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is Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns, giving a

description or more information. An adjective clause is

simply a group of words with a subject and a verb that
provide a description. The clause starts with a pronoun
such as who, whom, that, or which or an adverb such
as when, where and why.

The adjective clause will follow one of these two patterns:

relative pronoun or adverb + subject + verbrelative pronoun as subject + verb

No. Pronoun Use Example

1 Who Used for humans in the Hans, who is an architect, lives in
subject position Berlin.
Zaha Hadid is a woman who designed
contemporary arts center.

2 Whom Maria, whom Hans knows well, is an

Used for humans in the interior decorator.
object position Kenzo Tange whom I like very much
is an architect from Japan.

3 Which We cant afford to buy furniture which

used is made of very qualified material.
for things and animals in The drawing pen which I used
the subject or object position yesterday is new.

4 Whose Used for humans, animal and Marike, whose dog follows her
things in the subject or everywhere, is an animal lover.
object position to show Mrs. Lina whose her husband is a
possession lecturer is a drafter.
5 That Used for humans, animal and Maria is decorating a house that Hans
things in the subject or designed.
object position (but see It is the house that I has dreamed for
below) many years ago.

6 When refers to a time expression It was wonderful when I saw your

John met the famous architect when
he visited a museum.

7 Where refers to a place The place where I was born has been
changed to the large buildings.
The building where he lives is very

8 Why refers to a reason I dont know the reason why the tower
of pisa is leaning.
She dont remember the reason why
great wall of china is so long.