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ProcessImplementationusingIBMBPMonCloud(andonPremise)Primer DRAFT(USEATYOUROWNRISK)

Prepare Your Workstation to Develop Process Applications


As discussed in the earlier chapter, you first need to download and then install the Process
Designer development tool on your workstation to develop process applications. If you are using
the BPM on Cloud service then you connect to the BPM on Cloud console and download the
Process Designer, otherwise (for BPM on Premise) you connect to Process Center console to
download the Process Designer. This means you need to have Process Center Deployment
environment accessible through either BPM on Cloud or BPM on Premise for Process Designer
on your workstation to develop process applications. The following diagram depicts the high
level tasks you perform to install the Process Designer.

If you already have installed Process Designer on your workstation and have authoring
permission (tw_authours) to develop and deploy process applications then skip to the next

ProcessImplementationusingIBMBPMonCloud(andonPremise)Primer DRAFT(USEATYOUROWNRISK)

chapter to begin developing the process application, otherwise follow the instructions below to
prepare your development environment.

Prepare BPM environment to develop process applications

1. Setup Process Center deployment environment (BPM Server). This task depends
whether you are using BPM on Cloud or BPM on Premise.
- Refer to Appexdix-1 to get access to BPM on Cloud environment.
- Refer to Appendix-2 to setup BPM on Premise environment.
2. Download Process Designer development tool to your workstation. This task also
depends whether you are using BPM on Cloud or BPM on Premise. Instructions are
provided in Appendix-1 (for BPM on Cloud) and Appendix-2 (for BPM on Premise) to
download Process Designer.
NOTE: This free download guide is mainly targeted for the developers using IBM on
Cloud service (30 day free trial or paid subscription).

3. Install Process Designer on your workstation using the following steps. Make sure you
complete steps 1 and 2 above, before installing the Process Designer.
a. Extract the IBM Process file using 7zip utility to a temporary
directory. For example c:\pd-download.
b. Double click installProcessDesigner_admin.bat to install process designer.
Process Designer will be installed in c:\IBM\Process Designer\v8.5 directory by

Above action will open a new command prompt window and show the messages
from the installation process.

c. Press Enter key on the command prompt window, after you see a message
Press any key to continue. Indicating that the Process Designer is installed

ProcessImplementationusingIBMBPMonCloud(andonPremise)Primer DRAFT(USEATYOUROWNRISK)

Login to the Process Designer

4. Start Process Designer using the following instructions.

a. On Windows explorer change the directory to c:\IBM\ProcessDesigner\v8.5
where process designer is installed.
b. Double-click eclipse.exe

You can also launch Process Designer using the following instructions:
Select Start button (or Windows icon) at the lower left corner of Windows
Type Process Designer in the Search programs and files field.
Press Enter key to show the results for the search condition.
Click IBM Process Designer v8.5 under Programs to start the IBM Process

c. On Process Designer login screen, use the appropriate User Name depending
on the BPM environment you are connecting to using the instructions below.

BPM on Cloud: Use your email id as the user name to login to the Process
Designer that connects to the BPM on Cloud service.
o For User name, enter: and click
o For Password, enter: your-password and click Continue

ProcessImplementationusingIBMBPMonCloud(andonPremise)Primer DRAFT(USEATYOUROWNRISK)

If you are an IBMer or Business Partner signed-up using IBM email id, then the
authentication process is different (you may have to use IBM Intranet password)
to login.

BPM On Premise: If you installed Process Center environment using the

Appendix-2 instructions then, use dadmin user credentials to login to the
Process Designer.
o For User name, enter: dadmin
o For Password, enter: dadmin
o Click Log in.

If you installed Process Center using the instructions in Appendix-2 (BPM on

Premise) then, by default both Cell and deployment environment
administrators (cadmin and dadmin users, you specified during the
installation) are assigned to tw_authors group apart from tw_admins group.
This means cadmin and dadmin can develop (author) process applications
apart from performing administrative tasks. In this guide you use dadmin user
to develop loan approval process application. Another reason you use
dadmin is the fact that you perform administrative tasks apart from
developing process application. You learn about creating users in User
Management chapter of this guide.

ProcessImplementationusingIBMBPMonCloud(andonPremise)Primer DRAFT(USEATYOUROWNRISK)

Existing Environment: If you have an existing environment that is not

installed using the Appendix-2 then; use appropriate user-id credentials that
has tw_authors permission.

d. Close the Getting Started with IBM Process Designer screen by clicking X on
the top right corner.

When you login, you should see Process Center Console screen similar to the
one below with built-in sample applications (and applications being developed by
others in BPM On Cloud environment) listed under Process Apps tab. You also
see Open in Designer link against each process application to open, update and
test that process application in Process Designer.

The number of applications you see depend on the privileges you have on this
system and which environment you are using (BPM on Cloud or BPM on
Premise). It is ok if you do not see all the applications (or see more applications)
listed in the screenshot above.

e. Optional: If you are using BPM on Premise environment then you can verify the
Process Designer installation, by opening a built-in sample application.
i. Click Open in Designer link opposite to Hiring Sample (HSS).
NOTE: Author did not see sample apps loaded in BPM on Cloud
environment (at the time of writing this guide) and you may not have
permission (and also not a good idea) to open other developers apps.
BPM on Cloud users will verify this step when you create Loan Approval
Process application in the next chapter.
ii. Click Processes on the top left corner of the screen
iii. Double-click Standard HR Open New Position.

ProcessImplementationusingIBMBPMonCloud(andonPremise)Primer DRAFT(USEATYOUROWNRISK)

iv. You should see Business Process Definition (BPD) diagram under the
Diagram tab.

Review the BPD and feel free to click on each component and its properties
below the BPD diagram. You will create a BPD diagram and its
implementation for loan approval process similar to this in this guide.

v. Click Process Center on the top right corner of the screen to go back to
the Process Center console.
vi. Select File > Exit from the Menu to close the Process Center console.

NOTE: This documentation assumes that you are using Internet Explorer as your default
browser. If you are using a different supported browser as the default browser, then the

ProcessImplementationusingIBMBPMonCloud(andonPremise)Primer DRAFT(USEATYOUROWNRISK)

security prompts while running the application might be different. You may need to take
appropriate action to continue working on the application during security alerts.

Congratulations!!. You have successfully installed and verified Process Designer

development tool on your workstation. Your workstation is now ready to develop loan
approval process application.


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