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Camtronics’ Copyright 1997 ‘Gemtronles Lid, Medical Systems All ights reserved. Printed in USA, No part of this publication may he reproduced. stored in a ralrioval eyatem, ar transmitted, in any torm by any means, etactante, mechanical, photooopying, recording, oratheawise, withont the prio’ vnitten parmission of Camtroncs Ltd. Medical Systams. S Camtronics" Ccomtentes Lid, asubsctary of AUMAL OST, I copeiston ‘00 alrwn Ridge Dem + Harton, We S3028~ (EO) JERI = (414) R67.07D «FAR 414) 08717 ce Table of Contents Introduction ‘About This Manual Related Manuals. oukana Functional Deseription. Operation System Power Up... Optional Bar Code Reader, Using the Disk Drive ._ Keypad Operation Intamationsl Keypad, Disk Exam ACQUISHTGM suits Assign Patient Demographic Data to Images: 24 Acquire Images. 27 Printing images... 28 Network Exam Acquisition ..,.. Start A Network Exam... Assign Patient Demographic Data to Images Units Equipped with OGR Option Only: Acquire images... Network Printin, Recalling a Disk Exam, aaa