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1. Name of the Society : The name of society shall be Jasola Senior Citizen Welfare

2. Registered Office : 150, Pocket-1, Jasola, New Delhi 110025

3. Area of Operation : The area of operation of the society shall be All India

4. Aims & Objectives :

The society shall remain a non-political, non-profitable and a secular

It shall be endeavor to take adequate and effective measures for alround health
care and welfare of senior citizens together with providing a platform to the elder
citizens for utilization and use of their valuable experience, talents and abilities
for the benefit of the society and senior citizens in particular, by organizing and
conducting seminars, workshops, training programs, demonstrations, shows,
lecturers etc.
It shall endeavor to protect the interest of its members from harassment and
cruel behavior of vested interests.
To seek information under provisions of relevant Act regarding projects /
schemes concerning welfare of senior citizens from appropriate department /
authority and ensure receipt thereof.
With a view to ensure security and welfare of Senior Citizens, matters, as and
when, required to be taken up with competent authorities and also seek
representation in decision making bodies.
To endeavor to render financial and physical assistance to members in need for
discharging their social obligation and to organize a separate monetory fund for
the purpose.
To provide free legal aid to the needy and poor person for the redressal of their
grievances at the concerned forums.
To make efforts to gent old age home / community centres / libraries,
dispensaries established at appropriate places of senior citizens, destitute and
helpless with suitable recreative activities concerning their fitness of mind & body.
To emphasize the importance of Yoga and experience its advantages over mind
and body to attain complete peace and spiritual power for stress control and a
value based life.
To organize cultural programs related to Indian Classical, Folk Arts / Performing
Arts, Music, Songs, Paintings, Handicrafts and also sports, indoor and outdoor
To promote the human value in education systems for coming members of
generation and help financially talented younger generation in pursuits of their
5. Source of Income :
For the purpose of maintaining adequate finances and funds, the society hitherto names
a Jasola Senior Citizens Welfare Society shall receive, hold, accept any fees,
contribution, bequests, donations, grants, gifts, assistance, endowments or proceeds
thereof from local sources and donor agencies in India or Abroad. The income shall be
used for promotion and objectives of the society detailed above and any other objective
not mentioned herein before with the approval of the general body.

6. Governing Body : The Name, address, Occupation and Designation of the present
amended members of the governing body to whom the management of the affairs of the
society entrusted as required under section 2 of the Society Act 1860 are as under :

S. NO. Names Address Occupation Designation

1. Mr. N P Sen 150, Pocket-1, Retd. Govt. President
Jasola, New Delhi Service
Phone No. :
2 Mrs Padma 146, Pocket-1, House Wife Vice President
Agrawal Jasola, New Delhi
Phone No. :
3 Mrs. Varsa 33, Pocket-1, House Wife Treasurer
Manwani Jasola, New Delhi
Phone No. : 011-
4 Brid. Rtd. Zafar 22 SF, Pocket-2, Retd. Army Vice President
Ali Jasola, New Delhi Officer
Phone No. :
5 Mr. A C Khullar 11G, Sector 7, Retd. Official General Secretary
Jasola, New Delhi
110025, Ph. No. :
6 Mr. N D Ralhan 35F, Sector-7, Retd. Bank Secretary
Jasola, New Delhi Officer
110025, Mobile No.
7 Mr. J.S. Mauj 11G, Sector-8, Retd. Engineer Secretary
Chaudhry Jasola, New Delhi
110025, Mobile No.


The following are the provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Association

1. Name of the Society : The name of the Society shall be Jasola Senior Citizen
Welfare Association
2. Membership Defined : The term Member shall be referred to any male or female
having crossed the age of 60 years residing anywhere in India and physically,
mentally and morally fit.
3. Admission and qualification for membership : As in para 2, the person should
have a health state of mind enjoying social repute and free from any habit of
addiction with good behavior and social etequates.
4. Type of Members : There will be following type of members enrolled in the
i) Life Members (Paid up)
ii) Annual Members (Paid up)
iii) Patron Members (Non Member): Patron membership to be given to respectable
individual of great repute, senior coporate and person having excellence in any
field with philanthropic outlook, Patron members shall be nominated by the
president in consultation with the governing body / executive committee /
managing committee from time to time. Executive committee will decide the no,
of patrons as and when so required (Not exceeding 2). Patron members shall
be honorary members.
5. Subscription
i) Admission Fees: Rs. 51/- along with prescribed application from for annual
members. However, no admission fee for life members.
ii) Subscription Fees: Rs. 200/- for annual member. The subscription for life
member shall be one time payment of Rs. 1100/- only. Subscription shall be
subject to revision in the general body meeting (if needed). Subscription once
paid will not be refunded.

6. Contribution / Donations: The society shall accept contributions and donations

from India as well as abroad from any individual / organization for the welfare
activities of senior citizens under proper printed receipt subject to rules and
regulation as permitted.
7. Termination / Cessation of membership: Annual membership / life membership
shall cease due to any of the following reasons as per decision taken by the
executive committee.

i) Having criminal background.

ii) Medically declared insane or mentally unfit.
iii) On non-payment of annual subscription up to three months from the due date.
iv) If he does not abide with the directives of executive body or rules & regulations,
envisaged in the constitution or acts contrary to the aims and objectives of the
v) If found involved in addictions and drugs and sets a bad social example.
vi) if he tenders resignation from his membership and the same is accepted in
writing by the executive committee.

8. Appeal and re-admission of member :

i) A member can appeal for readmission on termination through his written reply
against the termination letter and satisfying the charges stipulated in
termination letter. If executive committee finds his reply up to satisfaction, he
can be readmitted to the organization.
ii) If the executive committee is satisfied, the reasons for nonpayment of
subscription / arrears / dues towards the organization, the member can be
readmitted back to the organization on payment of all dues / arrears up to date.
iii) All decisions of executive committee regarding termination and readmission
shall be communicated to the members concerned in writing.

9. Rights, privileges and duties of members : A member shall attend General Body
Meeting put forth resolution / no confidence motion, participate in General election /
voting, shall have right to inspect societys accounts, members register etc, shall
have right to appeal on any issue. The members shall have to follow directions of the
managing body and observe rules and regulations / aims and objectives of the
constitution of the organization.

10. General Body :

a) General Body Defined: The general body the organization shall constitute all paid
up members.
b) Powers duties and functions of the General body : The general body shall
approve, annual budgets, report of income and expenditure, accounts balance
sheet etc, and expenses of the society, pass resolution, decide, subscription of
the members, pass no confidence motion, pass dissolution of the organization,
conduct the election of the office bearers and the executive committee members,
nominate Internal Auditor, decide major programs and policies of the
organization, decide termination and re admission of the members.
c) There shall be minimum three meetings of the General Body in a year including
Annual General Meeting for the accounts budget and election etc. however, in
emergency General Body meeting can be called by the General Secretary in
consultation with the President with the usual General body meeting notice (in

11. Managing / Governing body / Executive committee :

a) The body upon whom the responsibility for fulfillment of the aims and objectives
of the society is vested and corresponding actions / activities taken there of shall
be defined as Managing / Governing Body / Executive Committee of the Society.
It can also be referred as Executive Committee of the organization.

b) The Term of the Managing / Governing body / E.C. of the society shall be Two
financial year i.e. from 1st April to 31st March. Succeeding in special cases the
term of existing body may be extended upto two months.

c) The minimum and maximum strength of the Executive / Governing body shall be
16 & 21 respectively.

d) Composition of the Governing Body : The Governing body shall constitute the
following position.

Office Bearers No. of Post

President 1
Vice President 2
General Secretary 1
Joint Secretary 2
Treasurer 1
Executive Members 16

Total Strength Min 16 & Max 21

Besides, there shall be one Internal Auditor nominated by General Body during

Financial year: The financial year of the organization shall be from 1st April
to 31st March of the succeeding year.
Final list of all paid up member (up to date) must be displayed by 2nd week
of March before the commencement of the new term. Nominations/
approval/ final list of nominated members for election in governing body
must be displayed by the 3rd week of march and the election be
conducted in general meeting preferably by 1 st week of April. The election
can be either by show of hands or secret ballots as decided by general
body meeting. A member may be debarred from voting/contesting the
election due to pending dues.
An election officer shall be nominated by the president in consultation with
the executive committee during January for the coming election year only
who shall be responsible for free and fair election of the Governing Body/
Executive committee.
A member shall not be eligible for election as an official in Governing
Body/ Executive committee for more than two consecutive terms.
However, he/she shall be again eligible for election to the body after a
lapse of one succeeding term. Office bearers of the preceding committee
shall continue as ex-office bearers for guidance of the new committee.
No office bearer of any other social organization shall be eligible for
election to any post office Bearers in Varishtha Nagarik Samaj.
Executive Member should preferably have one representative from each
pocket/sector/village of Jasola.

12. Power and duties of Office Bearers:

a) President

He shall preside all the General Body and Executive Committee meetings and shall
confirm the proceedings of the meeting.
He shall maintain law and order and decorum during the meeting and exercise his
absolute control/powers for peaceful and disciplined code of conduct to carry out
business of the meeting.
He shall approve all members admission/expenses, pass vouchers subject to
verification by the General Secretary.
He shall ensure the strict observance of societys constitution, its objectives and use his
powers accordingly.
He is empowered to convene emergency General Body/ Governing Body meetings and
direct the General Secretary accordingly.
He shall nominate Patron members in consultation with executive committee.
He may nominate members out of vacancies with the consent of executive committee.
He is empowered to spend a maximum sum of Rs. 1000/- out of contingency fund
without any prior approval. The expenses shall be regularized through normal accounts
He shall be empowered to cast one extra vote towards final decision on issues.

b) Vice President

He shall discharge all responsibilities of the president in his absence and exercise all his
rights enumerated as above in the column of President.

c) General Secretary
He shall acknowledge suggestions/proposals/complaints. Etc from general members for
their disposal in governing body.
He shall draft agenda of the General body meeting in consultation of the president and
issue meeting notices accordingly as per rules and finally get them confirmed by the
president in next meeting. He shall adopt resolutions in any meeting whether general or
governing, implement all decisions taken thereof, make correspondence, maintain
societys office. He shall take specific directions from president on specific issues, shall
maintain list of members, general body meetings proceedings and governing body
meetings proceedings and other societys office records. He shall obtain societys
registration as per Act, prepare annual reports, annual account Balance sheet along with
treasurer. He shall prepare programs for annual/mid-term elections, form sub-committee
for specific issues with the approval of president and executive body. He shall make
representations directly or indirectly, sue or respond to various civic, national,
government bodies on behalf of the society. He shall certify all vouchers, expenses,
membership admission form for their approval. He shall bring all issues of termination of
membership/readmission/misconduct of any member, antisocial, anti-national public
nuisance of any individual for its remedial measures in the meeting. He shall allot any
additional responsibilities to joint secretary and executive member. He shall be
responsible to promote the objectives as laid down in the constitution of the society.
He shall be empowered to spend a contingency sum of Rs. 1000/- (maximum) supported
by voucher and approved by the president subsequently and regularized through
accounting procedure.

d) Joint secretary

He shall discharge all responsibilities and powers of the General secretary in

absence and shall also discharge additional responsibilities as entrusted to him
by the General Secretary.

e) Treasurer

He shall issue all receipts, make payments, prepare annual Budget, financial
reports Balance sheet, Income & Expenditure account etc.
He shall maintain all accounts and relevant records and deal with financial
matters of the society independently.
He shall maintain registers, income and expenses accounts, vouchers,
Membership subscription accounts/donation contribution etc. cash book, ledger,
counter foils etc. for their inspection by the members and keep them up to date.
He shall operate a joint bank account in a nationalized bank along with the
General secretary/president.
He shall prepare the annual income and expenditure accounts and balance sheet
etc. along with general secretary and he shall also assist the internal auditor /
chartered accountant in auditing process to put the final audit documents in the
General Body meeting approval.
He shall keep an imprest cash amount of Rs. 1000/- for emergency use.
He shall apply for exemption in Income tax as per prevailing rules of the

f) Executive members

The executive members shall co-operate with the office bearers in

discharging their duties for the welfare of the society, can put up a
resolution for its consideration in the executive body, and can vote on
resolution to be passed or rejected and discharge any other responsibility
assigned to him by the general secretary, can also put up a vote of no
confidence for its consideration. Each Executive Member will represent
one pocket/sector/village of Jasola. He shall take interest of all Senior
Citizens of his area.

13. Quorum and notice to members for meeting

The General Body /M.C/E.C. shall have minimum quorum of 1/3rd of its
members while decision on mid-term election, constitution amendments,
no confidence motion dissolution etc. shall require 2/3rd of the members
present. In other cases simple majority will decide the matters under
Ordinary meetings in special cases can be held without taking into
considerations of minimum quorum, but only after waiting for a minimum
of an hour. In cases of special meetings such as election, constitution
amendments, no confidence motion, dissolution, etc. if quorum is not
complete, the waiting period shall be 1 Hour.
A minimum of 15 days notice by SMS / Email shall be required for general
body meeting. However, in special cases, general body meeting may also
be called at short notice.
The governing body/M.C/E.C. meeting shall be held at least 6 times in a
year. The notice by SMS / Email period shall be 7 days.

14. Filing of casual vacancy

The vacancies (if any) found vacant could be filled up through nomination in the
executive committee, on adhoc basis. However, such vacancies are valid only up
to election for the concerned post so filled up.
15. Sub committee (if any) formation/ composition/terms of reference/duties and function

Sub-committee for specific purpose shall be constituted by the executive

committee among general/ executive members. However such committee shall
be casual and its term will be specifically defined as and when required by
executive committee.

16. Sources of Income and utilization of Funds

The organizational source if income shall comprise of the following:

Admission fee
Contribution/Donation in Indian as well as Foreign exchange
Donation of movable and immovable property to organization
Interest on the Fixed assets or through any other income

The admission fee and subscription is subject to revision as and when decided in
General Body Meetings. All the proceeds of the above income should be utilized by the
executive committee, for the fulfillment of the objectives of the society. All the
income/funds shall be kept deposited in nationalized bank.

17. Audit of Accounts:

The internal auditor shall inspect all the accounts and their relevant records with
the treasurer and audit and prepare the financial statement of account in
coordination with the treasurer. He shall put audited accounts before the
executive committee who shall put it up before the annual general body meeting
for its approval. The internal auditor shall not take part in any other proceedings
of the executive committee meeting.

18. Operation of Bank account

The accounts of the society shall be operated by the treasurer jointly with
president/general secretary, in a nationalized bank through saving bank account.
19. Legal proceeding/ Jurisdiction (section 6 of the Act)

The society may be sued of sue any body in the name of the president /general
secretary as per provisions laid down under section 6 of the society registration
Act 1860. The jurisdiction shall be at the court of Delhi.
If for some reason or the other any legal proceeding has to start or interest
shown there on any legal proceeding, it shall be strictly in the interest of senior
Any amendment in the memorandum of association or rules and regulations of
the society shall be carried out in accordance with procedure laid down under
section 12 and 12A of the society registration Act. 1860.

20. Dissolution and Adjustment of Affairs:

If the society need to be dissolved, it shall be dissolved under the provision of section 13
and 14 of the society registration Act 1860.

21. Application of the Act:

All the provision under all the section of the Society Registration Act.1860 shall also
apply to this organization.

22. Essential certificate:

Certified that this is the original copy of Rules & Regulations of this Society.

(N P Sen) (Varsa Manwani) (A.C. Khullar)

President Treasurer General Secretary