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Lesson Plan 1

Date : 11th August 2017

Time : 9.00 10.00 (1 hour)

Form : 1 Umar

No of Students : 28

Language proficiency : Intermediate

Focus : Writing

Theme & Topic : Literature: Novel: The Swiss Family Robinson by Martin Powell

Learning Outcome: 5.1 Engage and respond to a variety of literary texts to express

understanding of the broader world of ideas and concepts.

Level 1

5.1.3 Share personal responses of issues related to literary

works and develop new ideas or solve problems

Language Item: Literature

General Objective :.Students will be able to develop new ideas / genre based on the

literature item.

Specific Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to :

1. Answer 16- 18 fill in the blanks question based on the novel


2. Create a short essay around 80- 100 words based on the


Previous Knowledge : Students has been introduced to the novel in previous lesson.

Teaching Aids :Novel, exercise book and mah- jong paper.

Moral Value : Bravery

Stage /Time Content Teaching / Learning Activities Rationale

Title: Introducing To recap in the

the topic 1. Students will have a short previous chapter
Skill: Speaking recap on the previous of the novel..
Set Induction
Mode: Whole lesson.
(5 minutes)
2. Students will answer a
few questions given by
Teaching aids: -
the teacher.

Title: Reading the

1. Teacher instructs the
novel To teach more
students to read Chapter
Presentation Skill: Reading about the novel
( 15 minutes) 5 from the novel.
Mode: Whole to the students.
2. Teacher will give
students 10 minutes of
Teaching aids:
silent reading.
Novel 3. Teacher then ask a few
questions based on the
4. Teacher briefly
summarizes the chapter.
Title: Fill in the To ensure
1. Based on the exercise
blanks. students
book, students are
Skill: Writing understand the
Practice required to answer the
Mode: Indiviual topic.
(15 minutes)
fill in the blank
Teaching aids:
Exercise book
2. Students will be given 12
minutes to complete the
3. Teacher will go around
and monitor the
4. After 12 minutes,
teacher checks the
answer with the whole
Title: New idea To engage the
1. Students will be in
Skill: Writing students to write
groups of 3-5.
Mode: Group work creatively. .
2. Each group will be
Teaching aids:
( 20 minutes) given a piece of A4
mah- jong paper
3. The group will have to
create a short essay
between 90- 120 words.
4. Teacher instructs the
students to come up
with an alternative
ending to the chapter in
the novel.
5. A few set of situations
that could change the
chapter will be pasted
on the whiteboard.
6. The groups will have
the freedom to choose
any situations they
7. Teacher will give the
group 15 minutes to
complete it.
8. After minutes, teacher
will collect the A4 paper
to assess.
Title: Feedback
1. Teacher gives feedback To give feedback
Skill: Speaking
and recap on the
on their performance.
Closure Mode: Whole topic.
2. Teacher recap on the
( 5 minutes)
Teaching aids: -

Example of situations.

Choose only 1 of the situation and write a short essay between 90-120 words.

1. What if Fritz canoe sinks? Can he swim? What will he do?

Start your essay with: Suddenly, his canoe sinks.

2. What if there was no arrow? How will Fritz save Jenny Montrose?

Start your essay with : Fritz realized he has no more arrow, the tiger starts to growl


3. What if Jenny Montrose was attacked and got hurt by the tiger? What will Fritz do?

Start your essay with: Jenny s arm was bleeding, Fritz..

4. What if the albatross doesnt exist? Will Fritz pass the Smoking Rock and rescue Jenny ?

Will Fritz discover something new?

Start your essay with: Fritz canoed for hours, then