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Stephen Rives

List of Important Old Testament Manuscripts

150 B.C. 100 B.C. Greek John Rylands Papyrus 458 Fragment of
Deuteronomy (desc.) and the Papyrus Fouad 266 last half of Deuteronomy.

225 AD Greek of Ezekiel, P 967 (Chester Beatty Papyrus 967). This is an

abbreviated Ezekiel. Like Codex Vaticanus (also called Codex B). For more
Greek manuscripts (and Hebrew for that matter) see, The Text of the Old
Testament, An Introduction to Biblia Hebraica. To obtain a printed copy (which I
have not inspected, see Kenyons, The Chester Beatty Biblical papyri:
Descriptions and texts of twelve manuscripts on papyrus of the Greek Bible; 21
Leaves of P967 are at Princeton, 8 are in the Chester Beatty Library in Ireland).

850 A.D. or 950 A.D. Hebrew MS British Museum Oriental 4445,(masoretic

text)which contains the Five Books of Moses and may be earlier than the
Aleppo Codex. Note: this covers the part of the Aleppo Codex that is missing.
Codex Orientales 4445, dated 820-850 AD; the manuscript contains Genesis-
Deuteronomy 1:33 (less Numbers 7:4773 and Numbers 9:1210:18).

895 A.D. Hebrew Codex Cairensis: Codex of the Prophets (desc.), aka Codex
Prophetarum Cairensis, and Cairo Codex of the Prophets.(masoretic
text)Containing the former and latter prophets, this work is attributed at the end
to Moshe Ben Asher, the father of the Masorete of the Aleppo Codex. A really
poor PDF version is at Seforim online, also on my own web site (24 MB), or the
same PDF copied here Index: Joshua (1-37); Judges (37-74); Samuel (74-
168); Kings (168-272); Isaiah (272-342); Jeremiah (343-433); Ezekiel (433-
510); 12 Minor Prophets (510-570); Masoretic data (571-575). A bound copy is
for sale here. U. Cassutto published the book of Jonah from this manuscript in
1946 (an online PDF for $100 available here). Cassutos work will also be
available in Logos Bible Software. For more, see this letter from Cassuto to
Paul Kahle. See the important print edition of the The New Hebrew Bible
published in 1953. This important edition is listed in the open library, but is not
available for download. See the recent publication, The Cumulative Masora
Text, Form and Transmission with a Facsimile Critical Edition of the Cumulative
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Masora in the Cairo Prophets Codex (1999) by Lyons, David real title: ha-
Masorah ha-metsarefet derakheha ve-sugeha : al pi ketav-yad Kahir shel ha-
Neviim; Beer-Sheva : Universitat Ben-Guryon ba-Negev, 760, 1999. This book
has a facsimile critical edition of the cumulative Masora in the Cairo Prophets
codex. This codex is not to be confused with the Cairo Genizah fragments. But
while on the subject: free online access to the Cairo Genizah fragments is here
registeration is required. The Online Rylands Collection has some Biblical
fragments. See also the four volume publication, Hebrew Bible Manuscripts in
the Cambridge Genizah Collections. Codex Cairensis, (Prophets) pointed by
Moses Ben Asher, dated by a colophon 895 AD (the oldest manuscript bearing
the date of its writing), (was in Cairo, now in Jerusalem)

Codex Babylonicus Petropolitanus,(masoretic text)(Latter Prophets) dated 916

AD, Russian National Library