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Higher educational Institution Readiness for

Innovation & Technoprenuership (HeIRIT)

Development Program for Starting TBIs
Program Expansion
Under the National Harmonized R&D Agenda
And the Science for Change Program
DOST Asian Institute
of Management

DOST De La Salle

DOST Caraga State


DOST Mindanao
University of Science and
14 TBIs
in 8 years
Notable Startups from DOST TBIs
Pay Ruler of UP Cebu TBI has now 22,000 users,
MICAB from UP Cebu is now incorporated Generated 1 million e-payslips, 54 million man
in Singapore and has signed with the Phil hours processed and 6 billion pesos worth of
National Taxi Operators Association and transactions
the Association of Taxi Operators in Metro

Maven Tech of WVSU TBI is partnering with

Google for education deployment and trainings
in Western Visayas.
Hydro+ - P2M
OneWatt P2.7M
RetailGate P100K

CROPITAL, Hydro+, OneWatt and RetailGate Wela Systems of MUST TBI and OneWatt of
from UP Enterprise received investments from UP Enterprise included in the Top 20 Finalists
investors amounting to P14.2M (Total) for the STARTUP Summit 2017
Requirements for Partner Universities
Qualifications/standards for DOST TBI funding

Full Blown TBI Output

1. Potential start-ups or incubatees 2 graduates in 2 yrs

2. Support from the Business Sector MOA with private associations

3. Active Research Platform Potential spin offs
4. Existing R&D Lab/Testing Centers COC, COD
5. Existing Entrepreneurship Program Offered in engineering
6. Existing Business Faculties Pool of mentors
7. Sustainability plan Income after yrs
8. Space and counterpart (seed funding) At least 7 incubatees
9. Business Model Income streams
10. TBI Team Support and full time TBI Mgr
Understanding of TBI
Encountered in TBI applications from Universities

No support from Industry

Delimiting Mindset

No potential startups
Lacks Experience/
No Technopreneurship Program
Opportunities to expand TBIs in the region

SOLE WINNER (IoT Category): Hushtag

Mindanao State University IIT
FIRST PLACE: Milktrack
Bulacan State University)
Ateneo de Davao University
THIRD PLACE: Trase Mobile App
Bulacan State University
RentPH UP Cebu
AgriSenso MSU-IIT
Isla-Bahay Siquijor State College
Autogation MUST
Tutfinder MSU-IIT
FIRE Gordon College
PharmaSearch Caraga State Univ
Geodetic Pro MSU-IIT
Balay St. Louis University
Opportunities to expand TBIs in the region

Hardwire Ateneo de Davao University

Tripple J Ateneo de Davao University
Navigators Caraga State University
iTeam University of Cebu-Main Campus
Laagan Mindanao State University-IIT
Book Now Mindanao State University-IIT
Bashpal Mindanao State University-IIT
Gasifanatics University of Southeastern Philippines
Interfacers University of Southeastern Philippines TOP 9
Solution: 1. Change the Mindset
2. Prepare the Universities

Training Program for Incubator Managers solely offered

Support Program based on the Output of the and distributed in the Asia and the Pacific by
Project OUTREACH (PCIEERD-funded) InfoDev of Singapore
through PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park
PSG-STEP is the designated Regional Training
Program Coordinator
is a multi-donor program in the World
Bank Group's Trade & Competitiveness
Global Practice that supports
entrepreneurs in developing economies.

Oversee a global network of business

incubators and innovation hubs
publish educational resources on topics like
crowdfunding, angel investing, and business
incubator management.
APIN Asia Pacific Incubator Network
Delivers training programs thru
Designated Training Coordinators
Certified Trainers
General Objectives
To execute a structured preparatory program needed to guide and
equip each SUCs to plan, implement, build and start embracing the
emerging StartUp community in their own university

Specific Objectives:
Train 20 Managers to execute a TBI Operation

Assist 20 SUCs to build requirements for a full TBI

Facilitate the build up of entrepreneurial culture of the university

Marketing and Tech
Stakeholder Mgmt Commercialization
Module 4
thru Incubation
Program Overview Financing a Module 10
Module 5
Business Incubator

Setting up
Business Incubation: Managing the Module 11 Virtual TBIs
Module 1 Module 6
Definition & Principles Incubator

Incubation Models & Agribusiness

Module 12
Module 2 Success Factors Module 7 M&E, Benchmarking Incubation

Planning an Module 13
Module 3 Module 8 Implementing a Ecosystem
Incubator Mentoring Program Development

Module 9 Deals and Financing for

Incubator Clients
The Enterprise Process
Mod 1 - Kick off
Business Mod 2 - Team formation
Planning and Mod 3 - Hiring of Partners
Investment Mod 4 - Startup Call, Recruitment and Screening
Mod 5 - Demo Day
Mod 6 - LoFi MVP
Team Formation Mod 7 - SCRUM Plan
Grant and Investment Mod 8 - Pitch to Sr. Partners
Proposal Mod 9 - Prod and Sales
Customer Discovery Mod 10 - HiFi MVP
Proof of Concept Mod 11 - HIFi MVP Validation
Mod 14 - Executive Summary - Pitch Practice

Build up: Six (6) Months 1

Month 1 Month 2-4 Training Schedule
InfoDev Modules 1-7 Enterprise Sessions
Executive Session with Kick-off, Team formation, Finding
SUC Presidents Partners, Startup Call and Screening

Month 6- 10 Month 5

Enterprise Sessions Demo Day

MVPs, SCRUM Plan,Pitch to Sr. Partners,
Production & sales, HiFiMVP, Validation

Month 10 Writeshop/
11-12 Reporting
InfoDev Modules 8-13
After 1 year, the SUCs should produce.
Requirements for a Full Blown TBI Output Criteria for Selection of Pre-TBI

1. List of potential incubatees Generate interest and build 1. Active R&D

teams (campaign, train,
maintain teams) 2. Business School
2. Partners from the Business Sector MOA with private associations 3. Willing to institutionalize
3. Technopreneurship Program Design of program, approval Entrepreneur Program
from board 4. Existing industries with active
4. TBI Team Create pool of mentors association
5. Sustainability plan Prepare sustainability plan 5. Supportive Administration
6. Space Solicit approval from board
6. Existing R&D/Laboratories
7. Business Model Approval from board of BM
7. Counterpart
8. Proposal for a Full Blown TBI
Expected Output

20 Universities qualified for hosting


MOA of TBI Commitment

Trained TBI Managers in target


TBI Proposals for funding

Deadline for Application: September 30, 2017
Please Submit: Please enclose description, justifications of proof for the
Letter of Intent addressed to: following requirements:

CARLOS PRIMO C. DAVID Active Research & Development

Executive Director Existing R&D Centers or Laboratories
Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Presence of business program/school
Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) Willing to institutionalize a Technopreneurship
4th & 5th Flr., Heritage Bldg, DOST Cpd., Gen. Santos Program
Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City Existing partnership with active industry associations
in the region
Or email application to: Strong support from school administration
Ms. RUSSELL M. PILI University counterpart funding for regional and
Chief Technology Transfer Officer, PCIEERD university build up activities (around Php 500,000

Ms. Leizl Sueno shortlisted universities shall be invited to undergo a

Technology Transfer Officer competitive selection process through a presentation to the HEIRIT Technical Panel Committee on Mid-October
Higher educational Institution Readiness for
Innovation & Technoprenuership (HeIRIT)
Development Program for Starting TBIs