper.
(d) Capturing the transient moment of transmission.
Lord Evershed M.R.
4. The oral transmission of North Indian classical
music is an almost unique testament of the This article looks at the various existing systems of
interpretation of standard form contracts (such as tickets to
(a) Efficacy of the guru-shishya tradition. a cricket match), and after reviewing each systems plus
(b) Learning impact of direct demonstration points and minus points, it attempts to evolve an
(c) Brains ability to reproduce complex structure alternative system.
without the help of written marks. The Indian cricket team was due to play a cricket
(d) The ability of an illiterate person to narrate grand match against South African cricket team in Chennai on
and intricate musical compositions. 22-11-2005. Cricket lovers bought the tickets by the
thousands. They paid varying sums of money for their
5. According to the passage in the North Indian tickets, and handed over the cash to the gentlemen behind
classical tradition the raga remains greater than the the counter. The gentleman checked the tender and put it
artistwho invokes it. This implies an aesthetic which in his pocket and waited in anticipation for the day to
(a) Emphasizes performance and invocation over the arrive. Of course, instead of folding the ticket, if he had
authority of genius and permanent record. opened up the ticket and looked at the reverse side, he
(b) Makes the music no ones property. would have noted about six printed conditions, one of
which was, No refund will be given under 11. A standard form of contract embodies
anycircumstances. (a) Consensus
The 22nd day of November turned out to be a very (b) Terms laid by either of the parties
rainy day, and the match was called off without a single
ball being bowled. It was then that the cricket fans (c) Written agreement
discovered that as per the conditions in the printed ticket, (d) An offer
they would get no refund at all. As on the date of this 12. The cricket was called off without any reason
writing, the cricket authorities had not accepted to any
request for refund. The problem remains unresolved. (a) The statement is correct
Some interesting legal issues arise in these circumstances: (b) The statement is false
(1) Generally speaking, what is the legitimacy / validity (c) The statement is half correct
of a clause in a printed form of contract? (d) Cannot say
(2) What are the limits on its enforceability? 13. There was no refund because
A leading authority on the law of Contracts states that (a) No games were played
aproblem may arise in proving the terms of the
(b) The people did not read the terms of the contract
agreementwhere it is sought to be shown that they are
contained ina contract in a printed form i.e. in some ticket, (c) It was not valid as there was no consensus
receipt, orother standard form document. Chitty states: (d) There was no valid offer and acceptance
The other party may have signed the document, in 14. What is the purpose for writing this article?
which case he is bound by its terms. More often, however,
(a) To tell that no game of cricket was played on22-
it is simply handed to him at the time of making the
contract and the question will then arise whether printed
conditions which it contains have become terms of the (b) To tell that refund of ticket money was made by
contract. The party receiving the document will probably many people
not trouble to read it, and may even be ignorant that it (c) To relate the discontent of fans
contains any conditions at all. Yet standard form of
(d) To suggest a system of an alternative nature to
contracts very frequently embodies clauses which purport
deal with standard form contracts
to impose obligations on him or to exclude or restrict the
liability of the person supplying the document. Thus, it 15. The Legal issues arising are
becomes important to determine whether these clauses (a) Whether printed form contract is valid and
should be given contractual effect. enforceable?
A valid contract requires offer and acceptance, that is (b) Whether a ticket can be an agreement of
to say, an acceptance made, fully conscious of and alive to contract?
the terms and conditions of the proposal. Of course, that is
not to say that a man who signs an agreement blindfolded (c) Whether the clauses are rightly drawn?
will be relieved from his obligations under that agreement, (d) Whether the purchaser needs to sign on the ticket
simply because he later chooses to discard the blindfold. to make it binding on the seller?
However, what Section 2 (b) require is that the acceptor 16. The Contracts Act demands that
must have a real opportunity to review the proposal and
decide on whether to accept or not. (a) The contract agreement be written by both parties
A standard form of contract purports to represent the (b) The contract agreement be read by both parties
terms of the bargain between the parties thereto. It (c) The contract agreement clauses be discussed,
purports to embody the consensus between the parties. In negotiated and finalized before drawing it.
short, it purports to be an agreement enforceable by law. (d) The contract agreement must be agreed by
To follow the principles laid down in the Indian bothparties.
Contract Act to the letter, one would require each and
every clause in an agreement to be discussed, negotiated
and then finalized, and a consensus arrived at. PASSAGE 3
9. What can be an apt title for the above passage? (Questions 17 to 21)
(a) Contract and Cricket Excerpt from the Power and the Glory by Graham
(b) Essentials of Indian Contracts
Suddenly, he realized that he could see a face, and
(c) Valid contracts then another; he had begun to forget that it would ever be
(d) Offer and acceptance in Contracts another day, just as one forgets that one will ever die. It
10. A valid contract requires comes suddenly on one in a screeching brake or a whistle
in the air, the knowledge that time moves and comes to an
(a) Standard form of contracts end. All the voices slowly became faces there were no
(b) Offer and Acceptance surprises. The confessional teaches you to recognize the
shape of a voice the loose lip of the weak chin and the
(c) Only an Offer
false candour of the too straightforward eyes. He saw the
(d) Only Acceptance pious woman a few feet away, uneasily dreaming with her
prim mouth open, showing strong teeth like tombs: the old was very sorry. He stared at me, and nodded. He didnt
man: the boaster in the corner, and his woman asleep pretend not to mind. He said something to the effect that it
untidily across his knees. Now that the day was at last would be good to have. Then, quite suddenly, he gave a
here, he was the only one awake, except for a small Indian grim chuckle, and launched into an anecdote, possibly
boy who sat cross-legged near the door with an expression apocryphal and certainly slanderous, about another
of interested happiness, as if he had never known such unsuccessful candidate not English-speaking who had
friendly company. Over the courtyard the whitewash been bucking for the prize for years and years. He had
became visible upon the opposite wall. He began formally left nothing to chance. He had known all the right boys (in
to pay his farewell to the world: he couldnt put any heart Frosts demonology, this probably meant some of the
in it. His corruption was less evident to his senses than his enemies). He had been told that it was in the bag. The
death. One bullet, he thought, is almost certain to go day of the election, he was sitting with a horde of
directly through the heart a squad must contain one supporters. He had the champagne out on the table. He
accurate marksman. Life would go out in a fraction of a was waiting for the telephone to ring.
second (that was the phrase), but all night he had been There was a long wait. A longer wait. At last the
realizing that time depends on clocks and the passage of telephone did ring. He hadnt got it. He was told the name
light. There were no clocks and the light wouldnt change. of the winner. It is impossible, he cried. It is impossible. It
Nobody really knew how long a second of pain could be. is impossible. That was all he could think of, Frost said,
It might last a whole purgatory or forever. For some cheering himself up with malice. But had happened.
reason he thought of a man he had once shrived who was
on the point of death with cancer his relatives had had to After that, he was quite gay. He talked about
bandage their faces, the smell of the rotting interior was so England. He was sensitive to his audience. So that I was
appalling. He wasnt a saint. Nothing in life was as ugly as left under the impression that he had been a lifelong
death. Anglophie. When I read his letters and his remarks about
the British (a term he wouldnt have used to me) I wasnt
17. The mood of the narrator in this passage is surprised about something, but I was by those. May be, as
(a) happy and upbeat I have suggested, he had come to think better of us. He
(b) pensive and thoughtful was enthusiastic about the common language that was
essential thing. Then he spoke about what he called the
(c) insouciant and without a care in the world locative in art. Art which meant anything to him was
(d) looking forward to the future locative, rooted in a place, in the singularities of a place.
18. The narrator is most likely a We had a bit of an argument. Temperamentally, I said, I
was on his side. But locative art needs knowledge and
(a) Hindu pandit patience to understand: that was why cosmopolitan art,
(b) Jewish rabbi abstract art, traveled further and faster. One didnt have to
know anything to read, say, Kafka or Hemingway. They
(c) Catholic priest
had traveled round the world to an extent that Jane Austen
(d) Animist or Forster never would. Frost wouldnt have it. The
19. What is the narrator awaiting? greatest locative art transcended everything. It was
organic, and no other art could be. He still had immense
(a) A piece of chocolate cake in the morning
stamina for argument, or rather for his oblique
(b) The arrival of the love of his life interpretation of ideas. He would have gone on talking
(c) A firing squad long after our hosts returned.
(d) Mundane office chores 22. The author was very sorry that
20. What time is it? (a) The news of the Nobel Prize never reached Frost
(a) Mid morning (b) Frost rejected the Nobel Prize
(b) Dusk (c) Frost did not get the Nobel Prize
(c) Dawn (d) None of the above
(d) Mid afternoon 23. He didnt pretend not to mind, this means
21. The passage is a reflection on (a) He did mind
(a) The inevitability of life (b) He did not mind
(b) The movement of time and the nature of life (c) He had mixed feelings
(c) The movement of time (d) He showed no feeling
(d) The movement of time and the nature of death 24. That was all he could think of, Frost said, cheering
up with malice. Here he refers to
(a) Frost
(b) the author
(Questions 22 to 26)
(c) the unsuccessful
He was a deeply subtle man, I know by now. With
such natures it is usually a waste of efforts to fence: the (d) None of these
only way to speak face-to-face is to be direct. I said that I 25. The author was left under the impression that Frost
had been waiting for news of the Nobel Prize, and that I had been
(a) A great admirer of English (d) The inability to remove coin shortage was amajor
(b) Detested English shortcoming of this government.
(c) An avid reader of English works 29. About 96 percent of Scandinavian months have ears
tuned to the ultrasonic pulses that bats,
(d) Collecting English works theirpredators, emit. But the remaining 4 percent do
26. The greatest locative art transcended everything. not have ears and are deaf. However, they have a
We can infer from the passage that larger wingspan that the hearing moths, and also
(a) Kafkas or Hemingways was locative art have higher wing-loadings-the ratio between a
wings areas and its weight-meaning higher
(b) Jane Austens was locative art maneuverability.
(c) Frosts was locative art Which one of the following can be best inferred from
(d) Frost believed that none of these was locative art the above passage?
(a) A higher proportion of deaf moths than hearing
moths fall prey to bats.
Directions for Question No. to 27to 29: There are three
short passages given below. Read each of the passages (b) Deaf moths may try to avoid bats by frequent
and answer the question that follows it. changes in their flight direction.
27. In a recent report the gross enrolment ratios at the (c) Deaf moths are faster than hearing moths and so
primary level that is the number of children enrolled are less prone to becoming a bats dinner than
in class one to five as a proportion of all children hearing moths.
aged six to ten were shown to be very high for most (d) The large wingspan enables deaf moths to better
states in many cases, they were way above 100 receive the pulses of their bat predators.
percent. These figures are not worth anything since
they are based on the official enrolment data
complied from school records. They might as well Directions for Question No. 30 to 32: In each of the
stand for gross exaggeration ratios. following sentences, a part of the sentence is underlined.
Which one of the following options best supports the Beneath each sentence, four different ways of
claim that the ratios are exaggerated? paraphrasing the underlined part are indicated. Choose
the best alternative among the four.
(a) The definition of gross enrolment ratio does not
exclude, in its numerator, children below six years or 30. It was us who had left before he arrived.
above ten years enrolled in class one to five. (a) We who had left before time he had arrived
(b) A school attendance study found that many children (b) us who had went before the arrived
enrolled in the school records were not meeting a (c) us who had went before had arrived.
minimum attendance requirement of 80 percent.
(d) we who had left before he arrived.
(c) A study estimated that close to 22 percent of children
enrolled in the class one records were below six 31. Many of these environmentalists proclaim to
years of age and still to start going to school. savenothing less than the planet itself.
(d) Demographic surveys show shifts in the population (a) to save nothing lesser than
profile which indicates that the number of children in (b) that they are saving nothing lesser than
the age group six to ten years is declining. (c) to save nothing less than
28. Although in the limited sense of freedom regarding (d) that they save nothing less than
appointments and internal working, the
independence of the Central Bank in unequivocally 32. Since the advent of cable television, at the beginning
ensured the same cannot be said of its right to pursue of this decade, the entertainment industry took a
monetary policy without coordination with the giant stride forward in our country
Central Government. The role of the Central Bank (a) this decade saw the entertainment industry taking
has turned out to be subordinate and advisory in (b) this decade, the entertainment has taken
(c) this decade, the entertainment industry had taken
Which one of the following best supports the
conclusion drawn in the passage? (d) this decade, the entertainment industry took
(a) A decision of the Chairman of the Central Bank
to increase the bank-rate by two percentagepoints Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks:
sent shock-waves in industry, academic and
33. He trespassed .. forbidden territory.
government circles alike.
(a) into (b) of
(b) Government has repeatedly resorted to
monetization of the debt reservations of the (c) on (d) against
Central Bank. 34. He trespassed my time.
(c) The Central Bank does not need the Central (a) on (b) against
Governments nod for replacing soiled currency
(c) into (d) of
35. To attack unarmed nations is an offence .. capital gains tax to the tune of over 11,000 Crores.
humanity. The Company was
(a) against (b) to (a) Airtel (b) Vodafone
(c) of (d) for (c) Suzuki (d) None of the above
36. The accused was acquitted .. the 45. Who among the following is the new
charge of murder. SecretaryGeneral of the Federation of Indian
(a) of (b) for Chambers ofCommerce and Industry (FICCI)?
(c) from (d) to (a) Dr. A. Didar Singh
37. He was angry .. the world because (b) Rajiv Chandrashekhar
no one would give him food. (c) RV. Kanoria
(a) with (b) on (d) None of the above
(c) at (d) against 46. Who among the following has been recently elected
38. He has no rival .statesmanship. as the communication advisor to the Prime
Ministers office?
(a) to (b) in
(a) K. Muthukumar (b) PankajPachuri
(c) for (d) None
(c) Binoy Job (d) None of the above
39. I request you not to take offence my
sonsrudeness. 47. Recently, the Supreme Court allowed the voters to
use the None of the above (NOTA) option if they
(a) at (b) against are not willing to vote for the candidates in the
(c) to (d) for ballot. What will be the consequence if the
40. She sat . her pet dog. maximum number ofvoters gives the NOTA option?

(a) besides (a) Election will be cancelled

(b) beside (b) The candidates will be barred from contesting

(c) both A & B are correct (c) It will not affect the election results

(d) both A & B are incorrect (d) None of the above

48. The Parliamentary Committee on Privileges has
suggested that the status ofMembers of Parliament
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE / CURRENT AFFAIRS should be on par with ChiefJustices of the High
41. Who among the following was the SpecialProsecutor Courts in the Warrant of Precedence. Who among
for Mumbai Police in Ajmal Kasabs Death Appeal? the following is the Chairman of the committee?
(a) Gopal Subramanyam (a) P.C. Chacko (b) A.M. Singhvi
(b) P.P. Rao (c) SitaramYechuri (d) None of the above
(c) Rohinton Nariman 49. Which of the following is the Indias longest
(d) None of the above
(a) Jammutawi Express (b) Vivek Express
42. Arfa Karim Randhawa, who became the worlds
youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age (c) Himasagar Express (d) None of the above
of nine, died after a heart attack following an 50. Who among the following has been appointed asthe
epileptic fit, belonged to new UNICEF ambassador to India?
(a) UAE (b) Bangladesh (a) Amir Khan
(c) Pakistan (d) None of the above (b) Vivek Oberoi
43. The main feature of the Protection of Children from (c) Salman Khan
Sexual Offences Act (PCSOA) is
(d) None of the above
(i) To criminalize teenage sex by increasing the age
of consent from l6to 18 51. Which of the following films bagged the
covetedGolden Peacock Award for the Best Film at
(ii) To treat oral sex with anybody below 18 years as the 43rdInternational Film Festival of India (2012)?
(a) Nader and SimmA Separation
(iii) To punish any adult who molests a child with a
sentence ranging from three to five years (b) AdaminteMakan Abu

(a) (i) only (c) Porfirio

(b) (i) and (ii) only (d) Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan

(c) (ii) and (iii) only 52. Who among the following has become the firstIndian
to have been inducted into the Hall of Fameby the
(d) (i), (ii) and (iii) International Womens Forum (IWF)?
44. The Supreme Court had set aside the demand of the (a) Shabana Azmi (b) Sonia Gandhi
Income Tax Department requiring a company to pay
(c) Nandita Das (d) None of the above 60. Who among the following is the richest member of
54. Which of the following former Judges of RajyaSabha?
theSupreme Court of India recently said, (a) Vijay Mallya
Higherjudiciary is guilty of 7 sins? (b) Ram Jethrnalani
(a) Justice Sudarshan Reddy (c) Abhishek Manu Singhvi
(b) Justice Mukundakarn Sharma (d) None of the above
(c) Justice Ruma Pal 61. The worlds population touched Seven Billion on
(d) None of the above (a) October 21, 2011
55. Which of the following High Courts in (b) November31, 2011
November2011, hosted a public colloquium to bring
togetherpoliticians, students, youth leaders and civil (c) October3l,2011
society members to debate the role of a citizen in (d) October 22, 2011
protecting public property and abjuring violence a 62. Who among the following cricketers
Fundamental Duty under Article 51(A) (i) of the was/wererecently found guilty by plotting to fix parts
Constitution? of aTest match last year after a betting scam?
(a) Delhi High Court (a) Mohammed Amir
(b) Bombay High Court (b) Salman Bhat
(c) Himachal Pradesh High Court (c) Mohammed Asif
(d) None of the above (d) All the above
56. Which of the following News Channels was asked to 63. India has been unanimously elected as the
deposit Rs. 100 Crore by the Mumbai High Court in ViceChairman of the Association of Asian
a defamation Case filed byJustice PB. Savant? ElectionAuthorities (AAEA) at its General Assembly
(a) Headlines Today (b) StarNews held atSeoul in October 2011. Which among
(c) Times Now (d) None of the above thefollowing countries has been elected as
theChairman for the next three-year term?
57. Which of the following sitting Judge of the Supreme
Court termed death penalty barbaric, anti-life, (a) Bhutan (b) Nepal
undemocratic and irresponsible, but legal while (c) South Korea (d) None of the above
expressing his personal views on the subject, 64. The Supreme Court has recently directed the
adding that the constitutional guarantee of right to Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to conduct a
life could not be subjected to vague premises. The survey and submit a report on how safe the four
rarest of rare doctrine in death penalty cases is a minarets of the Taj Mahal are. Who among the
grey area as it depended on the interpretation of following approached the Supreme Court for the
individual judges.? direction to protect the Taj?
(a) Justice A.K. Ganguly (a) Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)
(b) Justice S.H. Kapadia (b) Common Cause
(c) Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra (c) M.C. Mehta
(d) None of the above (d) None of the above
58. In which of the following cases, seven persons who 65. Lady Brenda Hale, is the only woman judge of the
were made accused byATS, were released on bail Supreme Court of
after having spent five years in jail when NIA found
them to be innocent? (a) UK (b) USA
(a) Godhra Case (c) Canada (d) None of the above
(b) Malegaon Blast Case 66. Who among the following won the 2013 Nobel Prize
for literature?
(c) Best Bakery Case
(a) Tomas Transtromer (b) Mario Vargas Llosa
(d) None of the above
(c) Doris Lessing (d) Alice Munro
59. Who among the following has been appointed as the
leader of a Task Force of Experts on Clean Energy 67. Who among the following has been conferred with
Investment Project at Columbia Law Schools Center the 2012 UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of
for Climate Change Law, Columbia University, in Tolerance and Non-Violence, an award instituted in
New York? the memory of Mahatma Gandhi?
(a) P.P. Rao (a) Aung San Suu Ki
(b) Fall Nariman (b) Abu Awwad
(c) Mohan Parasaran (c) DalaiLama
(d) None of the above (d) None of the above
68. The renowned writer Indira Goswami, who died 77. Who among the following is the head of the15-
recently, was a mediator in talks between member Central Expert Committee set up by the
theGovernment and central government over the Koodankulam nuclear
(a) LTTE (b) Naxalites power plant issue?
(c) ULFA (d) None of the above (a) A.P.J. Abdul Kalal
69. Oscar Maron Filho, who died following a heart (b) Dr. A.S. Anand
attack at an open forum in the Goa International Film (c) A.E. Muthunayagam
Festival 2011, was a Film Director from (d) None of the above
(a) France (b) Italy 78. Who among the following will be the Chief Guestat
(c) Brazil (d) None of the above Indias Republic Day Celebrations 2014?
70. Who among the following topped in M.PhilEconomics (a) Park Geun-hye
at the Cambridge University (2010-2011) and won (b) Vladimer Putin
the prestigious Stevenson Prize?
(c) Yingluck Shinawatra
(a) Divya Darshini (b) Vrinda Bhandari
(d) None of the above
(c) Mahima Khanna (d) None of the above
79. Who among the following Indian Political
71. Who among the following is the author of the book Figureshas been recently elected to the elite club
Revolution 2020? ofSingapore christened Friends to our Shore.?
(a) Rohinton Mistry (b) A.PJ. Abdul Kalam (a) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
(c) Chetan Bhagat (d) None of the above (b) Jawaha Lal Nehru
72. The empowered group of State Finance Ministers on (c) Rajeev Gandhi
GST approved the setting up of a special purpose
vehicle, called the GST Network, to beheaded by (d) None of the above
(a) Narayana Murthy (b) Nandan Nilekani 80. A Mumbai-based journalist, Jigna Vora, was arrested
in connection with the murder case of Mid-Day
(c) Sam Pitroda (d) None of the above journalistJ. Dey. She was workingwith
73. Who is the author of the book The Kesavananda (a) Asian Age (b) Times of India
Bharati Case The untold story of struggle
forsupremacy by Supreme Court and Parliament? (c) Hindustan Times (d) None of the above
(a) Rajeev Dhavan (b) P.P.Rao 81. World Book and Copyright Day is a yearly event on
23 April, organized by . to promote
(c) TR. Andhyarujina (d) None of the above reading, publishing and copyright.
74. The Union Cabinet has approved the final (a) UNO (b) UNESCO
recommendations of the Wage Board along with
certain corrections and rectifications carried out (c) Writers Guild (d) None of the above
under Section 12(1) of the WorkingJournalists and 82. Which among the following cases was
other Newspaper Employees (conditions of Service) notinvestigated by CBI?
& Miscellaneous ProvisionsAct, 1955. Who among (a) 2GScam (b) CWG Scam
the following was the Chairman of the Wage Board?
(c) Cash for Vote Scam (d) None of the above
(a) Justice G.R Majithia
83. Article 159 of the Constitution may mandate a
(b) Justice Markandey Katju governor to take oath of office by swearing in the
(c) Justice Santosh Hegde name of God or solemnly affirm but the
(d) None of the above SupremeCourt has recently ruled that.
Governor Syed Ahmad did not breach the
75. Why Dr. Conrad Murray was in news recently? constitutional provision by taking oath in the name
(a) He was found guilty in a sexual assault case of Allah.
(b) He was a US spy caught in Iran (a) Kerala (b) Jharkhand
(c) He was found guilty in connection with Michael (c) Chhattisgarh (d) None of the above
Jacksons death 84. The Parliament Committee on Human Resource
(d) None of the above Development has recommended imposition of
76. Which among the following parties has won the amaximum penalty of .. on thosetechnical
Hisar Loksabha bye-election which received and medical institutions which charge capitation fees
attention due to Team Annas anti- from the students.
Congresscampaign? (a) Rs.25lakhs (b) Rs.50 lakhs
(a) Congress (c) Rs.75lakhs (d) Rs.1 Crore
(b) BJP 85. How many women Judges have been appointed so
(c) Haryana Janhit Congress far in the history of Indian Supreme Court?
(d) INLD (a) 3 (b) 4
(c) 5 (d) 6 (c) 12 kms (d) 8 kms
86. Name the Indian born, former management 97. Add the two smaller numbers and multiply the result
consultant in Price Water-house Coopers, who won a by the largest of these numbers: 3, 7, 4.
recent by-election to the House of Commons? (a) 35 (b) 49
(a) Nirj Deva (b) Seema Malhotra (c) 21 (d) 40
(c) Priti Patel (d) None of the above 98. A segment 15 metres long can be divided into how
87. Who among the following won the Poly many segments 30 cm long?
UmrigarAward for the best Indian cricketer 2012? (a) 50 (b) 20
(a) Rahul Dravid (b) Sachin Tendulkar (c) 5 (d) 2
(c) ViratKohli (d) None of the above 99. What is the 0.5 per cent of 100,000?
88. Who among the following won the Womens Title in (a) 0.05 (b) 0.5
the French Open Tennis Tournament 2013?
(c) 5 (d) 500
(a) Venus Williams (b) Li Na
100. In 2007, the rainfall in city X was 80% of the
(c) Anna Ivanovic (d) Serena Williams normal. If the actual rainfall that year was 36 cm,
89. The 2000 Match in the history of Test Cricket was how many cm of rainfall per year was normal forthat
played between city?
(a) India and England (a) 60 cm (b) 45 cm
(b) Srilanka and Australia (c) 70 cm (d) 30 cm
(c) Pakistan and West Indies 101. The ratio between two numbers is 9:5 and theirsum
(d) England and Australia is 224. The numbers are:
90. Which among the following Countries has (a) 100, 124 (b) 150, 74
becomethe first Asian Country to win the FIFA (c) 144, 80 (d) 200, 24
WorldCup defeating USA in the FIFA Womens 102. A tank is filled in 12 hours when two taps are made
WorldCup Final 2011? to function simultaneously. If one tap fills the tank
(a) China (b) South Korea 10 hours faster than the other, the second tap
(c) Japan (d) None of the above fillsthetank in
(a) 25 hours (b) 28 hours
(c) 30 hours (d) 35 hours
103. The difference between the highest four digitnumber
91. If Mohans income consists of Rs.150/- per month
and the smallest two digit number is
plus a commission of 6 per cent of total sale;
whathas been the sale for the month if his income (a) 8890 (b) 9900
forthat month was Rs.600? (c) 9989 (d) 9089
(a) Rs.6000 (b) Rs.7500 104. Average of five consecutive odd numbers starting
(c) Rs.10,000 (d) Rs.75,000 with 5 is
92. 1, 3, 9,27, ..what number comes next. (a) 8 (b) 9
(a) 63 (b) 81 (c) 12 (d) 14
(c) 96 (d) 39 105. Gopal was engaged by a man to work for 20 days on
the condition that for every day he works, he will be
93. 23,18, 14,11, 9, .what number comes next?
paid Rs 20/- per day and for every day of his
(a) 8 (b) 11 absence, he will be fined Rs 5/-. If he receives only
(c) 7 (d) 4 Rs 275/- for how many days was he absent?
94. Add the two smaller numbers and divide the result (a) 6 days (b) 9 days
by the largest of these numbers: 5, 3, 8Tick the (c) 11 days (d) 5 days
correct answer below:
106. The sum of one half, one third and one fourth of a
(a)2 (b)3 number exceeds the number by 10. The number is
(c)1 (d) 0 (a) 60 (b) 120
95. Add the two larger numbers and divide the result by (c) 430 (d) 220
the smallest number: 7,3,8.
107. One third of one third of a number is 31. The number
(a) 2 (b) 1 is
(c) 5 (d) 3 (a) 198 (b) 279
96. A boat is rowed down a river at 16 km/hour and up (c) 333 (d) 373
the river at 8kms/hour. The distance travelled by the
boat in still water in 2 hours is
(a) 24 kms (b) 16 kms
108. A husband and wife have eight married sons and
each of them have four children. The total number Directions: In each of the following questions a series of
infamilyis letters or numbers has been arranged in some sequence.
(a) 40 (b) 45 Below each are given alternative responses. Find out the
(c) 50 (d) 55 correct response.
109. Three bells toll at intervals of 3,4& 5 seconds. If they 117. 2, 6, 14, 11, 15, 23, 20, 24,........,29
now toll together, they will again toll togetherafter (a) 31 (b) 29
(a) 11/2 minutes (b) 1 minute (c) 28 (d) 32
(c) 1 3/4 minutes (d) 30 seconds 118. 97, 86, 73, ..,45,34
110. The difference between Simple Interest (a) 54 (b) 56
andCompound Interest on Rs 2,000/- for 2 years at (c) 58 (d) 60
therate of, 10% per annum will be
119. 6, 11, 21, 36, 56, ..
(a) Rs12/- (b) Rs 32/-
(a) 41 (b) 51
(c) Rs20/- (d) Rs46/-
(c) 81 (d) 91
120. 21, 25, 33, 49, 81, ..
(a) 145 (b) 129
Directions: In the following questions, there are two
statements 1 and2 followed by two conclusions (A) and (c) 113 (d) 97
(B). You have to assume everything in the statements to 121. 462, 420, 380, .., 306
be true and consider both the conclusions together, and
(a) 322 (b) 332
then decide which of the two given conclusions logically
follow beyond a reasonable doubtfrom the information (c) 342 (d) 352
given in the statement. 122. Z, U, Q,..,L
Mark (a) If only conclusion (A)follows. (a)M (b)I
Mark (b) If only Conclusion (B) follows. (c)K (d)N
Mark (c) If either or (B) follows. 123. BF, CH,.., HO, LT
Mark (d) If neither (A) nor (B) follows. (a) DN (b) EL
111. Statements: 1. All books are pencils. (c) EK (d) EM
2. Some Pencils are Cycles. 124. CAT, FDW, IGZ..
Conclusions: A. Some Cycles are Pencils. (a) KJA (b) KTC
B. Some Cycles are Books. (c) LHD (d) LJC
112. Statements: 1. Some Singers are Teachers. 125. MOQ, SUM, YAC,..
2. No teacher is a lady. (a) FIL (b) DHJ
Conclusions: A.Some teachers are not ladies. (c) EGI (d) XAD
B. Some ladies are teachers. Directions: The following five (5) items consist of
113. Statements: 1. All young girls are modern. twostatements, one labeled the 4ssertion A and the other
labeled the Reason R. You are to examine these two
2. No modem men are conservative.
statements carefully and decide if the assertion A and the
Conclusions: A. No girls are conservative reason Rare individually true and whether the reason is
B. No young men are conservative a correct explanation of the assertion. Select
youranswers to these items using the codes given below
114. Statements: 1. All windows are doors.
andmark your answer accordingly.
2. No door is a wall.
Conclusions: A. No window is a wall.
(a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct
B. No wall is a door. explanation of A.
115. Statements: 1. Some phones are watches. (b) Both A and R are true but R is not the correct
2.All watches are guns. explanation of A.
Conclusions: A. All guns are watches. (c) A is True but R is False.
B.Some guns are phones. (d) A is False but R is True.
116. Statements: 1.Some boys are men. 126. Assertion A : A stranger to a contract has no right to
enforce it against the parties to the contract.
2.No man is black.
Reason R :Privity of contract between the parties is
Conclusions: A. Some boys are not black.
essential for the enforcement of contract.
B. Some men are boys.
(a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct 5. The brown side is adjacent to white.
explanation of A. 6. The red side isface down.
(b) Both A and Rare true but R is not the correct 131. The side opposite to brown is
explanation of A.
(a) Red (b) Black
(c) A is True but R is False.
(c) White (d) Green
(d) A is False but R is True.
132. The four colours adjacent to green are
127. Assertion A: A finder of a thing has a title to it.
(a) Red, black, blue and white
Reason R: The finders title to a thing is superior to
that of the owner. (b) Red, black, brown and blue
(a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct (c) Red, black, brown and white
explanation of A. (d) Black, blue, white and red
(b) Both A and Rare true but R is not the correct 133. K is Ls wifes husbands brother. M is the sister of
explanation of A. K.N is the sister of L. how is K related to M?
(c) A is True but R is False. (a) SisterinLaw (b) Brother
(d) A is False but R is True. (c) Daughter (d) Wife
128. Assertion A: A minor is not competent to enter into 134. Atul is the son of Zamir. Alka is the daughter of
any contract, even for necessaries. Aman.Sheela is the wife of Aman. Mohan is the son
Reason R: For necessaries supplied to a minor, his of sheela. How is Alka related to Mohan?
estate can be made liable to reimburse. (a) Sister (b) Uncle
(a) Both A and R are true and R is the (c) Son (d) Father
correctexplanation of A. Five adultsA, B, C, D and E are sitting at Bharat Provision
(b) Both A and Rare true but R is not the correct Store. In the group, there is one Manager, oneAccountant,
explanation of A. one supplier ofprovisions. The Accountant, who has achild
(c) A is True but R is False. earns least money. A, who is married to Cs sister,earns
more than the Manager.D is an unmarried ladyand does
(d) A is False but R is True. not do any work. There is one married couple inagroup
129. Assertion A: A legal right is a legally protected ofwhich B is husband Eis the Brother ofCandIs neither a
interest. Supplier nor an Accountant. No lady is aSupplier or
Reason R: An element of advantage is essential to Manager. C is neither a Supplier nor anAccountant.
constitute a right. 135. Who is the accountant?
(a) Both A and R are true and R is the (a) A (b) B
correctexplanation ofA. (c) C (d) D
(b) Both A and Rare true but R is not the 136. Who is the supplier?
correctexplanation ofA.
(a) A (b) B
(c) A is True but R is False.
(c) C (d) D
(d) A is False but R is True.
137. Who is the wife of B?
130. AssertionA: Customs to have the force of law
mustbe immemorial. (a) A (b) B
Reason: Custom represents the common (c) C (d) E
consciousnessof people. 138. Who is earning the highest?
(a) Both A and R are true and R is the (a) A (b) B
correctexplanation ofA. (c) C (d) D
(b) Both A and Rare true but R is not the 139. Who is the sister of C?
correctexplanation of A.
(a) A (b) B
(c) A is True but R is False.
(c) F (d) D
(d) A is False but R is True.
140. It is possible to make a meaningful word with
thethird, the fourth, and the eleventh letters
Directions: Some information isprovidedin theform ofwordCONTROVERSIAL. Write the first letter
ofstatements. On the basis of that information find of thatword.
theanswer to the questions which follow. (a) I (b) N
1. A cube has six sides each of a different colour. (c) S (d) T
2. The red side is opposite to black. 141. If(a) Chip din chuck means student attends
3. The green side is between red and black. class;(b) din sunk dink means (c) jumpnink sink
4. The blue side is adjacent to white. means schools are good; (d) dink mupchimp means
teacher is good, then what is the code for Arjuna?
(a) Din (b) Sunk everything which, in consequence of the motion so caused,
(c) Dink (d) Chunk is moved by that animal.
Explanation 5.The consent mentioned in the definition
may be express or implied, and may be given either by the
Directions: In the folio wing groups find the odd one person in possession, or by any person having for that
outthat does not belong to that group. purpose authority either express or implied.
142. (a) Offer (b) Consideration 151. FACTS: A cuts down a tree on Zs ground, with
(c) Acceptance (d) Cheque intention of dishonestly taking the tree out of Zs
143. (a) Nuisance (b) Negligence possession without Zs consent.

(c) Defamation (d) Rape (a) A has not committed theft since a tree is not
movable property.
144. (a) V.R. Krishna Iyer (b) J.S. Verma
(b) A has committed theft since a tree becomes
(c) A.S. Anand (d) RN. Bhagawati capable of moving once it is severed from the
145. (a) Sujatha Manohar (b) Leela Seth earth.
(c) Ruma Pal (d) Fathima Beevi (c) A has committed mischief.
146. (a) Cyriac Joseph (b) H.L. Dattu (d) None of the above.
(c) S.B. Sinha (d) Arijit Pasayat 152. FACTS: A puts a bait for dogs in his pocket, and
thus induces Zs dog to follow it.
147. (a) Sushil Kumar Shinde (b) Bebi Prasad Verma
(a) A has committed theft as soon as Zs dog has
(c) Mallikarjun Karge (d) Jyotiraditya Scindia
begun to follow A.
148. (a) ShivarajPatil (b) SadanandaG owda
(b) A has not committed theft since he did not take
(c) Ashok Gehiot (d) Nitish Kumar the dog out of possession of Z.
149. (a) NLU, Delhi (b) NLU, Jodhpur (c) A has not committed theft since Dog is not a
(c) NLU, Orissa (d) NUALS, Cochin movable property.
150. (a) Hurt (b) Culpable Homicide (d) None of the above.
(c) Assault (d) Forgery 153. FACTS: A meets a bullock carrying a box of
treasure. He drives the bullock in a certain direction,
in order that he may dishonestly take the treasure.
This section consists of 50 questions in total. Each
(a) A has committed theft as soon as the bullock has
problem consists of a set of PRJCIPLES and FACTS.
begun to follow A.
Apply the specified PRICIPLES to the set offacts and
answer the questions. In answering the following (b) A has committed theft of bullock only.
questions, you should not rely on any PRINCIPLES (c) A has not committed theft since he did not take
except the PRINCIPLES that are supplied for every possession of treasure.
problem. Further, you should not assume any fact other
(d) None of the above.
than those stated in the problem. The aim is to test your
ability to properly apply a rule to a given set offacts, even 154. FACTS: Z going on a journey entrusts his plate to
when the result is absurd or unacceptable for any other A, the keeper of a ware house, till Z shall return. A
reason. It is not the aim to test any knowledge of law you carries the plate to a goldsmith and sells it.
may already possess. (a) A has committed theft since A sold it with
dishonest intention.
Principles for questions 151 to 160 (b) A has not committed theft since he did not take
the plate out of possession of Z.
PRINCIPLE: Whoever, intending to take dishonestly any
movable property out of the possession of any person (c) A may have committed some other offences, but
without that persons consent, moves that property in order not committed theft because in order to constitute
to such taking, is said to commit theft. theft the property shall be acquired by the
accused without the consent.
Explanation 1.A thing so long as it is attached to the
earth, not being movable property, is not the subject of (d) Both (b) and (c).
theft; but it becomes capable ofbeing the subject of theft as 155. FACTS: A finds a ring lying on the highroad, not
soon as it is severed from the earth. Explanation in the possession of any person. A took it for his use.
Explanation 2.A moving effected by the same act which (a) A has committed theft since A took it with
effects the severance may be a theft. dishonest intention.
Explanation 3.A person is said to cause a thing to move (b) A has not committed theft since he did not take it
by removing an obstacle which prevented it from moving out of possession any bodys possession.
or by separating it from any other thing, as well as by
actually moving it. (c) A may have committed some other offences, but
not committed theft because in order to constitute
Explanation 4.A person, who by any means causes an theft the property shall be acquired from a
animal to move, is said to move that animal, and to move persons possession.
(d) Both (b) and (c). (a) X has committed theft.
156. FACTS: A sees a ring belonging to Z lying on a (b) X has not committed theft.
table in Zs house. Not venturing to misappropriate (c) X has committed no offence.
the ring immediately for fear of search and detection,
A hides the ring in a place where it is highly (d) None of the above.
improbable that it will ever be found by Z, with the
intention of taking the ring from the hiding place and Principles for questions 161 to 165
selling it when the loss is forgotten.
(a) The fundamental right to freedom ofassociation
(a) Ahas committed theft at the time of first moving includes the right to form an association as wellas
the ring. not join an association.
(b) A has not committed theft since he did not getthe (b) The fundamental right to freedom of association also
possession of the property. includes the freedom to decide with whom to
(c) A has committed only attempt to theft. associate.
(d) None of the above. (c) The fundamental right to freedom of association
157. FACTS: A delivers his watch to Z, a jeweller, to be does not extend to the right to realise the objectives
regulated. Z carries it to his shop. A, not owing to the of forming the association.
jeweller any debt for which the jeweller might (d) Fundamental rights are applicable only to laws made
lawfully detain the watch as a security, enters the by or administrative actions of the State and do not
shop openly, takes his watch by force out of Zs apply to actions of private persons.
hand, and carries it away. Here, (e) Any law in contravention of fundamental rights is
(a) A has committed theft since it was taken from the unconstitutional and therefore cannot bindany
possession of Z. person.
(b) A has not committed theft since he had no
dishonest intention. FACTS for questions 161 to 165
(c) Ahas committed theft since it was taken without Gajodhar Pharmaceuticals, a private company, offered an
consent of Z. employment contract of two years to Syed Monirul Alam.
(d) None of the above. One of the clauses in the employment contract provided
158. FACTS: If A owes money to Z for repairing the that Syed Monirul Alam must join Gajodhar Mazdoor
watch, and if Z retains the watch lawfully as a Sangh (GMS), one of the trade unions active in Gajodhar
security for the debt and A takes the watch Pharmaceuticals.
dishonestly out of Zs possession, with the intention 161. Decide which of the following propositions can be
of depriving Z of the property as a security for his most reasonably inferred through the application of
debt. the stated legal rules to the facts of this case:
(a) A has committed theft since it was taken with (a) The employment contract offered to Monirul
dishonest intention of depriving Z of the property Adam to join GMS is legal as it does not restrict
as a security for his debt. his freedom not to join any association.
(b) A has not committed theft since A has right over (b) The condition requiring Monirul Adam to join
the watch. GMS cannot bind him as it infringes on his
(c) A has not committed theft since the watch freedom not to join any association.
belongs to Z. (c) Syed Monirul Adam cannot claim a
(d) None of the above. fundamentalrighttofreedom of association against
Gajodhar Pharmaceuticals and therefore, the
159. FACTS: A, being on friendly terms with Z, goes contract would bind him even though his
into Zs library in Zs absence, and takes away a freedom of association is restricted.
book without Zs express consent for the purpose
merely of reading it, and with the intention of (d) The employment contract infringes Syed Monirul
returning it. Adams freedom to decide with whom to
associate and therefore is legally not enforceable.
(a) A has committed theft since it was taken without
Zs consent. 162. If Parliament enacts a law which requires every
employee to join the largest trade union in their
(b) A has not committed theft since there was no workplace mandating Syed Monirul Adam to join
dishonest intention. GMS, then:
(c) A has committed theft he takes it away from Zs (a) Such a law would merely govern private action
possession. to which fundamental rights do not apply.
(d) N one of the above. (b) Such a law would not curtail any individuals
160. FACTS: X, a Government servant, at the instance of right to freedom of association.
some body took a file to his house for a day and (c) Neither the employment contract, nor the law of
made it available to a person to facilitate the removal the parliament would be enforceable as they
of some papers and the insertion of some. There after would curtail the freedom of association.
the file was replaced. Here
(d) The law of Parliament would violate an E. Acceptance of an offer is complete when the
individuals freedom not to join any acceptance is put into the course oftransmission so as
associationand therefore be unconstitutional. to be out of the power of the acceptor.
163. If Parliament enacts a law that requires a trade union 166. FACTS: A offers B lavish entertainment if B
to open its membership to all the employees, then paintshis portrait.
(a) Such a law would not infringe any (a) Offer is valid since the work is specified.
fundamentalright to freedom of association. (b) Offer is valid since the terms are identifiable.
(b) The law of the parliament would curtail an (c) Offer is not valid since the terms are vague.
individuals right not to join any association.
(d) None of the above.
(c) Such a law would curtail the union members
right to decide with whom they would like to 167. FACTS: Ramesh, an auctioneer advertised in a
associate. newspaper that a sale of imported furniture would be
held on 1.1.2012 at Cochin. Dilip, with the intention
(d) Such a law would render the employment to buy the furniture, came from Coimbatore for the
contract offered by Gajodhar Pharmaceuticals to auction, but the auction was cancelled. He filed a suit
Syed Monirul Adam unenforceable. against Ramesh.
164. If Gajodhar Pharmaceuticals enter into an agreement (a) Ramesh will succeed.
with GMS wherein the former agrees to hire only the
existing members of GMS as employees, then: (b) Ramesh will get the travelling expense only.
(a) The agreement would be illegal as it would (c) Ramesh will not succeed since it is not an offer
curtail the union members right to decide with but a mere declaration of intention.
whom they would like to associate. (d) None of the above.
(b) Such an agreement would infringe the unions 168. FACTS: A writes to B I shall sell my car for
right to decide with whom to associate and Rs. 2 lakh. If I do not receive a reply in a week, I
therefore is legally not enforceable. shall assume that you have accepted the offer.
(c) The agreement would not be enforceable as it (a) The offer is valid.
would infringe upon the employers right not to (b) The offer is not valid.
join an association.
(c) The offer is valid if he does not receive the reply
(d) The constitutionality of this agreement cannot be in a week.
contested on grounds of contravention of
fundamental rights as such rights are not (d) None of the above.
applicable to private persons. 169. FACTS: A offers to supply 700 bottles ofArrackto
165. If Parliament enacts legislation prohibiting strikes by B on 1.1.2012. Before this offer is accepted byB,
trade unions of employees engaged in the Government banned the sale and use ofArrack
pharmaceutical industry, then (a) The offer is valid.
(a) The legislation would not violate the right to (b) The offer is not valid.
freedom of association.
(c) The offer is valid since it was made before the
(b) The legislation would curtail the right of trade ban.
unions to strike, and therefore violate freedom of
(d) None of the above.
170. FACTS : A accepts Bs offer of his motor car for 4
(c) Since strike is only one of the objectives with lakhs. The acceptance was put into e-mail.
which a trade union is formed, right to strike is Unfortunately, when the e-mail was put, there is a
not protected by the right to freedom of
distortion asa result of which B is not in a position to
really read what A has written.
(d) None of the above.
(a) Both the parties are bound to perform their part
of the agreement.
Principles for Questions 166 to 175 (b) No body is bound to perform the agreement.
A. When one person signifies to another his willingness (c) A is bound to perform the agreement but not B.
to do or to abstain from doing anything; with a view
(d) B is bound to perform the agreement but not A.
to obtaining the assent ofthat other to such act or
abstinence, he is said to make an offer. 171. FACTS: Rama while walking in Baxi Bazar saw a
suit displayed in the shop with a price chit of 1000l.
B. In a valid offer the terms of the offer mast be certain, This attracted him to the shop and he asked the shop
definite and not vague.
keeper to give this suit to him forRs.1000/ but Rama
C. An offer should not contain any term the non was surprised when shop keeper refused to give and
compliance of which would amount to acceptance. said that the actual price of the suit is Rs.1500/.
D. An offer may lapse by subsequent illegality or (a) He cannot refuse to sell the suit because the
destruction ofsubject matter. contract has already been made.
(b) He can refuse to sell the suit for Rs.1000/ (d) None of the above.
because it was only invitation to offer and not the 175. FACTS: The Government of Kerala appointed a
real offer. commission to find out the creamy layer in the
(c) It was not a valid offer because willingness to backward communities. On the basis of the report,
enter into a contract was absent. Government issued the notification that candidates
(d) None of the above. belonging to families whose annual income is
Rs 2,00,000/- and above are not eligible for
reservation of eats in educational institutions.
Principles for Questions 172 to 175 Jayashree, a candidate, whose annual income is
A. Article l4of the Constitution guaranteesequality Rs 4,00,000/-challenged the notification on the
before law and the equalprotection before law. ground that it violates her fundamental right to
equality. Decide
B. Any Law or Rule which is arbitrary and
unreasonable is violative of Article 14. (a) She will succeed, because the law discriminates
against the candidates whose family income is
C. The State shall not deny to anyperson equality before more than Rs 2,00,000/- per annum.
the law or the equal protection of thelaws within the
territory of India. (b) She will not succeed, because candidates whose
family income is more than Rs 2,00,000/- per
172. FACTS: The Income Tax Act happens to provide annum are not equal to candidates whose family
that those whose annual income is uptoRs.6000/- income is less than Rs.2,00,000/- per annum
shall pay 10% of their income as tax; and those
whose annual income exceeds Rs.60,000l shall pay (c) She will not succeed, because this law enables
the tax at the rate of 20%. Those citizens whose the Government to equalise the incomes of all the
annual income exceeds Rs.60,000/ challenge this people in the country
Legislation on the ground that it is a violation of the Principles for questions 176 to 185
principle of equality before law. A. Nothing is an offence which is done in the exercise
(a) They will succeed, because the law discriminates of the right ofprivate defence.
against the people who earn more than B. When an act, which would otherwise be a certain
Rs.60,000/- per annum. offence, it not that offence, by reason of the youth,
(b) They will not succeed, because the people who the want of maturity of understanding the
earn more than Rs.60,000/- are not equal to the unsoundness ofmindor the intoxication oftheperson
people who earn less than Rs.60,000/- doing that act, or by reason ofany misconception on
(c) They will not succeed, because this law enables the part ofthat person, everyperson has the same
the Government to equalise the incomes of all the right of private defence against that act which he
people in the country. would have if the act were that offence.

(d) None of the above. C. Every one has the right to defend their l and property
against criminal harm provided it is notpossible to
173. FACTS: Punjab University Rules for the admission app roach public authorities and more harm than that
to the evening classes of L.L.B Course provided that is necessary has not been caused to avert the danger.
the admission would be available only to the
Government Employees and not to private sector D. Ifin the exercise ofthe right ofprivate defence against
employees. X an employee of ICICI Bankchallenged an assault which reasonably causes the apprehension
the Rule on the ground that it is violativeofArticle of death, the defender be so situated that he cannot
14. effectually exercise that right without risk of harm to
an innocent person, his right ofprivate
(a) Rule violates the Artide since it is discriminatory. defenceextends to the running ofthat risk.
(b) Rule is not violative since Government E. The right ofprivate defence continues as long as
employees are not equally placed with Private apprehension oft/anger continues.
employees and the principle of equality provides
equality among equals only. 176. FACTS: Z, under the influence of madness, attempts
to kill A. A in attempting to defend himself caused
(c) Rule is not violative since it is the university to the death of Z. Here
decide the eligibility for admission.
(a) Z is liable for murder since he had no right to self
(d) None of the above. defence against an unsound person.
174. FACTS: Regulation 46 of Air India Regulations (b) Z commits no offence since he has every right to
provides that an Air hostess would retire from on self defence against anybody sound or unsound.
first pregnancy Nargesh Mirza, an Air hostess in Air
India challenged the rule on the ground that it is (c) A commits culpable homicide since he exceeded
violative of Article 14. his right of private defence.

(a) Rule violates the Artide since it is discriminatory (d) None of the above.

(b) Rule is not violative since the nature of the job 177. FACTS: A enters by night a house which he is
demands such a requirement. legally entitled to enter. Z in good faith, taking A for
a house-breaker, attacks A.
(c) Rule is not violative since it is the employer to
decide the eligibility for the job.
(a) A has no right of private defence because it is (b) Mr. Krishna will have to go to the Police Station
available against an offender only. and file a complaint.
(b) A has the same right of private defence against Z, (c) Mr. Krishna can exercise the right of self
which he would have if Z were not acting under defence.
that misconception. (d) Mr. Krishna cannot exercise the right of self
(c) A had exceeded his right of private defence. defence.
(d) None of the above. 182. FACTS: Gokul was living in a farm house with a
178. FACTS: The farm of X on outskirts of the Delhi was few family members. One night, a group of robbers
attacked by a gang of armed robbers. X without broke open the door of the house and there was
informing the police, at first warned the robbers by scuffle between the intruders and the residents.
firing in the air. As they were fleeing from the farm, Gokul took out his pistol and fired a shot at one of
he fired and killed one of them. At the trial the intruders. The shot did not hit the target and the
robbers ran out of the house and by that time, the
I. X can avail the right of private defence as he was neighbours gathered in front of the house. Gokul in a
defending his life and property. fit of anger came out of the house and fired at fleeing
II. X cannot avail the right as he failed to inform the robbers who by that time mingled with the
police. neighbours. The shot injured a neighbour and he
III. Xcannot avail the right as he caused more harm than filed a suit against Gokul.
was necessary to ward off the danger. (a) Gokul is not liable, since his action was in
IV. X can avail of the right as at first he only fired in the continuation of self-defence.
air. (b) Gokul is liable, because the threat of his life was
(a) IandIV (b) II only over once the robbers ran away.

(c) II andIII (d) IVonly (c) Gokul is not liable since his act was intended
against the robbers.
179. FACTS: Won returning home late after work was
accosted by an armed vagabond who tried to rob her (d) None of the above.
purse and valuables at knife point. W raised an alarm 183. FACTS:A and B were swimming in the sea after a
but was unsuccessful in obtaining help. In the ship wreck. They got hold of a plank. It was not
ensuing struggle W snatched the knife from the large enough to support both. A then pushed off B
brigand and killed him. At the trial W who was drowned to death. Here
I. Can claim the right of private defence as she was (a) A is guilty of offence since there was no
defending her life and property apprehension from B.
II. Can claim private defence as she tried to obtain help (b) A is not guilty of offence since he was
but could not approach public authorities. actingunder self defence.
III. Cannot claim private defence as to defend a few (c) A is not guilty of offence since he had every right
valuables a person cannot be killed. to preserve his life.
IV. Cannot claim private defence as it was her ownfault (d) None of the above.
that she was coming home late at night. 184. FACTS: A enters by night a house which he is
(a) I and II (b) III legally entitled to enter. Z in good faith, taking A for
(c) IIIandIV (d) II a house-breaker, attacks A. Here Z, by attacking A
under this misconception, commits no offence. Here
180. FACTS: Mr. Shambha, a dacoit is attacked by
people of Ramgarh who attempt to kill him. He (a) A has no right of private defence because it is
cannot effectually exercise his right of private available against an offender only.
defence without firing on the mob, and he cannot fire (b) A has the same right of private defence against Z,
without the risk of harming young children who are which he would have if Z were not acting under
mingled with the mob. Shambha by so firing kills that misconception.
one child. (c) A has no right ofprivate defence since A has a
(a) Shambha has committed the offence of murder. right to enter.
(b) Shambha has committed the offence of culpable (d) None of the above.
homicide not amounting to murder. 185. FACTS: The accused found the deceased engaged in
(c) Shambha has committed no offence as he sexual intercourse with his 15 year old daughter. The
exercised his right of private defence. accused assaulted the deceased on the head with a
(d) An aggressor cannot claim right of private spade which resulted in the death. Accused claimed
defence and hence Shambha will be responsible. private defence and the prosecution claimed that the
sexual intercourse was with consent. Here
181. FACTS: Mr. Prashanth threatens Mr. Krishna that he
will kill Mr. Krishna. After saying so, Mr. Prashanth (a) Accused is entitled to the right to private defence
goes to his house saying that he would get his axe. since the girl was only 15 years old.

(a) Mr. Krishna will have to run away. (b) Accused exceeded the right to private defence.
(c) Accused is not entitled to the right to private (a) Bandita has attained the age of majority
defence since the sexual intercourse was with (b) Bandita is mature enough to make rational
consent. decisions regarding her own affairs.
(d) None of the above. (c) The sale transaction was beneficial to her interest
and will enhance her financial status.
Principles for Questions 186 to 190 (d) None ofthe above.
A. A minor is a person who is below the age of 189. Which of the following is correct?
eighteen. However, where a guardian administers the (a) Ajay should be allowed to recover the money
minors property the age ofmajority is twenty-one. because even though there is no contract, Bandita
B. A minor is not permitted by law to enter into a and Chaaru should not be allowed to unjustly
contract. Hence, where a minor enters into a contract benefit from Ajays money.
with a major person, the contract is not enforceable. (b) Ajay should be allowed the possession of the
This effectively means that neither the minor nor the land because Chaaru can always decide to
otherparty can make any claim on the basis of the approve the transaction between Ajay and
contract. Bandita.
C. In a contract with a minor, f the other party hands (c) Ajay should not be allowed to recover because he
over any money or confers any other benefit on the induced Bandita, a minor; to sell the land.
minor, the same shall not be recoverable from the
minor unless the other party was deceived by the (d) None of the above.
minor lo hand over money or any other benefit. The 190. Which of the following is correct?
other party will have to show that (he minor (a) IfAjay is allowed to recover the money, that will
misrepresented her age, he was ignorant about the defeat the law framed for protecting the minors
age of the minor and that he handed over the benefit against fraudulent persons.
on the basis ofsuch representation.
(b) IfAjay is not allowed to recover that will cause
him injustice as he has not paid the entire sale
FACTS for Questions 186 to 190 price.
186. Ajay convinces Bandita, a girl aged 18 that she (c) IfAjayis allowed to recover, Chaaru will benefit
should sell her land to him. Bandita mother Chaaru is from both the money and the land.
her guardian. Nonetheless Bandita, without the (d) None of the above.
permission of Chaaru, sells the land to Ajay for a
total sum of rupees fifty lakh, paid in full and final Principle A: The State shall not discriminate, either
settlement of the price. Chaaru challenges this directly or indirectly, on the grounds of sex, race, religion,
transaction claiming that Bandita is a minor and caste, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, disability
hence the possession of the land shall not be given to pregnancy place of birth, gender orientation or any other
Ajay. Thus Ajay is in a difficult situation and has no status.
idea how to recover his money from Bandita. Chaaru PrincipleB: Direct discrimination occurs when for a
is justified in challenging the sale transaction reason related to one or more prohibited grounds a person
because or group ofpersons is treated less favourably than another
(a) Bandita is of unsound mind and is not in a person or another group of persons in a comparable
position to make rational decisions. situation.
(b) Though Bandita is eighteen year old, she will be Principle C: Indirect discrimination occurs when a
treated as a minor, as Chaaru is her guardian. provision, criterion or practice which is neutral on the face
of it would have the effect of putting persons having a
(c) Though Bandita is eighteen year old, she cannot status or a characteristic associated with one or
sell the land without the permission of her moreprohibited grounds at a particular disadvantage
mother. compared with other persons.
(d) Though Bandita is eighteen year old she should Principle D: Discrimination shall be justified when such
not be treated like a person who has attained the discrimination is absolutely necessary in order to promote
age ofmajority the well-being of disadvantaged groups, such as women,
187. Ajay can be allowed to recover the money only if he dalits, religious minorities, sexual minorities or disabled
can show that persons.
(a) He was deceived by Bandita who misrepresented FACTS for questions 191 to 195
her age.
On 2 October2010, the Governor of the state of Bihar
(b) He honestly believed that Bandita was ordered the release of all women prisoners who were
empowered under the law to sell the land. serving sentence of less than one year imprisonment to
(c) He was an honest person who had paid the full mark the occasion of Mahatma Gandhis birthday.
price of the land to Bandita. 191. Which of the following is correct with respect tothe
(d) Both (a) and (b). Governors order?
188. In order to defend the sale, Bandita will need to (a) It discriminates directly on the ground of sex.
show that
(b) It discriminates indirectly on the ground of sex. the ball in turn hits A and he sustains injury on his
(c) It does not discriminate oil the ground of sex. spinal chord due to fall from the tree.
(d) It discriminates directly as well as indirectly on (a) The organizers and the stadium owners are liable
tile ground of sex. to compensate
192. Is the Governors order justified under Rule D? (b) The cricketer who hits the ball is liable along
with the organizers, but the stadium owner is not
(a) Yes, because it is for the well-being of women responsible.
(c) Nobody is responsible.
(b) No because it is not absolutely necessary for the
well-being ofwomen prisoners. (d) None of the above
(c) No, because it does not promote the well-being 197. FACTS: Ram was in a hurry to get to the airport to
of women prisoners or the society. catch a plane and he hired a taxi run by Capital Taxi
Company, well-known in that locality. Ram asked
(d) None of the above the driver to drive fast. In the city zone, there was a
193. Assume that the Governor also made a second order speed limit of60 km per hour and the driver, rather
requiring the release of all persons under the age of reluctantly, drove quite fast at times 90 km per hour
25 and over the age of 65 who were serving a to reach the airport in time. As a result, the driver
sentence of less than one years imprisonment. lost control and hit an obstacle and Ram was badly
Under the Rules, this order is: injured. Ram filed a suit against the Taxi Company.
(a) Directly discriminatory. (a) The Taxi Company would not be liable since
(b) Indirectly discriminatory Ram asked the driver to drive fast.
(c) Not discriminatory (b) The Taxi Company would be liable, because the
driver ought not to have exceeded the speedlimit.
(d) Discriminatory but justifiable.
(c) The Taxi Comany would be liable, because
194. Assume further that the government made a third
driving fast should only mean driving withinthe
order, releasing all graduate prisoners who are
speed limits prescribed by law.
serving a sentence of less than one years
imprisonment. Which of the following statistics (d) None of the above.
would have to be true for this order to be indirectly 198. A and Z agrees to fence with each other for
discriminatory? amusement. This agreement implies the consent of
(a) Only 13% of the prison population in Bihar have each to suffer any harm which, in the course of such
a graduation degree. fencing, may be caused without foul play; and if A,
while playing fairly, hurts Z,
(b) Of the graduate prisoners 89% belong to upper
castes. (a) A commits offence.
(c) Only 25% women in Bihar get a graduation (b) A commits no offence.
degree. (c) Cannot be determined.
(d) All of the above. (d) None of the above.
Principle for Questions 195 to 200 199. FACTS: X, a snake-chamer claiming magical
Principle Efor Question number 195A discriminatory act powers of curing snake-bites asked Y to be bitten by
shall be justified if its effect is to promote the well-being his Cobra. Y offered himself and died.
of disadvantaged groups, such as women, dalits, religious (a) X commits offence since consent is obtained by
minorities, sexual minorities or disabled persons. misconception of facts.
195. Would the first Order of release of all women (b) X commits no offence since Y offered himself
prisoners be justified under Rule E? voluntarily.
(a) Yes, because it promotes the well-being of (c) X committed the offence of cheating only.
women. (d) None of the above.
(b) No, because it does not promote the well-being 200. FACTS: An old lady was walking in a narrow one-
ofwomen prisoners way lane in the opposite direction. It was night time
(c) No, because it does not promote the well-being and there was no street-lighting. A car moving in
of all disadvantaged groups equally. right direction but without headlights knocked her
(d) None of the above. down since the driver could not see her. She filed a
suit against the driver.
Principle for Questions 195 to 200
(a) She would lose, because she violated the traffic
Volenti non fit injuria, a well-established legal principle,
rules in the first instance.
means that a person has no legal remedy for the injury
caused by an act to which lie has consented. (b) She would lose, because, she voluntarily exposed
herself to the risks.
196. FACTS : A cricket match is being held in a stadium.
X, being unable to afford the ticket price, is viewing (c) The driver would lose, because he drove without
the cricket match sitting atop a branch of a nearby proper headlights.
tree. When a batsman hits a ball over the boundary (d) None of the above.
1 (c) 26 (d) 51 (d) 76 (c) 101 (c) 126 (a) 151 (b) 176 (b)
2 (a) 27 (a) 52 (c) 77 (c) 102 (c) 127 (c) 152 (a) 177 (b)
3 (d) 28 (b) 53 (b) 78 (a) 103 (c) 128 (d) 153 (a) 178 (c)
4 (c) 29 (b) 54 (c) 79 (b) 104 (b) 129 (c) 154 (d) 179 (a)
5 (a) 30 (d) 55 (c) 80 (a) 105 (d) 130 (b) 155 (d) 180 (c)
6 (b) 31 (d) 56 (c) 81 (b) 106 (b) 131 (c) 156 (a) 181 (d)
7 (d) 32 (b) 57 (a) 82 (c) 107 (b) 132 (c) 157 (b) 182 (b)
8 (b) 33 (a) 58 (b) 83 (b) 108 (c) 133 (b) 158 (a) 183 (a)
9 (c) 34 (a) 59 (c) 84 (d) 109 (b) 134 (a) 159 (b) 184 (b)
10 (b) 35 (a) 60 (c) 85 (c) 110 (c) 135 (b) 160 (a) 185 (a)
11 (b) 36 (a) 61 (c) 86 (b) 111 (a) 136 (a) 161 (d) 186 (b)
12 (c) 37 (a) 62 (d) 87 (c) 112 (a) 137 (c) 162 (d) 187 (d)
13 (c) 38 (b) 63 (c) 88 (d) 113 (d) 138 (a) 163 (d) 188 (a)
14 (d) 39 (c) 64 (c) 89 (a) 114 (a) 139 (d) 164 (c) 189 (c)
15 (a) 40 (b) 65 (a) 90 (c) 115 (b) 140 (d) 165 (a) 190 (a)
16 (c) 41 (a) 66 (d) 91 (b) 116 (a) 141 (b) 166 (c) 191 (a)
17 (b) 42 (c) 67 (a) 92 (b) 117 (d) 142 (d) 167 (c) 192 (b)
18 (c) 43 (d) 68 (c) 93 (a) 118 (c) 143 (d) 168 (b) 193 (c)
19 (c) 44 (b) 69 (c) 94 (c) 119 (c) 144 (a) 169 (b) 194 (b)
20 (c) 45 (a) 70 (c) 95 (c) 120 (a) 145 (b) 170 (b) 195 (a)
21 (d) 46 (b) 71 (c) 96 (a) 121 (c) 146 (b) 171 (b) 196 (c)
22 (c) 47 (b) 72 (b) 97 (b) 122 (d) 147 (d) 172 (b) 197 (a)
23 (a) 48 (a) 73 (c) 98 (a) 123 (c) 148 (a) 173 (a) 198 (b)
24 (c) 49 (b) 74 (a) 99 (d) 124 (d) 149 (a) 174 (a) 199 (a)
25 (a) 50 (a) 75 (c) 100 (b) 125 (c) 150 (d) 175 (b) 200 (c)