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Darul Wutala. Au Pair from Moldova iA Language Test Mire la Pain Caton frm Mie GRAMMAR 1 Complete the sentences. Example: Are they from Switzerland? 11 mle sing, but I can play the guitay 2 ‘How did your phone break? 3We ae British. We're American. 4 There isn’t _Lc milk in the fridge. 5 ‘What's that?’ ‘It’s___ identity card.” 6___ Holly have any children? 71'mtaller_1_ my brother. 8 ‘Would you like to fly a plane?’ ‘No, 9 The art gallery is closed days. 10 What's the time?’ ‘It’s half three.’ u Xs aren’t many books on the shelf. 12 Spoke to him on the phone ten minutes zi 13 We hardly 4€0As watch TV at the weekend. 14 They (like the film ~ they left after 10minutes. 15 ‘How much coffee do you drink?’ ‘Quitea__.’ 16 They are__ ©” _noisiest neighbors in the street. 2 Underline the correct form. fell on the floor Example: My mother work / works in a hospital. 1 We don’t have some oe {/2 My father’s dentist / adentist. U 31 have a lot of /a lot brothers and sisters. il excel >sThe weather's bad. in Monday evening? always have breakfast at home, 7 Vhave always \/ giv raining, Let’s go / We go inside 9 I don't like get up/‘Betting up early. \/ 10 He's hoping fo study study law at university. 3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Example: Mark and Emma have (have) a house in Portugal. 11__>__ (not be) to Egypt. Is it nice? 2.He_— (not ask) for a cappuccino —he asked for a latte iss she _ (travel) to India next summer? (not be) at work yesterday 51___——_ (buy) a new car last week. “———_ (not listen) to music at the moment. ne (start) cooking classes next week. 8 Where __~_(be) he yesterday moming? 9 you ever (break) your leg? 10 How often ox _you_ jw (go) to the theatre?’ ‘Every month.” 11 Emma (write) him a letter two days ago. 12 Who bbe) the three greatest politicians of the twentieth century? 13 He has an exam tomorrow, so he _y__ (study) 14 She _\ (not like) using lifts. VOCABULARY 4 Complete the words in the sentences. éxample: We go to the supermarket every Saturday morning. 1 The cooker’s really d. We need to clean it. 21 think it’s going to rain. Let's take an u_. 31 gave my brother a w___—he often loses his money. AT read the nue __every day. 5 The car park’s normally full but today it’s quite e 6 1 was late for work because the bas was late. 7 Lusually have as for lunch. | love bread. 8 She's i 9 want to write something ~ can I borrow your p. please? 10 Tread two b___ when I was on holiday last summer. ening to the news on the f. 5 Tick (V) A, B, or C to complete the sentences. Example: We eat in the Abathroom Bbedroom Cdiningroom / 1 My mother's brother is my * Agrandfather_ B nephew (Cincle V_ 2-My sister works in an office. She’sa_A receptionist B musician C builder (3 don’t see Pete very much, but we often_P}__at weekends. Adownload Bskype C-search Vv 4 Can I pay by credit _ , please? Aticket Bmoney Ccard ah 5 L work with sick animal Alawyer B politician (ore ; 6 I got your email but I cdtildn’t open the ce A wifi ttachment C internet V7 My father’s a_F He flies all over the world. Apilot Bbuilder C nurse 8Ineed some _A _ for this letter, please. (Astamps Bkeys Coins 9 My brother’s daughter is my __/ A granddaughter _B sister (Cniece V 10 You can buy food at a__B Abank Bmarket C post office 6 What is the next word? Example: one, two, three 1 Wednesday, Thursday, TF w Vv 2 twenty, thirty, a2 hi 3July, August, Seplembz du 4 summer, autumn, 5 third, fourth, Vi a Uewtendy V 6 eight hundred, nine hundred, Set