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Construction Details
A heavy duty, cast sports light that meets Cast alum:num Housing
requirements of current IES recommended ,./.'-
practices for sports and recreational
area Iig hting.

Reflec lar Assembly

Lamp Socket

Ballast-cate & coil

t / Assemhtv


Slabilizet I Quick-
(nal visible) discannecl
P lug


Filtet Gasket

Ballast Capacitor

Tem pered G/ass Lers Cast Daor Ftame

Door Frame Gasket Capfive Screws

MoGRAW ED SON CoMPANY A.ea Lrqhtinq D v sion

Ordering lnformation
SER|ES 2000
IES (Nema) Type*
Lamp and Ballast (2) Additional Ordering Information
5 5 (1) lncludes 3 feet of #14lSO cord and llat sur-
3 3 Nlercury-CWA face mounting adapter. If pole iop slipiitter is
2 2 desired in place of flat surface adapter delete
5 F suffix from catalog nLrmber, e.9., FL30B2F to
3 Meial Halide-CWA FL3082. Lamps not included. LJse lamps for
2 base down to horiTo'llal ope al-on.
6 5
3 4
High-Pressure Sodiu m-
Regulator (2) Ballast-Available 120 through 480 volts.
2 4
Specify voltage as catalog nurnber suffix e.g.:
High-Pressure Sodium- F L2062F -120 .
CWA-Co nstant Wattage A uiot ransfo rme r.
All ballasis are high power factor.
SERIES 3000 Finish-Bronre Ihor mo.el olarrel
lVercury-CWA U.L. Listed
CSA Certified

Nletal Halide-CWA Elfeclive Projecled Area-Sq. fl.

3 Lletal Halide-CWA
High-Pressure SodiLrm-

Exclusive Ballast Drawer Assembly

. Contains all electrical components. of ballast assembly io accept new
lr=, 2011 1614
. slides into housing, connects to power
HID lamp ballast
Jupply wilh polariied quick-discdnneci ' lncludes properly positioned socket
for optimum lighi control

lseries looo
. Simplifies installation and mainte- ' A(commodales ballasls for 400 and
nance. lfl?fl I'fi'.#iii',.'J,lJl?i'-,i,i311',ii.',i,;
Accessories . Prolects rlvestrreTI by single chanqe wall nelal I dlioe arrps.
Glareshield Exclusive Mounting Adapter
-;i l Housinq

No. Size . Cornpletely prewired with 3 feet of
#14 SO cord and slrain relief bushlng.
enio re",i"" zooo . Cast aluminu m construction.
FA3OI Series SOOO . Mounts on flat surlace.
N,4ate rial-alumlnum
. Calibrated. horizontal and verlical ad-
justments and integrally cast sighting
wlth bronze thermoset marks for precision aiming.
Additional Feaiures

Vandal Shield
. Optics-Reflecior sysiem designs pro-
Cat. Housing vide 3 narlow bearns for optimum light
No- size conlrol- Completely sealed and filtered
to reduce mainienance.
FA25 Series 2000 . Housing-High-strengih, one p iece,
FA35 Series 3000 lightweight, corrosion resistant cast
Material- . Lens Heat and impact resistant tem-
polycarbonate pered glass.
Typical Candlepower Distribution Curves.

400 walt Lamp

IES (Nema) Type IES (Nma) Type IES (Nena) Type
5x5 3x3 2\3
88N.x 74V. 32H. x 36V. 19H. x 36V.

39200 121840 137040

Beam Efficiency Beam Eificiency
46.9% 35.27. 31.696

58-8% 64.1% 62.t./"

1000 watt Lamp 1000 Watt Lamp 1000 watt tamp

IES (Nma) Type IES (Neftra) Type lEs (Nema) IYPe
3x3 1x3
68H. x 68V. 31H. x 43V. 17H. x 35V.

174603 428340 785290

44.8% 39.8% 34.2%

Toiar Efficjency
7t.21a 72.444

CURVE V-Vertical traverse through 0" horizontal. Curves are for clear metal halide lamps. For '1500 watt metal halide lamps use
CURVE H-Horizontal traverse through vertical. 1000 walt data wilh a 1.55 multiplier. For 1000 watt clear mercury lamp use
.57 multiplier.

.-Sloee fifsaatlorrs
This specification covers McGraw-Edison POWER DFAWER Rellector assembly-Shall be spun aluminum construction,
Sports Lighi for use with 400-, 1000- and 1500-watt high inten- finished with Alzak* process. lt shall be shaped to provide
sity discharge lamps. optimum beam pattern control with clear lamps.
POWER DRAWER Sports Light shall be catalog number (spec- Proprietary term of Alcoa.
ify) and shall include the following features: Sockel-Shall be porcelain enclosed and shall be adjusted
General-Unit construclion shall consist of a cast aluminum to properly position a high-intensity discharge lamp to be
housing and door assembly which shall enclose the optical used with the ba!last specified.
components and a removable ballast drawer assembly- The
unit shall be supported by a cast aluminum, adjustable, flat Lamp stabilizer-Shall be insulated and shall cushion the
lamp from shock or v'bration to eliminate breakage. ln con-
surface mounting adapter. lt shall be prewired with 3 feet of junction with the socket, it sha!l maintain precision lamp
3 wite #14 SO cord lor connection to the power supply and aliqnment.
cord shall be he'd securely in place with a strain relief bushing.
Housing-Shall be a single piece aluminum casting forming Optical filter-Shall be positioned between the housing fitter
a watertight shell. lt shall contain the electrical and optical and main housing allowing circulation of air through the op-
component compartments. tical assembly and shall effectively filter out external con-
Housing Door-Shall be cast aluminum and shall hold a heat
and impact resistant tempered glass lens. lt shall be gasketed Ballasl shall be high power factoi:
and hinged to the fixiure housing. lt shall be held in the
Conslant Watlage Aulolranstormer Mercury lamp ballasl rated
closed position by corrosion resistant captive screws. (400) {1000)watts with an input of (120) (208) \240) (277) 1480)
Ballast drawer assembly-Shall be a self-contained removable
assemb,y and shall support ahe ballast, lamp socket and Lead Regulalor High Pressure Sodium Lamp Ballast rated
potarized quick-disconnect power input plug. (1000) walts wilh an input of {120) (208) (240J \277) (480) volts.

ilat surlace adapter-Shall be casl aluminum and shall sup- Constant Watlage Aulolranslormer Metal Halide lamp ballast
port the fjxture housing. The adapter shall have a calibrated, rated (400) (1000) (1500) watts wilh an input of (120) (208)
vertical and horizontal adjustment and integrally cast sighting e4a) Q77) (480) volts.
marks for precision aiming. Finish shalJ be bronze thermoset enamel.
Optical comparlfienl-Shall contain the rellector assembly
and shall be enclosed by the lens and optical compariment
door assembly and housing.

Mc$Rlll]lril$0il o
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