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STEEPLED analysis:

Social: In the past, people just need a phone to communicate with other people from
long distance but now, they need a phone is not only help them connect to other
people but also bring to them various convenience such as reading book, updating
news, playing games, watching films, taking photos, storing a large amount of data
and so on. The release of the iphone meet these demands. The first generation of
iphone was launched on june 29, 2007. It runs Apples iOS and bring to many
applications in Appstore.

Technological: In the past, life cycle of smartphone often is 2 year or more but
nowadays, this period is shorter, life cycle of phone is only 6 months. Realizing it,
Apple launch a new generation of iphone every year. On September 9, 2014 Apple
released the latest generation of iphone: iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus. Through 8
generations of iphone models, there are many improvements in iphone. Processor
and quality of camera is upgraded through each generation such as: Iphone 3Gs has
faste processor, resolution is higher so that it can record video at 480p; iphone 4s
has A5 dual core processor, camera is upgraded to 8 megapixel to record video at
1080p; Iphone 5 has dual core A6 processor and increase the size of Retina display
to 4 inches. The iPhone 5S features the dual-core 64-bit A7 processor, an updated
camera with a larger aperture and dual-LED flash, and the Touch ID fingerprint
scanner, integrated into the home button. With iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus, the
screen size is bigger, measuring at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, respectively.

Environment: Environment is one of the most concerned problem in the world by

everyone. Realizing this, Apple developed their product toward be friendly with
environment. Making thinner and lighter product help reduce carbon footprint as well
as greenhouse gas emissions during transported process. Apple design the iPhone
5s box to be 41 percentage smaller in volume than the first iPhone box so that they
can ship more products per trip.

Economics: The City of Austin, Texas has reached an agreement with Apple, Inc. to
expand its campus and bring more than 3,600 new jobs to the city. In return for $304
million capital investment by Apple, the agreement gives Apple a grant of $8.3 million
over the next ten years.

Political: Vietnam is a country which is not fluctuated a lot in political, Vietnam is

governed by only one party so that there is not conflict between parties to compete
for interests. All policies and regulations are legislated by government. Hence,
Vietnam is a potential market with investors. Vietnam is a market which is paid
attention by Apple recently. In the conference of Apple in April, CEO Tim Cook
refered to Vietnam as a fast development market. Iphone sales in Vietnam increase
3 times in the first half of 2014. Growth of iphone in Vietnam is 5 times higher than in
India which is seemed as the most potential market of Apple.

Legal: Import tax and value-added tax for mobile phone in Vietnam is 3% and 10%.
Therefore, each Iphone presents in Vietnam has at least more 13% than original
price. The global average import duty rate for Mobile phone is 1.2%, with a minimum
of 0% and a maximum of 20%. We can easily see that Vietnamese import tax rate is
2.5 times higher than the global import tax rate.


Client confidentiality: Client confidentiality is very important when working with

customer in all field because customer want to make sure that their information will
be kept in secret. Client confidential is not only a thing prove professionalism of a
company but it is an effective way to gain customer belief. Security and privacy are
basic to the design of all apple product and service, they encourage customer to use
two-step verification to protect their apple Id account and information client store in
device as well. Apple always ask customer whether they want to share personal
information or not and if client change their mind later, they can stop sharing
information with apple.


Mostly people use iphone in the range from 18 to 49 years old, people from 35-49
years old have the highest percent in using iphone about 32%. The price of iphone is
quite high with young people who start to work, people from 35-49 years old often
have stable job with certain salary so they can afford to buy iphone. 75% of people
use iphone is male because they tend to like technology then female. Apple release
a new generation of iphone every year, female want to own a new iphone to see how
iphone change and whether it is better or worse than previous generation.

Marketing orientation: Apple focuses on the needs and wants of customers

instead of following the market. They provided the products that makes the trend to
attract people, with their own special style, size, and price. Apple-er always complete
like Apple's product more than others products. Before the publication of each
Apple's latest product, Apple focuses on the process strictly. For instance, they
usually have the period of time to test the quality of their products by giving their
employees to use it or putting their products into tests in the laboratory. Moreover,
they also focus on developing the positive features of hardware (camera, battery)
and software (IOS) to make difference.