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Traditional product whopper is still continued for BK with some modifications.

In between they have introduced several new products like speciality chicken sandwich but these
products were discontinued within a short span of time.

Focus is originally mainly on the core products.

Traditional breakfast

In competition of McDonalds chicken nuggets, BK introduced chicken tender which was discontinued
and again continued.

Kids Club, BK no longer focused on this market.

Menu was adapted to suit regional flavour in some countries from 2015.

A country so large like India BK made entry in late 2014 and first time here they had given the
authority to franchise to change menu according to local vegetarian taste.

Competitor McDonaldss made entry into India way early in 1996.


Price for BK products was high in comparison to its competitors.

Currently BK is trying to price conscious by providing special promotions for some products like
offering chicken tender in half price for a limited period of time.

Place: Distribution, Design & Layout of the stores and store locations


BK changed their distribution network by consolidating its distribution through the creation of
Restaurant Services Inc.

RSI tried to reduce logistics and distribution costs. They received rave reviews like best managed
cooperatives of any franchise system.

Design and layout of the stores:

Remodelled the design and layout of the few store locations to new modern look in late 2013 which
reported 10-15 % increase in sales because of remodelled design.

Store Locations:

Two Famous Slogans in advertising during 1970s:

It takes two hands to handle a Whopper.

Have it your way.

But BK had several unsuccessful ad campaign during 1980-2002 like Wheres herb? Later on they
reintroduced BKs mascot.

From 2008-2012, many promotional campaign offended people because of the depictions of women,
sociologist, mental health patients, Mexicans, Hindus etc.

Several changes made to its advertising strategy. Introducing the celebrities in the ads, BK made their
campaign successful.

They broadened their demographic appeal from 18-34 male market.

Some new ad strategies were unsuccessful as well like Mary J. Bliges singing ad in which she sang a
love song crispy chicken which was criticized for racial stereotypes.