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Manjari Bhava Sadhna (All 7 videos including

Aswadan Tattva

which Is Important )

Vaisnava seva (Seva Tattva, Ati Sneh Purvak Acaran)

Gross Sense Gratification (Witness, Disease, Manushyapana)

Subtle Sense Gratification (P.O.S 1)

Radha Kund Trips (Bhakti Means Absorption)

Mayapur Parikramas (Habits, Nitya Lila Vyapak Subject Matter, Choices Means Bondage)

(Love 7 )

(Chitkan, Why Bad Things Happen To Good People And G…)

(Touching Krsna, A Devotee Is Introspective, Sadhna Is 24x7)

(Nityanand Tattva, Radha Tattva)

(Rooms in a house where maids can go but friends don’t – bathrooms like radha kund, shyam kund, etc. , washing clothes, cleaning and brooming like NGOs, garden maintainence like vrinda devi. Rooms in a house where maids can’t go but friends do – bed(s) in bedroom, sofas in visitors’ room/ashrams, dining table and kitchen, swings and vehicles. If you follow CM then except 3 ½ souls, all get manjari type services because their love is also less/3 rd class. CM is – prominently - in mood of a particular devotee who is the best. So his teachings give us radha- dasyam i.e. learn to be BeingGod via & following the steps of a devotee called radha who is best. That is the script/drama God has created for kaliyuga people. Radha is sum total of all seekers in all 4 modus operandi but most expert in bhakti-yoga or existence by loving God. Love to God is expressed by executing his instructions as in his 4 gitas followed by inspiring a zillion imaginations. The symptoms CM exhibited were due to rising kundalini, untying of knots and burning away of anarthas/obstacles in path of salvation. So it is a double benefit action –

burning away of bad karma/salvation and also acting out of love of God/Creator aka Bhakti Yoga or unison with God through love most vividly explained in Uddhav Gita and BG and most deeply executed by gopis/Radha. Some waves from ocean of love – bhaav obtainees from manjaris at radhakund.)

(Radha dasyam also has double benefit – that soul will guide one to better quality/quantity of loving Him and since God himself took form of CM/radha, one would be following God anyways. But will radha allow a dasya to take place she occupies on His Bed ? BeingGod. 100%. Aim at moon and one may land as a nearby star. Tolerance. Eternal Dharm – BG. Better one is in execution and application, better association – majaris, sakhis, radharani or God himself, one gets.)

(Lower rungs/branches of CM lineage focus on rupa goswami who is a manjari in His house/inner circle but is nevertheless the 1 st point of contact. The higher/closer to CM branches are those 3 ½ souls and direct associates at Gambhira, Puri – the ksetra dham for kaliyuga. What the sakhis experience, go through, impediments in journey, quality of love and consciousness while in any act of loving God is displayed by CM but pre-dominantly in mood of separation-mixture of love in separation which happens after meeting God face to face and dissolution of karmas through actions of loving God/surrender, faith, strength. This avatar was primarily taken to nullify the curse of Radha/best devotee or His bed-mate. Yuga dharma was established as a by-product ! What happens after meeting face to face is in form of poetry/visions written by followers of Gaudiya Vaishnavism – after all, God is God. Grace!)

(The real loophole for kaliyuga people is direct participation in actions of sex, feeding, playing than observing the Master indulge in entertainment/creation and yourself just serving/dasyam like a waiter in a restaurant. BeingGod. Be Limitless. 100% in 6 & infinite opulences. Meditation of Love.)

(The sahasrar of humans is mooladhar chakra of manu, sahasrar of manu is mooladhar chakra of Brahma and

Brahma is just a particle of His energy that too external. So it is better to follow Him than any body else.)

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