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McGraw-Edison Lawn-G lo

McGraw-Edison L-aw n -G ro

Styled as a taithful reproduction of an early Socket-shall be porcelain enclosed

American carriage lantern, the Lawn-Glo and shall accommodate mogul screw base
luminaire provides comfortable, low-level lamps for HID lixtures and medium screw
illumination for residential yards. walk- base lamps for incandescent fixtures. lt
ways, driveways and entrances. shall be positioned to provide proper
Constructed of cast aluminum, with an location of the lamp lor maximum optical
abrasion resistant finish of black thermo- etficiency.
setting acrylic enamel, Lawn-Glo lumi- Ballast-shall be of dedicated design
naires are durable and weather resistant. and shall be located in the tixture base.
Posltop or wall-mounted, the Lawn-Glo Mercury Lamp Ballast-shall be ofthe
is also suitable for commercial applica- high reactance, normal power factor type
tions such as apartments, condominiums, with an input rating of '120 volts.
motels, hotels and clubs. High Pressure Sodium Lamp Ballast-
shall be ofthe reactor normal power
Specifications factor type with an input ratinq of 120 volts.
Housing-shall consist of a top cover with Finish-all external metal surtaces shall
finial, a single piece refractoi fixture base be painted with a powder-coat, thermoset
and pole-top fitter acrylic enamel, formulated to show no
Base-shall be ot die-cast aluminum con- appreciable fading characteristics within
& H.P's.
struction and shall have an integral pole- five years. Color shall be black.
top fitter The base cavity for HID fixtures
Wall-Mount Dimension
shall contain a HID lamp ballast assembly
Mercury & H.PS. Back p ale 5' x 9 l Wa I tojitler center I ne
and ballast cover For incandescent fi)(-
ture it shall contain the socket mounting lnndesent-Back plate 6 x 7L lWail lo tiner cente. ine 71
bracket and a cover. lt shall support the
top cover and refractor assembly. The Orderinq lnformation
pole{op fitter shall fit 3-inch O.D. pole
lops or vertical tenons. lhe fitter shall be Catalos Number (1)
Lighl Pattern
self aligning on the pole tenon and shall
Symmetric Lamp
be held securely in place by three corrosion Watts
resistant set screws for HID fixtures and 7A
two selttapping screws for incandescent TLI133 HPS Reactor 100
fixtures. T11123 Merc-High Reactance 100
Top Cover-shall be a single piece die T11100 lncandescenl 150(Max)
casting including a cupola with decorative
Wbll Mount Brackets (order seoarateiv)
roof and tinial. LT7U1 For lncandescent Fixturcs
Photocontrol-shall be optional and be of LU4AA1
the button type located in the fixture base.
It shall be rated for'120 volt operation. Notes:
Optics-polycarbonate ref ractor shall 1. Lamps not included. LJse lamps designed for base down to horizontal or universal position. Medium
produce a symmetric light pattern. base lamps lor incandescent fixturcs and mogulscrew base for HID fixtures.
2. Ballasts are tor 120 volts input, normal power factor type. Other ballasts available. Contact factory
Retractor-shall be a one piece, injec- Mounting-Post top fixtures fit poles with 3-inch O.D. verticaltenons. See dimensional information
tion molded, polycarbonate prismatic unit. on lhis page for wall mounhng dimensions.
It shall be assembled to the top cover by Finish-Black powder-coat thermoset acrylic enamel.
means of two support rods and shall be Options:
held to the base assembly by two corro- Photocontrol-Button type moonted in base of fixture. Rated 120 volts. Add suffix P to catalog number
sion resistant captive screws. e.g.:TL1135P


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