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FM451 Applications - wafer check valves with spring loaded flap provide

instantaneous response to changes in velocity pressure for all fluid media

PN16 compatible with the materials of construction. They are suitable for all piping
systems within the P/T limits shown and may be installed in vertical or horizontal
Resilient seated pipelines. When installed in vertical pipelines the flow must be in an upward
direction. Low weight and short face-to-face dimensions mean easy installation
DN50 to DN300 without the need for expensive support.
Specification - one piece flangeless cast iron body suitable for use between
flanges drilled in accordance with BS 4504 PN10 and PN16, ANSI Class 125
and 150, BS10 Tables D and E.
Installation - wafer check valves must be correctly aligned to achieve
efficient valve operation with minimum headloss and to prevent the valve disk
fouling downstream piping. With some flange/valve combinations the pipe
flange bolting fits closely around the valve body, automatically centralising
the valve in the pipeline. However, in a number of cases there is too much
clearance between the flange bolting and the valve body to obtain correct
alignment without careful manual positioning. To overcome this problem Crane
has developed a unique system of colour coded centralising sleeves. A set of
centralising sleeves is supplied with every valve together with easy to follow
instructions. The sleeves have varying outside diameters/bore to suit the different
flange/valve combinations. When fitting to horizontal pipelines the sleeves are
placed over bolts in the lower half of the flanges to cradle the valve during
installation and prior to bolt tightening. In vertical pipelines the sleeves are
fitted to bolts evenly spaced around the valve body to ensure the valve is
positioned centrally in the pipeline.
P/T ratings
Swing pattern Temperature
-10 to
+100 120

Spring loaded Pressure

bar 16 16

Part Material Part Material
Body Cast iron Hinge pin Stainless steel
Body seat facing EPDM rubber Spacer PTFE (Glass filled)
Disk DN50-DN80 Bronze Spring Stainless steel
DN100-DN300 Ductile (SG) iron Plug Bronze
Disk facing Hinge nut Stainless steel
DN50-DN80 Integral Eye bolt
DN100-DN300 Bronze DN100-DN300 Steel
Hinge Stainless steel

Testing - each valve is hydrostatically tested for seat and stem tightness.

Dimensions mm / Weights / Flow coefficients

DN in A B C C1 kg Kv
50 2 99 43 57 - 1.3 48
65 2 / 111 46 67 - 1.8 79
80 3 130 49 73 - 2.6 115
100 4 162 56 88 - 4.7 184
125 5 194 64 102 - 7.0 311
150 6 216 70 - 168 9.8 388
200 8 273 71 - 194 15.0 723
250 10 330 76 - 227 20.0 1192
300 12 380 83 - 255 30.0 1682

Options - bronze trim; all iron.