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In Re the Marriage of:
Case No. FC2016-009166
JORDAN NEIGHBORS , ) Case assigned to the Honorable Dewain Fox
Petitioner, )
And )
Respondent )

The Respondent is Objecting to the financial affidavit.

The Respondent does not know why the Petitioner submitted yet another false financial Affidavit
to the court. The Petitioner has been receiving financial assistance as identified in previous
objections filed by the respondent. She has also been receiving financial assistance from her
family members and none of this is reflected on the Affidavit. Yet in earlier motions filed by
Mr.Morton he claimed she has received extensive support from her parents.

The Respondent also failed to identify on the financial affidavit that we currently receive
assistance from DCS for child care due to the high number of Unfounded CPS Complaints filed
by the petitioner and the petitioners mother against the Respondent. Currently we receive
assistance from DCS, this support is set to end in Nov 2017. I have Attached the DCS care
charges sheet that clearly shows what DCS is providing in assistance and in the bottom right is
the actual amounts we are charged. The petitioner and respondent were originally splitting the
amount but because the petitioner is consistently late with paying the school the Respondent has
has provided his credit card details and is paying the child care costs to prevent an interruption of
care for the children. The Respondent had to do this because the petitioner charges more than

just the child care costs to her card which she identified in the Financial affidavit as being only
used for child care. If she provided the court with the statement from that card the court would
see that she has charged over $2,000 for the purchase of her BMW to that card she has also
charged over $4,000 in airline tickets for trips on that card as well as using that card for her own
personal needs not just expenses for the children as she identified on the financial affidavit.

The child care costs are currently the following:

Oliver $540.12
Jocelyn $526.47
Ayvah $0.00
Oliver & Jocelyn Enrichment program $930.00 every 3 months

Ayvahs Gymnastics class $85.00 a month

The Petitioners attorney has submitted records of my fathers law suit of defamation against her,
the two attorneys and the Petitioners mother. I had asked my father to not move forward with
the law suite as I need her to get help and it was dropped. The Petitioner also submitted a 7 year
old eval against my father but that should be stricken from the record as he does not live in

Arizona and it is just a distraction from the matter at hand. The petitioner also submitted screen
shots of broken up conversations through text messages in which she intentionally left out parts
of the conversation. The petitioner submitted Text messages between her and my father Guy
Neighbors. These messages were sent to her after it was discovered that the petitioner and her
mother were responsible for the un-founded CPS reports and my father was extremely upset
when the petitioner had tried to stage a fraudulent domestic violence charge against the
respondent. Guy Had sent those text messages her as he was afraid she was going to try and
claim domestic violence against him. Due to her grabbing her own arm and making accusations
the respondent had abused the petitioner, because he witnessed her do this to me and the
Chandler police officer saw right through her stunt there was nothing that was going to prevent
her from attempting the same thing against the respondents father.

The petitioner also included conversations she had between Brandi a nanny we had hired to help
us over 2 years ago who had quit because the petitioner on multiple occasions paid her with
checks that bounced. The Respondent had solar at the time Brandi was working for us and
Under SRP solar connect agreement the price rate changes. Normal power customers are charged
$0.12 to $0.19 a kwh for energy used. As a solar customer under self generation are charged
$0.04 a kwh but have an additional demand charge of $33.00 for every kw used beyond what
the solar produced. Brandi would constantly use every high demand appliance in the house at the
same time resulting in a 8+ kw demand charge for 1 day which would create a $264 power bill
for that day. I tried to get her to understand that she needed to make sure when she worked she
only used one of the items at a time: the dryer, stove or AC to prevent us from having a massive

( Exhibit POWER Demand charges)

(Exhibit Power Demand Charge price worksheet)

The petitioners reckless actions are having a devastating effect on the children, as well as herself.
Due to the current custody arrangement I am only able to be there for the children when they
return to my care. I do have them in counseling and it is helping greatly. The respondent also has

the children attend church so they have religious beliefs they can fall back on while there is
turmoil in their home life.

The Respondent Objects to Text message conversations between husband and wife being
submitted in the case as they are covered under Federal civil procedures act which states
communications between a husband and wife are held to the same protection as attorney client
conversations, through submitting only parts of a conversation the court is not able to fully
understand what was taking place.

The Petitioner during the 4 month engagement with CPS, DCS and the Family preservation unit
failed to complete any of the worksheets, program goals, and counseling sessions from CPS and
the In home intervention services.

The Respondent has attached his Parenting profile inventory which was completed with the CPS
agent. (Exhibit 2) I also received a letter from the CPS Agent involved in my case commending
me on my level of commitment to my children and family (including the petitioner) .

The respondent is also very involved with the childrens school. He has on many occasions
purchased supplies for the entire class and has even sponsored field trips for his childrens class.

The Respondent is in a DivorceCare class and through that class the instructors identified that it
is a lost cause to try and make your spouse be accountable or be honest. The respondent was not
able to achieve this during the marriage there is no way to do it after she left. The more
Respondent trys to control the situation the worse the situation is and that Respondent must rely
on the court and allow the court and the judge to take control of an out of control situation.

The Respondent needs the courts help in preventing \ detouring the Petitioner, Petitioners
mother, and the Petitioners attorney from continuing to present incorrect-information to the
court. The respondent does not know what to ask for legally to ensure this happens but hopes that
the court can provide relief as it sees fit on the matter. I will also be requesting at the trial that
the attorneys fees she agreed to pay in the settlement agreement are dismissed as the petitioner
will need all the financial resources available to help cover the childrens expenses, and that it is
unfair un-just for Mr.Morton to charge his client for submitting erroneous court documents.

Upon request from the court the Respondent can provide the details of DPS accident report. This
report outlines the information on the head-on collision the respondent was in with a wrongway
drunk driver (charged with Extreme DUI & endangerment) on the 101 freeway near the
Broadway exit. In which the Respondent was on duty at the time and put himself in harms way
to prevent a wrong way drunk driver from killing a civilian or other service members on the
freeway at 5:30am on a Sunday.

DATED this __11__ day _SEP____, 2017_.


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