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A few years ago, the Caterpillar SOS Services Group exited the Caterpillar Dealer Verification
Program. At that time, the decision to exit this Program was based on several factors including
cost, validation, and time to market. Since that program's departure, Caterpillar's SOS Services
Group has been diligent to make a type of Verification Program a reality once again. Caterpillar's
SOS Services Group is announcing the implementation of a Performance Testing Program(PTP).
The program is offered by VHG Labs in conjunction with Caterpillar, Inc. The PTP is designed
to provide laboratories with a method of monitoring analytical performance as measured against
Certified Reference Materials (CRM's).

There are many advantages to the PTP. Compliance to process control systems like ISO
9001:2000 and ISO 17025 may reequire third party evaluation of performance. This is a
Caterpillar, Inc. recommended and verified program that includes CRMs for wear metals,
viscosity at 40 C and/or 100 C and particle sizing. VHG is offering a 20% discount for
Caterpillar dealers. This offer includes all standards and supplies. Larger sizes of PTP materials
may be ordered so labs with multiple instruments can test each instrument separately.

Dealers may register with the VHG Labs web-site for Premier Access
( Enter your Premier Access pages simply by entering the password: CAT.
Your 20% CAT discount includes the PTP program as well as all stock and custom-blended ICP
standards (and more), so you can start saving money right from the start!

After analyzing the standards, submit the results on-line and receive instant feedback on the
accuracy of the results. The PTP is currently the only program of its kind to provide instant
response to submitted values. Feedback includes convenient color-coded pass/fail indications in
green (pass), yellow (borderline) and red (fail) formats via a custom-designed, easy-to-use,
internet-based user interface. The ranges of the pass/fail values have been custom specified by a
Caterpillar, Inc. management team working together with VHG Labs.