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Work experience :Role n Responsibilities

overall and focused around below:

Analytics and customer experience
modernization space

Experience on Agile Scrum methodology and

Scaled Agile Framework.
Work Specifics
Information Platform Overview

AssistEdge Overview

Enterprise Analytics Hub Program

Slide No. 1
Seasoned Leader with 12+yrs of exp. Into Delivery and
Product Management with Agile Scrum & SAFE

Worked as a Senior Manager in Infosys, Big Data

Analytics Practice, leading accounts to build an
Information Platform.

Worked as a Product Manager in Infosys, on a

commercial offering focused on customer experience
modernization space.

Prior to Infosys worked with telecom major Amdocs on

Order Management System (OMS) Product.

Currently working with Principal Pune as Product

Manager on Enterprise Analytics Hub Program.
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Product Manager Senior Manager

Define/ Enhance/ Prioritize the Liaison for approvals and take

Product Roadmap bottom line for delivery.

SOW- Contract and Agreement:

Competitor and Market Analysis. Provide inputs on delivery

Manage the product life-cycle Release Strategy planning and

from inception to retirement. Program Management

Resource & People Mgmt: .

Product license and strategy Capacity, infrastructure, people,
planning training and space needs

Related engineering activities and

collaboration with various Risk Planning: Identify Risks
engineering/related groups with mitigation plans
Build Information Platform for 100 yrs US
certification major leveraging IIP product of
Discover Data from different sources and format.
Build correlation in the data by defining standards
Model Data using graph and RDF stores.
Provide insights to issues certificates at lightning
fast speeds in all varied scenarios and context.
Program for a US major cards and payment company

Customer Segmentation Segment & profile Customers and Merchants to assign Initial
& Profiling Credit Line using machine learnings algorithm like KNN

Identify and calculate the customer seasonality spend and

Customer Campaign
craft campaigns based on the trends received.

Customer Sentiment Calculate happiness index for customer through social,

Analytics clickstream and weblogs data.
AssistEdge is the first customer service product for
contact centers that delivers an integrated cross channel
Do-it-yourself Seamless experience across channels
Smart Connect

Patented self growing knowledge base that Context-passing capability captures

Intelligent routing algorithm analyzes the
guides customers step-by-step using an customer interaction history every time
context of your customer interaction and
interactive text, visual and video-based across service channels such as email, chat,
directs it to the right expert based on skill,
resolution mechanism, to increase first phone, social, etc. These are integrated,
geography, priority, workload and other sequenced and presented to the agent in a
call resolutions and reduce call volumes business rules.
and thus operational costs to the call single-window view.

Unified View Customer Service Feedback Management System Smart Suggest

Unified Service Dashboard aggregates Its a complete feedback management, analysis, Personalized Cross-sell up sell
information, non-intrusively, from disparate and response system. Feedback from varied recommendation engine based on self
sources (e.g., CRM, Billing, Social Media, etc.) channel like surveys, community engagement, learning from customer history, preferences
and provides an integrated view on the social and interaction feedback, fact files, and life value to increase revenue and wallet
agents dashboard. secondary research is constructed and share with the customer
captured. The structured and unstructured
feedback is analyzed to identify real-time action
items and service insights to improve the overall
customer experience.

Served as a Product Manager on highlighted

Received unit level Rewards and Recognitions and Certificate as
Best Captain and Best Team for this achievement of starting
with a 88K POC and turning it successfully into a sustainable 1
million/year USD account pipeline. Started with 8 members
grown to 35+ team

In the Unit new letters got whole team featured for heroic efforts
taken and on successfully delivering the successful program.
On the Big Data day in Infosys this was a Stellar case study as
a live Big Data implementation which got selected. I was chosen
to present it to CEO.
Presented this to Dr. Vishal Sikka during his Pune Visit and was
featured in story on Infosys Portal.
Team Efforts were appreciated by Infosys higher management
and client CIO as well.