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General objective of the syllabus:

1. To gain expert knowledge of the provisions of indirect tax laws under the various legislations.
2. To acquire the ability to apply the knowledge of the provisions of laws to various situations in
actual practice.
3. To understand the transition in tax scheme with the introduction of GST and how far it will be
serve the purpose of economic growth.

Lecture Tutorial Practical Total hours

78 15 5 98


Introduction, Constitutional Provisions & Basic concept of indirect taxation [16 Hours]

1. General understanding of Indirect Tax, Concept and kinds of indirect Taxes levied

[3 Hours]

2. Allocation of taxing powers between union and state with regard to indirect tax, Scheme

of distribution of revenue between union and state in Part XII , Article 265, 268, 269 270

etc. with special reference to Article 246, 248 and entry 82, 83, 84, legislative

competence for taxation, residuary powers of the union, [5 Hours]

3. Benefits of indirect taxation, contemporary scheme of indirect taxation, indirect tax

during pre-reforms, indirect tax in post reforms, [4 Hours]

4. Introduction of GST and its implication on the scheme of indirect taxation in India,

salient features of the proposed GST. [4 Hours]


Custom and Excise duty: concept and practices [21 Hours]

1. Central Excise Act, 1944 [10 Hours]

Basic concept of manufacture and goods, Nature of excise Duty, Scope of Excise Duty,

Types of Control. Definitions [Section 2]: Excisable Goods, Factory, Manufacture,

Assessee, Deemed Manufacture, Kinds of Excise Duty, Classification of Excisable

Goods, Valuation of Excisable Goods [Section 4, 4A], Concession to Small scale


2. Custom Act, 1962 [11 Hours]

Basic concept of import, export and valuation of goods, Definitions [Section 2]: Goods,

Indian customs waters, fund, customs area, Import manifest, export manifest, Prohibition

on importation and exportation of goods[Section 11], Levy of Tax and

exemption,[Section 12-14], Indicating amount of Duty [Section 28C-28D], Clearances of

Imported and exported goods [Section 44-51], Drawback [Section 74-76], Baggage,

import or Export through post [section 82-90], Penalties and prosecution [Sections111-

127 & 132-140A].


Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 [16 Hours]

1. Reasons and objectives of the CST Act, Definitions [Section 2]: Business, Dealer, Goods,

Declared Goods, Place of Business, Sales, Sales Price, and Turnover, [3 Hours]

2. Sale or purchase in the course of Interstate trade and commerce [Section 3], Sale or

purchase inside or outside a state or in the course of export and import[Sections 4,5],

Sales Tax Liabilities [Section 6], [5 Hours]

3. Registration of Dealers [Section 7], Rate, Levy and Collection [Sections 8,9], [3 Hours]
4. Goods of Special importance [Section 14-15], Liabilities in special cases [Section 17-18]

[5 Hours]


Goods and Service Tax, reforms, development and various implications [21 Hours]

1. Service Tax: Taxable service, Meaning and Importance of Service Tax, Constitutional

Perspective, Salient provisions of the Service Tax Law. [5 Hours]

2. Overview of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Levy of and Exemption from Tax,

Valuation in GST , Input tax credit and concept of Input Service Distributor in GST ,

Assessment and Audit, Overview of the IGST Act and administration in India, the debate

concerned, major features of the Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill, 2014,

[12 Hours]

3. Value Added Tax, brief introduction, features in India, usefulness and implementation

(taking Tamil Nadu Vat Act 2006 as an example) [4 Hours]


International aspects of indirect taxation: theory and practice [11 Hours]

1. This module would cover miscellaneous issues having international implications such as

managing indirect tax in our global supply chain, automation and tax technology, taxing

the digital economy putting special emphasis on the transparency and robustness of

indirect tax processes and controls. [5 Hours]

2. Concept of Anti-dumping duties, anti-dumping measure, the international anti-dumping

rules (GATT Article VI and the Anti-dumping Agreement under the WTO), fair price

comparison and recent trends, brief discussion on forward pricing and anti-circumvention

issues, national international implications and solutions. [6 Hours]


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