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S Gio dc v o to K Thi HSG Lp 9 Cp Tnh

LONG AN Nm hc : 2010 - 2011
Ngy thi :
THI TH Mn thi : Ting Anh
Thi gian : 150 pht (khng k pht )

Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks .Each blank should contain only one word

Im Faith Lapidus. And I'm Bob Doughty. This week, we talk about (1).. the
leading cause of (2) .worldwide.

Barack Obama completed his first routine (3). as President of the United
States last week. Doctors (4). that Mister Obama is in excellent health. They
say all (5).. suggests that he will remain so during his presidency.

The ( 6) gave the president suggestions so that he can stay healthy. One is for
him to continue with ( 7).. to stop smoking. Mister Obama has spoken publicly
about those efforts in the past. The new report shows his battle against smoking is (8)


A. Write the correct FORM/ TENSE of the verbs in each bracket. ( 2 points )
Although some groups of people (1. always live)________________ outdoors in tents,
camping as we (2. know)________________ it today (3. begin)________________ to be popular
about 50 years ago. The increase in the use of cars and improvements in camping equipment (4.
allow)____________ more people to travel longer distances into the countryside and (5. stay)
________________ there in greater comfort.
Many campers like (6. be)_________________ themselves in quiet areas, so they take their tent
and food and walk or cycle into the forests or the mountains. Others, (7. prefer)_______________ to
be near people, (8. drive)_________________ to a public or privately-owned campsite which (9.
have)_________________ up-to-date facilities, like hot shower and swimming pools.
Whether campers are separate in the mountain or on a busy site, they should remember to keep
the area clean and tidy. In the forests, they must put out any fires and keep food hidden to avoid (10.
attract)________________ animals.

B. Preposition ( 2 points )
Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition:
1. Its very difficult to find work . the moment.
2. You remind me .. .. .. . my sister.
3. In many ways you take .. your mother.
4. This computer is still .. guarantee.
5. They named their daughter .................their favorite singers.
6. She is far the best teacher I have ever had.
7. Parents are naturally anxious. their children.
8. Im sure you will succeed this entrance test.

9. We try to prevent people . littering.

10. Im going to complain to the principal this.

C. Word Form ( 1 point )

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word in parentheses:
1. How many .. entered the race ? (compete)
2. He drives so . that he often has accidents. (care)
3. The computer is one of the most marvelous in our modern age.
4. She is always worried about her childrens.. . (safe)
5. In that, my bike tires were flat. (add)

III / READING ( 6 points )

A. Choose the best option to fill in each of the blanks to make a meaningful passage
(4 points )
Computers (1).. an important part in our life nowadays. Its (2). to
carry on our work without computers. For example, (3) are necessary in a university
library. All the (4).. normally found in a library is now (5). in
computers. This is very (6) for students because they can (7).
messages and receive information (8). having to leave their computers. Access (9)
a computer has now (10) students need.
1. A. do B. make C. have D. play
2. A. easy B. difficult C. exciting D.
3. A. books B. things C. computers D. messages
4. A. information B. work C. life D. event
5. A. kept B. stored C. put D. made
6. A. difficult B. comfortable C. suitable D. convenient
7. A. receive B. send C. give D. write
8. A. and B. but C. without D. not
9. A. to B. in C. of D. with
10. A. became B. becomes C. becoming D. become

B. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D (2 points )
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) research, the emission from car
exhausts causes more deaths than road accidents. The research found that one third of all harmful air
pollution was caused by road transport, and that long term exposure to pollution caused estimated
21,000 premature deaths a year across the three countries, France, Austria and Switzerland. This is
much higher than the 9,947 who died that year as a result of road accidents.
In addition, the researchers calculated that the car fumes caused 300,000 extra cases of
bronchitis in children, and 15,000 extra hospital admissions for heart disease made worse by the
pollution. They calculated that the cost of dealing with all this was 27 billion Euros per year. A lot of
money goes into making cars safer, but not as much is spent solving air pollution.
1. What is the main idea of the text?
A. Pollution and road accidents B. Bad effects of car exhausts
C. the necessity of making cars safer D. The toll of road accidents
2. According to the passage,

A. air pollution causes more deaths than road accidents.

B. road accidents cause more deaths than car fumes.
C. long term exposure to pollution is harmless.
D. car fumes cause one third of premature deaths.
3. Which of the following is not true?
A. Car exhausts cause bronchitis and heart disease.
B. Car fumes cause one third of all harmful air pollution.
C. Each year road accidents cause 9,947 deaths.
D. More people died as a result of air pollution than road accidents.
4. The money spent solving air pollution is
A. 27 billion Euros per year
B. not able to calculate
C. more than making cars safer
D. less than to make car safer
5. Which of the following is not mentioned as the bad effect of air pollution?
A. Causing illness in children
B. Causing premature deaths
C. Causing road accidents
D. Causing heart diseases

A. Rewrite the sentences so that they mean almost the same as those printed before them
( 1 point )
1. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.
In spite
2. I havent seen them for a long time.
3. Why dont you ask her yourself ?
I suggest
4. I'm sorry that I didn't finish my homework last night.
I wish
5. People say football is the best game to play.
B. Tet is the most important holiday in our country. Write a letter to your pen pal to tell him/ her
about it. You should use the following information in your letter ( 4 points )
- Time of the holiday
- Activities people do before Tet
- Activities people do during Tet
- The things you enjoy most about the holiday
Begin and end your letter as follows:
Dear Lan,

---THE END---
Trn y ch l phn trch dn 10 trang u ca ti liu v c th hin th li font, bn mun xem y
ti liu gc th n vo nt Ti v pha di.