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Hello and welcome to the Onyx Path!
Founded in 2012, Onyx Path Publishing is an independent company that intricately
crafts compelling new worlds and games, and lovingly creates new editions of existing
games. Our growing list of game lines includes: Scion 2nd Edition, the Trinity Continuum,
Scarred Lands, Cavaliers of Mars, Pugmire, and Monarchies of Mau, as well as our li-
censed editions of your favorite White Wolf games.
In the six years that we have been in business, weve produced hundreds of games,
supplements, and accessories in addition to stories, novels, and comics. This brochure is
designed to give you a taste of all that weve done in that time.
Speaking of our White Wolf game license, there have been some changes along the
way since I signed the license agreement with CCP, who merged with the original White
In 2015, White Wolf was sold to Paradox Interactive and a new studio, called White
Wolf Entertainment, was formed. With new ownership has come other changes, as well:
The classic World of Darkness game lines, which include Vampire: The Masquerade,
are now called the World of Darkness.
The new World of Darkness game lines, which include Vampire: The Requiem, are
now called the Chronicles of Darkness.

Onyx Path Publishing will continue to produce games and supplements for the World
of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness, and Exalted game lines as one of many licens-
ees working with White Wolf Entertainment.
The Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition core rulebook is being designed, written,
and published in house by White Wolf Entertainment, the owner of the intellectual
These shifts reflect exciting growth in our business relationship with White Wolf
Entertainment as they continue to explore and build on the amazing legacy of White
Wolf. We are thrilled to be a part of that through our license, even as we continue to
forge our own path.
This years brochure presents the clearest picture of who we are as a company and
what we have published to date. Within, youll find brief descriptions of our game lines,
as well as upcoming projects were proud to announce.
If you are curious and want to follow our path, check out our website,, for more information about all of our worlds.
Rich Thomas
Creative Director
Onyx Path Publishing
Many Worlds, One Path


The World of Darkness is much like our world, with a darker, more devious, and gothic punk twist.
Decadence, cynicism, and corruption are commonplace, and the dichotomy between the powerful and
the weak is more pronounced as the denizens of the supernatural vampires, werewolves, mages,
changelings, mummies, hunters, and wraiths reign from the shadows.
Twenty years after the original World of Darkness debuted, Onyx Path Publishing relaunched the World
of Darkness through its twentieth anniversary editions, RPG supplements, and fiction, as well as its
considerable efforts to offer the original source materials for fans through digital and print editions of
these books.
Today, Onyx Path continues to expand upon the twentieth anniversary game lines with new supplements
and fiction to lend the World of Darkness a modern, updated touch. Its current catalog of World of
Darkness twentieth anniversary game lines includes Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The
Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Wraith: The Oblivion, and Changeling: The Dreaming.
All World of Darkness 20th anniversary games are available through in print and
digital, and select titles may also be purchased in print through Indie Press Revolution.

World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters

World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters covers a variety of investigators of the supernatural in the World
of Darkness. Chapters address types of investigations, ghost hunting gear (infrared cameras, EVP meters,
night-vision goggles, thermographic cameras), methods of research, and other resources investigators can
use to deal with ghosts. New Merits representing ghost hunting equipment and connections will also be
included. Coming Soon!

Princes Gambit
Princes Gambit is an entry level, simplified version of V20 gameplay. gameplay. Created and written
by Justin Achilli, it is played with cards that are available in PDF format and as a set. This introductory
game contains everything players will need for an evening of casual gaming set in a vampiric Princes
Council as they try and determine who the Sabbat infiltrator and traitor is. Coming Soon!

Vampire: The Masquerade exploded into hobby games in 1991 and inspired
a generation of fans the likes of which the game industry had never seen before
or since. It was a game that allowed players to portray the monstrous vam-
pires of myth and legend in a sleek, modern setting. The cultural significance
Vampire left on not just the gaming world but on modern vampire-related
pop culture can be seen and felt at virtually every turn and in every medium

V20: Lore of the Bloodlines

Lore of the Bloodlines is a single volume companion to Lore of
the Clans that revisits some of the bloodlines in Vampire: The
Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, providing story
hooks, character concepts, history, and bloodline-specific rules.
The secrets of the Baali, Daughters of Cacophony, Gargoyles,
Harbingers of Skulls, Kiasyd, Nagaraja, Salubri, Samedi, and
True Brujah are now yours. Available Now!

V20: Dark Ages Companion

Dark Ages Companion combines the best aspects of a
players guide and a Storytellers handbook into one vol-
ume that contains a plethora of Cainite lore lost to vampires
of the modern world. Features all-new powers, Disciplines
and Thaumaturgy Paths, details on bloodlines, and a wealth
of setting information covering the nightly affairs of vampires
throughout several domains in the Dark Medieval world.
Available Now!

V20: Becketts Jyhad Diary

Becketts Jyhad Diary is filled with rich lore and setting in-
formation presented in letters, interviews, articles and other ar-
tifacts. The supplement also gives concrete advice on how to
use canonical characters and exciting events in a V20 chroni-
cle, and includes advice on how to run players through meta-
plot. Coming Soon!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse presents the Garou: creatures at once both man and wolf, and filled
with a Rage against the evils that would destroy and corrupt both the natural and spirit worlds.
Sacred warriors imbued with powerfrom the spirits of Earth and Moon, they are the
doomed heroes screaming defiance inthe face of impossibly powerful foes.

W20: Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams presents an in-depth look at the prehistory of the
Changing Breeds, including both the threats they had to face before
circumstances drove them to war and the War of Rage itself. Rather
than one answer, it showcases many time periods and many ways in
which the War could start, so that players and Storytellers can make
prehistory their own. It also presents the circumstances surrounding
the Second War of Rage, giving players the chance to take part, ei-
ther as Garou Conquistadores or as the Fera desperately trying to fight
off an invasion. Finally, the included chronicle structure allows modern
characters to visit these crucial moments of history in an effort to stop
the Wyrms most powerful minions. Available Now!

W20: Kinfolk
The Garou are born of two kinds: humans and wolves. These are their
Kinfolk those of the blood. These special people whether of
two legs or four carry in them the hope of the Garou: the promise
of future generations. Although Garou are born to Kinfolk, nobody
knows theyre different until they undergo their First Change. Until such
a blessed (or cursed) time, they are just like their more mundane
Kin. Most live as humans, suffering the foibles of humanity, all
the while hoping theyre secretly special, that they harbor the
wolf within. Even though that wolf will never howl for the major-
ity of Kin, theyve still got a vital role in the war, aiding the effort
from behind the lines. Available Now!

W20: Changing Ways

Changing Ways explores the psychology of Garou as
both archetypal hunter and religious fanatic. It is the mindset
of a character who wasnt born among humans, and the
strange (and sometimes disturbing) powers that W20s
protagonists derive from the spirit world. Coming Soon!

Mage: The Ascension features architects of reality locked in a deadly fight
to see whose future will prevail: the Ascension War. But within that sometimes
cosmic scope, Mage asks an intimate question: If you had the power of a god,
what would you do with it and what would IT do with YOU?

M20: Book of Secrets

For mages who think they have everything, this trove of treasures ex-
pands upon the wealth of material presented throughout Mage: The
Ascensions 20th Anniversary Edition. New Traits, new rules,
essays, answers, information the Secrets are revealed within. Building
upon the M20 core rulebook, this Book of Secrets features updated
rules and setting material. Available Now!

M20: Victorian Mage

Victorian Mage will cover the Victorian era in great detail to cover
events from 1880 to 1897 in the World of Darkness from the perspective
of a mage. This period-specific book will draw from history, like the nascent
beginnings of the Order of the Golden Dawn, but will also reveal M20 secrets
such as the foundation of the modern Technocracy. Coming Soon!

M20: Rich Bastards Guide to Magick

This guide explores how the real movers and shakers operate when magick
is thrown into their lush and money-driven world. Fans can expect to find
mansions, high-priced toys, expanded Backgrounds for wealthy wizards,
Technocrats, and additional source material related to the social elite.
Coming Soon!

All the stories they told you about what it would be like after you died?
They were wrong. There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. Theres only
the Underworld, with the ravening maw of Oblivion at the bottom and
the impossible dream of Transcendence at the top. And in between, all
the Restless Dead. Are you ready to join them?

Wraith 20th Anniversary Edition

The upcoming corebook features material on
the Dark Kingdoms, Spectres, Risen, Plasmics,
Orpheus, and more. It addition to an expan-
sive look at the setting and its secrets, fans can
expect revised and updated rules for Arcanoi,
Shadowguiding, Harrowings, Passions and
Fetters, and much, much more. Coming

Wr20: Book of Oblivion

The Book of Oblivion will explore
the depths of Wraith. This supplement
will reveal The Tempest and all of the
Maelstroms through history, the inner work-
ings of the Spectre Cults, terrifying Spectres
which include new Castes and Dark
Arcanoi and more. Coming Soon!

A game of modern fantasy, Changeling: The Dreaming takes you into
the secret kingdom of the faeries on Earth. Half-human, half-fae, changelings
come in all sizes, from the mischevious Pookes to the surly Trolls to the
bloodthirsty Redcaps. You are invited to enter a world where mythic adventure
and magical wonder co-exist with the mundane.

C20: Anthology of Dreams

We dream, and we tell stories. We dream of love
and the sort of person who might complete us. We
dream of horror and wake breathless. We dream
of magic, of flying through the air, or breathing un-
derwater. We dream of fantastic vistas and amazing
monsters.We dream, and then we wake, and we tell
stories. Our dreams create the Kithain, the changelings. Our
stories are sustenance.
The Anthology of Dreams contains ten new stories inspired by
Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition, including new
fiction from:

Changeling 20th Anniversary Edition

C20 returns to the deceptively bright-yet-terrifying world of the fae.
The corebook compiles and completes the concepts of the previous
two editions, updates rules for the Gallain and all of the kiths, revisits
the state of the Glamour and dreams through a modern lens, and
more. Coming Soon!
In addition to the highly-anticipated corebook, several releases are
planned. They include an anthology and the following supplements:
C20: Guide to Freeholds, C20: Quickstart, C20: Kithbook:
Boggan, and C20: Immortal Eyes 4.

In addition to producing games, Onyx Path Publishing is pleased to offer stand-alone collections
of short stories and novels for your favorite settings. This year, we have expanded our reach
to offer additional formats in PDF, ePub, and Mobi so you can read our collections on your
computer, mobile phone, Amazon Kindle, and the Nook from Barnes and Noble.

Now, you can purchase select anthologies and novels from
and, in addition to

Watch our website at for more information

as we expand into these new markets!

Our modern world is fraught with dangers, from the products of mad science and corporate greed to the perils
of lost civilizations. Fortunately, as many of the Talented will tell you, danger is their middle name, and the on
Society is here to help them put things to right. The only constant in the world is change, and thats where you
come in.

At long last, the Trinity Continuum returns in this new edition with a new system and setting
revised from the ground up. Talents: the subtle champions, daredevils of unparalleled skill
and luck. Psiads: those able to employ the powers of their own minds to affect those
around them. Novas: the stalwart few with the power to alter the very fabric of reality.

These Inspired arise in times of need. Few of them will ever sit idly: they seem
to be driven to act. Some will be crowned as heroes, others as power-mad
aberrations. Which will you be? Watch for our Kickstarter to launch a
new edition of this exciting game!

The Trinity Continuum Rulebook will include:

The Storypath system

A modern introductory setting thats packed with action and


A full guide to playing Talents, their Gifts, and their various


In a world still recovering from a
devastating war with horrifying
mutated Aberrants, the last thing
humanity wants to hear is that
theyre are back, and they want

Fortunately, Orders have arisen, each responsible for the creation of a

specialized type of psion ready to combat the Aberrant menace. Will it be
enough? A battle rages among the stars, and the psions are humanitys best

Trinity Continuum: on will include a:

Complete 22nd century setting featuring Earths first steps into the
greater galaxy.
Guide to psions, the powerful artificially-created psi-users
produced by the quixotic Psi Orders.

GM-centric material detailing some of the settings

secrets and potential future fates.

The greatest men and women of Creation are those divinely blessed
heroes known as the Exalted. The mightiest among these are known
as the Solar Exalted, the chosen of the Unconquered Sun, Lord of
Heaven and first among the gods.
Exalted Third Edition offers a redesigned system that takes the
best parts of the previous editions and streamlines the mechanics for
maximum playability. It also includes:
New! Expanded Character Creation Create and play Solar
Exalted characters and compelling mortal heroes with more
information and fleshed out details.

New! Merit System Customize characters more easily and

precisely than ever before with a new system of Merits.

New! Magical Equipment Be more prepared for battle

with a new and more compelling treatment of magical
weapons and armor, including Evocations Charms and
other miracles that may be gained by establishing rapport with
mystical artifacts.

New! Combat System Fight with a new cinematic combat

engine, primed to deliver dynamic, exciting, and easily resolved
battles between heroes, gods, and armies.

New! Charms Explore a vibrant new Charm set encompassing

both classic Solar powers from previous editions and all-new
powers to shift the course of Creation.

...and much, much more!

Available Now
Exalted Third Edition
This is the tale of a forgotten age before the seas were bent, when the world
was flat and floated atop a sea of chaos. This is the tale of a decadent empire
raised up on the bones of the fallen Golden Age, whose splendor it faintly
echoed but could not match. This is a tale of primal frontiers, of the restless
dead, of jeweled cities ruled openly by spirits in defiance of Heavens law.
This is a tale of glorious heroes blessed by the gods, and of their passions and
the wars they waged in the final era of legends.
This is your tale. This is Exalted. What legends will they tell of your deeds?
Exalted 3rd Edition depicts both a revitalized and expanded Creation,
and the triumphant return of the Solar Exaltedbut whether their rebirth
will herald the salvation or destruction of the world, none can say. The sys-
tem redesign takes the best parts of the previous editions and streamlines
the mechanics for maximum playability.

Miracles of the Solar Exalted

The blessing of the Unconquered Sun unlocks the potential within each of
his Chosen, allowing their heroic skills to become expressions of divinity.
More than any other Exalted, the Charms of a Solar express who she is
and what shape her legend will burn into the world.
This book contains over 80 new Solar Charms embodying a range of
concepts and stories dreamed up by players of Exalted and meticulously
crafted and balanced for inclusion at any and all tables. Fire an arrow
and let it become a waiting judgment upon the wicked. Unleash a sword
stroke that can overwhelm the blade of Heaven itself. Train your loyal
beast companion into an unstoppable colossus. Effortlessly seed the bat-
tlefield with inspiring words alongside arrows and blades. Empower your
spirit familiar with the light of your anima. Tame a hurricane with your
music. These miracles and more may be found within.

Tomb of Dreams Jumpstart

Tomb of Dreams includes the games core rules, five pregenerated
characters, and a self-contained scenario that can start a new campaign
or that Storytellers can use in an ongoing chronicle. And for groups that
already have the Exalted Third Edition main rulebook, Tomb of
Dreams will serve as an introduction for new players and a quick refer-
ence during play.

Upcoming Releases
Several Exalted releases are planned in addition to the titles featured below. Be sure to check our list of current
projects for more information about Exalted supplements, stories, a musical suite, and a book of essays, too.

Adversaries of the Righteous

Perfect for Storytellers, Adversaries of the Righteous is a series of antagonists released individually for
Exalted Third Edition. The line, which debuted with Harrowing Silence, features one-to-two antagonists with
backgounds and rules.

Arms of the Chosen

Arms of the Chosen is the definitive tome of artifact weapons and armor for the Exalted.
It expands and develops the Evocation system introduced in the corebook, features a
wide selection of weapons and armor, and includes a section dedicated to Warstriders.

Hundred Devils Night Parade

In this collection you will find new foes, encounter old enemies, and learn the secrets
of these denizens of Exalted 3rd Editions wondrous world. Find monsters including
Strix, Zicnal, Doppleganger, and the demon Mata-Yadh!

What Fire Has Wrought
This book introduces the Dragon-Blooded for the first time in Exalted Third
Edition, including character creation rules and the Dragon-Blooded Charm
set. Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought is the first indicator of the
dynamic new novel feel of Exalted, of amped-up Storytelling, with each book
as a chapter in the legend of the game. This book will give an iconic view of the Dragon-
Blooded, showing their creation as the armies of the Celestial Host and detailing their place
in the current era. It will feature some further details of the Realm as well as Lookshy and other
locales where Dragon-Blooded are prominent. Overall, it will focus on the legend of the
Dragon-Blooded and the fires they have had to walk through to get to where they are, as
Creations premiere, dominant Exalted. Watch for a new Kickstarter launching in 2018!

The Realm
Unlike its predecessors, this book does not end at the shores of the Blessed Isle, but
covers Realm satrapies in the Threshold and beyond. It will provide a deep exploration
of Dragon-Blooded society and what it means to be a Dynast, including the Immaculate
Philosophy, the beliefs, and histories that guide the morality of the Realm and unite the
Dragon-Blooded host against the avarice of the gods and the power of the Anathema.
A large part of this book will be devoted to detailing the houses of the Dynasty, updating
and enlivening with intention of making the houses as tantalizing as Kindred Clans in
terms of iconicism and player association and appeal.

Scion Second Edition
The ancient powers never fully went away. They wander
our roads and cities, mingling with the teeming masses
of humanity. You are one of their children, born to the
magic of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow.
Will you rise to the heights of power through your heroism?
Will you become more than just a pawn in a spiteful divine
game? What great events will mark your divine ascent?
Scion: Origins will include:
The Storypath system. These rules provide a
foundation for playing any character mortal or
god in the Scion World.
Lots of character options ranging from pre-Visitation
Scions to Therianthropes to Beserkers.
A detailed setting exploring different relationships
between the gods and humanity.

The Primordial deities and savage Titans have escaped
their eternal prisons to wage war with the Gods once
more, and those battles in the heavenly Overworld
have spilled over into our World. Armed with Birthright
weapons possessed of mighty Boons, the Scions, divine
offspring of both God and man, stand as humanitys
only defense. But even the Gods themselves cannot
stand united, as ancient rivalries spring forth once more.
Scion: Hero will include:
Ten global pantheons that act as parents and patrons for
Scions:Algonquin,Aztec, Chinese, Egyptian, Greco-
Roman, Hindu,Irish,Japanese, Norse, and Yoruba.
Detailed Modes and Shards, optional rules, and
alternate settings to accommodate new Scion
Explorations of the nature of Scions and their
relationships, from their first godly Visitation to the
titanspawn who curse their very existence.
The World of Scion expands with the Scion: Bestiary. In this expanding volume, youll find different
Legendary Creatures of the World and how they interact with Scions. Satyrs, centaurs, therianthropes,
and fair folk will all get their due as both player characters and antagonists. Find detailed information
to expand the setting, and learn how these creatures hide (or dont) from humanity.


Help get into the game with Scion: Ready Made Characters! This collection features the five,
original signature characters from the first edition game, along with five, new sigs to coincide with new
pantheons. Each signature character has a full history, personal Relics and Guides, and ready-made
character sheets to drop into your game whether as player-characters or Storyguide characters for
your Scions to love, hate, or fight with!

The Scion: Jumpstart will provide everything you need to start playing Scion Second Edition. Youll
find rules for the Storypath System, five pregenerated characters, and a self-contained scenario to play
as is, launch a new chronicle, or use in an ongoing chronicle. And, for groups that already have the
Scion: Origins Second Edition rulebook, this jumpstart will serve as an introduction for new players
and a quick reference during play.
The Overworlds gone silent, and the Scions are left
to their own devices as they battle a renewed titans-
pawn offensive. But is the war already lost? Without
word from the Gods as to whats occurred, the he-
roes must master the powers of demigodhood, visit
the Worlds terrae incognitae and finally storm the
Underworld itself in a desperate attempt to reach
the Gods and save all that exists. The second edition
supplement will include rules for domain-level play
and ways to interact with the lands of the dead.

Now risen to the hallowed ranks of the Gods, the
Scions must fight as soldiers in the Overworld War,
facing the Titans and their spawn on a battleground
beyond imagining. The final battle has yet to be
fought, and the future is undecided. Trusting that the
inscrutable power of Fate will bear them to victory,
the Scions press on, ignoring the lesser threats and
taking the battle to the Titans themselves. The second
edition supplement will include rules for playing
Incarnations, the many lives Gods live through.

Return to dying Mars in its last age of glory!
Mars, a planet of flashing swords and choking sands, of winking courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities.
Mars, where fortune and death are two sides of the same obsidian chit, where lost cities and dry oceans
stretch between the last bastions of civilization. Where the First Martians, the monument-builders, are but a
haunted memory. Where the Red Martians become decadent and reckless in their last days. Where the Pale
Martians rule the wastes, remembering a history whose weight would crush a lesser people.
In Cavaliers of Mars, you take the role of a Martian adventurer. You could be a cast-out priestess, or a tradesman
whos put down his tools in search of adventure. You might even be a grizzled cavalier, who can charm and ride
any beast, including the wind itself. But whoever you are, youll pit your personal code of honor against a world
by turns romantic and forsaken. Youll find yourself tangled in intrigues and wars, with only your friends to save
you when your passions carry you too far. This world needs heroes, and thats the one thing you cant help being.

A Festival of Blades Jumpstart

Return now to dying Mars in its last age of glory. A planet of flashing swords and choking sands, of winking
courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities. Mars, where fortune and death are two sides of the same obsidian chit,
where lost cities and dry oceans stretch between the last bastions of civilization. Where the First Martians, the
monument-builders, are but a haunted memory. Where the Red Martians become decadent and reckless in
their last days. Where the Pale Martians rule the wastes, remembering a history whose weight would crush
a lesser people.
In this adventure, youll find yourself in Vance at festival time. When revolutionaries strike a visiting prince,
youll need to explore the citys dark underbelly, before racing across its towered tombs!
Live, fight, and love on Mars, a world of red death and strange mystery, a world of savagery and romance.
A Festival of Blades Jumpstart includes:
A complete adventure set in one of dying Mars greatest remaining cities.
The innovative DEIMOS rules, for high-flying, swashbuckling adventure.
Four pre-generated player characters, ready to get into the heart of the action.

Available Now!
The Chronicles of Darkness, which debuted in 2004
as the new World of Darkness,drew upon the roots of
the original World of Darkness and introduced a new
look into a shadowy, dangerous world. Players could
step into the everyday shoes of mortals, or they could vie
for power and control as a vampire, werewolf, change-
ling, geist and more.
Now more than a decade later, the Chronicles of
Darkness and its supporting lines are flourishing,
with each game line receiving 2nd Editions, starting
with the 2013 release of the Chronicles of Darkness
Rulebook featuring The God Machine chronicle.
Available Now!

Hurt Locker
Horror is all about the stakes. Hurt Locker is a sup-
plement about violence and pain, and how to facilitate
it at your table beyond just rolling the dice and mark-
ing health boxes. Hurt Locker features treatment of
violence in the Chronicles of Darkness. Find ways
to explore lasting trauma, scene framing, and other
tools for making your stories hurt, including expand-
ed equipment and new player options like Merits, su-
pernatural knacks, and even new character types like
psychic vampires and sleeper cell soldiers. Available

The Contagion Chronicle is an overarching Chronicle consisting of chronicle hooks,riveting
settings, and Storyteller aids to help present all the Chronicles of Darkness game lines into
one consistent story. In the chronicle, the Contagion acts as a motivational force and inspires
the formation of factions where vampires, werewolves, mages, mummies, etc. come together in
new and unique ways.
Once joined together to deal with the Contagion, these factions will never see their world (or
each other) the same way, and will be forever changed. Each time the Contagion emerges to
threaten the fabric of our world, the only beings capable of manipulating, slowing, weapon-
izing, or halting it, are the unnatural denizens from across the Chronicles of Darkness. The
Contagion permeates Infrastructure and warps the known antagonists and supporting blocks
present in the lives of every inhuman being.

Watch for more news about The Contagion Chronicle on our website at

The history of the Chronicles of Darkness isnt a secret, it is a myriad of se-
crets. Every supernatural creature every vampire, every changeling, every
mage, every demon knows that her kind has been there, hiding among the
human masses, for time immemorial.
Dark Eras is a crossover book that features nine Chronicles of Darkness
games in different historical eras. Included in each era are snapshots of
the various supernatural creatures, including vampires, changelings, mum-
mies, and demons. Available Now!

Dark Eras Companion

The Dark Eras Companion presents eleven new Eras for the
Chronicles of Darkness. Stretching from Ancient Rome and Egypt
through the Black Death, the Thirty Years War, the Reconstruction,
and the Russian Revolution, the Companion showcases even more
of the secret history of this eldritch world. Available Now!

Tales of the Dark Eras

Tales of Dark Eras is an anthology of short stories
that spans eleven game lines and over fifteen hundred
years of history. From an ancient prophet in 450 BCE to
a creepy moment of dj vu in 2016, explore a dozen sto-
ries that represent the Chronicles of Darkness. Available

Dark Eras 2
Our newest addition to Dark Eras, this supplement features two
game lines in each featured historical era! Coming Soon!

Tonight, you become one of the Kindred, the beautiful and the damned who
hide behind our ordinary world. Driven by a hunger like fire, you will struggle
to maintain your humanity while immersed in a vicious society of monsters.
Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition features Blood and Smoke: the
Strix Chronicle. In the chronicle, your Kindred are the smart, sexy vampires
of pop culture, but you are haunted by the Strix the grisly, demon-pos-
sessed corpses of folklore!

Thousand Years of Night

Thousand Years of Night includes detailed instructions on creating elder
vampires, including how to base chronicles around them. Youll peer into the
lives of elders to see how they spend their nights, who they work with, and why in-
cluding their roles in both their clans and covenants. New rules include Devotions,
Merits, and Rituals for elder vampires. Storytellers will also find new antagonists
including Inamorata, Lamia, Sons of Phobos, a new elder conspiracy, and more!
Available Now!

Guide to the Night

Specific guidelines for getting the most out of Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition for
both players and Storytellers. Includes Three Tier advice for setting your Chronicle
and additional ways to expand your characters and Chronicles. Coming Soon!

There are creatures tainted by Kindred blood, yet not quite among the Damned.
Building on Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition, Half-Damned covers ghouls,
revenants, and dhampir as playable characters. Coming Soon!

Humanity is cursed into a prison of Sleep, ignorant of the wonder and danger all around them.
Ground down into slavery to masters theyll never see, beset by a plague of cares to dis-
tract them from the Truth. You were like them, once, but now you are Awakened.
You see the world beneath the Lies skin, and the Mysteries beckoning you
into the shadows. Every day of your life, you hear the call of the super-
natural, from the least ghost to the deepest cosmic enigmas. Mage: The
Awakening 2nd Edition features the The Fallen World Chronicle.

Numina and Condition Cards

Part of the new Mage the Awakening 2nd Edition rules, Conditions add an ad-
ditional layer of consequence and reward to certain actions in the Chronicles of
Darkness. These cards may be used for exceptional successes, supernatural abilities,
and situations to heighten drama. Also available in this deck are brand new Numina
cards for ease of reference at the table. Available Now!

Fallen World Chronicle Anthology

People Sleep through their lives, never knowing the wonders and terrors concealed
from them. Awakened mages see the Lie for what it is, scratching the surface of many
mysteries. Each is a revelation, a danger, an obsession in the making. Armed with
magic and a need to know, mages confront the supernatural and unexplained.
The Fallen World Anthology contains 12 short stories of magic and mystery, in
celebration of the second edition of Mage: The Awakening. Available Now!

Signs of Sorcery
This book covers the physical, tangible expressions of magic: Sacraments,
Magical Tools, Grimoires, and more, as well as the creations of archmages.
Coming Soon!

Tome of the Pentacle

An investigation into the Orders that explores how they interact on a region-
al and global level. Included in this Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition
book will be the history of each Order in more depth than ever before.
Coming Soon!
Prometheans are soulless corpses animated by a mysterious, alchemical force the Divine Fire stolen
from the gods. They wander the dark places of the world, seeking what their creators denied them: humanity.
Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition is a game about stolen lives, and features The Firestorm Chronicle.
The new edition focuses on making the game more accessible for players; it offers new and revised rules for de-
signing each characters Pilgrimage.

The complete guide to playing a Promethean in the Chronicles of Darkness

Reimagined Lineages and Refinements, and a redesigned system for Trans-
A more detailed approached to the Pilgrimage that presents players with
more control over their characters path
New challenges on the road to humanity, including deranged, greedy

You are one of the Uratha whose inherited the blessings of Moon and Wolf.
You conduct your sacred hunts in the shadows of the ordinary world, trying to
maintain the boundaries, desperate to ignore your instincts. But the hunt isnt
easy. Your werewolves think they can hunt any prey, but they now face the
return of the idigam incomprehensible spirits of things that never existed, im-
prisoned at the dawn of time. Now theyre back, and they want to kill their jail-
ers. Werewolf: The Forsaken 2nd Edition features The Idigam Chronicle.

The complete guide to playing a werewolf in the World of Darkness.

Reimagined tribes, auspices, and spirit magic to create the ultimate predator and
her pack.
A brand new look at werewolf hunting grounds around the world, from Basra to
Rules for the werewolves prey, and five examples of the idigam.
Also Available: The Idigam Chronicle Anthology.
The scales have fallen from your eyes. A fire is lit: is it a lamp perched over the
inscription upon an ancient blade? Or a roaring conflagration consuming
the house in which the howling fiends wait? Things will never be the same
after this. Youve set forth on a damning path. Carry the Vigil. Fight
back the shadows. Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition will feature new
Endowment rules, new compacts and conspiracies in addition to fan
favorites, loads of Storyteller advice, new and revised Dread Powers,
and so much more! HtV2E will also feature The Slasher Chronicle in-
cluding a new compact and the VASCU conspiracy!

Changeling: The Lost is a game about those people in aw-

ful situations, who have mustered the strength to move on. Its
about learning to survive in a new world, one that looks like
the one you grew up in, but one youll never see the same
way because of what youve been through. Its about strug-
gling to find a balance between facing the world, and looking
back and healing. The upcoming Changeling: The Lost 2nd
Edition rulebook features The Hunstman Chronicle.

Imagine being both dead and deathless at the same time. Imagine being cradled in the
arms of death for years, sometimes decades on end, but all the while knowing that you
will eventually not only arise again, but awaken to an unfamiliar world that mostly fears
and hates you. Now imagine that your purpose, your entire existence, is bound
within this cycle that you are chained to it for all eternity. The Mummy: The
Curse rulebook, stories, and supplements are available now! Keep your eyes
unwrapped this year for more word on Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition.

Your story begins with the moment of your death, and with the
Bargain that reversed it. With the cold hand that brought you back
to the living world, with the dry whispers that still haunt you, with the
presence that has nestled in your soul. Every night is the carnivale,
because every night you walk with ghosts. Death is a door. You are
the one with the key. Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition will offer a
revised and updated rules system and an expanded setting.

In Demon: The Descent, angels are everywhere. They are un-
der the everyday world, behind it, beyond it. They are sent by the
God-Machine to enact its will through time and space, deliver-
ing messages, building infrastructure, protecting some people,
killing others. You were one of those angels, but not anymore.
Now you are one of the Unchained, a fallen angel who de-
fected to the human race. Yours is a world of false identities
and clockwork conspiracies, stolen faces and hidden works
of the Machine. You cannot will not return to the ster-
ile embrace of Heaven. All you can do is reign in Hell. The
Demon: The Descent rulebook is now available. Watch
for Night Horrors: Enemy Action coming soon!

You are a Beast, and you must feed. Your Hunger drives you, and your
Hunger might damn you. Indulge too lightly and your Horror will take
matters into its own hands, roaming the Primordial Dream for sustenance
and awakening murderous hatred in spiritually weak individuals. Feed too
deeply and too often, and you become sluggish, sacrificing the raw edge of
Hunger for the languor of Satiety. You must decide how to grow your Legend
- will you be the monster incarnate, the thing that all other monsters fear? Or
are you doomed to die under a Heros sword? Beast: The Primordial,
which introduces second edition rules, is now available. The Beast Players
Guide is coming soon!

Scarred Lands Players Guide
The Award-Winning
Fantasy Setting Returns
Scarred Lands has been a favorite fantasy setting since the re-
lease of the Creature Collection for the d20 System in 2000.
In subsequent years, over 40 titles were published for Scarred
Lands, making it one of the most fully supported fantasy RPG
settings ever and the premiere product line of Sword & Sorcery
Studios, a subsidiary of White Wolf Publishing.

Now, Onyx Path Publishing and Nocturnal Media have part-

nered to bring this cherished fantasy setting back to your gam-
ing table!

This core setting guide focuses on the continent of Ghelspad

and has been designed in two similar, but wholly independent
forms: one for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and
another for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules. Find
Scarred Lands-specific player races, dozens of setting-spe-
cific archetypes for core, alternate, base, and even hybrid
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes; and dozens of new
archetypes, paths, domains, traditions, oaths, and more for
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition classes and much, much

The Wise and the Wicked
Second Edition
Heroes, Villains, and Others in Between!
This tome is a revision of the original book by the same title, published
for use with 3rd edition rules for the worlds most popular roleplaying
game. In this revised edition of The Wise & the Wicked, all the same
characters have returned (and weve added some new ones, too!),
all newly updated to Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules, for use with
the Scarred Lands Players Guide.

Champions of Gods and Titans

The Wise & the Wicked introduces a rogues gallery of the Scarred
Lands movers and shakers, characters who carry out the will of the gods
or the fallen titans. These non-player characters can be friends, enemies,
or simply convenient resources for the player characters in your Scarred
Lands game or easily transported into campaigns set elsewhere.

Inside, find villains such as King Virduk of Calastia, the Black Dragon, along
with his wife, the beautiful (and black-hearted) Queen Geleeda; and the
sinister general of Virduks northern armies, Archduke Traviak the Steel-
Fisted. At the other end of the spectrum, meet the gracious Lady Ariniel, the
Swan Knight, champion of Madriel; Kimer the Shatterer, bearer of the Earth
Sword of Scarn and tenacious foe of the titanspawn of the north; and King
Thain the Just, the Aleking, ruler of Burok Torn. And many others beside!

Also Available
The Gauntlet of Spiragos Adventure! First in a trilogy of Scarred Lands
adventures where the players must recover ancient artifacts of the Titan
Spiragos in the face of terrible creatures and rival seekers!

D ogs have inherited the world, building the kingdom of Pugmire untold centuries after the Ages of Man
are over. These dogs have been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the
ruins of the Old Ones. Some dogs have learned to use the leftover technology of humanity, but they believe
it to be magic handed to them by their lost gods. Others seek to create an ideal civilization, using a Code of
Man compiled from ancient, fragmentary lore left behind by humanity.

Pugmirejuxtaposes the tropes of high fantasy with our relationship with domestic dogs.
Dogs adventure to explore lost ruins in search of relics, knowledge, and danger.
They have access to magic that they control through faith or academic study.
Enemies of Pugmire can either be monstrous or simply other misunderstood
people, such as the cats of the Monarchies of Mau. Civilized dogs have a moral
code that classifies some people as good and others as bad (although not
evil thats reserved for insane monsters that only seek destruction and chaos).

The world is dangerous and mysterious, but good dogs will persevere.

Its one of the first of Onyx Path Publishings creator-owned games, produced
in a partnership with Eddy Webb and his company, Pugsteady. Combining the
ideas, passion, and creative of experienced designers with decades of experience
in producing quality roleplaying game products, these creator-owned games
push the boundaries of the Onyx Path brand in new and diverse directions.

Some highlights ofPugmireinclude:

An evocative and mysterious setting thats

both family-friendly and deep enough to
create compelling stories.

A traditional fantasy rules system redesigned for

streamlined play and easy creation of heroic dogs,
with an emphasis on cooperation and action over
competition and violence.

A variety of callings and breeds that give access to

several fun and interesting tricks.

Rival species to interact with, like cats and badgers,

along with terrifying and dangerous monsters that
roam the landscape.

Will you be a good dog?

Upcoming Releases
Pans Guide for New Explorers
When a devastating flood hits Pugmire, all manner of bad dogs, opportunistic rats, and manipulative
cats take advantage of the kingdom. Enter Pan Dachshund. Known for his daring exploits, the
bold dog records a journal based on his own exciting encounters. But its time for a new group of
pioneers to set out on a chaotic and risky adventure. Armed with Pans Guide, good dogs explore
the wilds to discover the key to Pugmires salvation!

Pans Guide for New Pioneers includes:

A full Pugmire adventure, aimed at people brand new to roleplaying games and experienced
players alike!

Rules laid out and explained for every encounter and challenge in the adventure.

Snippets of Pans journal presented for enjoyable reading or integration into the game.

Ready-made characters so a game of Pugmire can commence as soon as you open this book.

Hyperlinks to video footage and an audio version of the book, for those who prefer to follow
along in different mediums.

Tales of Good Dogs

Tales of Good Dogs is a fiction anthology featuring stories of adventure and mystery with the dogs of
Pugmire. Edited by the legendary James Lowder (Madness on the Orient Express), Tales of Good Dogs contains
contributions by Pugmire creator Eddy Webb, Jackie Cassada (The Toybox trilogy), Elaine Cunningham
(Elfsong), Wendy Despain (Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing), Joshua Alan Doetsch (Strangeness
in the Proportion), Sean Patrick Fannon (Shaintar), Cassandra Khaw (Hammers on Bone), Aaron Rosenberg
(Star Trek: S.C.E.), and more.
Before we were six. Now we are one. We differ on many points, but on these we agree: always
trust our instincts, always reward loyalty, and always pounce upon minions of the Unseen.
Without these tenets, we are no longer worthy of the adoration of Man.
Monarch Trillani Persian von Mau, deceased

C ats have inherited the world, unifying their six fractious monarchies after untold centuries. These cats have
been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the ruins of the Old Ones. Some have
learned to use the leftover technology of humanity, but they believe it to be magic given to them by their lost
worshippers. Others seek to create a cohesive nation, using Precepts of Mau agreed to after years of political

Although different nations have their own perspectives on what came before (such as the dogs of the kingdom of
Pugmire), all species recognize there was a world before this one, even though its now populated with mysteries
and dangers. As the cats explore the world, they create and invent many new things, but also use what they can
salvage. Some have even learned how to use the strange artifacts left behind by the Old Ones. By destroying such
relics, a cat can harness the magic they contain, making her more powerful in service to her monarchy or herself.

The world is dangerous and mysterious, but the instincts of a good cat will always be true.

Monarchies of Mau is complete tabletop roleplaying game that acts as a companion game to, and is totally
compatible with, Pugmire. Its the second of Onyx Path Publishings creator-owned games, produced in a
partnership with Eddy Webb and his company, Pugsteady. Combining the ideas, passion, and creative of
experienced designers with decades of experience in producing quality roleplaying game products, these
creator-owned games push the boundaries of the Onyx Path brand in new and diverse directions.

Some highlights of Monarchies of Mau will include:

An evocative and mysterious setting thats both family friendly and deep enough to create compelling

A traditional fantasy rules system redesigned for streamlined play and easy creation of heroic cats, with
an emphasis on cooperation and action over competition and violence.

A variety of callings and houses that give access to several fun and interesting secrets.

Rival species to interact with, like dogs and rats, along with terrifying and dangerous monsters that
roam the landscape.


Upcoming Releases
Early Access
Monarchies of Mau Early Access is a pre-release, advance look at the upcoming Monarchies of Mau roleplaying
game. It is a near-complete rulebook allowing players to dive right into the world of Monarchies of Mau as
the final game is still in development. Get it now at!

Mau Adventure Collection

Containing two stand-alone adventures for Monarchies of Mau, this untitled collection will show the variety
of dangers and mysteries lurking within and outside the monarchies. The adventures will feature the
uniquely dark perspective of Dennis Detwiller (Delta Green, NECROPOLIS).

Roll of Good Dogs and Excellent Cats

Want to start your Pugmire or Monarchies of Mau adventure right away? The Roll of Good Dogs and Excellent
Cats (working title) uses characters inspired by our Kickstarter backers as ready-made groups for your
players to print out and play. These six dogs and six cats come with pre-made character sheets, backgrounds,
and roleplay hints, making it easy to start adventuring. And, if you have both books, you can even create a
party of dogs and cats ready to take on the dangerous and mystery of the world left behind.

Tales of Excellent Cats

Tales of Excellent Cats (working title) is a fiction anthology featuring stories of adventure and mystery
with the cats of the Monarchies of Mau. Still in production, Tales of Excellent Dogs contains contributions
by Monarchies of Mau creator Eddy Webb, Monica Valentinelli (Firefly RPG, Hunter: The Vigil), Joseph D.
Carriker, Jr. (Vampire: The Requiem, Sacred Band), and more!!

Available Now
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com. Choose from supplements and core releases for game lines like World of Darkness,
the Chronicles of Darkness and much more!

Exclusively at

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Starting this year, we are thrilled to be working with Studio2 to get select projects
into game distribution and game stores!

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In 2014, Onyx Path Publishing began expanding its catalog to incorporate creator-owned games, like Cavaliers of Mars
and Pugmire, as well as properties the company owns outright. Check out whats available now and what well release

Players Guide Fifth Edition

CAVALIERS OF MARS Gauntlet of Spiragos
Live, fight, and love on Mars, a world of red death and Dagger of Spiragos (Coming Soon!)
strange mystery, a world of savagery and romance.
Ring of Spiragos (Coming Soon!)
Rulebook (Coming Soon!)
A Festival of Blades Quickstart
Armed by their divine parents, the Scions stand as humanitys
PUGMIRE only defense in the modern world. Play as the children of
gods or become one.
In the post-apocalyptic World of Pugmire, dogs and cats have
not only evolved they have formed societies and vie for All previous editions of Scion are now available, and
power in a world without humans. Will you be a good dog and second editions are coming soon!
follow the Code of Man? Or will you be an honored cat and
follow the precepts of Mau? Book 1: Origin (Coming Soon!)
Book 2: Hero (Coming Soon!)
Pugmire (Coming soon!)
Bestiary (Coming Soon!)
Pugmire Early Access
Companion (Coming Soon!)
Pans Guide for New Pioneers
Jumpstart (Coming Soon!)
Monarchies of Mau (Coming soon!)
Ready Made Characters (Coming Soon!)
Monarchies of Mau Early Access
Companion 1st Ed.
Demigod 1st Ed.
Hero 1st Ed.
The most populous continent of Scarn, Ghelspad, is a world
shaped by gods and monsters, and only the greatest of Of Shadows Yet To Come 1st Ed.
heroes can expect to be counted among them. Will you be Ragnark 1st Ed.
one of them?
Seeds of Tomorrow 1st Ed.
All previous editions of Scarred Lands are now available,
and new editions continue to be released. Wolfsheim 1st Ed.
Yazata: The Persian Gods 1st Ed.
Players Guide Pathfinder Edition

TRINITY CONTINUUM Trinity Continuum Rulebook (Coming Soon!)
on Rulebook (Coming Soon!)
The world is fraught with dangers, from mad science to the
Aberrant Rulebook (Coming Soon!)
perils of lost civilizations. Fortunately, the Talented and the
on Society will restore justice in new and exciting ways. Adventure! Rulebook (Coming Soon!)
All previous editions of Trinity d20, Aberrant, and
Adventure! are now available, and new editions are
coming soon!

The Chronicles of Darkness is a line of modern horror games set in the shadows of our world. Second edition rules debuted
in 2013, and are now available!

Rulebook Victorian Lost 1st Ed.

Condition, Numina, and Dread Power Cards
God-Machine Condition Cards
Falling Scales Chapter Two 1st Edition DARK ERAS
The Twelve Days of Onyx Condition Cards Dark Eras uniquely reveals the world throughout its long
Chronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker and storied past. Each release is a compendium of unique
chapters, and features Chronicles of Darkness game lines
The Contagion Chronicle (Coming Soon!) active in differing historical eras.
The God Machine Chronicle Anthology
Dark Eras
Chronicles of Darkness Tilt Cards
Dark Eras II (Coming Soon!)
Dark Eras Companion

BEAST: THE PRIMORDIAL Tales of the Dark Eras Anthology

You are one of the Begotten, the living embodiment of a primal

nightmare of humanity. You are a Beast, and you must feed.
Rulebook 2 Ed.
You are one of the Unchained, a fallen angel who defected.
Building a Legend: Jumpstart Your Chronicle Yours is a world of false identities, stolen faces, and hidden
Condition Cards works of the Machine.

Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes Rulebook 1st Ed. 2nd Ed. Compatible!
Players Guide Demon Seed Collection
Ready-Made Characters Flowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide
The Primordial Feast Anthology Heirs to Hell
Night Horrors: Enemy Action
CHANGELING: THE LOST Ready Made Characters
Taken from your home, transformed by the power of Faerie, kept Quickstart
as the Others slave or pet Youve returned home, and are Lost. Storytellers Guide
Rulebook 2nd Ed. (Coming Soon) Translation Guide
The Hedge Splintered City: Seattle
The Huntsmen Chronicle Anthology
DEVIANT: THE RENEGADE Rulebook 2nd Ed. (Coming Soon!)
Rulebook 1st Ed.
You woke updifferent. Someone changed you; on a slab,
Book of the Deceived
an operating table, an altar. By luck or by fate, you escaped.
Now, youre hunting your creators. Cursed Necropolis: D.C.

Rulebook 2nd Ed (Coming Soon!) Cursed Necropolis: Rio

Curse of the Blue Nile Anthology
Dawn of Heresies (Novel)
GEIST: THE SIN-EATERS Dreams of Avarice
Eve of Judgment
Your story begins in the moment of your death, and with the
Bargain that reversed it. Death is a door. You are the one Guildhalls of the Deathless
with the key.
Lore of the Deceived
Rulebook 2nd Ed. (Coming Soon!) Players Book
Ready Made Characters 1 Ed. st
Ready Made Characters
Sothis Ascends
The Avarice Chronicle Anthology
The scales have fallen from your eyes, and your life will
never be the same. You have taken up the Vigil to fight back
against the shadows.
Rulebook 2 Ed. (Coming Soon!)
You are one of the Created. You rose to life from dead flesh
Jumpstart (Coming Soon!) or inert matter, under the ministrations of one of your own or
Mortal Remains 1st Ed. 2nd Ed. Compatible! the power of the Divine Fire.
Tooth and Nail 1st Ed. 2nd Ed. Compatible! Rulebook 2nd Ed
Condition Cards
The Firestorm Chronicle Anthology
You are Awakened. You see the world beneath the Lies skin, and
the call of the supernatural. You are a mage, one of the Wise. VAMPIRE: THE REQUIEM
Rulebook 2nd Ed Since time immemorial, the Kindred vampires have
Condition and Numina Cards stalked their prey, unseen by the mortal masses. Will you
join them and live forever?
Signs of Sorcery (Coming Soon!)
Tome of the Pentacle (Coming Soon!) Rulebook 2nd Ed

The Fallen World Chronicle Anthology A Thousand Years of Night

Blood Sorcery: Sacraments & Blasphemies
Guide to the Night (Coming Soon!)
MUMMY: THE CURSE Half-Damned (Coming Soon!)
Reap the Whirlwind Revised
You are both dead and Deathless. The empire that birthed
you has crumbled into dust. Now, serve your Judges will in Secrets of the Covenants
the lands of the living. Silent Knife (Novel)
Watch for our announcement to launch Mummy: The The Strix Chronicle Anthology
Curse 2nd edition.

Condition Cards
Your claws are stained with blood. You hear the howls of
The Idigam Chronicle Anthology
your brothers and sisters. Luna rises. Your blood boils. It is
time to hunt.

This is the tale of a forgotten age before the seas were bent, when the world was flat and floated atop a sea of chaos. This
is Exalted. What legends will they tell of your deeds?

Rule Book 3rd Ed Exalted Suite 1: Fanfare for the Chosen (Music)
Adversaries of the Righteous: Harrowing Silence Exploring the Age of Sorrows: Essays on the World of
Exalted (Coming Soon)
Adversaries of the Righteous: The Broker and Ifraja the
Librarian Hundred Devils Night Parade: Doppleganger and
Arms of the Chosen (Coming Soon!)
Miracles of the Solar Exalted
Burn Legend Technique Cards
Tale of the Visiting Flare
Charm Cards (Set 1)
Tales From the Age of Sorrows Anthology
Charm Cards (Set 2)
The Exigents (Coming Soon)
Charm Cards (Set 3)
The Realm (Coming Soon)
Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought (Coming
Soon) Tomb of Dreams Jumpstart

The World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Editions debuted in 2011 with White Wolf Publishings release of Vampire: the
Masquerade. Since then, Onyx Path Publishing has continued to produce anniversary edition games based on the iconic
World of Darkness setting.

You are a changeling, neither fully fae nor wholly mortal. Reality is ours to bend. To subvert. To command. A blessed
The last of your kind on Earth, you have built an invisible few Awaken. Fewer still use that power wisely. And none
kingdom in plain sight with the power of our Glamour. without consequences. Will you Fall or Ascend?

C20 Rulebook (Coming Soon!) M20 Rulebook

Anthology of Dreams Book of Secrets
Guide to Freeholds (Coming Soon!) Book of the Fallen (Coming Soon!)
Immortal Eyes 4 (Coming Soon!) Cookbook (Coming Soon!)
Jumpstart Digital Web 3.0 (Coming Soon!)
Kithbook: Boggan (Coming Soon!) Gods, Monsters, and Other Familiar Strangers: An M20
Character Compendium (Coming Soon!)
Ready Made Characters (Coming Soon!)
How Do You DO That? V20 Dark Ages Companion
Rich Bastards Guide to Magick (Coming Soon!) Tome of Secrets
Technocracy: Reloaded (Coming Soon!) The Cainite Conspiracies Anthology
Translation Guide
Truth Beyond Paradox Anthology
Victorian Mage (Coming Soon!) You are one of the Garou: creatures both man and wolf.
Filled with Rage, you battle evils that threaten the natural
and spirit worlds. Will you defend Gaia?


Art of Changing Breeds: A Visual Guide to the Fera
Around the world, 13 iconic clans battle for domain, power,
and status in the dead of night while maintaining the secret Book of the Wyrm
of their vampiric existence. Will you join them? Changing Breeds
V20 Rulebook Changing Ways (Coming Soon!)
Anarchs Unbound Cookbook
Becketts Jyhad Diary (Coming Soon!) Kinfolk: A Breed Apart
Children of the Revolution Making of the Art of W20 (Coming Soon!)
Companion Pentex Employee Indoctrination Handbook (Coming
Dread Names, Red List
Rage Across the World
Ghouls & Revenants
Rites of Renown: When Will You Rage II
Hunters Hunted II
Shattered Dreams
Lore of the Bloodlines
Songs of the Sun and Moon: the Changing Breeds
Lore of the Clans
Of Predators and Prey: The Hunters Hunted II Anthology
Storytelling Adventure System: Skinner
Princes Gambit Card Game (Comign Soon!)
The Poison Tree
Ready Made Characters
The Song of Unmaking
Rites of the Blood
Translation Guide
The Black Hand: A Guide to the TalMaheRa
Tribebook: White Howlers
The Endless Ages Anthology
Umbra: The Velvet Shadow
The Making of the Art of Children of the Revolution
Wyld West Expansion Pack


THE MASQUERADE DARK AGES Death wasnt the end. Death was just the beginning. So what
The year is 1242. The War of Princes rages. Patricide looms. do you do? Oblivions the easy way out. Life after death is
As armies march across the world, power flows as fast as hard
blood from a vampires ancient heart.
Wr20 Rulebook (Coming soon!)
V20: Dark Ages Rulebook Book of Oblivion
Darkening Sky Handbook for the Recently Deceased (Coming soon!)
Jumpstart (Coming Soon!) World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters