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DDMG I Theory and Practice of Governance (A & B)

1.Governance Actors and Processes

2.The Enabling Role of Local Governments
3.Total Quality Management in the Local Government
4.Reinventing Government
5.Public Sector Reform
6.Strategies for Government Reform
7.Revisiting the Local Government Code
8.Local Fiscal Administration
9.Technology and Governance
10. Voluntary Sector Management
11. An Act of Volunteerism in the Public Sector: Putting People First |

DDMG II Governance for Development (A & B)

1.Poverty and Development

2.Reforming Governments Towards Development
3.Globalization and Development (A & B)
4.Governance Tools and Innovations for Development (A & B)
5.Administrative Implications of Development Models
6.Economic Models of Development
7.Human Security
8.Development Planning
9.Economic Development Governance and Land Rights | Fernandez
10. Organizational Development: A Strategic Intervention for Capacity
Building | Fernandez

DDMG Residency

1.Writing a Good Policy Paper

2.The Importance of Research in Policy Making
3.Evidence Based Policy Making
4.The Use of Research in Policy and Practice | Sureta
5. The Policy Cycle | Rosuelo

MDMG X Participatory Governance and Development (A & B)

1. Participatory Governance
2. Social Accountability and Demand For Good Governance
3. Participatory Governance and MDG
4. Strengthening Citizens Participation in Local Governance
5. Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
6. Developing Capacity for Participatory Governance
7. Engaging Citizens in Policy and Decision Making Process using ICT
8. Addressing the Blind Spot of Our Time: Leading the Future of Local
Governance as it Emerges
9. Solving Problems in Groups: Transformational and Participatory
Decision Making in Local Governance
10. Developing Capacity for Participatory Governance | Fernandez

MDMG XII Local Institutions and Poverty Reduction (A & B)

1. Community-Driven for Rural Development

2. Decentralization & Poverty Reduction
3. Micro Finance as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction | Lapasaran
4. Poverty Reduction Strategies
5. Poverty Reduction, Equity and Development
6. Old Institutionalism Versus New Institutionalism: Interactions and Effects of
Institutions on Society
7. Historical Institutionalism: Finding Measures and Trace Patterns and Sequences
of Social and Political, Economic Behaviour of Actors in Government
8. Localizing Poverty Reduction in the Philippines

MDMG XV Social Capital and Development (A & B)

1. The Concept of Social Capital

2. Social Capital: Solution to the Development Problem
3. Enhancing Social Capital
4. Civic Engagement and the Power of Social Capital
5. Development of Social Capital and Effective Local Governance
6. Social Capital and Civil Society
7. Governing the Commons: Using Social Capital for Effective Action
8. Democratic Governance and Institutional Design
9. Social Capital Assessment Tool
10. Case Study on Social Capital: Implementing Vertical Integration
11. Social Capital & Disaster Risk Reduction
12. Building Social Capital: Bigger Governments, Productive Community

MDMG Residency (Defense)