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V90 Plus GNSS RTK Receiver


Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd

4. Controller differential
1. Small mainframe
5. NFC rapid connection
2. Full-band antenna
6. Electronic bubble
3. Trimble BD970 7. Tilt survey

8. Button
10. External antenna
V90Plus 11. Mini USB
12. Customised voice
Linux 3.2
Small Mainframe Design


Volume153mm 83mm

Three Superiorities

Full-Band GNSS Antenna

High-Capacity Battery
Trimble Mainboard
Full-Band GNSS Antenna

Advanced Air
Model design
in the world

Full-Band GNSS Antenna Support all the satellite

navigation signals for GPS & GLONASS & the 2nd
generation of BEIDOU as well as GALILEO.

With the advantages of wider band & stable phase center

& higher accuracy & stronger signal receiving ability &
stronger antijamming capability & lighter weight etc.
mainboard BD970

The highest accuracy8mm BD930

The best performance 66mm
High stability
High-capacity battery

5000mAh battery
Support 10 hours operation Adopt 18650 battery cell

time Long life spanwith twice life

span of common lithium battery
High capacity
Support high temperature
Intelligent V90 Plus

Intelligent & Smart Application

Intelligent Electronic Tilt Survey NFC Rapid Electronic Android Android Private Cloud
Technology Bubble Connection Balance Controller Software
Breakthrough 1Intelligent technology

LBS Guide Type DIY Voice


Remote Remote Intelligent

Upgrade Registration Diagnosis
Breakthrough 2Electronic bubble

When the electronic bubble is in

the center of circle, the survey
coordinate point will record
automatically with voice prompt.

- decrease the labour intensity

which focus electric bubble only.
- survey the points continuously
without operating the controller with
same attribute
Breakthrough 3 Tilt Survey
Electronic bubble + Electronic Compass
Slant tilt angle: less than 30
Accuracy : better than 3cm
Key Benefits:
Reach formerly inaccessible points: get the tip of the survey pole
into tight corners and other points that are inaccessible with a
vertical survey pole.
Faster workflow: Less time per point is required to collect data,
because the pole doesnt have to be exactly 90 degrees and the 100
percent measurement accuracy report ensures confidence
Safer for the surveyor: pay attention to nearby traffic or heavy
machinery rather than having to concentrate on holding the pole
Special core calculation
plumb. Simple initialization
100% traceable data: readings from both the tilt and compass
sensors are stored with every point and flow through to the office More reliable accuracy
for complete visibility and confidence in the measurement results
Breakthrough 4: NFC Rapid Connection
Near Field Communication (NFC) a short-range high frequency wireless communication

RTK & Controller

by NFC connection

NFC function make your RTK switch connection in faster & convenience.
Breakthrough 5: Electric balance
Share electricity with controller

Operation time extended up to 30% CORS


Mainframe 7.4v5000mAH 10
Controller differentialmeans the
Controller 3.7v6000mAH 25 controller network connected with
CORS server, and controller receive the
differential data transfer the data to
With electric balance 13 hours the RTK receiver thru Bluetooth or wifi.
Breakthrough 6: Android System Controller

First develop android controller

Fast & speedy performance
Gainestown 1.2G CPU, 1G internal memory
Specially designed for surveying purpose
Full QWERTY design
One key for start, one key for survey, with shortcut keys
Solid & durable
IP68, with overmolding flexible glue covered
Breakthrough 7: Android Surveying Software

The first develop android surveying software

Hi-Survey software: Combination of intelligence & experience & high efficiency.

Based on your surprised experience

International interface and simple operation

Apply in Android Mobile phone

Abundant industry application function
Applied for map & electric power & road &
railway etc surveying.
Breakthrough 8: Private Cloud System
Mobile connect
Staff monitoring
Remote assistance
RTK Terminal
Intelligent preventing thieves
Information released

PC Terminal RTK Terminal

Cloud Service

Data management
Back-up with cloud system
Surveyed information seamless
fusion Controller Terminal
Intelligent analysis
Cryptography RTK terminal
PC Terminal Mobile Terminal
WiFi mode- enhancement in stability of data
V90Plus support mainframe to communicate
with controller as a WiFi hotspot. Wifi could
replace the bluetooth fully.

1. WiFi original passcode is 12345678

2. If you forget your setting WiFi passcode,

you could reset a passcode with
GNSSReceiverManager software.

Compared with bluetooth communicationWIFI

data transmission is faster and more stable.
External GPRS antenna

3G/GPRS antenna UHF internal radio antenna

V90Plus according to our mini RTK design concept, we gave up SL600/V60

internal antenna and adopted external GPRS antenna. We could select the
related antenna according to different working mode.
Accessory for measure the antenna height

Phase center distance 101.8mm

Ruler for measuring
antenna height 130mm

Pole Vertical
height height

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