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In the teaching-learning process, the teacher is a mediator between the knowledge

and the student, therefore, the teacher plays a very important role in the interest,

the like and the meaning that the children school activities are able to achieve.

I have been a primary school teacher for 9 years, english has been my focus

language to teach, I love working with children and teaching english through

dynamics and children's literature. since last year I have been working with

preschool children, with them I developed my pedagogical practice.

During my pedagogical practice I managed to confirm all the strengths that I have

during the interaction with the children, achieving through various activities the

participation and constant motivation of the students. in addition, I used a variety

of materials and pedagogical resources to guide the classes. in some classes I used

colors and toys, children were very motivated by the use of these resources and

the desire to experiment with the objects that guided the classes. another

strength was guiding topics that were related directly to the context of students,

this helped them to remember more easily what they had learned. For example,

when I taught them the chicks' song or the one about the family of the fingers,

most of the children learned them very easily because of their rhythm, taking into

account that students learn easier through songs and games; its more playful to

them. I can say that another great strength is that I like and enjoy working with

children, this helped me to somehow manage to understand what I wanted to

communicate, teach and transmit in another language.

For children at this time of their lives, listening and speaking are the most specific

skills that should be encouraged in them, since they are living in a stage of
socialization and knowledge with the environment; intellectual, emotional and motor

development, which will favor a better development in primary education. At this

stage children know their environment by reading images, they develop their

language even more with the acquisition of new vocabulary, they absorb everything

they hear like a sponge. When preschoolers are learning a second language, they are

focused on listening and trying to understand what they hear, for them it is

motivating to learn vocabulary in another language and then go and repeat it at

home. Therefore, during this level of education the communicative approach is used

more forcefully. Developing the ability to listen in english is very important, since it

has gradually become a fundamental axis for learning a second language. When the

teacher engages in listening activities during the english class, it helps students to

improve their pronunciation and fluency in this language. just as naturally We

learned our mother tongue; listening, teachers should ensure that students learn a

second language by listening as well. Children and young people are motivated to

listen to songs in english with different rhythms, depending on personal taste.

I would like to teach english in other elementary grades, for I could practice even

more what I have learned in the university.