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An IT Briefing produced by

Optimizing the Application Testing of Your

Siebel CRM Environment

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Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment

By Yoav Eilat, Dennis Janecki, and Shashank Shukla

2008 TechTarget

Yoav Eilat is the Senior Product Marketing Manager of business applications and quality solutions for software at HP.

Dennis Janecki is a Global Alliance Manager at Infosys Technology Systems in charge of their work with HP.
Shashank Shukla is a Senior Consultant at Infosys Technology Systems.

This IT Briefing is based on an HP/TechTarget Webcast, Optimizing the Application

Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment.

This TechTarget IT Briefing covers the following topics:

The Quality Management Challenge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
The Application Evolution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Key Drivers of CRM Quality Efforts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Todays Test Automation Challenges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
The Business Value . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Key Business Imperatives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
The Siebel Solution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
The Solution Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
The Solution Landscape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
The Siebel BPT Accelerator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
The Value Proposition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
The Key Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Faster Time-to-Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Lower Operating Cost . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Lower Maintenance Cost . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Customer Value Realization. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Common Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

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Optimizing the Application Testing
of Your Siebel CRM Environment
This paper is based on a complex environment, good tools are necessary for
presentation, Optimizing the Application Testing of testing both the applications and the integration
Your Siebel CRM Environment, sponsored by HP technologies used by the enterprise.
and Infosys.
Key Drivers of CRM Quality Efforts
HP is the market leader in quality and testing soft-
In todays global economic environment, businesses
ware, a segment of HPs large line of management
have numerous issues to attend to, especially with
products that address the quality of business appli-
the current financial crises in the United States and
cations. Siebel and business applications like it con-
around the world. IT departments can assist enter-
stitute a significant portion of the applications that
prises in mitigating risk, meeting legal and compli-
HP customers are successfully testing with HP qual-
ance requirements, and controlling costs with
ity management products. Infosys, in collaboration
appropriately designed systems and applications.
with HP, has developed an extremely useful Siebel
business process testing solution (BPT). This solu-
tion accelerates the testing of Siebel applications, Mitigating Risk
enabling IT departments to be more productive and Mitigating risk is a key driver of innovation in CRM
cost effective. quality improvement efforts. This is especially, but
not only, true in the financial services industry. IT
systems and processes play a central role in risk man-
The Quality Management agement. It is essential to build IT systems in a way
Challenge that minimizes risk and to test those systems to be
sure they are functioning properly.
The Application Evolution
The evolution of computer systems and applications Meeting Legal and Compliance Regulations
has altered quality management challenges and cre- Meeting industry legal requirements and complying
ated an environment in which testing is of critical with new regulations is a critical business concern. IT
importance. Yesterdays applications, including products and applications must conform to their own
Siebel and other Customer Relationship Manage- legal requirements in addition to assisting other cor-
ment (CRM) applications, were very much stand- porate departments in meeting their obligations. As a
alone; they had relatively little integration with other result of the current economic crisis, additional regu-
systems. While those applications performed valua- latory and legal compliance requirements will almost
ble functions, growth was capped. In order to evolve certainly be passed, particularly in the financial mar-
to keep pace with business demands, their funda- kets, and these will impact corporate IT environments
mental structure had to be altered. These applications as well.
and systems were also costly, brittle, monolithic, and
proprietary. Bringing Down IT Costs
In many organizations, IT costs are a substantial part
Todays enterprise applications have become much of the budget. Making sure that internal testing of
more tightly intertwined using new integration tech- systems and codes is being done in the most cost-
nologies. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the efficient manner can help reduce these expenses
most recent popular approach. These new business considerably. Products from leading independent
capabilities are agile. They employ shared services, vendors like Infosys make it possible to accelerate
composite applications, and the next generation of some of the testing by reducing redundancy and
SAP and Oracle, based on SOA. SOA is driving new eliminating other sources of inefficiency.
custom applications and legacy integrations. There
are also new Web 2.0 models and mashups. In this

1 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Todays Test Automation Challenges components or steps that occur in the business pro-
cess itself. Use quality management solutions like HP
HP customer surveys over the past few years indicate
Quality Center (QC) and Business Process Testing
that IT departments face several basic challenges
(BPT) that allow accurate modeling of business pro-
related to testing, especially with respect to tradi-
cesses in the tests. Third, invest for reuse and ease of
tional test automation approaches. These include:
maintenance. Build tests in the most modular way
feasible, so they can be mixed and matched. This
Maintaining tests as the application changes
enables faster test assembly when business applica-
Creating test components quickly for new modules tions change and tests need to be updated. This is
or versions important when Siebel or any other business applica-
tion is being implemented and also when it is going
Modeling complex business application scenarios
into production. Building a solid testing foundation
Enabling less technical users to create tests ensures ease of maintenance over the lifetime of the
application, even as major upgrades, minor releases,
Starting test automation early
and support packs are developed.
It is very difficult to maintain up-to-date tests as
applications change. When new features are added, The Business Value
new customizations are implemented, or new soft-
ware is integrated into the system, the tests previ- Key Business Imperatives
ously written for those applications become instantly The Infosys Siebel BPT solution provides significant
out-of-date. We need a way of assembling and updat- improvements in the testing process. It is essentially
ing necessary tests instead of developing them from an accelerator that combines Quality Center (QC),
scratch with every revision. Tests composed of QuickTest Professional (QTP), and LoadRunner from
smaller components that can be mixed and matched the HP products suite with Infosys methodologies
make it possible to create up-to-date tests in a faster and skill sets to accomplish effective design and
and more efficient way than could be done previously. implementation processes around Siebel. This solu-
tion addresses four key business imperatives:
Creating tests quickly for new applications, modules,
or versions is an important task. How do you begin Reduce Siebel implementation costs by cutting
this process? How does the IT staff get up to speed down on the functional testing cost.
quickly? How do you develop a good test library? The
importance of starting test automation early cannot
Reduce the implementation cycle by cutting down
on the build time for the functional test suite.
be overstated. The quality assurance (QA) team has
frequently become a bottleneck for getting applica- Reduce upgrade and maintenance costs by mini-
tions into production. While it is natural for testing to mizing modifications to the existing suite.
be one of the last steps in an implementation project,
beginning the process as early as possible provides a
Ensure complete functionality coverage with an
exhaustive library of preconfigured components.
useful head start. If the QA team has even a small
library of tests to start working on immediately, they
Timely, thorough, and accurate testing is absolutely
are less likely to slow down implementation.
critical from a business perspective. In early 2000,
the National Institute of Science and Technology and
HP has several recommendations regarding quality
the IEEE Computer Society conducted a study that
management and testing. First, leverage both internal
examined software development life cycles. They con-
and external subject-matter experts. This includes
cluded that, when application defects are discovered
people inside the company, such as business analysts
later, they are more costly for businesses to identify
and application users, who know their business pro-
and remove. For example, in the initial testing phase
cesses relatively well and can help the QA team do
of a software application life cycle, a defect might cost
their work. They are a very important resource. It also
as much as $7,000 to fix. However, if that defect still
includes people outside the company, such as staff at
exists in the maintenance phase, it might cost as
Infosys or HP, who can help design and implement
much as $14,000 to fix. This can very quickly
the most appropriate processes. Second, model the
become a substantial cost inefficiency for a business,
business processes as accurately as possible. Make
especially if an application has many defects to cor-
sure the tests are broken down into the same types of

2 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
The Siebel Solution fewer resources. HP and Infosys kept these chal-
lenges in mind in building their solution. Their test
HP and Infosys have developed a solution that reduces
automation suite provides adequate test coverage
the Siebel implementation cost by cutting down on
that saves setup time and minimizes costs for func-
the functional testing cost and reducing the imple-
tional testing of scripts, including disparities between
mentation cycle. This, in turn, reduces the number of
business team demands and QA functional testing.
people and the amount of time and effort required to
find and identify defects. The Infosys-HP solution
The Infosys-HP BPT solution leverages the accelera-
accomplishes this by cutting down on the build time
tors provided to give Siebel customers a preconfig-
for the functional testing suite. In effect, every testing
ured test suite that has reusable test components
decision is really an evaluation of risk. For example, it
and Infosys Influx tools for process mapping. Infosys
is often necessary to balance the risk of missing a
Influx tools are a collection of methodologies sup-
deadline for a senior director or CIO against the risk
ported by tool sets and best practices in the area of IT
of delivering a product with a large number of bugs in
solution blueprinting. These methodologies use a
it. The Infosys-HP solution helps IT departments
prescriptive approach to document IT solution
deliver high quality, production-ready applications in
requirements and translate them into high-level blue-
a timely fashion. It reduces the upgrade and mainte-
prints for design and development. This leverages the
nance costs by minimizing the number of necessary
capability to deliver solutions that are flexible and
modifications to the existing suite. And it provides
easy to implement. It also provides a suite of stan-
complete functionality coverage, which can impact
dardized templates and best practices with accelera-
quality goals and test stages such as adaptability,
tors and estimation tools.
modularity, reliability, and performance.

Siebel Testing Challenges The Solution Overview

Implementing Siebel poses a discrete set of testing
challenges, outlined in Figure 1. Especially in this
The Solution Landscape
economy, companies are dealing with much stricter Figure 2 shows a diagram of the Infosys-HP Siebel
budgets. Everything must be done faster and with BPT solution landscape. The Infosys BPT Solution for

Figure 1

3 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Figure 2
Siebel is built on top of the HP Business Process validate end-to-end core business processes. Compo-
Testing platform. It utilizes Siebel Out-of-the-Box nents are built on a common repository of keywords
(OOB) Process Maps built on the Infosys tool Influx so that any changes are updated in the repository and
and is built around the Siebel testing navigator. The are reflected across all components.
solution contains HPs QTP, QC, and LoadRunner. It
is essentially a prebuilt HP BPT solution that addresses The Siebel Testing Life Cycle
a number of the business needs and challenges The solution provides the functionality of multiple
encountered when implementing testing requirements test scripts linked together to test an entire business
in a Siebel environment. process. The solution is flexible enough to test the
minute level of Siebel business objects as well as the
The Siebel BPT Accelerator grand level of the entire Siebel code.
How It Works
This tool is designed to automate the functional test Deployment
suite quickly and cost-effectively. Specific functions, The Infosys-HP solution has many components that
such as navigating to particular views in Siebel, have are ready to be deployed almost immediately. In a
been identified as keywords. Combinations of these typical Siebel implementation, 60 to 70% of the func-
keywords are coupled together to form small chunks tionality is out-of-the-box. Testing the functionality
of functionality, which are called components. The of the system within the regression testing or upgrade
basic building blocks of the solution are preconfig- testing or as part of a green field implementation can
ured components that address specific functional be done almost immediately with this solution. This
areas. Components are linked or strung together to is a huge value-added aspect.
form scripts. Multiple components can be combined
to automate a test scenario encompassing multiple The Solution Methodology
functionalities. Test scripts can be further grouped to The solution methodology is presented in Figure 3.
create process flows and business processes to This methodology incorporates the Infosys Influx

4 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Figure 3
tool, which is an IP product for process mapping. The and hardware innovation. Maintenance requires
Influx tool is a collection of domain best practices; automation. The Infosys-HP solution has an inherent
it is a collection of the Siebel out-of-the-box domain flexibility so that this core library of components can
process maps. Essentially, it contains a repository be tweaked, or mixed and matched, so that a limited
of process maps for any particular domain, such as number of components can be used across multiple
pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, SSI, or bank- tests and those can be used to automate multiple
ing. When Infosys consultants arrive to implement test scenarios. This flexibility also makes it possible to
the solution at the client site, these process maps are use the solution to automate large parts of the initial
compared with the clients own process maps, which functional testing in a green field implementation.
are then mapped into the process mapping tool as Figure 4 shows a repository, or library, of prebuilt
well. Client-specific maps are then prepared based on components. Any particular scenario can be auto-
a combination of these two classes of process maps. mated by dragging it over and dropping it into the HP
quality center. It is not necessary to maintain a huge
The Solution Concept repository of automated test scripts that may become
This mapping process ensures that the client has redundant after every small release. Also, smaller
clear visibility into the core business processes that components can be specifically updated before busi-
need to be tested well in advance, in order to ensure ness leaders test scenarios by dragging and dropping
maximum business continuity. Figure 4 shows how relevant components.
the solution maps the components to the business
processes. An entire end-to-end business process can The Solution Framework
be tested by this solution. The solution also has the The solutions framework shown in Figure 5 demon-
flexibility to automate existing manual test scripts. strates how the partnership between Infosys and HP
Based on prior experience with client implementa- benefits the clients. Infosys provides a considerable
tions, it is clear that many companies already have amount of knowledge concerning domain processes
large depositories of manual test scripts. These are across many varied domains. As a result of numer-
becoming untenable given the rapid pace of software ous projects, Infosys has a large repository of existing

5 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Figure 4

Figure 5

6 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
pin points in Siebel, including functional testing, per- ready to be implemented, almost on day one, a
formance testing, and automated testing. repository of test scripts is ready for use on the busi-
ness application. A family of standard templates is
The Value Proposition also typically required to support QA projects. Other
tools and accelerators, including Influx and best prac-
Infosys also offers a strong body of Siebel-certified
tices documents, are available to assist clients in suc-
consultants and Infosys internally certified consul-
cessfully reducing the testing life cycle for the Siebel
tants who know the whole Siebel landscape very well.
Infosys is also a CMM level five company with exten-
sive QA processes. This value proposition is deline-
ated in Figure 6. Value Realization
The BPT framework provided by HP is in itself a path-
Product Support breaking departure from the third-generation desk
automation tools that have been in the market. This
Infosys and HP have combined their efforts to build
whole concept of business process testing was devel-
this framework. Infosys is an exceptional service-
oped by HP and it has totally revolutionized the way
delivery provider and HP is a market leader in soft-
the industry looks at testing. This has been combined
ware quality that provides technical expertise as well
with the old standard model testing that looks at indi-
as product, training, and service support. The combi-
vidual scenarios and tests small pieces of functional-
nation of these two competencies provides an unpar-
ity. Previously, the regression costs associated with
alleled product and delivery solution. Customers get
minor releases were becoming prohibitive. This new
repositories of automated components and precon-
business-process approach, however, provides the
figured test scripts, as well as prebuilt component
flexibility to very quickly adjust or modify either indi-
documentation. HP and Infosys have already strung
vidual or small sets of components. The whole test
together components based on their own domain
repository built on top of those components can be
knowledge. They have determined main theme areas
quickly tweaked to cater to any small changes in the
and created an automated test repository for these
components. Consequently, as soon as a solution is

Figure 6

7 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
The Infosys-HP BPT framework does not, however, ing life cycle, in part because the same components
provide a complete repository of automated compo- used for automating manual scenarios can also be
nents and test scripts for every Siebel application, nor integrated with LoadRunner for performance testing.
for all CRM applications. Nor does it come with a set These same components, developed initially during
of domain-specific documentation. Also, it does not the functional testing phase, can be used for perfor-
come with a mapping of the businesses processes to mance, regression, and upgrade testing as well. This
the clients processes that are recorded in the Influx multiple functionality over the Siebel application life
tools. cycle reduces the total cost of ownership substantially
compared with the costs associated with building
The Infosys-HP solution addresses the needs deter- separate test repositories for regression, functional,
mined by a joint gap analysis. This partnership has automated, and performance testing.
built a solution that makes it possible to achieve a
faster time-to-market. The solution can automate cer-
tain parts of functional testing and can be deployed
The Key Benefits
on day one, which is rare. This accelerates the initial The three key business imperatives over any product
deployment of Siebel applications. Regression testing life cycle are time-to-market, operating costs, and
and upgrade maintenance are also automated and maintenance costs, as shown in Figure 7. During the
simplified. design and develop phase, the biggest benefit that
any solution should seek to provide to its customer is
The Infosys-HP solution has cost benefits as well. It a fast time-to-market capability. During the deploy
diminishes manual testing costs, yet it is also much and operate phase, the biggest benefit should be a
more cost efficient to purchase the Siebel Business lower operating cost. During the maintain and
Process Testing Solution as compared to building a upgrade phase, the biggest benefit should be a lower
private repository from scratch. Over time clients maintenance cost. The next three sections discuss
achieve a much larger return on investment in both how the Infosys-HP BPT solution addresses these
operating and maintenance costs. The total cost of issues. The fourth discusses business value added by
ownership is much lower over the entire Siebel test- means of the solution.

Figure 7

8 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Faster Time-to-Market particular module of the Siebel BPT solution. The cost
of making a completely automated test feed from
Siebel has a repository of test scripts across multiple
scratch is much higher in terms of both time and
domains. As shown in Figure 8, this makes it possi-
money. Certain parts of the Siebel BPT solution can
ble to deploy parts of the solution early and conduct
be implemented on day one. The rest can be adjusted
bits and pieces of the functional testing while devel-
over time, depending on the application size.
opment is still occurring. This means that testing can
be done much earlier than in the traditional testing
life cycle. Conducting tests in parallel with develop- Lower Maintenance Cost
ment significantly reduces the functional testing The Infosys-HP solution has lower maintenance
timeline and enables a faster time-to-market. This is a costs as well. A typical, but simplified, example is
key benefit of the Infosys-HP solution. shown in Figure 10. Small changes keep on coming
even after the first release. Perhaps it is necessary to
Lower Operating Cost add just one field in a particular application, but it is a
mandatory field, something like an SRO that was not
The graph in Figure 9 shows the difference in cost
there initially. Immediately, all the scripts that have
between building a test automation suite from scratch
anything to do with the service request in Siebel,
and buying the Siebel BPT solution from Infosys and
using a standard automated test suite, become
HP. If the application has only a couple of life cycles
redundant and fail. It would be necessary to go to
with only a few hundred test scripts, then doing it
each and every script to re-record the particular new
manually is definitely better. However, if the applica-
Siebel object that has been added. Because the Siebel
tion is larger, typically over 600 or 700 test scripts,
BPT solution has been built on the HP framework,
and if two or three cycles of regression testing are
the process maps can identify the processes typically
likely, then it is much less expensive to invest not only
impacted by this particular change. You can isolate
in the Siebel BPT solution but also in test automa-
the view and its associated set of components. The
tion. In comparing the costs of test automation and
components can be added to the object repository by
building a test depository from scratch versus the
dragging and dropping relevant keywords and then
Siebel BPT solution, it is clearly better to implement a
refreshing the components.

Figure 8

9 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Figure 9

Figure 10

10 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Customer Value Realization HP provides its technical competence and vast
repository of software quality tools. Infosys provides
The real power of the HP BPT framework and the
its service delivery domain expertise and the knowl-
Siebel BPT solution that has been built on top of it
edge of various CRM applications, in this case Siebel.
lies in its capacity to map processes so that many
Infosys domain experts already know the key business
components can be updated easily. Some figures
processes across various domains. When this solu-
regarding customer value realizations are shown in
tion is implemented for a client, it is easy for an
Figure 11. These statistics are very impressive. The
Infosys consultant belonging to that particular domain
break-even point can be reached in as few as three
to identify the key business processes that need to be
regression cycles, even if it is a manual test repository
automated to ensure the maximum return on invest-
with huge numbers of test scripts. With smaller repo-
ment. Infosys and HP product teams are available
sitories, it may be possible to reach the break-even
24/7 to provide product or service support.
point as early as the first cycle. Clearly, the Infosys-HP
solution is a great investment. It increases productiv-
ity and reduces costs. In terms of building a test auto- Summary
mation solution from scratch versus buying it, the
Infosys BPT Solution for the Siebel application suite
cost benefit is over 50%. Time-to-market is reduced
is built on the HP business process testing platform.
by nearly 80%. Of course, these figures will vary from
It utilizes Siebel out-of-the-box process maps built on
client to client, but the example shown in Figure 11 is
the Infosys tool Influx and is designed to automate
typical. The maintenance cost is also greatly reduced,
the functional test suite quickly and cost-effectively.
by almost 75%. But most importantly, the break-even
point is achieved in three cycles or less.
The Infosys Siebel BPT solution is aimed at address-
ing four key business imperatives:
The Infosys and HP Joint Value Proposition
The Infosys and HP partnership provides clients with Reducing Siebel implementation costs by cutting
an unbeatable combination of service-delivery excel- down on the functional testing costs
lence and product expertise, as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 11

11 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Figure 12
Reducing the implementation cycle by cutting Ensuring complete functionality coverage via an
down on the build time for the functional test suite exhaustive library of preconfigured components
Reducing upgrade and maintenance costs by mini-
For additional information, please visit:
mizing modifications to the existing suite

12 IT Briefing:
Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
Common Questions
Question: How can this framework be implemented over and over again in a very cost-inefficient manner.
in a global pharmaceutical environment when the When the solution was implemented, all the pro-
systems must be validated specifically on review and cesses that were covered in the manual test scripts
approval mechanisms and on capturing documented were mapped out in the Influx tool, so that going for-
evidences? ward any changes, even small ones, were easy to iso-
late. This quickly turned a manual regression into an
Answer: In a quality center, this framework enables automated one.
workflow documentation and analysis. It also provides
review and approval capabilities for testing processes. Question: Are your testing procedures and tools lim-
Optional e-signature solutions, which are especially ited to the particular application? Could they include
popular in the pharmaceutical industry, are also avail- Siebel behavior in the global context, specifically with
able. Digital signatures or e-signatures can be placed respect to testing performance early in the develop-
on tests to document evidence for the FDA or any ment cycle for deployment of Siebel CRM in a global
other governing agency. way, with low bandwidth and very high latency.

Question: How does this differ from QTP? What are Answer: It is definitely possible to use the solution to
the benefits of using this solution versus QTP? test over a wide-area network (WAN). The HP Infosys
accelerator also supports performance testing
Answer: With this solution the components are essen- through LoadRunner. Using LoadRunner, Infosys also
tially built on the QTP tool itself. This combination has solutions available for WAN performance testing
leverages three products offered by HPs Business that have been developed in conjunction with Shunra,
Technology Optimization suite (BTO): LoadRunner, a business partner. Shunra has WAN simulators that
the HP Quality Center, and the QuickTest. These make it possible to simulate a poor wide-area net-
three tools are used for test automation, load testing, work with lots of latency and bandwidth problems.
and test management. The solution has leveraged LoadRunner is run together with the Infosys accelera-
these three tools and built components on top of tor over the Shunra solution in order to determine
them for functionality that spans areas specific to best performance in that type of environment. More
Siebel. Understanding the incremental value of this information is available on the HP web site.
functionality over the HP tools by themselves depends
upon knowing how Siebel testing works and how to Question: Does the solution help in testing custom-
accelerate it quickly. ized configurations? Is the solution available for pur-
chase as a testing tool?
Question: Is there a demonstration of the solution?
Answer: Yes, the solution caters to any customized
Answer: A presentation and demonstration of the application and it is available for purchase as a test-
solution can be arranged. Please visit our website for ing tool. Typically very few implementations are
further information. Siebel Vanilla or straight out-of-the-box. Almost all
the implementations have a certain level of customi-
Question: How are other companies using the solu- zation, usually between 25 and 40%. It is very easy to
tion? incorporate client-specific customization into the
existing repository for that component. If required,
Answer: A typical example is that of a large US bank certain specific components can be built on the client
where this solution was used to automate a huge site to cater to any particular functionality that has
repository of manual test scripts. Over time the man- been developed for the client.
ual test repository had grown to more than 4,000
test scripts. As the repository grew, the earlier test Question: Can QTP be used for Enterprise Resource
scripts became redundant. No one was separating Planning (ERP)?
the redundant test scripts from the critical test scripts
that were important for particular releases. For every Answer: Yes. QTP is actually very well suited for ERP
small release, this huge bulk of test scripts was run and CRM testing and has been for at least 10 years.

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Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By:
QTP offers support for many environments such as formed very easily by someone with only a minimal
Siebel, Oracle, E-Business Suite, and many different amount technical knowledge, or it can be supported
types of applications from SAP, including the SAP by a vendor like Infosys. Second, a QTP engineer is
GUI and enterprise portal. The Infosys accelerator in rarely needed to build test scripts. A business leader
particular is built on top of QTP, quality center, and or analyst can look at the components and then drag
BPT. It takes advantage of the Siebel support that has and drop them into various combinations to test dif-
been built into QTP. So yes, QTP can definitely be ferent values. QTP is part of this solution, so writing a
used, as can the accelerators that are built on top of it. script in Visual Basic for complex testing situations is
still an option, whether an IT department does the
Question: Does the solution work with business work itself or engages a company like Infosys.
design systems by using C++ code and a mainframe?
Question: Is QTP needed to use the solution? Is QTP
Answer: The solution is primarily around black box needed along with LoadRunner when using the same
testing, so it is mainly a GUI-based tool and is not business components to develop test scripts and
typically used for mainframe testing. With respect to regression or performance testing?
integrating with different languages, like C, C++, or
any other languages, the solution is built on VB code. Answer: Yes, the HP QTP tool is required, because
So to the extent that VB code is compatible with C++, the test accelerator uses it as a platform. The auto-
the same compatibility applies for the solution. mated tests that are built with the HP-Infosys acceler-
ator for Siebel run on QTP; it is the execution engine.
Question: Does this eliminate the need to have a To run the tests, the IT department must own QTP.
technical QTP engineer as part of your team? How But it does not need the same level of expertise in
are components maintained in QTP script code, for QTP as before, because now the accelerator does
example? most of the routine testing that has been predefined
and customized. The HP LoadRunner tool is another
Answer: Building test automation suites from scratch one of the engines on which this solution runs, so IT
requires a high level of technical expertise. A team of must own that as well. Yet these costs of ownership
test automation experts must constantly upgrade and are offset by the decreased need for a constantly pres-
maintain the repository of automated test scripts. ent technical team. Another huge benefit of the solu-
The Infosys-HP solution makes it possible to accom- tion is that it eliminates the time lag and other costs
plish these tasks without a team of experts. First, the associated with building an automated test suite
maintenance required for small changes can be per- from scratch.

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Optimizing the Application Testing of Your Siebel CRM Environment Sponsored By: