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Gramtica Inglesa 1

Corpus of International

Fashion Bloggers

Barreira Vidal, Alba A1

Garca Morado, Alicia A2


For this assignment, we have decide to do a specific corpus on International

Fashion Bloggers posts. First, we were not very sure about how to do it and the topic we

would write about. However, after having a brainstorming with the teacher, we made up

our minds and chose our topic. At the end, we opted for fashion blogs because it is a topic

familiar to us and from which we enjoy learning. Furthermore, we find very interesting

to see the linguistic differences from around the world and the variation of English level

that is found in each country.

We decided to collect posts from International bloggers whose mother tongue is

not English although they write their entries in this language (many of them in both, their

first language and English). Our method was the following one: we selected six countries

from around the globe (Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Philippines and Spain) and a

male and female blogger from each of them. Then, we collected six recent posts and six

old ones. In total, we brought 144 samples together; 24 posts of each country and 12 per

blogger, getting as a result a total number of 23827 words.

Moreover, all the text that we have chosen, are non-fictional and belong to an

informal register in order to reach the biggest audience possible. This is due to the fact

that bloggers are nowadays huge influencers in every country and are also followed by

many people from a wide range of age.

The purpose of this corpus is to analyze it in various ways in the near future.

Firstly, it would be useful to examine the different mistakes and typos that these bloggers

make when writing in a language that is not their mother tongue. It could be also
interesting to search for the common words referred to fashion that are found in these

posts. Moreover, due to the fact that we have a collection of texts from different years, it

can be studied the evolution of language in this field and the individual progress of the

chosen bloggers when expressing themselves in English language. In addition, this corpus

would be also serviceable to compare words and expressions used by male and female

bloggers as well as the amount of writing, the most used words and if the register changes

depending on the sex of the writer. Finally, we consider important to contrast the

similarities and differences among all the bloggers from the different countries,

highlighting the patterns that are repeated in each one and the words and expressions used

only by speakers of certain languages.


Fashionable Rose
By Simoni


Sample 1: Girly Mood, by Simoni | May 2, 2016

I am in Cyprus at the moment, for a few weeks, and I am enjoying the warm weather.
There is such a difference between the London weather and Cyprus weather, but I am
used to the hot weather and days like today. As you may all know by now, I love
pastels, and as May has arrived, I felt the need to wear a pastel outift. The bardot style
blouses and dresses are my favourite for the new season, and I have already bought a few
pieces with that style. The girly and chic style is one of my favourites and this outfit has
that element. The A-line skirt and the pastel pink blouse make this outfit very romantic. I
am holding a beautiful clutch and a bracelet from Displexia accessories, and a necklace
fromOneByOne Jewellery. (more on the blog about the beautiful necklace coming soon).

Sample 2:, by Simoni | April 23, 2016 is an online fashion website, selling a selection of clothes, accessories

and shoes for men and women. All the items are very affordable. I recently received this
beautiful double necklace, (find it here). I love the colour combination of pink and
blue, as I am a big fan of pastels. I have already worn it a couple of times, and it has
become my new favourite, as it gives the effect of two necklaces, a shorter and a longer
one. Visit the website here, and find out more about
on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Sample 3: Cherry Blossom Love, by Simoni | April 12, 2016

As you might have noticed from my Instagram page, I am obsessed with cherry blossom
trees. The trees bloom for only a short time, so we took the opportunity to take some
pictures just before the flowers fall. Todays outfit has a 70s vibe. The boho shirt with
the beautiful embroidered details, is from Matalan. Their new line is called The
Edit which will be out every season. For Spring/Summer 2016 the collection is inspired
from the 1970s. The tie-neck blouse, the swing dress, the denim flare, the A-line skirt
and the wide leg trouser, all must have trends for this season, in affortable prices, available
at To finish my 70s look I combined the shirt with my demin
skirt and I accessorized the outfit with my textural Simoni Textile Designs woven bag,
my nude heels, and a double necklacefrom

Sample 4: An Afternoon in Hampstead, by Simoni | April 4, 2016

Today I was in Hampstead. I always think Hampstead has so much to offer. Plenty
of exciting independent shops; book stores; bakeries; quirky pubs; the enormous
Heath, and of coursethe sensational iconic views across the capital. Within minutes of
jumping off the tube on Hampstead High Street, it is so easy to suddenly find oneself
transported almost to the countryside, to a quiet little street surrounded by beautiful
houses, that border the Heath. Unlike Camden, this lovely area of the city is often
neglected by tourists, which is such a shame. Today was a little windy, so I wore my long
beige coat combined with my pink knitted dress. I love beige and pink together. I have
been wearing a lot of darker colours lately, so wearing something in pastel colours makes
me feel that spring is here. I am holding my hand-wovenSimoni Textile
Designspurses, perfect for all the essentials.

Sample 5: First Day of Spring, by Simoni | March 25, 2016

Last Sunday was the first day of Spring, and there is no better way to mark this occasion
than a visit to Columbia Road Flower Market. At Columbia Road Flower Market you can
find fresh flowers, in beautiful colours to decorate your homes and gardens. There are
also small boutiques and an antiques market. I bought a colourful bouquet and I am
looking forward to going back again soon for more. I wore my long grey dress and my
leather jacket that day. I thought it was enough but I was feeling a bit cold. Even though
Spring has started it is still a bit cold here in London. I am looking forward to warmer
Sample 6: Spring is Almost Here, by Simoni | March 15, 2016

I spent last Sunday, at Embankment. It was a lovely late afternoon, walking along the
Hungerford pedestrian bridge. The sky was filled with pink and orange colours as the sun
was setting over the city. You get such a lovely view of London from that bridge. I love
that area because you can see some of Londons most popular attractions; The London
Eye, Big Ben, St Pauls Cathedral and more. For an afternoon like this, I chose to wear my
favourite jeans and my silver nike air max and Iadded a bit of colour with my red
lpistick. It was the perfect casual outfit for a relaxing evening. I look forward to hearing
from you all. Spring is almost here in London, I can feel it.


Sample 7: Colour and Contrast Leopard, by Simoni | March 12, 2011

Ready for sales shopping: Wearing Leopard coat so lovely and warm and shades! Weird
combination but where i live (in Cyprus that is) is cold and sunny at the same time!Thank
God is finally cold so i can wear my warm jacket but warm enough to wear my big shades!

Sample 8: Bows Bows Everywhere, by Simoni | January 12, 2011

I love bows!! I think they are very girly and always add a cute touch to my outfit! They
are everywhere, in jewelry, clothes, bags, scarves!! These are few of my cute bow

Sample 9: Rose Embroided Vintage Treasure Bag, by Simoni | January 12, 2011

Hi everyone!! This weeks Rose theme is my Vintage Embroidered Handbag which i

love!!I love romantic style but i usually wear comfy jumpers during the day! I like
combining romantic style with casual! I Also love combining my vintage pieces with
mynew pieceS. What do you think about mixing vintage with new? Do you find it easy?
I want to hear your thoughts!! Xx Have a lovely Friday!! Simoni xxxx

Sample 10: My Grandamothers Purses, by Simoni | January 27, 2011

I have lots of vintage accessories. I love the fact that vintage accessories have previous
owners, from different eras. My favorite vintage accessories are my collection of bags but
the most precious bags are not those i bought but my grandmothers purses! I was
thinking that it will be so cool to find pictures of my grandmother holding these bags and
then take pictures of my self holding the bags and compare the different eras and the
different style of each era. I would ask her the next time i will visit her if she has any
pictures of her holding those purses!! The purses are decorated with beads, there are so
special, i love them!!

Sample 11: Rose Theme: Handmade Decorations, by Simoni | January 29, 2011

Another Rose theme!! For this week my Rose theme is a decoration made by me with
roses, during University, when i was studying Textile Design. I have crochet those
decorations myself (my grandmother helped a bit, and showed me how) and now i
am using them to decorate my room! I love handmade things!!!

Sample 12: Outfit Post, by Simoni | January 31, 2011

A new outfit post!!A simple shirt and my jeans make me feel so comfy, which is one
of the main things i look in clothes!

The Gentleman Blogger

by Matthew Zorpas


Sample 13: The Perfect Pair, by Matthew Zorpas | May 1, 2016

Although contemporary trends have loosened up, classic footwear pieces are without a
doubt timeless. The Monk-Strap shoes date back centuries ago when European monks
were looking for a better alternative to the sandal, a sartorial classic that will last them a
lifetime. If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to your outfits or the perfect
investment pair look no further than Italian brand Santoni. First launched in 1975,
Santoni, is by far refining the cultural heritage of craftsmanship and Italian excellence in
hand-made shoes. Recently Santoni launched an exclusive made-to-order service,
#mysantonicolours, which is the epitome of personalization. It offers the opportunity to
create a unique pair, with colours ranging from traditional Bordeaux and Cognac to
electric blue and yellow and personalised with your initials. Every pair can be teamed
with almost everything, looking sharp without falling into conservative business uniform.
As a true shoe lover, I couldnt miss this opportunity and treated myself with a customised
two-tone, double-buckle monk-straps. Make sure you add your own flavour and
personality to such an iconic classic shoe HERE

Sample 14: Italian Sophistication, by Matthew Zorpas | April 27, 2016

Here is another post about Canali, I just cant seem to get enough of this brands SS 16
collection filled with hues of blue that are just to die for! This look is more on the casual
side than the Salone del Mobile outfit I wore a couple of weeks back in Milan. But the
feel is nothing short of sophistication and elegance just perfect for my Sunday Spring
strolls in London. Canali has been designing these pieces for such a long time, you can
feel the expertise in each stitch. For this season and especially this look wool silk linen
and premium cotton are given a velvety terry finish to form distinctive textures that evoke
a true spring and summer feel. This was definitely the best outfit choice for the recent
weather. The lightweight tailoring is what gives these garments this subtle feeling of
summer without compromising on detail and finesse. Spring is finally upon us so go and
get yourselves some of these Canali masterpieces!

Sample 15: Italys finest, by Matthew Zorpas | April 24, 2016

For this years edition of Salone del Mobile, I was delighted to be invited by Canali to
explore and experience only the best of design in Milan. From meeting Rossana Orlandi
to Wallpaper Arcades of specially commissioned objects the week was an eye-opening
experience to the fascinating world of true design! The Salone del Mobile was founded
in 1961 and is the most anticipated event in the world of furniture and design. Experts in
fashion, architecture and design all flock to this one big showroom to get inspired. It is a
symbol of Italian heritage and innovation and how better to appear at such a show but in
head to toe Canali. Canali has been designing tailor made suits for the past 80 years,
almost a century of elegance and luxury. For their SS 16 collection, blues mixed with
warm earthy tones are the colors of choice. Fabrics take on new esthetics to highlight
luxurious compositions as well as innovative effects, two things the brand has been
perfecting since 1934. A fresh and relaxed silhouette is the goal this season and Canali
presents a new vision of summertime through the choice of colors, fabrics and styles that
all come together in an elegant and sophisticated tableau of looks. A weekend well spent!
Thank you Canali for your hospitality and guidance throughout this amazing experience.
Discover more of my Salone del Mobile experience HERE.
Sample 16: Browns in NYC, by Matthew Zorpas | April 22, 2016

I have been a big fan of wearing limited, one of a kind and special pieces since a very
young age yet the struggle was to find them then. Today, Im grateful for the existence
of Browns. Recognised as one of the worlds most iconic fashion retailers, today
including two central London stores as well as a global online flagship,, Browns has been operating for almost half a century. Differentiating
themselves through a determination to find the worlds most talented designers, whether
established or emerging and then to buy only the very best pieces, Browns have
discovered the likes of Alexander McQueen, Galliano and Chalayan but also more
recently, have uncovered a new generation of designers such as Christopher Kane. It
doesnt get more experienced then that! During my last visit to New York I got a
chance to wear my Valentino camouflage shirt and Gucci denim, fresh from Browns
rails on South Molton Street. A statement look yet on point, modern but traditional,
recognisable yet exclusive. Make sure you pay Browns a visit, either in store or online,
as for SS 16 they have put together an edit of the best menswear design, led by new
Menswear Buying Manager, Dean Cook. Along with cult and superbrands, Browns
continue to champion new design talent the SS16 edit includes new talent such as
Kazuyuki Kumagai an avant-garde Japanese footwear designer, and Curieux, a
London-based brand offering timeless pieces with contemporary edge. These brands,
amongst many other exclusive pieces, are only to be found at Browns this season the
next step in an exciting future. Proudly feeling part of the legacy.

Sample 17: Mr Burberry, by Matthew Zorpas | April 11, 2016

Just as the title reads, this is an all Burberry moment. Im so delighted to have partnered
with the ultimate, iconic British brand, as part of their new fragrance launch Mr Burberry.
Dressed in Burberrys signature trench coat and in a special sartorial suit inspired by the
fragrance, the shoot took place in the bustling city of London home to the iconic British
brand. We started out at the Caf Royal where the official campaign for the fragrance was
filmed (by Oscar-winner Steven McQueen) and then went around to many London
landmarks. A very Burberry day I might add. Just like a prime accessory, the Mr Burberry
scent is a beautifully crafted contrast of classic and contemporary, sophisticated and
sensual but also embodies all the traditional scents that encapsulate Londons essence and
finest moments. Its a scent of crisp zesty grapefruit mixed with a seductive base of earthy
vetiver and smokey guaiac wood is a fresh odor to have on anytime of the day. The
fragrance is bottled in a very masculine and bold bottle inspired by the timeless trench
coat, the cap references horn-look buttons and a neatly hand tied knot in English-woven
gabardine adorns the neck of the bottle in remembrance to Thomas Burberry who
invented that innovative fabric more than 100 years ago. It doesnt get more English than
that! Discover the fragrance, the grooming collection and the sartorial collection HERE.
The whole essence of British timelessness and classic British fashion all found in one
bottle of perfume. Enjoy!
Sample 18: Welcome to NYC, by Matthew Zorpas | April 9, 2016

There are endless reasons to visit New York City, yet my latest trip to the greatest city
was truly special. This time around I was invited by Montblanc, to celebrate its 110th
anniversary and the pioneering spirit that has guided the Maison since 1906. For an
exceptional one night only, the iconic Rainbow Room inside Rockefeller Centre was
transformed into a black tie lavish anniversary dinner, where brand ambassadors Hugh
Jackman and Charlotte Casiraghi as well as Olivia Palermo and over 110 guests
discovered for the first time the new Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge & Noir (the
Maisons first product series introduced in 1909). To say the least, up to this day,
Montblanc continues to fascinate me with their revolutionised culture or writing and
break throw innovations but at the same time remains true to the Maison heritage of
sophistication and every piece is crafted to the highest standards. Just an hour before my
scheduled arrival, in my black tuxedo and accessories by Montblancs heritage collection
Rouge & Rouge, I shot this metropolitan story at a roof-top downtown. A well deserved
Happy Birthday Montblanc! I had a blast! Discover the Montblanc story featuring Hugh
Jackman HERE.


Sample 19: Forest Green, by Matthew Zorpas | February 4, 2014

In the past week I have entirely given up on shooting my outfits in this cold, miserable
and wet weather. I can sit here and complain all day about my tragical attempts of running
after the sunlight or the times I waited in the rain hoping it might stop. Honestly, I dress
for the weather, but when it comes to taking pictures the weather elements must reach to
an agreement and set the mood. I bet you heard this before. But so long as my vision is
strong, there is no end to my struggle to present you only the best. In this story by Jake
Lewis, Im wearing a Z Zegna dark navy suit with a double breasted Carven jacket
buttoned on top. The camouflage tie and my forest green hat add great flavour to the

Sample 20: The Boutique Lovers, by Matthew Zorpas | February, 7 2014

Its probably impossible not to fall in love with The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell
road. You see its not by coincidence that it was named London Hotel of the year in 2013.
The Zetter Townhouse is one of those places where you always dream about, a relaxed
boutique hotel, an oasis in the middle of the city. While many of you are familiar with the
Cocktail Lounge at the Townhouse a collaboration between The Zetter, chef Bruno
Loubet and Tony Conigliaro I had the opportunity to stay at one of their 13 bedroom
suites, called the Townhouse Club. Super cool room with BIG personality! The Zetter
Townhouse has it all and you should definitely book a night there. You will be glad you

Sample: Packing & Unpacking, by Matthew Zorpas | February 23, 2014

If you havent been following me on Instagram (@MatthewZorpas), you might feel

neglected in the past week. The truth is, I have been traveling since last Monday, with my
new students from Winchester School of Arts, all around Italy. After 3 nights in Rome, 2
nights in Florence and 1 express night-out in Milan, Im so happy to finally be back home.
Not for long though as I will be spending next weekend in Paris for fashion week. This
photo-story was taken moments before Charlie Mays show at London Fashion Week last
weekend. Im wearing a clasic double-breasted suit by Tommy Hilfiger Tailored line,
crisp white collared shirt by Evocha and my modern slip-on loafers by Alberto Moretti.
Stayed tuned for my visual diaries from Italy in the next couple of days!

Sample 21: Just before Spring, by Matthew Zorpas | March 8, 2014

Im almost certain that everyone is clamouring for spring lately and probably the last
thing you want to look at is another post reminding you that is still cold, windy and wet
out in the real world. But Im really excited about this outfit post! First things first, Im
wearing my new SS14 three-piece suit by Reiss. I havent worn a suit with a matching
vest for years theyve been out of fashion for a while, havent they? But it seems to be
a good option in warmer days (to come) as you can take off your jacket and still maintain
a sense of formality in shirtsleeves. Im also very excited to share with you all my new
discovery Pasotti Obrelli, an Italian brand producing handmade umbrellas since 1956.
My very own greyhound umbrella has become an essential piece of my everyday outfit.
Lastly but not least, my purchase from Sandro Paris, the camel Parka that will keep me
warm in cold days but not overheat me in mid-range temperatures.

Sample 22: Oyster heaven, by Matthew Zorpas | March 27, 2014

Within the depths of theatres, between Charing Cross Road and St Martins Lane, and
with a little Oyster bar counter on the side, J Sheekeys is quite an establishment. Possibly
one of my favourite sea food restaurants in the world with gracious service and
excellent fresh seafood. The menu has an extensive selection of seafood including also
some classic english dishes. I would suggest you start with crab or oysters , while for
main dish try the smoked haddock with mash, poached egg and whole grain mustard! As
for desserts, you should definitely give steamed blood orange sponge pudding a shot!
Sample 23: Tales of a city, by Matthew Zorpas | April 29, 2014

As if the previous two posts from Istanbul were enough to capture this beautiful dreamy
city and my great time there Photographer, Emircan Soksan did his magic and captured
these wonderful photos in a square close to Bosphorus last week. Nonetheless, this
double-breasted suit by renowned turkish designer Serdar Uzuntas, definitely stands out
in this occasion. Remember, if you want to be slightly daring without going over the top,
youd be better off using plain shorts than matchy-matchy prints. Anyhow, try relaxing
the rules this summer by pairing your double-breasted jackets-blazers with a pair of
shorts. Its an excellent style twist at the end.

La Revue de Kenza
By Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui


Sample 24: Balzac Paris, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | May 4, 2016

Heart-stopper alarm! After having received an email from the Balzac Paris brand, I
glanced at their collections: basics, flawless cuts, gorgeous ballet shoes and so on. So I
accepted with great pleasure to collaborate, for a post on the blog. Balzac Paris, its the
story of three friends who decided to modernize vintage accessories like the bow tie or
the Peter Pan collar. When I received my order, I understood pretty well that they had the
love for beautiful fabrics, in addition to the flawless cuts I mentionned above. So, instead
of relasing two collections a year, you can find ten of them sold on the e-shop, and whose
products are sold like hot cakes, since they are limited editions. I made an outfit that looks
like me and in which Im comfy. You know how much I love hanging around The Saint
Louis Island, and on this sunny Sunday it was the perfect occasion to slip in my spring
outfit. So Parisian! Meanwhile, hurry to visit the website before everything is sold out!

Sample 25: The Sports Bra, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | May 1, 2016

After 3 days lying in my bed (thank you sickness), I was unable to stand still. Its just like
I needed to get over it by a sweating session at the gym. I had received the new sports bra
developped by Chantelle, the French lingerie brand. I found it gorgeous, as Im used to
wear sportsbras that look more or less the same, I loved its super elegant twist adapted to
sport. Im not going to teach you that, but the bra is essential, because if you hit the gym
as regularly as I do, if your chest isnt maintained, what a disaster on the long term! Its
not on this day that I tried it (I would have looked less fresh of course), anyway, once in
condition I felt perfectly at ease and for once a feeling that I hate- I didnt had the chest
packed tightly with this sensation not to be able to take a breath. Its shape provides you a
freedom of move and its form-fitting pads holds perfectly during effort (you have already
made a cardio workout with a bra that doesnt do the job? Me too and I found myself
holding my chest in the hands like an idiot! Slightly ridiculous!). Since I run I need a bra
with thin low-cut underarms to avoid rubbing and iritating the skin. Although its a bra,
dont worry you wont feel the underwiring, its covered with a soft strap. That was for
the technical part, girls who enjoy sport will thank me! For the others who are in the 90s
trend, you can join the two straps in the back with the little hooks. I advise you too to
wear it under an overall or squarely (who dares?) with a high waist trouser (very high)
and a blazer jacket. Thats what I would do anyway!

Sample 26: Arlequin, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | April 30, 2016

My boyfriend hated my outfit and let me know I did. Like half the stuff I wear btw. Dont
worry, Im not offended, as long as I feel good in what in wearing, its the principal. On
the contrary, Im completely fan of my little skirt and its matching top. About my
sunglasses, my beauty, my love (just like if I was rubbing it in, no way), I customized
them online on Diors website. Meaning that there are very little odds that I cross paths
with another chick wearing the same, precisely. Do you like my outfit, or just like
Matthieu youre going to call me Arlequin?!

Sample 27: 90s Rules, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | April 28, 2016

Hey! I you follow me on Snapchat (kenzasmg), you could see that I toted for a whole day
a pink wig, the reason why? Im not unveiling it yet. Anyway I cared to share with you
some inspirations that I used for this upcoming project. A make-up and a styling straight
outta the 90s. Stay tuned, youll understand very soon where Im getting at.

Sample 28: Spring Call, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | April 27, 2016

Good day The come-back of the blouse, flares , loose hair, of summer? Yeah right the
skys colour isnt very promising. Whatever, on this day, after having slept at the hotel
on the day before (le Dokhans hotel, see my previous post), I had an hectic day of writing
articles on the blog. We went to Saint Louis Island with Matthieu to get some fresh air.
Its often where we go on week ends when its sunny. Ive been contacted by Dborah,
the AD28 brand jewellery designer a few days before and I completely fell for her
jewellery collection. However I usually only wear gold but her rings and her zirconium
oxide necklace (generally used a a diamond simulant) made my heart melt. In short, an
afordable brand because its costume designs as well as a discreet and refined jewellery.
The pleasure to discover young brands, again and again, Ill never get tired of it, thanks
to the blog. Perfect to add some charm to my outfit right?

Sample 29: Keep it Classy, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | April 25, 2016

While I was wandering on Asos (yeah of course, just like that, without any intention to
buy anything) I came upon this suit. I dont have any suit and Ive always been mad about
feminine silhouette in suit. This one is so gorgeous. Its colour, its cut, its not too formal
and suits me pretty well. With a pair of sneakers it would have worked well too. But come
on lets be elegant for once!


Sample 30: Two Beautiful Days at the Agaba, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | December
12, 2013

Perros-Guirec, Bretagne, Ctes dArmor. Friday night, one small hour by plane and ten
minutes later by car, we arrived with our buddies Margot, Audrey et Sabria, LAgapa
Htel 5* Spa Nuxe. The plan was to spend a dreamlike weekend with a view you wish
you could wake up to every morning, to get pampered at the Nuxe spa and to savor the
chefs dishes. I savored them so much that I came back with an additional 1,5 kg. But if
I had to eat them all over again, I would do it a hundred times (in a manner of speaking
of course) ! Apart from the hotel, I discovered a region, which I may qualify as splendid.
Its true that when we want to go somewhere we have a tendency to think abroad and
yet Saturday morning, we went creeling (fishing with traps) Well I mean we
accompanied the fishermen, for our greatest delight. I got the chance to discover the
beautiful pink granite coast, its exotic rocks and of course its lobsters. For that matter,
Guillaume Anor, the chef of the Belouga (the hotel restaurant) did us the honor of
accompanying us and preparing us a feast inside the fishermens workshops. Imagine
dishes from a starred gourmet restaurant in such context. It was an incredible experience.

Sample 31: On my Way , by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | December 19, 2013

Introduce you to a winter outfit, when Im heading to Bangkok, I love the idea. Dont
hate me! I loved that country so much during my first stay, last year.
Remember Bangkok, Chiang Mai Koh Phangan and Koh Phiphi This time, we are not
sure about the islands well visit, but anyway, Ill try to be present on the blog as well as
possible. See you soon ! In the afternoon, I chose a 45 minutes massage at the hotel spa.
It was bound to be a great moment I wont go into the details on the dishes I tasted, a
lot of fish of course and breathtaking desserts. On Sunday, we had a spectacular breakfast.
Everything is homemade, from the chocolate bar to the pastries. We went for a short walk
on the Testraou beach in front of the hotel, a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to our eyes.
Off-season and no one to be seen. I took the opportunity to do some pirouettes (hi Im 10
years old) and some pictures. And the best was saved for the end of our stay: we were
introduced inside the hotels kitchens. But if one day someone had told me I would cook
some pastries (to be more specific, macaroons, caramels and chocolate bars) with the chef
to whom I could ask any question concerning this or that recipe, I would have never
believed it. I came back home with my arms full of sweets but more importantly with my
head empty, rested and delighted to have had the opportunity to discover this place and
meet its wonderful team, whom I will certainly come back and visit as a romantic week
end or on a mother/daughter trip next time!

Sample 32: Like a Sunday, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | December 24, 2013

On a calm Sunday, I had lunch in the Marais neighborhood before taking a few pictures
of a friend (you must have seen her a few times around, Ill talk to you a little more about
her when I have the right to !) and her associate, who are opening their restaurant very
soon. So youre wondering why me ? Because they were interviewed by a magazine and
had no visual to give them. So in the end, we handled it pretty well, as best we could. The
kind of anecdote I love, cause who knows ? The day their restaurants will be all over the
world (yes, thats right !), well talk about that Sunday when the light was not the brightest
and we had the most basic equipment, but we had a lot of fun!

Sample 33: Crazy #Bangkok, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | December 26, 2013

Hardly had we stepped off the plane at 6 :00 in the morning that we right away went on
with our day in this crazy city, Bangkok. This is the second time I go there, and I definitely
think it is in my top 5 favorite cities. At the end of the afternoon, I granted myself a little
walk though the Siam quarter, which is full of malls, each more futuristic than the last.
We ended up having diner at Central World (going through Topshop of course), in which
there is an entire level especially for food. And you can find fast foods as well as very
good restaurants. The next day, it was a completely different atmosphere. We spent the
day in the huge Chatuchak market, which is only open on the weekends. 110 000 squared
meters in total. No need to tell you how crazy I got in the vintage and new clothes corner.
wonders everywhere and at unbelievable prices (hello to the raid of denim shorts at 3
euros). On the third day, my Dad, my stepmother and my little sisters landed in Bangkok.
It wasnt supposed to be a family trip but it was a great coincidence! So we met up to
savor a pad Thai in the street, and we ended up getting a massage, once again in the street.
If you want to know the exact addresses I went to, meet me on my Instagram page, on
which I am pretty active. I try to post a maximum of details about my trip. Meanwhile, I
just arrived on the island I love so much: Koh Phangan. See you soon in the midst of

Sample 34: Back from Chatuchak #Bangkok, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | December
28, 2013

After a day in the Chatuchak market where I literally caused a carnage, we calmly
returned to the hotel. With the human traffic between the stands and the sandy ground,
sneakers were not an option. We chose this calm hotel in this small street, ten minutes
from Kaoh San Road. Perfect to end the day in a little bar in this same street, a Singha
Beer for him and a fresh coconut for me.

Sample 35: Through the Temple #Bangkok, by Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui | December
31, 2013

Bangkok is a huge city and hides many treasures. After having lunch with my family, we
decided to head back to our neighborhood, which is Samsen 6 Road. The same as last
year. What a surprise when I discovered this temple hidden in an ordinary pathway ! A
beautiful light to take pictures in and a very relaxing atmosphere.

The Blue Eyed Boy

by Matheo Ferraguti


Sample 36: Son of a Biche, by Matheo Ferraguti | June 17, 2014

Breaking news: over 70 years after his mothers untimely death, Disney darling Bambi
has been freed via oversized Givenchy sweatshirts and tshirts. Notable doe eyes also
come from Kulte and Eleven Paris Tees. Hurry, while supplies last fawn days could end
before dawn.

Sample 37: France is in the Air, by Matheo Ferraguti | April 17, 2014

You may remember the Balthier Corfi shots taken in NYC for TheBlueEyedBoy last year,
and the sweater from BWGH I was wearing at the time. The French label has done very
well since then (as have I, thanks for asking) and actually launched a limited edition of
its Brooklyn parle francais best-seller exclusively available at Galeries Lafayette.
France is in the air, as they say.

Sample 38: Jack Yes! , by Matheo Ferraguti | April 2, 2014

Jack Le Black has an acerbic way of expressing itself, joined with a nonchalant disregard
of the advertising formula. Rubens, David, Monet, and other masterpieces are hijacked
by memorable slogans pictured on T-shirts and sweatshirts. So put the crack pipe down,
and discover how Jack -has transformed these masterpieces into heroine(s) of their own,
like the bitch of freedom. Throw your white flags up and say, Jack Yes! Available
exclusively on Win a free Jack Le Black T-shirt by liking
TheBlueEyedBoys Facebook page and leaving a comment on the current post before
April 14th, midnight (GMT+1)!

Sample 39: The Blue-Lensed Boy, by Matheo Ferraguti | March 13, 2014

Looking like a special order that no one would refuse, this exclusive edition of Panasonic
Lumix GM1 for Colette is crafted from blue alligator and command buttons. For those of
you who may have forgotten my birthday last month: you still have time! But it is a
limited edition piece, with only 50 units made.

Sample 40: Milan Down, by Matheo Ferraguti | January 24, 2014

While watching this seasons Milan shows, I was bored. With too few exceptions, nothing
was really catching my eyes. I felt as if, although well executed a la Made in Italy
tradition, many collections fell decidedly short from expectations of major fashion
houses, particularly with regard to creativity. Where were the colors? Where was the
innovation? Where is my new obsession? The economic crisis is at fault, they said. Too
little, too late, I say.
Sample 41: Every Cloud has a Gold Lining, by Matheo Ferraguti | December 30, 2013

The stars will be hidden by clouds tonight, New Years Eve, when you enter the majestic
NYC it party you werent invited to. Saint Laurent, Balmain, each has its own take on
it, but make sure you have a black jacket embroidered with gold lining for exactly this:
so that your entrance is not eclipsed. No better way to conclude this year of fashion and
parties than the way it started brilliantly!


Sample 42: Pastiche, Jessica Harris First Men Collection, by Matheo Ferraguti |
December 6, 2010

A cold night was made even colder when a sassy girl, evidently mad, elected to pour her
drink on all over me, for a reason I still dont really understand. Standing at a safe
distance, Jessica was smiling, visibly amused by my misfortune. Less than a year later, I
was the face of her menswear collection shot by Peppe Tortora here in Paris. The day of
the shoot was equally as cold as the fateful night of my unprompted beer shower, but
Jessicas talent managed to heat up the day.

Sample 43: Never Give Up, by Matheo Ferraguti | December 15, 2010

Releasing their debut album simply titled Happiness, the British duo Hurts are my new
infatuation. A new wave, electropop and rock hybrid, Hurts makes use of synthy beats,
poetic lyrics and catchy progressions. Think of a slowed down version of the Scissor
Sisters at their best, mixed with Frankmusik and Sam Sparro. Check out Silver lining,
Better than love and Wonderful life for the best cuts on the album.

Sample 44: La Reine Est Morte. Vive le Roi! , by Matheo Ferraguti | December 18, 2010

To whom it may concern. I am writing to you in regards to your recently vacated position
of Editor-in-chief of the French the only one that matters edition of Vogue. After 10
years of service, I do understand that beloved Carine Roitfeld will be deeply missed.
However I truly believe my qualification will perfectly match your requirements. I started
as a model, just like she did. Not as a super-model, just a model , she declared when
she was appointed in 2001. Modesty is a quality Carine and I both share. She is believed
to be the child of porno-chic, as she worked for Tom Ford and shaked up Missoni. Please
find attached my experience in the porn industry. As indicated in the adverstisement,
Vogue Paris has established itself as one of the most iconic magazines in the world, with
a tremendous influence in the fields of fashion and photography. My blog,
TheBlueEyedBoy, had more than 1200 readers in only its first week of existence.
Proportionnaly, I did better in my current position than Carine Roitfeld did in 10 years
for the French edition of Vogue. Last but not least, I have a worldly sense of initiative as
well as a strong command of the English language, both oral and written. Launching an
American edition of Vogue would, for instance, be a great idea. Attached is my resume.
It comes in the form of my blog. Yours faithfully, TheBlueEyedBoy

Sample 45: My Late Christmas Wish, by Matheo Ferraguti | December 25, 2010

Jane was well-known for playing with her androgyny. Therefore the bag named after her
plays this card. From David Beckham to Marc Jacobs, who owns it in at least 5 different
colors, Herms Birkin bag is more and more sought-after by high-end fashionistos,
especially the Haut-a-courroies version.

Sample 46: Un Hippocampe, des Hippocampes, by Matheo Ferraguti | December 30,


However beautiful it is, Chanel pearl and sea horse necklace from 2011 Saint-Tropez
cruise collection would look far better on a girlfriend. You should wear the nice Asos steel
one although. Simple and masculine, it may bring a rock touch to every summer look or
make a light summer wind blow on any dark winter outfit.

Smaple 47: Bend it Like Trussardi! , by Matheo Ferraguti | January 20, 2011

You just cant wait to try on the Trussardi 1911 outfit ranked number 1 in my top 5 from
Milan ? Neither can I! As luck would have it I found these nice camel leather pants at an
H&M store, overcrowded because the sales have started in Paris. They came out just
before the Trussardi show the only thing that makes the wait bearable. Fitting in

One Dapper Street

by Marcel Floruss


Sample 48: Kestin Hare For Marks 6 Spencer, by Marcel Floruss | April 29, 2016

When a young Scottish designer brand and a British powerhouse with mass appeal team
up, you can expect the result to be amazing. A modern approach to timeless classics, a
playful attitude towards details and prints, and an overall coherent collection that doesnt
only work with other pieces within the collection, but also easily blends in to any
wardrobe. With summer around the corner, the Marks & Spencer and Kestin Hare
collaboration hits the nail on the head with abstracted palm tree prints, relaxed fits and an
otherwise minimalist color palette.

Sample 49: Just in Case, by Marcel Floruss | April 28, 2016

I swear the New York weather will forever haunt me. You leave the house, its chilly and
cloudy. You get in the subway, same thing, you get out, blue skies, the sun is shining, and
youre sweating. You step into a coffee shop, you look outside, and its pouring. By now,
Ive at least learned to check the weather app, and bring a rain coat just in case. So
today I brought along my new Nautica rain jacket, bright yellow, a super nice fit, with
great hardware. The two clips just around the collar bone are what made me fall in love
with the jacket to begin with, and I liked the loud yellow as a contrast to the otherwise
muted outfit. Muted maybe, definitely not boring: the navy cardigan has a very designer
aesthetic with the two stripes on just on arm, which I decide to emphasize with the striped
cotton-silk t-shirt (which feels and fits amazingly btw). A pair of dakr grey chinos, light
colored sneakers and a couple of accessories in the same color range, and I was ready for
the day ahead, whatever it might hold for me. Also, if youre in NYC on May 6th, Nautica
is actually opening up their first ever global flagship store at 101 Prince Street in the heart
of Soho. Kinda crazy to think they didnt have that yet even though theyve been such a
New York brand for about three decades now.. Anyway Im gonna go check it out, thought
you might wanna know
Sample 50: Intricacies, by Marcel Floruss | April 26, 2016

Man. The jeans and the sneakers . I simply cant get over. I was shopping around on a little while ago and instantly fell in love with both pieces. I wasnt
quite sure how well theyd go together yet, but when I got the package a couple days later
I was just swept away. Both have such a beautiful intricacy to them, the Belstaff jeans
with the carefully placed seams, pockets and zippers, and the knit sneakers with the fabric
layering, the lacing system and the elaborate heel detail. Also, yes, those shoes are as
comfortable as they look. So definitely super happy, check out what else they got on LVR,
really dope selection. I took the colors of the shoes to create the rest of the outfit: a black
elongated t-shirt and a bomber jacket with a brass zipper to pick up the tan color of the
pants, and simultaneously play off of the black trim on them. The green backpack, key
ring and shades were simply too perfect a match for the sneaker not to go with them. You
with me?

Sample 51: A Dapper Start to Any Day, by Marcel Floruss | April 14, 2016

Oh mornings, the beginning of every day, time to focus and prepare for the day ahead.
What better way to do so than with a cup of coffee, the latest news and of course, a dapper
combination. A crisp, white shirt is a solid start for virtually any outfit, and this Express
1MX Tech Shirt with its stretch component allows you to look fly and still be comfortable.
The blue blazer on top is sure to turn some heads. Its nice to turn away from navy as the
go-to blue tone every now and then, especially in the spring, and have some fun with
bolder hues. The floral tie complements the light color of the dress pants, to create an
overall spring vibe. Black accessories such as the chelsea boots, belt and watch make it a
tad more serious again, a great look for the office on a nice springy day.

Sample 52: Botanical Stitches, by Marcel Floruss | April 2, 2016

Straight forward black and navy, primarily inspired by the dope new Coach desert
boots. The heel detail had me fall head-over-heels (bad pun oh-so intended) in love with
them. Great classic with a little twist. Also: Ive had that backpack for almost two years
now and its wearing in super-nicely. Remember what it first looked like? Its getting
more and more character with every additional wear

Sample 53: I Wear my Tan, by Marcel Floruss | March 30, 2016

Since I dont really tan, I just kinda wear it in other ways Rocking my new Coach
backpack, which, if you were a fan of the patchwork parka, is probably also going to
make you pretty happy. It did that for me for sure. Altogether a fairly Western combo,
three pieces that really made that happen: tan jacket, denim shirt, and last, but most
certainly not least, the printed bandana with the leather cuff. I saw that just hanging at
Zara a little while ago when I went to the 5th Ave store opening in SoHo, and I may have
gotten not one, but two of them, pretty much without hesitation.


Sample 54: Poppy Red, by Marcel Floruss | March 7, 2013

Hi there Fashion People!! On this lovely and sunny Tuesday morning, I decided that I
wanted to wear my relatively light quilted Zara jacket. I love it for several reasons it is
somewhat of a mesh between a blazer and a jacket; it is totally trending right now that
quilt is so big, and you can combine it with many things, since its a neutral brown with a
suede finish. I chose to wear it with my khaki, slim Chinos, which also happen to be
from Zara. A white shirt from Hugo Boss serves as the basis of the look and is simple
enough to work with the bright and colorful Marc By Marc Jacobs cardigan Im wearing
underneath one of the perks of interning for an amazing fashion corporation. (Silk-
Cotton-Cashmere Mix, if you could only feel through the internet.) My cognac Aldo
wingtips decorated my feet and I chose to repeat the read accent in the socks from Uniqlo.
Since if you know NYC this outfit is way to cold in early march, whether the sun is
out or nor, I topped it off with a dark brown knit-scarf from H&M. This Cardigan,
especially in combination with the socks, acts as a great example of how to easily spice
up an otherwise neutrally brown outfit, and make it a little more spring-y.

Sample 55: Sweet Stitches, by Marcel Floruss | March 7, 2013

Hola! Whoever has been to New York before, summer or winter alike, knows theres
nothing average about its weather. Extremes in all sorts of ways (let us remember Irene,
Sandy and Nemo at this point) plague the metropolitan apple. So this gloomy
Wednesday forced me (like its a bad thing come on!) to layer adequately. Starting
from the outside, I wore my Michael Andrews Bespoke camel overcoat. If you want to
change things up, throw it casually over the shoulders and wear it more like a cape. I liked
the color-combination with the olive green of my Marc by Marc blazer. This is one of my
dearest pieces, because I think the triple stitching is a wonderful detail to make it look
much more expensive. It has a great, slim fit and works wonderfully with the wool H&M
slacks I just got; combining these really slim lines with a slightly looser silhouette. To
make it a little different I matched my Club Monaco plaid shirt with a polka dot tie, also
from H&M. I know polka dots have been seen a lot, but try and stop me from continuing
to wear them, I personally am still a big fan. My feet are decorated my by ox-blood double
monk straps from Allsaints. The idea was to have a busy foundation and counteract it with
neutral, uni colored pieces.
Sample 56: Saturated Dullness, by Marcel Floruss | March 9, 2013

Fashienthusiats! Another day another look and apparently another snowy and rainy
day for NYC. Thursday was a great day nevertheless; always stay positive So lets take
a look at this Overcoat Strellson. Virgin Wool in all black. It feels insane and works
with anything and everything, especially in New York. I love the small standing collar,
which really gives it a more modern look. I went for a mix of greys and blacks, so my
Marc By Marc Sweater came in handy. The body is a grainy dark grey, with a lighter grey
waistband and a black crew collar. Peaking out is a denim H&M shirt, a casual alternative
I chose over a, say, Oxford shirt. Keeping this grainy grey going, I went with my medium
grey Gant pants, which sit upon my Barneys Coop boots. The blocking as well as the
several shades of grey (dare I say 50?!) keep it interesting, yet were too dull for me with
that weather thats why we have accessories. My parting gift from my internship at
Marc By Marc Jacobs was this amazing Duffle Bag with olive green and red stripes, in
combination with my Bordeaux Beanie from American Apparel. What can you take away
from this? Rock a button-down more casually in a denim fabric, and give a neutral outfit
more life with your colorful accessories!

Sample 57: Subway = Runway, by Marcel Floruss | March 10, 2013

Thank God (for) Inventing Fashion, am I right?? I was so ready for the weekend on Friday.
And wow what a weekend it was Fusion Fashion Show weekend! A design competition
between FIT and Parsons. 15 students each, create original micro-collections. 2 of the
best fashion schools in the world so it is definitely worth checking out the pictures this
week on One Dapper Street! But lets talk fashion. As you may have noticed if you follow
my blog, Im a big fan of neutrals. And in the past, I have heard quite often, especially by
rather conservative men, that black would supposedly not work with brown. Well I, as
well as many others, do think it does black skinny jeans from H&M combined with
different earth tones. Im wearing a white button-down with brown stripes, therefore not
as simple as a white shirt and still reflecting other elements of the outfit. Covering it, we
have a herringbone blazer by H&M, and as you can see on the detail shot, the herringbone
weave (whats makes it look zigzag) is brown and black. So there you go. I love the brown
patches on the shoulder that have a suede finish to them. To stay warm and shield the
wind, I wore my Uniqlo trench coat in beige. Its perfect for all sorts of weather
conditions, based on the fact that trench coats were actually originally made for military
purposes. Accessories: brown knit scarf by H&M and brown leather Clarks desert boots.
My shoestrings actually ripped, so I replaced them with lighter ones. I like the contrast
and it especially works in combination with the blazer and coat. One of my favorite bags
(2nd Hand) picks up the earth tones with its leather part, and adds a tiny bit of color with
the green body. Lesson learned: brown and black do work, yes! And I, personally, love to
combine the two.
Sample 58: Denimvasion, by Marcel Floruss | March 13, 2013

Did anybody say Denim? Williamsburg the small Berlin of America, the capitol of
all hipsters, and the location for this shoot. I love the area, totally up and coming, lots of
young people, bars and stores just lovely. So after a little second hand shopping at
Buffalo Exchange and Beacons Closet we took a couple of pictures on the way to the
coast. Just recently a friend of mine asked me Marcel, denim shirt with a jeans Is that
too much? Once upon a time, I could not have been more convinced that it is. The above
pictures prove the opposite. Denim on denim is totally hot right now! If you combine it,
it usually helps to go with a darker color in the pants, like an Indigo or Ebony, and keep
the top lighter. This spring you could even go with the same colors. So what am I wearing
exactly? Topman denim jacket, on top of my Marc By Marc knit sweater. I love the knit
itself, and the crew neck has the perfect cut in my opinion; definitely one of the favorite
pieces I own by MBMJ. Continuing with Marc, we have my light blue chambray shirt.
Optically very much like a denim fabric, Chambray actually distinguishes itself by the
weaving technique thereby making it a softer fabric in general, it works wonderfully with
the outfit. As mentioned before, I went with a darker, Indigo pair of jeans from H&M,
rolled up the cuffs to introduce another tone of denim, and wore my Aldo sneaker-
wingtips, to repeat the cream color of the sweater. Lastly, caused by my affinity of pocket
squares a pocket square from Scoop NYC, with a colorful paisley pattern. So this spring,
go out and find the hottest denim pieces. Even though I went for a clean look, feel free to
go with crazy prints, washes or destructed details everything goes.

Sample 59: Designer + Fast Retailer, by Marcel Floruss | March 18, 2013

Cross-Shopping describes shopping in different stores, of different price ranges and

has become vastly popular with the majority of Americans. Since the Global Financial
Crisis in 2008, the economy had been hard on most of the citizens of the United States
a consequence was easily detected in the retail sector. People werent just spending their
money as thoughtlessly on anything anymore. They started thinking: If I get this from a
cheaper retailer, will anyone notice? Soon, as it was a popular trend, people were proud
of having found a bargain. Maybe they still bought their overcoat at Burberry now, but
the shirt might be from H&M, or a pocket square from Zara?! Obviously this is also
applicable to other industries than the fashion industry. So this look is a pretty good
example for exactly that: Im wearing a coat by Sandro, a Parisien label that if you dont
know it yet, I highly recommend to check out. It has an excellent slim fit, basically like a
blazer, and impeccably subtle leather details. The most obvious one, in this case, being
the leather strip as a transition to the collar. Underneath, Im wearing a knit stretch blazer
by Uniqlo. Since the coat fits so nicely, this is one of the few blazers that will easily fit
underneath, since it is not padded at the shoulders. The blazer itself is super lightweight
and comfortable. They are a staple item at Uniqlo, if youd like to take a look in person.
My shirt is from John Varvatos, but I actually got it at Buffalo Exchange, a second hand
store in NYC. I loved the checkered pattern of different shades of purple and it has a
dapper looking collar. The jeans on the contrary I bought on sale from H&M. Simple,
black, used wash and slim fitting. I decided to go for some contrast with my cognac Aldo
wingtips. I love how they look very expensive, which can be said of the entire Mr. Bs
collection at Aldos, but they are certainly affordable even for a student. So you see, that
your outfit can easily incorporate expensive and cheaper pieces and still totally work.
Second hand shopping and shopping sales certainly helps getting those expensive pieces
as a student

The Fashion Cuisine

By Beatrice Gutu


Sample 60: Wardrobe Basics: The Suede Jacket, by Beatrice Gutu | May 3, 2016

To continue my previous post on 5 spring staples, I would love to introduce the one I
havent included but is definitely worth mentioning: the suede jacket. Its one of those
things that I had on my mental wishlist for a while, but as any classic pieces its pretty
hard to find the one that you unconditionally love. Oh, that sounds cheesy. But its true.
I mean, it took me one stroll to the vintage market to find the perfect khaki suede coat and
2 years to find a classic suede jacket. But now Im all covered for the season. Pair it with
some black skinnies a flowy blouse and youve got my idea of a perfect day-to-day spring

Sample 61: Wide Choker & Lace Cami in Berlin, by Beatrice Gutu | May 1, 2016

One can argue that my obsession with chokers has gotten out of hand, but I will
respectfully disagree saying that you can never have too many of them. Such a small
detail but what a difference it makes. My new take on this mega-trend is to wear a wide
chocker with a loose lace camisole. And Im so happy I manage to wear this killer combo
on our first day in Berlin and even take some photos during oh so perfect sunset
light. Which was absolutely unplanned. We were off to explore the city and as I always
wanted to take a photo of Brandenburg Gate during the sunset, we went there first hand.
To my surprise, it was far less crowded than I expected and we even managed to shoot
this look. #abigyaymoment Oh and hey, have you guys noticed my new jeans? Well, after
a long search I finally found a dreamy pair Levis 501 jeans with frayed hem in one of
my favourite vintage stores in Amsterdam. I will make a big post with my favourite stores
in Amsterdam, as soon as the weather gets better. Bring on the sun. All of it. Happy
Sunday and Happy Easter to all Orthodox! X

Sample 62: 5 Spring Staples You Need In One Outfit, by Beatrice Gutu | April 28, 2016

In these last few weeks Ive been literally on a sartorial auto-pilot. Reaching for my trusty
wardrobe staples and mix and matching them as many times as I can, is probably the best
way to play dress up. Living between two cities might seem fun, but it is actually pretty
confusing. I have two closets now (believe me its not that fancy as it sounds) and I
always have to figure it out which clothes I have to take with me and which not, and plan
all the outfits ahead, which Im not so good at. Thats why having perfect staples in your
wardrobe makes things so much easier. So I decided it will be fun to share some of my
spring staples that you will probably see me wearing on rotation this season. What about
you? What are your ultimate spring staples?

Sample 63: How to Borrow from the Boys, by Beatrice Gutu | April 25, 2016

On the art of reinventing menswear and wearing felt fedoras. After my previous post
on how to master tomboy style that you all seemed to like, I thought I should introduce
this topic more often over here. For some reason or another, this is the style I feel most
comfortable in and I dont know if I will ever be willing to trade tailored blazers for mini
skirts. Not that I need to. Do I? So if you ask me how to look effortless, cool and yet put
together think menswear. I started making room for masculine silhouettes long time
ago, and once I started, there was really no turning back. But what I usually like to do, is
to add a more casual feel to my masculine ensembles. For example in this case, I worn
the wool blazer with some ripped jeans and slip-ons. Oh, and did I forget to mention my
latest addition to the hat land? The fedora hat that brings everything to life. I mean, I no
longer care what Im wearing once I have it on my head. So, brace yourself, you are going
to see it quite often here!

Sample 64: My Spring Basics, by Beatrice Gutu | April 23, 2016

I usually love spending time experimenting with all of my favourite pieces, but
sometimes it just feels good to go back to my spring basics. I must admit wearing a fedora
hat, some pointed ankle boots or a statement suede jacket can be quite flattering, but on
weekends I just feel the need to forget for a while about all of my style tricks and just take
the easy road. Oversized knit, cropped mom jeans and Stan Smiths this is how we do
it. P.S: Ive dyed my hair the other day in Berlin and now Im kind of blonder. Follow
me on Snapchat: beatricegutu to see my new hair color and dont forget to let me know
what you think.

Sample 65: Je Ne Sais QuoiThe Art of Effortlessly Chic, by Beatrice Gutu | April 20,

I always was an adept of dressing down rather than going on the contrary. I believe that
putting too much effort into an outfit can often ruin it. Therefore, I love having that feeling
of nonchalance in all of my outfits. It somehow empowers me, makes me more confident
and should I say even free?! So, if you ever wondered what is my main rule for dressing
effortlessly chic?! Here you have it. Always go for maximum 2 statement pieces while
keeping everything else neutral and basic. Like in this case, I have my statement t-shirt
and a burgundy bag which is pretty much enough to make the outfit interesting. What
about you, guys? Are you more for dressing down or for dressing up?


Sample 66: Take me Away, by Beatrice Gutu | July 19, 2012

Some days ago, me with my parents went to this absolutely breathtaking place. I have to
walk almost 7 km to get there, but it was worth it. My father used always to surprise me
with the beautiful places he show me. This one was beyond my expectations. The blue
sea water, the landscapes and a marvelous sound of the waves hitting the
rocksHeaven! If only my boyfriend can be here with me, than I could fully enjoy my
vacation. Send all my love and a beauty Spanish atmosphere to you, my beloved readers!
Big kisses & hugs

Sample 67: Retro Touch, by Beatrice Gutu | July 23, 2012

This shirt I found recently in one of the Spanish vintage stores. The price was so low that
I cannot avoid to buy it. It has such a beautiful retro print that goes so well with turquoise
and bright yellow. It blouse have already become one of my favorite items on my
wardrobe. Hope I can find a proper skirt and some heels to make the whole retro look.
But before that, enjoy my casual with a little touch of retro look. xoxo
Sample 68: Rebel, by Beatrice Gutu | July 29, 2012

Because of some internet problems I couldnt upload any photos on my blog lately, but I
am finally here again ready to post new photos. When I see this old dads cap, I have
already known what look I would create with it. And Voila! A rebelious with touch of
military outfit turn out to be more amazing than I have expected. I decided to make
something unusual with my hair in order to accentuate the cap and I really like the result.
From today there are only 8 days until I will get home and see my adore photographer-
my boyfriend. But now Im on my way to Tomatina, I hope Im not gonna die drowned
in tomatoes. Wish me good luck and hope I will have the possibility to make some snaps!
Love you all!

Sample 69: Casablanca, by Beatrice Gutu | July 30, 2012

One in my list of must visit place was always Santorini with her legendary white
houses. As I couldnt yet visit it I found my small Santorini here in Spain. The high
contrast of the blue of sea and the blue skies against the white wall is just fabulous. So I
cannot find the outfit better than this dress. I have been searching for a dress like this for
years, and finally I found just that one I wanted. I love its simple shape and this absolutely
amazing print. Hope you all had a great weekend! Kisses

Sample 70: Stripes, by Beatrice Gutu | August 19, 2012

Some people say that our life has black and white stripes like a zebras: the black stripes
symbolize the hard times of our lives, while the white ones are the happy times. I tend to
believe that white stripes are more often than a black ones. All I wanted to say in this
mini-speech is that no matter how hard times are, there will always be a twice bigger
white stripe after a black one . That striped shirt from Zara that I have about a year,
probably inspire me for these words or maybe zebras that I have seen in the bioparc last
week. Anyway, hope all of you will had a beautiful white striped week! Send all my love
to you!

Sample 71: New in: Studded Loafers, by Beatrice Gutu | August 16, 2012

About this new item in my wardrobe I could possibly talk for hours, because I wanted
something like this for years. I love their masculine alike shape and strong lines, but the
fact that they are studded makes them even more beautiful and add a statement style.
Cant wait autumn to come so I can wear them! Wish you a beautiful end of the week!
With love, B

by Mariano Di Vaio


Sample 72: Spring in Los Angeles, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 22, 2016

Hi guys! As you know Im in California right now. After the first weekend of Coachella,
I had the time to practice my favorite sports at all: surfing and skating. What can I say?
Skating in Venice Beach is something great, if you have this passion you have to do it
here once in your life! Palms, palms everywhere. Its really incredible and what about
the sunset? Californian sunset are super fascinating, trust me its something dope!

Sample 73: Surfing in Malibu, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 22, 2016

You should know something about this place: it really steals your heart! The west coast,
with its colors, deserts and greens, sweet hills and great canyons Im honest, its dope!
And Malibu is no exception! So, if this place is amazing and I can surf here, I think this
is a little piece of paradise. Really. Surfing in Malibu is amazing. Great waves, the Ocean
underneath me. Woah. But, if these days of spring in Los Angeles have been incredible,
its even because of my friends! Theyre precious, and this time wouldnt have been so
funny without them! So I want to thank them for all! Now its time to go! The plane is
waiting for me!

Sample 74: Coachella State of Mind, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 18, 2016

Yep. I did it the old fashioned way. I get on the plane to Coachella with a travel bag full
of indie dreams. And I left. I wanted to wear nothing but a patterned bandana, a beat-up
jeans and some super colored t-shirts. INDIE, NOT HIPPIE. When I arrived at Coachella,
the first sensation that Ive felt is freedom. Freedom everywhere. But a glamour freedom.
Super cool dudes and California gurls, dressed like indie stars. Theyre definitely not
hippie, because theyre ultra-fashion and there is no sign of shabbiness. Rock and roll
becomes electro rock, so Coachella is like a glittered fashioned version of the hippiest
festival, Woodstock. I think its important to see these differences, to make no mistake
about the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival. Music, glam, boho-street style, this
is my home! Amazing parties and relaxing days before crazy night and incredible concerts
(I mean, Guns n roses!!! ), I can honestly say that my animal spirit is Coachella, that is
not an animal, but I dont care!

Sample 75: Mariano Di Vaio Wears Rafael Nadal Capsule Collection for Tommy
Hilfiger, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 15, 2016

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about an amazing news. Tommy Hilfigers genius designers
invented an elegant fabric that doesnt wrinkle. Ok, now imagine what this means for a
gentleman who wears suit only. Thats amazing! After all, this is what happen when you
put Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal together. A fabulous marriage between the timeless
elegance of the Brand and the comfort needed by world champion athlete like Rafael
Nadal. Its amazing because, even after hours, the suit is impeccable. This is a real
innovation in the world of elegant fabrics. I had the pleasure to wear it, and its now one
of my favorite suits, for its classy tailored lines and its comfort. THFLEX RAFAEL
NADAL COLLECTION The capsule collection is composed by formal suits and shirts,
custom made with innovative Italian fabrics. Blazer and Jackets composed with high
quality materials, tailored trousers and perfect shirts, made with stretch and fine materials.
The result is a sophisticated but strong clothe, perfect to every situation, from the flight
to the party.

Sample 76: Urban Footwear, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 14, 2016

The first word I could think of, when I saw the Dive Sneakers by Voile Blanche the first
time, was experimentation: an ultra modern shoes in which classic materials are mixed
with high tech neoprene, creating the perfect urban footwear. But, before talking about
the shoe, I want to focus on an important thing. I think sensation are as important as the
thing itself, and these shoes are fantastic because of it. When you buy your pair of Voile
Blanche and it shows up at your doorstep, when you open the box and remove the tissue
paper, you have a good sensation. The sensation of a good shoes, the smell of good
materials like fine leather, and you can literally see in your mind how Italian
craftsmanship works. Well, its time to try them. The dive sneaker is very cool. Yellow
and black, neoprene and leather. And theres a good news: its super comfortable. For this
reason I think this shoe is perfect for outdoors adventure. Traveling, walking, discovering:
the Voile Blanche Summer Collection is made for it. And, obviously, to do this with class
and modern elegance. CLICK HERE to find out more about Voile Blanches world.

Sample 77: Warm Colors, Green Spring, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 11, 2016

Hi everyone! Hows your day? Here in Umbria is sooo green. Yes, green. Spring is super
green, with a pop of vivid colors of the flowers. So I decided to wear some desert tones,
light and warm colors like beige and sand, to create an amazing contrast with the green
around me. Its so natural and I love it, because its classy without being too much elegant,
and you can wear it all the day. Its the perfect outfit for a green spring day. MY OUTFIT
I worn a sand colored vest with blue pattern, in linen fabric (linen is so fresh and
comfortable, the must-have fabric for the sunny days of spring and summer). I really love
this vest by Messagerie, I found it on NOHOWSTYLE.COM, the website where I also
found the other pieces of my look: the beige micro patterned pants with sophisticated
pinces by Messagerie and the Korean collar white shirt by Nohow Street Couture. MDV
Eyewear for Hally&Son and MDV Jewels, as always, complete the outfit in the most
stylish way (I designed them to be exactly this, the most stylish pieces of every outfit). ;)

Sample 78: Easy Outfit for Spring Sunnyday, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 4, 2016

Hello everyone! Hows your day? Mine is great! Spring has come, carrying sunny day
with her. Its an amazing news, for a meteoropathic like me. I mean, if youre not
allergic to pollen. If youre not, sunny days are fantastic days. Ok, Im rambling! By the
way, a day like this, in Umbria, is something poetic. Green hills are sweet and the air is
pleasantly fresh. The Umbrian villages are beautiful and I cant stay home! For this reason
I created this casual easy outfit, composed by a blue cargo sweatpants and a warm colored
cotton sweater. As always, I think that details can be the protagonists of every outfit,
especially shoes. This philosophy is the cornerstone of my brand, the reason why I created
a shoes collection. For this day I chose the Mercury grey patterned MDV Shoes, because
its classy but comfortable and its great with a casual look, and I think about that when I
designed them. Hope youll like this outfit guys! See you soon!


Sample 79: Fashion Feed, by Mariano Di Vaio | April 19, 2016

Guys im honored and proud to announce that i had an interview last week for
FashionFeed . I guess you already know what FF is, but for those who still dont know
im gonna explain what it is. The new iPhone App, FashionFeed was launched during
Milan Fashion Week F/W 2012 and at the beginning featured only the best style bloggers
from Italy. Since then, it has quickly grown to an international success! I am very honored
to be featured on this iPhone App, and especially proud to see my little fashion blog grow
so quickly! Ok now that we all agreed that its a Cool app (and most important, free:)
anyone with an iPhone or iPad, or whatever, have to download it. Down below if you
click here theres a lot of more pictures about the interview that is gonna be published in
few days and about the beautiful place where the interview took place: RESHO. But Im
gonna talk about it a way better in a little while. For now enjoy the clothes and the
backstage pics. Peace out, and keep rock it! Mdv

Sample 80: Rock 2 Roll, by Mariano Di Vaio | May 10, 2012

Let me first say that every time I do a photo-shoot, when I see the pictures few months
later, I always think wtf I look like my grandpa !! I dont know why but I always think
that, maybe because I look a way older then in real life. (Yeah sure Mariano, sure!)
Anyway, this was a street style shooting for R2R, in few days Im supposed to get some
clothes from this brand so Ill talk about it much better, for know let me tell you this: This
is one of those jobs I got trough my agency and basically the owner of the brand already
knew about me, so I was kind of sure I was gonna get the job! (Yes sorry for the guys that
came to the casting, I apologyse, this is life :D haha) so I went to this casting all messed
up with sweet-pants and my hoodie on! I felt so damn ROCK! This is the Video of the
backstage, its really nice and funny check it out! Whatever you wouldnt tell by the
pictures, but trust me IT WAS SO DAMN COLD!! But fun and professional as well.A
Great day of shooting, yep! Check out the pictures and keep rocking guys! Talk to you in
a bit. Peace & love

Sample 81: Chic and Cheap Mash, by Mariano Di Vaio | June 28, 2012

Hi Guys whatsup? Hope you are all doing good! These days is like hell for people who
loves fashion! All the fashion shows and events in Europe (and soon in all the world) are
going on right now! So if you are looking for something new to wear, or if you are just
trying to change your look a little bit, this is the right time! And of course Im gonna give
you guys my suggestions and opinions (also if you dont give a damn about it and maybe
you are reading this just because its to hot outside and you have nothing to do:) Few
days ago I came across this awesome brand called CHEAP MASH At the beginning I
thought about Mash Potatoes when I read the name, lol. But then when I realized how
much I love mash potatoes I decided to try one of those t-shirts (dont ask me why, is my
mind that is Fuc**d up) thats why this became a really cool collaboration. YO I love
them, You can wear it in all the way because they are cool and informal.. Ok whatever I
like them, they are so CHEAAP! If you dont like them just write SHIT below :D haha
Buy one HERE guys but first see the pictures below and give me your opinion! Peace

Sample 82: Camouflage Vespa, by Mariano Di Vaio | July 6, 2012


(And a pair of damn cool shoes as well:) Made in collaboration with > Dorico store)
WAY! Peace & Rock With Love -mdv Well guys, if you want to know the all story this
Vespa at beginning was Red, and I made it camouflage with my little hands!! Yes exactly,
I made it myself in 3 months of patience (a lot of patience ) and dedication and passion,
every day was like making a step closer to the summer, thats how I felt;and when finally
three days ago I got the certificate paper from Piaggio, Vespa I was happy like a child
that I could finally go and ride it!! :) About the shoes what to say: they are just awesome!
I think that is one of the best thing that I made, ( well, I told DORICO to make them:)
but the idea was mine, with a really nice result. Just contact them if you want it :)

Sample 83: Suit The Fuck Up, by Mariano Di Vaio | July 10, 2012

FAVORITE STORES IN PERUGIA . He always have that thing you want to buy! And
most important thing ever, he knows how to help you and suggest you the right thing, and
he explains you the fabric you are about to buy, because you are going to buy it, trust
me !! Hope you like the video, (I know you will) witch is my third MDVSTYLE_GUIDE,
and also the outfits I choose for MILAD, my Persian-Italian and German best friend.
What I want to suggest you here guys is that is not true that you can wear your suit just
once a year, because youve got to get drunk at your best friends wedding, but that you
can every day just changing some details! So youll look elegant and charmy every day
with the same suit, or at least with the jacket.!

Sample 84: Golden Age, by Mariano Di Vaio | July 16, 2012


(i linked beer just in case someone doesnt know what a beer is! hahaha) AND WE WERE

The Fashion Fruit

Veronica Ferraro


Sample 85: Low-heeled sandals by Carmens, by Veronica Ferraro | May 4, 2016

Im really glad for the great low-heeled shoes comeback. They are really comfortable and
effortless, because of that, I think I wont wear my stilettos so soon!
These shoes are easily wearable in lots of different occasions. Theyre perfect either for
a cocktail party or some more casual events. The black and white sandals Im wearing
here are from Carmens, they have details and heels in white python leather. Last S/S 2016
Carmens collection is so contemporary and nice, it is all about neutral shades and some
simple details all over. As you can see from the pictures, I decided to match these sandals
with a streetwear look: my camo printed parka, hoodie, a printed tee and a pair of black
skinny jeans. One last bon-ton touch, my Chanels Boy Bag :) What about you? Which
are your favourite shoes for this Spring? Wait for your comments :)

Sample 86: Cloudy Morning, by Veronica Ferraro | May 2, 2016

Do you remember that a few weeks ago I showed you here the camouflage bag Saint
Laurent ordered on Coltorti? Along with the bag I also ordered this gorgeous twill dress
from Burberry and this double ride YSL leather bracelet. I had already announced that,
using the code thefashionfruit , you can use a 15% discount on all items of
the! Moreover, only for clothing you can also use the clothing25
code to get a special 25% discount! :) Good shopping girls and let me know what you
think of the items that I have chosen!
Sample 87: Weekend Fuoriporta, by Veronica Ferraro | April 29, 2016

Hi girls! As you may have seen from my Instagram account, I enjoyed Santorini so much!
This trip has been our present to Giorgios sister for her college graduation, a relaxing
weekend in a small paradise, not too far from home. Santorini is perhaps my favourite
among all the greek islands. I love its shiny white and blue architectures, its street and the
sea, of course. Santorini is builted on a high hill and if you decide to visit it during the
Springtime, you need to be prepared to extremely windy days, with some really hot and
sunny break every now and then. If you wish to have a bath during those breakes, well
you have to consider an important beauty care session later on. It is absolutely fair enough
using the product of your daily life, both for the skin and body. Nevertheless it wont be
the same for your hair. I try to never forget all the products, which are necessary to me to
fight the weather and, namely, all the damages due to chlorine and salt (even though I
love the peculiar curly twist the salt gives to my hair, we absolutely need to remove it).
Thats why I never bring any hairspray or straightener, but I do always put my haircare
best allies on my suitcase. I brought the whole Pantenes Rigenera&Protegge treatment
indeed: the shampoo, which I apply at lest twice, followed by a plenty dose of conditioner
afterwards. Then I decide to complete my treatment either with a hair musk or an oil. You
have to apply them while your hair are still wet and then dry them (you can obviously
choose to let them dry to the Sun). After that your hair will gain an amazing texture, that
you wont be able to stop touching them. During vacations it is obviously forbidden any
kind of hairdo, a natural wet finished hair is the sharpest hairstyle you can show, you just
can tie them with a bun if you like. Wouldnt it be ironic to cover them with sprays after
these meticulous haircare sessions? Let them breath and be free, after all theyre on
holidays as well, until the next plunge at least :)

Sample 88: Are You Ready to livemore?, by Veronica Ferraro | April 28, 2016

Its been almost a year now, since I started training more seriously than ever. I share my
workout sessions daily on Snapchat and it happens quite often to speak with you about
body care and health. Id also want to make an important announcement to you all: The
Fashion Fruit is going to be restyled and it will feature an extremely rich fitness section.
So now more than ever, stay tuned girls! All Ive learnt in these intense last months is
that a proper diet must be combined to a constant training. In addition to help our body to
become prettier, it will also set your mind free from the daily and stressful routine.
Workout sessions can be really peaceful, mainly because you only can be focused on the
movement of your body, even while youre just running. Its obviously very important
moisturizing properly your own skin, after every training session. Ive recently
discovered Biotherms Aquasource Everplump. Its my latest beauty ally, because it tones
up and refines my skin and also I love its soft and fresh texture. Its great especially now
that weather is getting warmer day by day. My advice is to always carry it with you, as
much as you never forget to bring a bottle of water, after all your skin needs to be freshen
up too. Id also would like to introduce you the brand new #livemore section of Biotherm
website, there youll find some important tips related to fitness, beauty, food and health
in general. You will also may learn how to keep yourself fit, even when youre at home
or in the office. So, are you ready to #livemore?

Sample 89: Recarlo La Nostra Storia, by Veronica Ferraro | April 25, 2016

Hi girls! I always enjoy doing all kind of tests on Facebook. Therefore, Id like to begin
this week introducing you one of the most lovely one Ive done these days. Its
called Recarlo La Nostra Storia, you can find it on Recarlo, FB page. It basically reviews
the whole story of you and your partner, through the images, memories and the trips you
have done together (at least the ones you decided to share on FB). At the end of it, your
boyfriend will receive an email where hell be supposed to confirmed all these
informations and then Recarlo will show you which is the most representative ring of
your love story. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Recarlo La Nostra Storia and find
out which is the most representative ring for you two. Then maybe, try to convince him
to buy it ;)

Sample 90: #thatsmyliujodenim, by Veronica Ferraro | April 22, 2016

Hello girls! I guess you have seen on my Instagram profile some pictures of me wearing
beautiful jeans from Liu Jo while strolling around Milan, well the time has finally come
to reveal what its all about! Its a shooting in which I had fun styling three different jeans
from Liu Jo in three different moments of the day. The brand made Denim Couture its
very distinctive mark through the years. Thats why Liu Jos denim is so meticulously
crafted and reflects the best Italians craftsmanship tradition. I just cant stop wearing
them, especially for its hyperfeminine fits. The style is called Bottom Up and I think you
can easily guess why ;) From day to night, jeans are always the fil rouge of every look of
mine, and it walked me through everything I do every single day! The first pair of jeans
is a simple but effective pair of skinny jeans, interpreted in a sophisticated way, with a
white shirt and python high heels, ideal for a business meeting in the beautiful Navigli
district. For the afternoon I chose a ripped one (you guys know I love ripped jeans!),
styled in a daily-chic way with a green top and flats, the perfect look for an on the go
kinda day! For the evening look I was inspired by illuminated Naviglio, and I mixed a
pair of high waisted flared jeans to an explosion of gold sequins. What do you guys think
of the result? Which one is your favorite look? Ill be waiting for your comments and
thoughts! :)

Sample 91: I Eat Fashion for Breakfast, by Veronica Ferraro | January 17, 2010

Since I was a child, ive been addicted to fashion. I used to organize little fashion shows
with my friends stealing dresses from my moms wardrobe! Fashion is part of our life and
we use it to express ourselves. People, through our clothes, could understand a little part
of us before we say a word. Im very happy about this photo shoot, I think this is one of
my best ever. It expresses myself. There I am. Theres my vision of fashion: a mix of
energy, aggressiveness and determination. I wanna thank again my boyfriend, you cant
imagine how lovely he is. He always helps me to realize my ideas with love and patience.
And he doesnt do things just to do them. He always wants to improve himself and to get
better. Thank you, my love.

Sample 92: Pois in Black and White, by Veronica Ferraro | January 19, 2010

Yesterday I decided to take some b&w pictures with my boyfriend and I immediately
thought of my shoulder pad dress which, in my opinion, fits very well with black and
white :) We went to piazza SantAlessandro, a quiet place behind the well-travelled via
Torino. Realizing I would fit well in an eighties movie dressed this way, we tried to create
a clash between the old looking outfit and modern, detailed, bright and contrasted photos.
I think weve managed to reach our goal, dont we? I also tried for the first time the false
eyelashes by Shu Uemura, as I said yesterday in this post about them. I think they make
your eyes more expressive and your whole look more glamorous. I love them! I also wore
polka tights, a must for this season. I also love american apparel heart tights, if I have a
chance im soon gonna buy them! In the next and last pictures youll see my leopard print
gloves.. they are soo ridiculous and they made my boyfriend laugh a lot!

Sample 93: Feel Your Noctornal Spirit, by Veronica Ferraro | January 21, 2010

Yesterday we tried for the first time a shoot by night. it was pretty hard because it was
freaking cold outside, and yellow streetlamps light doesnt help photography. However,
we managed to find some beautiful spots near Bicocca. They were completely deserted,
so we had all the time and space needed to set up the shooting. The wind, also, didnt
help. It made a flash stand fall to the ground, breaking a reflective umbrella and almost
hitting a man who was passing by! LOL. I guess its not the right time of the year for such
things! the resulting photos arent the best i published here, but i hope you like them
anyway. next time, well try harder and hope for better conditions! I want to thank Trend
and the city for publishing an interview about me here!
Sample 94: Friends on rails, by Veronica Ferraro | January 23, 2010

Hello my beloved ones, yesterday I went to Porta Genova with my boyfriend and one of
my dearest friends, Mattia. As soon as we arrived in the place we chose for our photo
shoot, it was already dark. Therefore this is only a short post with a few pictures,
waiting for the bigger one that ill publish tomorrow. Anyway, I hope youll enjoy these
photos! See you tomorrow and have an amazing Saturday night

Sample 95: This Grey green City, by Veronica Ferraro | January 24, 2010

Hello my beloved ones, as I promised, this is a completion of the previous post. In fact,
as you can see from the pictures, I was dressed almost in the same way. Yesterday
morning I took a break off studying and I went for a walk with my bf in this park, called
Parco Guastalla. It is very close to my high school and when I was younger I used to
spend a lot of time there, talking or studying with my friends. In these days Im quite busy
because Im studying for my next exam, cinema history and criticism. It could seem easy
but its really not. i have to memorize about 900 pages about history of cinema from its
birth to nowadays! Wish me good luck guys!

Sample 96: They Call Me Quiet Girl, but Im a Riot, by Veronica Ferraro | January 26,

Hello sweet guys. I have to admit that this post is the result of a clash between my
boyfriend and I. We have very different taste about almost everything, and when hes
fond of some pictures of me, you can be sure I wont like them at all! We all know that
we, girls, can be stubborn and headstrong when we want, and nobody can even begin to
change our minds! Therefore, as soon as I saw these pictures I thought Awww how ugly
am I here?. I bet my boyfriend was disappointed, he liked them so much I almost didnt
know how to tell him that instead I didnt. I didnt want to call into question his
photographing abilities, hes been amazing as always, I just wanted to to publish photos
i actually liked myself in. So we came to a compromise, i removed some of the photos he
had chosen and published the others anyway. What do you think? who was right about
these shots? ;)

by Bryan Grey Yambao


Sample 97: GucciGram Tian, by Bryan Grey Yambao | March 19, 2016

Gucci recently released the second installment of their collaborative digital project
dubbed GucciGram Tian. They collaborated with various artists and illustrators around
the Asia-Pacific region to bring a new perspective surrounding the gorgeous Gucci Tian
print. Featuring hummingbirds, peacocks, monkeys, butterflies, tree branches and flower
blooms, Tian was inspired by Western orientalist fantasies and 18th-century Chinoiserie.
What makes Gucci such a success these days is that Creative Director Alessandro Michele
brought something that fashion hasnt seen in recent years a poetic love affair with
eclecticism. Although theres nothing absolutely new from taking things from the past
(like most, if not all, designers do), theres something refreshing about his very personal
way of taking old world nostalgia and mixing it with cultural elements from different time
periods. The result is an entirely new aesthetic that you cant really quite put your finger
on because its new. I invite you to discover the artworks at the Gucci website. Alessandro
curated the online exhibition. Visit My favorite works
came from Thai artist Phannapast Taychamaythakool.

Sample 98: Valentino Fall Winter 2016 Mens Fashion Show, by Bryan Grey Yambao
| January 20, 2016

Watch the Valentino fall winter 2016 menswear fashion show live from Paris! Tune in
today, Wednesday, at 5:30PM Paris Time (11:30AM New York, 12:30AM in Hong Kong)
to see the livestream. Valentino is without doubt one of my favorite shows in Paris and I
cant wait to see what Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo have in store for us. Excited!!!
Sample 99: Gucci Fall Winter 2016 Mens Fashion Show, by Bryan Grey Yambao |
January 18, 2016
Greetings from Manila (Philippines)! Im currently visiting the homeland for a few days
to take care of a few urgent beauty and health-realted errands. Im really sad to miss the
shows IRL in Milan this time, especially todays Gucci fall winter 2016 menswear show.
I guess Ill be watching the fashion show livestream later today. Set a phone timer or a
reminder because the show is in a few hours! Be sure to tune in at 12:30PM Milan time,
6:30AM New York time or 7:30PM Hong Kong time. Cant wait!

Sample 100: Martell France 300, by Bryan Grey Yambao | November 14, 2015

Earlier this summer, Martell Cognac invited me to Versailles for their tricentennial
celebrations. Martell was founded three hundred years ago at the height of French Art de
Vivre. During the same period, Louis XIV gathered the nations most talented artists and
culturally exciting figures at the court of Versailles. Today, in 2015, Martell the oldest
of the great cognac Houses pays tribute to this heritage with the launch of the Martell
France 300 project. In association with LOfficiel Paris and led by the gorgeous actress
Diane Kruger (who is also the Tricentenaire Ambassador), Martell reveals the 300 most
influential talents (art, fashion, entertainment, gastronomy and mixology) who best
represents the French Art de Vivre in the 21st century. Photographer Patrick
Demarchelier, fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra and blogger Garance Dore are included
in the list.

Sample 101: Loewe Ibiza Summer Pop-Up, by Bryan Grey Yambao | August 12, 2015

I love Ibiza. London and Stockholm aside, its is my summer happy place in Europe. Ive
been going for years now so whenever theres an opportunity to come back, count me in!
I recently joined Spanish luxury brand Loewe and my beloved Jonathan Anderson to
celebrate the Loewe summer pop-up store opening at the El Museu dArt Contemporani
dEivissa (MACE) in Ibizas Old Town. The pop up store carries a ton of terrific summer
and beach-friendly essentials. They have the entire range of the gorgeous John Allen
collaboration including beach towels, totes and pouches. They also have the classic
espadrilles, eyewear, small leather goods and a select number of ready-to-wear looks. If
youre in Ibiza before the summer ends be sure to swing by the pop up store.

Sample 102: The Diary of A Teenage Girl, by Bryan Grey Yambao | August 10, 2015

The only time I get to watch movies is when Im on a plane so when Susie Bubble and
her boyfriend Steve invited me to go to the cinema just this past Saturday, I had to say
yes. Its been quite awhile since I last went to a movie theatre. The three of us saw the
new film, The Diary of a Teenage Girl starring Bel Powley, Kristen Wiig, Alexander
Skarsgard, at the Curzon cinema in Soho.
A few things
1) I love Kristen Wiig
2) I love Alexander Skarsgard even more. *SWOON*
3) Bel Powley, at times, reminded me of Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga but without
4) Dont be misled by trailer.
5) Its a very beautiful, riveting coming of age movie.
6) I love the visuals.
7) Every time I see flared jeans the first thing that comes to mind is Vuitton, Ghesquiere,
8) Theres lots of sex on the film.
9) Theres way too many drug scenes. Everyones drunk and high.
10) The mom, the children, the stepdad are all doing drugs on the film. It was the 70s.
11) Yes, sex with Alexander Skarsgard.

Its fascinating to see a film with a young, teenage girl embracing her feelings and her
thoughts about sexuality and this happens in real life. I wont spoil it by sharing the
key storylines but I suggest that you watch this beautiful film.


Sample 103: Pink Magnolia x Disney, Mexico City, by Bryan Grey Yambao | May 14,

Pink Magnolia, a youthful brand targeted to teenage girls in Mexico founded by Paola
and Pamela Wong, recently invited me to Mexico City as one of their guests. Their runway
show, styled by New York stylist Keegan Singh, featured their collaboration with Disney.
Many of the runway pieces featured prints incorporated with the iconic image of Minnie
Mouse. Overall, it was a fun, flirty and cute collection.
The very entrepreneurial Wong sisters were incredibly kind and generous. They showed
Queenie and I an amazing time in their city. Being with them made me miss my own
sisters back in the Philippines.

Sample 104: H&Ms 50 States of Fashion, by Bryan Grey Yambao | August 1, 2013

Do you shop at H&M like I do? Well, Im thrilled to share that you, my fellow US
residents, can now shop online on H&Ms new e-commerce site
(! To celebrate the launch, H&M invites you, my dearest readers,
to take part in their 50 States of Fashion social media campaign. All you need to do is to
post on instagram a photo of yourself wearing a look from H&M and hash-tagging it
#HMShopOnlineNY with the last 2 letters being the abbreviation of your state. For
example, if you live in California, you need to tag it #HMShopOnlineCA, so on and so
forth. All of these submissions will then populate on the 50 States of Fashion microsite
where visitors can like their favourite looks. After a 3-week submission period (Aug 1
21, 2013), the semi-finalists will be determined by the most liked photos from each
state. There are five judges, each representing five regions in the USA Northeast,
Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and West. Each of the judges will then select a finalist
from their regions. The grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 H&M shopping spree
and a trip to New York City to attend an event during New York Fashion Week. Ive been
selected by H&M to be one of the five judges for this campaign and Im representing the
Northeast Region. This includes New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont,
Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, etc.

Sample 105: Rock Your Walk, by Bryan Grey Yambao | Augsut 5, 2013

To kick off their Fall 2013 project Life Your Life initiative, the lovely folks over at
American Eagle invited some of their favourite friends to take part in their Rock Your
Walk video project. I went to the launch party at their Times Square flagship store a few
days ago and bumped into my lovelies Leandra Medine (of Manrepeller) and my fellow
ANTM colleague Johnny Wujek who DJed at the event. Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica
Szohr were also there. I also had so much fun taking over American Eagles official
instagram account that night! I love American Eagle denim. Theyre so easy to wear, the
price points are terrific and I could wear them with pretty much anything! Its so hot here
in NYC so, at the very last minute, decided to cut off my American Eagle jeans and turn
them into shorts! Why dont you take part in the festivities and submit a video of yourself
walking in their jeans? The best videos will be added to the an ongoing runway video and
will be featured on American Eagles major LED billboard on Times Square! Visit for more information or to submit your videos!

Sample 106: Rock The Sidewalk, by Bryan Grey Yambao | Augsut 7, 2013

Its been quite awhile since I last attended a fashion show thats open to the public so
when American retail behemoth Express invited me last weekend to attend their Rock
the Sidewalk show, I thought, why not? It was a massive event held at the legendary
Times Square here in New York City just look at the aerial view of the crowds. Pure
insanity! The show featured looks from their upcoming Holiday 2013 collection. Some
of my favourite girls, Frida Gustavsson and my beloved Kasia Struss walked the show. I
thought many of the menswear looks were terrific. I also loved the red lace dress Kasia
wore towards the end a very sexy, wham glam bam, frock perfect for the endless
holiday parties this fall. Many of you asked on Twitter and Instagram what I wore at the
show. Both the sweater and the shorts are from Express. Click HERE to buy the striped
sweater online.
Smaple 107: Dont Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve, by Bryan Grey Yambao |
Smeptember 2, 2013

Vlkommen till Stockholm! Words cannot express how nice it is to be back in Stockholm
aka Stockhome. I used to go to Stockholm at least four times a year MINIMUM but my
schedule this year stopped me from coming back sooner. This trip, thanks to Fashion
Networks Europe, feels like a homecoming to me, not to mention a celebration of different
milestones. Rumi and I first bonded and sealed our friendship in Stockholm (during
fashion week) a few years ago so to be back at the same exact place is special. Its also
amazing to see some of my closest and dearest people in my life in the same city. Yall
know who you guys are. Talk about a reunion of all sorts.

Smaple 108: Severe Acne Problem, by Bryan Grey Yambao | September 2, 2013

Houston Stockholm, we have a problem. Ever heard of the phrase Stockholm

Syndrome? Heres a little fun fact for you in 1973, several employees of the former
Kreditbanken in Norrmalmstorgwere held hostage. During the standoff, the victims
became emotionally attached and even defended their captors after they were freed. The
ground floor of the same building is now the home of the Acne flagship store in
Stockholm. The rest of the building now belongs to Nobis hotel where I stayed at for a
week. You could only imagine how often I went downstairs to Acne. Rumi and I mustve
been there at least twice a day. I literally bought something new every day. It was so
awkward telling staffers that it was somewhat pointless to wrap my purchases in tissue
paper (and huge paperbags) because Im literally staying a few floors up. Oh Acne. Acne,
Acne, Acne. Why oh why do you make some of the most relevant clothes around? Youre
so dangerous to my bank account.
Lissa Kahayon


Sample 109: All black in Osaka, by Lissa Kahayon | May 2, 2016

I never realized how easy it was to pack for Spring when I saw how much jackets and
blazers I have in my closet. This jacket is one of my favorite pieces and you've probably
seen this in one of my US posts last year. I love it so much that I made sure to bring it
with me to Osaka. It was the perfect match to this lace dress from Forever 21! This is the
last set of outfit shots from my trip to Japan but I'm so excited to share with you my travel
diary. I'm still sorting thru a million photos but I'll try my very best to post them soon.
Stay tuned! :)

Sample 110: Off the Grid, by Lissa Kahayon | April 27, 2016

I spent my 3rd day in Osaka exploring Umeda. I went around their massive, underground
shopping malls then walked on over to the Umeda Sky building. I randomly passed by
this wall and I knew right then and there that I had to shoot my blog photos here. I love it
when my outfit matches with the background! Looking at these photos makes me miss
Spring weather so much. Summer is my favorite time of the year but the heat is unbearable
these days. I wish I can head off to someplace with cooler weather! Must plan a trip soon!

Sample 111: Cherry Blossoms, by Lissa Kahayon | April 25, 2016

One of my travel highlights this year would have to be my recent trip to Osaka. I can't
believe it took me this long to visit! I went just in time for cherry blossoms and I spent
hours admiring these beautiful, delicate, pink and white blooms that surrounded me. I
made sure to visit parks extra early so that I could take photos at ease. Although I went
to 3 different parks, I highly recommend going to Kema Sakuranomiya Park for cherry
blossom viewing. There are around 5000 Sakura trees and it's not too crowded compared
to other places. Hope you'll like these photos! More photos from Osaka coming soon on
the blog. ;)
Sample 112: See You Soon, New York!, by Lissa Kahayon | April 23, 2016

Here are some unpublished photos from my New York trip last year. I'm posting these
today because I'm going there again this July! Woot woot! It's even more exciting because
I'm going withKryz, one of my best blogger friends. We're going for work and I can't wait
to tell you more about it. ;) Happy weekend and stay tuned for more travel posts! x

Sample 113: Summer Ready with Lay Bare, by Lissa Kahayon | April 20, 2016

Summer is my absolute favourite time of the year and I'm sure a lot of you are already
planning your out of town trips and beach getaways. Girls prepare for this season months
in advance. There's a lot of preparation like bikini shopping, bikini body training, and the
most important thing of all- hair removal. Smooth, hair free skin is a MUST to
complement those cute bikinis, sleeveless tops, dresses, and shorts. Unwanted hair can
have a huge impact on your confidence and you don't want to hide under uncomfortable
pieces of clothing during the hottest season of the year, right? I am very particular when
it comes to hair removal so my regimen is to set an appointment every 2 weeks for wax
treatments at Lay Bare. I used to shave because I thought it was the easiest way to get rid
of unwanted hair and I thought it was more convenient since I could just do it in the
comforts of my home. I thought all my unwanted hair problems would easily go away but
the effect of shaving is only temporary and I noticed that I would get bumpy spots. These
spots can lead to itchiness and skin irritations. I was scared to try plucking so my best
options were laser and waxing. I particularly like Lay Bare's waxing service because they
use cold sugar wax. I've tried a lot of waxing salons before and hot wax is uncomfortable
and causes a burning sensation. I've had a bad experience with strips too since they can
get really uncomfortable and literally rip my skin. My therapist at Laybare told me that
sugar wax is safer for your skin and it is less painful because it only removes the top layer
of the skin. Sugar wax also prevents ingrown hair. When it comes waxing, I believe it's
best to go to a reputable waxing salon. Lay Bare has an expert waxing approach and their
rates are very reasonable. For example, a brazilian wax costs 500php while underarm
waxing is priced at 170php. They have a lot of other waxing services and packages which
you can check out HERE. Another thing that I love about Lay Bare is that they provide
their customers with comfortable beds and private waxing cubicles. I have been to a lot
of Lay Bare branches but my favourite would have to be their 6750 branch. The waxing
cubicles are much more private and spacious. You can look for my therapist, Maria. I
swear she is the best! For more information about Lay Bare and their services, check out
their website HERE
Sample 114: Sakura Festival Treat, by Lissa Kahayon | April 14, 2016

Sakura or Cherry Blossoms are probably one of the most listed items on a travelers
bucket list. Im extremely happy that I was able to travel to Japan 2 weeks ago and witness
this. I came just in time when the whole of Japan was covered with pink flowers! It was
definitely a beautiful sight to see. I went to 3 different parks in Japan to marvel at the
cherry blossoms and saw a lot of locals and visitors alike having picnic with friends,
families, and colleagues under the trees. Common Japanese food such as fried meat, fish,
vegetables, and colorful sweets lined their picnic baskets. This year, in its desire to
continuously bring Japan closer to Filipinos, Tokyo Tokyo, the countrys number 1
Japanese restaurant chain, is bringing the famous cherry blossom fever in Manila! Idaand
I couldnt help but gush at the restaurants cute pink dcor and set up. It made me miss
Japan so much! Tokyo Tokyo now offers a Sakura Sumo Meal composed of 3 pieces of
Chicken Karaage, Beef Misono, 2 pieces of Prawn Tempura, Vegetable Tempura,
Vegetable Misono, Yakisoba, and 2 bowls of steaming hot rice. This good for two meal
is available for only 379php. However, like the cherry blossom festival, this can be
enjoyed for a limited time only. The Sakura Sumo Meal also comes with 2 piece chewy
Sakura mocha balls, a roll of pink colored glutinous rice cake with peanut butter filling
and 2 glasses of Sakura lychee fizz. You may also opt to upgrade your Sumo meal and
add Sakura Lychee jelly or Sakura potato salad. Tag a friend and make a trip to the nearest
Tokyo Tokyo store to try this Sakura-inspired Sumo Meal! Share your experience by
tagging @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram and Facebook and @TokyoTokyoPHL on


Sample 115: 2013: My Year in Review (Photodiary), by Lissa Kahayon | December 31,

I couldn't help but be all emotional as I was compiling photos for my year-end post. How
do you properly and officially say goodbye to 2013-- a year that gave me so much to
remember? I've been unbelievably blessed in ALL areas of my life and I'm proud to say
that I've accomplished most of my goals for this year. I decided to forego my plans of
fixing my online store because I've been terribly busy and occupied with so many other
things. This year, I made a huge effort to go out of my comfort zone. I pushed myself to
go out more for the 2nd half of the year, I trained harder for the body I've always wanted,
and I buried myself with work but made sure to make time for all other things. Thank you
to my dear readers for being a part of this amazing journey. Thank you to my family and
friends for the support and for the unconditional love. Thank you to to all the PR and
companies I've worked with this year. I promise to strive harder and do better in 2014.
Thank you to my new found acquaintances and thank you also to all those who closed
their doors and left. You've taught me so much and I harbor no ill feelings or bitterness
towards anyone. Lastly, thank you to the Big Guy up there for being my pillar and main
source of strength. I wouldn't have gotten this far without my faith in you. Hope you'll
enjoy this post guys. It's a photo heavy one! Don't say I didn't warn you. Haha! Happy,
happy new year!!! :)

Sample 116: Brights for the New Year, by Lissa Kahayon | January 1, 2014

"Fresh starts. Thanks to the calendar, they happen every year. Just set your watch to
January. Our reward for surviving the holiday season, is a new year. Bringing on the great
tradition of New Years resolutions. Put your past behind you, and start over. Its hard to
resist the chance at a new beginning. A chance to put the problems of last year to bed."
I'm officially welcoming 2014 with a bright and sunshine-y post! :) Cheers to more
adventure, challenges, growth, travel, learning, and work opportunities. I wish you
goodluck and good vibes. Spread the love and let go of ALL the hate! Let's all strive to
dream bigger and become better versions of ourselves <3 Happy happy happy new year
my dear readers!! :)

Sample 117: The Simple Things, by Lissa Kahayon | January 2, 2014

Last Sunday, my family and I went down South to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday. We
wanted to go to Tagaytay but the traffic was too much for us to bear. Haha! We ended up
in Nuvali and Paseo for lunch, bonding, and a little bit of shopping. I wore a simple black
and white ensemble-- appropriate enough for mass and chic enough for a family day out.
What do you guys think? Hope you'll like today's look! X

Sample 118: I Love a Bit of Drama, by Lissa Kahayon | January 3, 2014

We had to attend quite a number of family gatherings and reunions during the Holidays.
I always look forward to this because aside from catching up with your loved ones, it's
also a fun opportunity to dress up!! Do you guys agree?? I'm pretty sure a lot of you
scoured thru the mall for the perfect party outfits! ;) This black maxi dress is one of my
favorite holiday looks. It's not your ordinary black dress because of the subtle drama
going on-- crystals on the neckline, sweetheart cut, and the chiffon material just looks
sooo elegant and photogenic! I got all giddy as soon as the wind started to cooperate with
my camera. Haha! What do you guys think of this look? Hope you'll like it! :)

Sample 119: Im Turning my Back on You, by Lissa Kahayon | January 4, 2014

My heart skipped a thousand beats as soon as I saw this top at River Island. It's soooooo
ME!! Do you guys agree?! My long time followers will know this for sure haha! I'm still
not a huge fan of the print but all the rest of the details are to die for! I wish they had it in
other prints/colors because I'dtotally stock up on them! I actually wore this outfit to a
quick shoot with a sneaker brand. I went for an urban sexy look to balance out the chunky
shoes. I'm still on a high that this brand approached me and I'll probably take that as a
good sign for all my other projects for this year. ;) Cheers to the weekend guys! xx

Sample 120: Strictly Buisiness, by Lissa Kahayon | January 5, 2014

I think the supposed cool weather for the BER months came in late but I'll take it. I LOVE
sporting soft layers and it's also the perfect occasion to bring out all my new blazers. I'm
pretty obsessed with them so I make sure to stock up and collect all year long! Do you
guys do that too? I used to go for the oversized ones but as with all things big, it tends to
drown your body frame and gives you all the unnecessary bulges. There are times wherein
I still prefer loose types of clothing but when it comes to blazers and work wear, I prefer
to look sleek and sharp. ;) Hope you'll like today's look and I hope you enjoyed the first
weekend of the year! X

Kate Loves Me
by Pelayo Daz


Sample 121: Emporio Armani Sounds, by Pelayo Daz | May 1, 2016

Its been almost a month since last time I posted something, I know, but to be honest its
been non-stop. In these few weeks Ive done things I actually never thought I would... At
the same time I kept filming our TV show I also finished writting a book which is now
printing (I actually cant believe it), Ive traveled to London (new post next week), Ive
designed a collection of glasses (more info coming soon) and I even had time to Dj with
Natalia Fervi for Emporio Armani at the most exclusive party Madrid has seen in last
months, Emporio Armani Sounds, in which we enjoyed Alunageorge playing live. Thank
you everyone who came dancing that night and thank you to the Armani team for having
me again, its been a pleasure!

Sample 122: Early Summer in Canary Islands, by Pelayo Daz | April 1, 2016

Its been more than two weeks now since I got back form Gran Canaria and I cant get
over that early summer, the beautiful landscape and wonderful people on the island. I
really needed that holiday so much I enjoyed every single moment: From the orange juice
at breakfast to the smell of the pillow at night, I really had the best time at the Sheraton
Gran Canaria Golf Resort with my sister! This hotel, situated in the mountains
overlooking the sea was just perfect. Thank you Gran Canaria Wellness and The Suites
for organising such a wonderful trip!

Sample 123: Around Madrid in My #Trigenicflex, by Pelayo Daz | March 23, 2016
Ever since I started working as a stylist for the TV show CAMBIAME days got longer
and longer, and I have to run around Madrid for hours looking for the best looks for our
participants... Today is one of those days and thats why I chose these Clarks Origianls
Trigenic sneakers, so I can do all my errands being comfortable while still looking smart
and make it to the airport on time! Yes, this evening Im off to the Canary Island for some
time off and sun before coming back to the rountine next week. Happy Easter break

Sample 124: The Perfect Mistake, by Pelayo | March 11, 2016

What would we do without our mistakes? Many surprises arise after a misstep, even if
we realize much later... I honesty think the best things Ive lived, the most exciting
experiences and the happiest moments happened by mistake, by a beautiful one. From
missing a plane and staying in the city longer to simply crossing through the wrong street
great things have always happened to me. The same happened with the Bulgari B.Zero1
The Perfect Mistake ring, an unexpected yet perfect combination of rose, white and
yellow gold that celebrates the beauty of a mistake. I know of no other jewel that
celebrates this, and thats exactly why I love this piece, I love the meaning of it. I consider
myself quite a perfectionist but when Im in a creative process I also like to acknowledge
the mistakes that might happen, and them to become an element I didnt have in mind but
that are equally beautiful and which is born from spontaneity, another feature I really
value in life. Thats why whatever your do, if you get lost, if you fall, if you get things
wrong... You have to accept the course of things, be happy and remember that everything,
absolutely everything happens for a reason, even we dont understand it yet.

Sample 125: I Want It All, by Pelayo Daz | June 26, 2015

I could count with one hand how many times I got this excited in the past about a
menswear collection. Truth is I normally get really excited about the womenswear and
usually think "Why didnt they do the same thing for men?" Every season most of the
menswear collections usually make me yawn, to be honest. Thats why Im utterly excited
about the fact that Miuccia is back to this eccentric and fun version of men. Shes the best
at it I think... I love her balance, her contrasts and her way to make guys go crazy like me
about a pair of shorts with white stitching! Magic right? And since my size is always sold
out in stores when I decide to go for it, this time I made a personal order so you can
imagine how looking forward to next summer I am. Happy weekend!

Sample 126: The Fisherman Son, by Pelayo Daz | June 18, 2015

I know its been a while since my last post... Ive been incredibly busy filming for the TV
show Im doing in Spain, "Cmbiame". If you do understand Spanish and want to see it
or if you are just curious you can have a look at it here. We are having such a laugh doing
it! This week Im taking a few days off with friends in Ibiza. The truth is I havent stopped
working since the beginning of the year and I really needed a vacation, I needed to wake
up and have breakfast with friends, I needed to laugh, to swim in the sea, to think, to not
to think, to dance, to really switch off, to laugh some more, to go shopping at the market,
to have lunch in beach-bars, to drink cold beer, to go out at night, to have a nap under the
sun, to take pictures, to go snorkelling and to see all the possible sunsets. Summer is my
month and I was looking forward to coming back to Ibiza, this island I discovered with
my parents, to re-discover it with my best friends: Juan, Aida and Sara. I just cant believe
Im here! Im hoping you are all having a wonderful week too


Sample 127: My Winter Uniform, by Pelayo Daz | December 2, 2013

I cant believe we are already in December, this year has gone by so quickly that it feels
like I dreamt it. This weekend I enjoyed visiting our friend Bibiana at her new home,
where she is moving right on time for the new year. Helping her opening boxes made me
think of all the stuff (not just material things) Id like to pack and bring with me always,
everywhere I go and ship many others somewhere where Ill never see them again. Im
not ready yet to make a balance of what has gone on in this 2013, I only want to pay
attention to what its to come these weeks which sound pretty exciting: An awards
ceremony tonight, the opening of a new Aristocrazy store up in Asturias (where Im from)
and an upcoming trip to Istanbul... Good week everyone!

Sample 128: Telva Magazine Awards in Madrid, by Pelayo Daz | December 6, 2013

Being honest I wasnt expecting having such a great night when I was putting on my Dior
Homme look at home, I thought it would be just another fashion awards ceremony where
everyone is too conscious about their picture being taken that they actually forget about
what we are there for: Having a bit of fun. However I have to say it has been one of the
best nights Ive had recently! After the awards were given (Riccardo Tisci for best
international designer, Alvarno for best national designer and Azzedine Alaa for best
trajectory) and after a quick dinner under the spectacular Palacio de Cibeles glass roof the
party started and the couple of the night, Alaska and Mario, made us all mix and dance.
Lydia Delgado and Miranda were our dance-floor accomplices and looked simple and
elegant as usual, Isabeli Fontana and Mariacarla Boscono who looked stunning in a
Givenghy dress from the last collection, Ariadne Artiles in her Gucci dress looked like a
beautiful Fenix bird, then Judit Masc, Mar Flores and Juana Acosta all of them effortless
elegant as usual and most importantly and who made the night as fun as it was, David
Delfn. Thank you Telva magazine for a great night and congratulations on your 50 years

Sample 129: Merry Christmas!, by Pelayo Daz | December 25, 2013

I have to say I feel very, very lucky to receive beautiful presents all year round and not
have to wait until today. But This week I got a special delivery all the way from Jordi
Labanda himself! Those who know me well also know I have always admired his work,
and it inspired me in so many ways... I can actually see a lot of his work in the way Im
decorating my flat, for example, and Ive always been a bit jealous of how stylish and
handsome the men in his drawings are, or the beautiful clothes his women wear. Last
time David and I were in New York (where Jordi currently lives) we met him for a bite in
Little Italy and I was lucky enough to be invited in to his studio, I saw all the colours and
papers he uses... It was where all the magic happens! So I want to take the chance on a
magical day such as today, 25th of December, to thank Jordi Labanda for this beautiful
piece of art which is obviously going on my wall, David for the beautiful flowers and also
everyone else who plays Santa with me at any time of the year. And to you, I wish you a
Merry, Merry Christmas!

Sample 130: Basically Wondering, by Pelayo Daz | January 7, 2014

While I was a student at Saint Martins we were assigned to do different essays for Cultural
Studies, it was a total pain to attend these classes, so I would spend the hour bbm-ing with
Margot (it was the blackberry years) or sketching roughs for my next tutorial which I had
probably forgotten about. My teacher then told me I was not allowed to do my final
dissertation on Jack the Ripper (for me there were nothing more London or more cultural
than Jack the Ripper) so all I was wondering was what the fuck would have John Galliano
or Lee McQueen would have written about? Not that Im in the same genius level but I
always tend to imagine what people I admire would do in my position when Im in doubt.
In different scenarios I think on different people, Im even embarrassed to give you any
examples... Anyway, these pictures where taken in Shoreditch, my other home, the same
streets Jack used to wonder about and that I love so much.

Sample 131: Black or White, by Pelayo Daz | January 9, 2014

Not sure if black or white but this January is coming quite busy and I like it! On Saturday
Im off to Milan for the mens fashion week, a couple of meetings and a few cotolettas.
Next week Ill be back in Madrid for two events, one still to be revealed and the other
will be a dj set for Aristocrazy on Thursday the 16th. But for now follow me on instagram
and watch this space for my personal coverage of most of the fashion shows Ill be
attending. Milan here I come!
Sample 132: My Second Home in Milano, by Pelayo Daz | January 21, 2014

I cant remember when was the last time I spent a whole week at home. Something I
really love about my job is how much I get to travel, meeting new people, discovering
beautiful cities or going back to others Ive already been to, like Milan. A few days ago I
flew to Milan for mens fashion week and went back to my italian home, the NH Milano
Touring, where I always stay during fashion weeks. The reasons are simple: It has a huge
cosy bed, a great breakfast service to start the day with energy and attend the shows, has
a wide perfect lighted mirror on the lifts for selflie moments and somehow, from my room,
I always have great views towards the Duomo.

Lovely Pepa
Alexandra Pereira


Sample 133: Rice Fields in Bali, by Alexandra Pereira | May 5, 2016

Nothing to add to this beautiful sunset at one rice field in Bali wearing my new off
shoulders top from Buylevard.Actually it is a dress and I love the fact that I can wear it
in both ways <3

Sample 134: Relax in Bali, by Alexandra Pereira | May 4, 2016

Just a quick update to show you the outfit I was wearing the last day we spent in Bali in
our wonderful hotel located next to Ubud in which Im wearing my new incredible shorts
from Mekkdes and a simple black tee the perfect outfit to enjoy a wonderful sunny and
humid day in Indonesia, dont you think? In the meantime Im planning to move to
Dubai No, Im joking or not jajaja.

Sample 135: The Jacket, by Alexandra Pereira | May 3, 2016

Good morning! Spring time is here and it is my favourite season to style it up I really
like this season because on the one hand we dont have to cover up like in winter and on
the other, were not yet getting fried by the summer heat. This makes it easy to wear all
sorts of garments and results in an abundance of easy-to-wear and simple looks. In spring,
we can afford dressing up just like in these pictures: jeans, flats, light shirt and cool jacket
to spice up the whole look and add a touch of style with beautiful details. The jacket is
part of a new series of designs from The Extreme Collection and you guessed it right: I
loved it for the beautiful details around the pockets and the pale pink colour. Lately, pink
has been invading my closet in a very suspicious way (lol). I hope you enjoy this latest
post and cant hear your comments on that.

Sample 136: Bali Diary Day 1, by Alexandra Pereira | May 2, 2016

Good morning from Dubai! Im already settled in my hotel room and will be spending
the next few days in this wonderful city. I had been one year since my first visit here and
I had been wanting to come back for sometime now. However, before going further about
that, there are so many pictures that I would like to share from this last week in Bali. My
stay there has been truly incredible! In todays post, Ill be sharing memories from our
first day in Bali. That day, we stayed at the Villa Viceroy of theViceroy Hotel near Ubud
and we flight from Spain with Qatar Airways (check out the photos by scrolling down).
We dedicated our first day to visiting the city of Ubud, its market, its palace and the water
lily garden. Whilst in the garden, we took some time to enjoy the surreal view while
having a refreshing drink under the shade The truth is that I was fascinated by Ubuds
bustling streets, endless traffic, particular noises, smells but mostly I was surprised by the
friendliness of its inhabitants. After a couple of hours strolling across the irregular
sidewalks, we got to the Monkey Forest where we met with the other native population
of Ubud. They are a lot of fun although they have a tad habit of pickpocketing. The
Monkey Forest is a must if youre ever going through this corner of the world. In these
photos, I put on this new white shirt from Buylevard. It can be worn in two different ways:
either with the opening towards the front or oriented backwards. Because of that, it gives
a lot of opportunity whilst combining with shorts or jeans during the spring or the
summer. Ihope you enjoyed this post and Ill be seeing tomorrow with more stories on
my stay in Bali :)!

Sample 137: Comfortable Sandals, by Alexandra Pereira | April 22, 2016

Good morning everyone! For the next 24 hours, Ill be in Madrid between TV sets and
packing luggage. Meanwhile, I would like to share this new look that we have
photographed a few weeks back in one of my favourite spots of the capital. For those of
you who are wondering, it is located just next to the Almudena cathedral. This style is
perfect for this time of the year, in between seasons. The weather is finally allowing us to
show some feet by wearing sandals such as this new pair that I got form Steve Madden.
They are very comfortable because they do not have too much heel and fit perfectly.
Because of that, they are the perfect choice for those days when you have to look dressy
while staying comfortable. For those of you who are interested, you may find this pair by
clicking here. Also, you can see Steve Maddens latest collection which is pure love.
Looking forward to hear your thoughts on todays post :)! PS: stay tuned on my snapchat
(alexlovelypepa) and instagram (lovelypepa) during the coming weeks. Im bringing you
along a very exciting trip :)!

Sample 138: Simple is Great, by Alexandra Pereira | April 20, 2016

Good morning from Barcelona! Being back has brought back some memories from two
weeks ago, when I last stayed here. Particularly, I remember that it was the first time I
was able to show some legs wearing this khaki skirt from Buylevard (still lacking some
tan though lol). What I really like about this item are the pockets as well as the tiny
buttons. It is details like these can make a design really special. I combined it with a white
shirt and lace up flats (very trendy this season). To top it all up, I put on my old suede
jacket on which has been a faithful through various seasons. I hope you enjoy the photos
and will be looking to hear your thoughts on this latest post :)!


Sample 139: The Curious Case of these Shoes, by Alexandra Pereira | December 11,

hi! I introduce this new section, to all readers who have this blog and you are from outside
Spain. For at least broadly may understand what I say every day. It is the second time
they appear on the blog these vintage shoes, vintage and say because they are 21 years
and 8 months how do I know? because they were the shoes that my mother took my
baptism. Im back in Chicisimo! I won a few months ago named best look of the month
with my first look on the page thanks to your votes!, You can vote by clicking here. Kiss!

Sample 140: I Love Walking with Booties, by Alexandra Pereira | December 13, 2009

I present my new boots, fresh from h & m. .. Last year I was looking around, but nothing
can convince me, but this year could not pass, and finally I made some that I like, simple
and comfortable for day to day. Ive also made other purchases but I can not enjoy them
until the day of kings of which highlight a black dress tight fit that incorporates a
sleeve and part of the breast Pull & Bear. I look forward to premiere! thank you very
much for the comments, and votes in Chicisimo, which you can you please vote for me
by clickinghere. This week Ill be a little Iliad, because I have two important exams! Kiss!
Sample 141: Blue Sky & White Coat, by Alexandra Pereira | December 25, 2009

Hi! how Santa Claus has behaved with you? I have no complaint. I have really enjoyed
my new bag of Bimba & Lola, a jacket from H & M and the movie Father of the Bride
by Steve Martin and Diane Keaton for me is one of the best films of the world. These
photos are from yesterday. Here it is quite cold, so I decided to wear this winter outfit.
and so I show this coat, do not use it much but I love it. Today we have Christmas meal
I want to thank Vicen of Look 10, for including me in their Best selection look 10. You
can view it by clicking here. XoXo

Sample 142: My New Presents, by Alexandra Pereira | December 27, 2009

Hi! here show you my christmas presents. My new Bimba y Lolas purse, and my new
h&ms jacket. In one of the photos appears the book I am reading, Sorry if I call you
love by Federico Moccia, now I have little time to read, but I love the book. I also
introduce my sister Cynthia, has nearly 16 years and wants to be a doctor. It owns many
of the clothes Ive worn on the blog and one of my best friends. thank you very much for
your comments

Sample 143: Oh la l, by Alexandra Pereira | December 29, 2009

Hello! I never told you, but I have French ancestry, my grandmother and all his family
are. I love that country and I have visited Paris, a wonder of city my grandparents
were married at Notre Dame Is there anything more romantic? This will be my last
post before 2010, and I want to thank you for your affect and all your comments!!. This
blog is very young, only 5 months but I hope to share later this year many more with you
@ s!!

Sample: Autumn Colours, by Alexandra Pereira | January 11, 20010

Hello! Here I show you one of 3 things I bought in the sales, this hooded cape Pull &
Bear Im getting lately is by dressing in black and gray tones, just have to keep an eye
on all my outfits, but this layer has made me fall in love with brown again The boots
are a month and a half or even two months, but when I went to the store sales were still
there and the bag is another of my gifts of kings. The truth is that the camera helps, but
dont you think that the landscape of the park is wonderful? I go there since I was little,
yet it still seems a magical place. I think my favorite of the entire city. Indeed, it snowed
yesterday in Vigo for the first time after 24 years and I will show any photo in the next