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*******MUSIC REVIEWER***********
COMPOSED VOCAL MUSIC Payapang Daigdig-choral music composed by Felipe De
I.Nationalistic Song- song that expresses patriotism to ones

Lupang Hinirang Instrumental Music- music played by an instrument or group

- composed by Julian Felipe in 1898 of instruments.
-also known as Marcha Magdalo or Himno Nacional Filipino
-lyrics by Jose Palma Malikmata- composed by Antonio Molina
Mindanao Sketches-composed by Antonino Buenaventura
-in time Dularawan- composed by Lucresia Kasilag
- Political patron is Emilio Aguinaldo Udlot-Udlot-composed by Jose Maceda

Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan Solo- music that is meant to be performed by a single

-composed by Julio Nakpil in 1896 performer
-also known as Salve Patria Orchestral-music that is arranged for and meant to be played
-lyrics by Julio Nakpil by an orchestra.
-in time Large work- music that is arranged for a variety of
-Political patron is Andres Bonifacio instruments, sometimes including human-made sounds.

II. Love Song-a lyrical, musical, or poetic expression of

romantic love ***********ART REVIEWER************
Two types of love songs: New media- refers to tools, device or equipment that
abandons the traditional practice of making something in the
1.Ballad a narrative song ranging from indigenous forms to past such as digital cameras in favour of instamatic cameras;
Hispanic-influenced themes photocopying machines in favour of manual copying and
many more.
Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal Technology-refers to the advances as resulted by the
- ballad composed by Ernani Cuenco in 1979 application of science, principles, concepts and discoveries.
-lyrics by Levi Celerio Computer-the most popular device in the country today in
making layouts and formats for printing
Softcopy- refers to digitized formats or layouts of artworks,
2. Kundiman- Philippine signature love song in time
documents and designs that are ready for printing
Pre-printing devices- used to capture images or photos such
Nasaan Ka Irog?
as digital camera, compact discs, flash disk, camera phone,
- A kundiman composed in 1923 by Nicanor Abelardo, also a
tablet, ipod, scanner. These are devices used to take pictures
pianist and teacher at University of the Philippines
or images and store them for future use.
Lay outing and Formatting devices- the computer is the most
*Order of National Artists- the highest national recognition
popular device today in making layouts and formats for
bestowed upon to Filipino artists who have made significant
printing. Software, programs and applications are needed to
contributions to the development of Philippine arts: namely,
enhance and enable lay outing and formatting of images to
Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Literature,Film, Broadcast Arts,
create designs for printing.
Architecture and Allied Arts.
Final Output devices-devices used to make printed copies
such as printers, offset printer, specialized printer.
III. Solo Vocal Music- music with one line or melody that can
Bas relief-refers to a form of sculpture carved from a block of
either be sung a capella or with instrumental
wood or stone which can either be highly delineated (high
relief) or only slightly protruding or delineated (low relief).
Cosmology-refers to the belief system of a particular culture
Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan- solo vocal music composed by Lucio
regarding divinity and their role in the life of a community or
San Pedro
The Manunggul jar is an example of a sculpture of two men
IV. Choral Music- music meant to be sung by a choir
rowing in a boat towards Phil. Hades
Woodcarving is the most important art that plays a
significant role in the belief system of the people in the Facilities and Equipment of Badminton
Mountain Region of Cordillera. -Racquet/Racket
Sarimanok- a mythical bird with a fish in its beak, symbolizes -Net
power and status. -Shoes
Bul-ol- a wooden figure of a god tthat erves as guardian to -Badminton Court
rice granaries and pathways. -Shuttle/Shuttlecock/Bird/Birdie
Paete, Laguna is known for fine artisan working on a variety
on a variety of biblical subjects such as the creation,
crucifixion, life of saints and many others. Five Types of Badminton
Retablo- a form of sculpture found in the old churches in the
Philippines such as San Agustin Church in Intramuros in the -Mens singles
baroque style. - Womens singles
Likha palapat- stone figure made from brain corals -Mens doubles
In Angono, Rizal, low relief engraving of human and animal -Womens doubles
figure dating 3000 BCE, the oldest known artwork can be -Mixed doubles (each team is a man and a woman)
found. *Mens doubles and womens doubles are also called level
Print-it is a graphic image that results from duplicating Doubles

***********HEALTH REVIEWER***********
*************P.E.REVIEWER*************** Health- A resource to have quality life. It is both a personal
and social responsibility.
Disease-incorrect functioning of the parts, organ, system or
Object of the game
structure of the body.
-The game of badminton consists of two to four players
Pathogens-disease-causing organisms that can be
(singles or doubles). The aim of badminton is to hit the
transmitted from person to another or from animals
shuttle with your racket so that it passes over the net and
to people.
lands inside your opponents half of the court.
Infection- when the body is invaded by a pathogen, it has an
-Play begins from the right half court. Players must hit the
shuttlecock into the diagonal opposite court.
Communicable Diseases- diseases that are contagious
History of Badminton
Non-communicable Diseases- diseases that are not
-Badminton was first called as Poona. It was developed
from a childrens game called battledore and shuttlecock.
-It was in the 1860s, when some British officers in India
The Causes of Disease
who were stationed at 'Kirkee' near the city of 'Poona' (now
known as Pune city) used to play a game which was very
The Supernatural Belief- belief that disease is brought about
similar to badminton and the game was known as the
'Poona' game at that time. by sorcery, witchcraft, fate, or spirit aggression (Gods
-When these British soldiers returned back home at punishment or devils work)
Gloustershire County in the 1870s, they continued to play this
'Poona' badminton game. The Poisonous Gas Belief-belief that disease is caused by bad
-In 1873, Poona was changed into "Badminton" and air.
started to grow popular.
-In1877, the 'Bath Badminton Club', the first badminton The Germ Belief- belief that microscopic organisms are
club ever, was formed and also the first official set of rules responsible for infectious diseases

were developed. The Agent-Host-Environment Belief- explains that disease is

-The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was a product of the complex interaction among three
formed in 1934 with 9 founding members: factors: agent, host and environment. It answers the who?
(host),what?(agent) and where?(environment) of disease.
New Zealand, France
-Major international tournaments like the Thomas Cup
Agent- the organism that causes the disease. Examples are
which is for Men, and the Uber Cup which is for Women
started to be held. bacteria, virus, fungi, parasitic worms.
-Badminton was officially granted Olympic status in the
Host- is an organism, usually a person or animal, affected by
1992 Barcelona Games
the disease.
Environment-the condition outside the host that allows the
disease to be transmitted.