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The Golden Snail

Tokoh :
1. Raja Daha
2. Candra Kirana (Kirana)
3. Galuh Ajeng ( Ajeng)
4. Penyihir
5. Nenek dari Desa Dadapan
6. Raden Inu Kertapati
7. Narator

Scene 1
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Daha Kingdom. There were two beautiful girls, Dewi
Kirana dan Dewi Galuh.
King : "my daughters, come here!".
Kirana : (Come to king ).
Galuh : ( Follow Kirana come to king ). "Father why do you call us?".
King : "Ok my daughter, i will tell you something. Tomorrow Prince Inu kertapati from
Kahuripan Kingdom will visit our kingdom".
Galuh : "Really ?".
King : "yes, really".
Kirana : "Dad, what is the purpose prince Kertapati will visit to our kingdom?".
King : " Prince Inu kertapati and I make an agreement. I will choose one of you to
marry with prince Inu Kertapati."
Galuh : ( Very happy ).
Kirana : "Married! (Surprised). Dad, who is it will be chosen you to marriage with prince Inu
kertapati ? I'm or Galuh?"
King : "I will choose you Kirana to marriage with prince Inu Kertapati". (smile).
Kirana : (surprised and smile) Thank you Dad, i'm Really happy because marriage with him
is my dream since i was a kid.
King : "Yes i know my sweety, I feel happy because this is not wrong choice to you and
to us. Ok, lets prepare everything for welcome party of prince Inu kertapati".
Galuh : what?
Kirana : yes, my father I will do it for our kingdom, for you, and for my love.
Galuh : why do not me? This is not fair for me!

The day when Dewi Kirana engaged with a kind and wise person from Kahuripan Kingdom named
Raden Inu Kertapati.
King : ladies and gantleman! today, my daughter Dewi Kirana engaged with Raden Inu
Kertapati. May they will be happy until the end of time and they will marry one month
after this moment.
Inu : thanks a lot, Dewi Kirana. I will always love and prevent you forever.
Kirana : I just can give my heart for you. Thank you so much.

The ceremonial was end. Dewi Galuh felt envy, then she went to a witch.
Galuh : hey nyai, I very envy with Kirana because she enganged with Inu Kertapati. Bost her
into something really disguisting and keep away from Inu Kertapati.
The Witch : yes your majesty. I will do.
Scene 2
The witch and Dewi Galuh met Dewi Kirana who was walking alone outside the palace.
Kirana : what happend, Galuh. Who is she?
The Witch : dont ask a lot of questions!
The witch read a magic formula, Dewi Kirana turned into a gold snail.
Galuh : Look sharp! Throw it to the river. Good bye, Kirana. I will arrogate Inu Kertapati from

Scene 3
One day, an old man looking for fish in the river.
Old Man : no fish for me? Hah! What is this? Gold snail? Owwhh, this is so beautiful. ( then, the
old man back to home and put the gold snail into the crock.)

Scene 4
the next day, the old man went to the river to catch some fish. When she back to home, she was
surprised because saw a lot ofdelicious on her table.
The Old Man : Oh my God! who would have sent all of this food? Thank you so much. (the old
man, ate all of that food. The same thing happened every day)

Scene 5
The old man very curious where all the food came. She pretended to went to the river and peeked
from behind the house.
The Old Man : ha? (the old man surpriesed when looked the golden snail change into beutiful
girl who was cooking for her and then the old man entered to the kitchen.) who
are you girl?
Dewi Kirana : Im a princess from Daha Kingdom. A witch envoy my sister change me into a
golden snail because she was envy with me.
after that, Dewi Kirana changed again into the golden snail and the old man greatly amazed.

Scene 6
Raden Inu Kertapati looked for Dewi Kirana with turned into ordinary people. And then he met a
raven which was a witch.
The Witch : let me show you the way to find Dewi Kirana.
Inu Kertapati : you know it? (the rave keep nodding.) okay,lets go!.
The rave showed the wrong way to Inu Kertapati.

Scene 7
Along the way, they met a hungry old man.
Inu Kertapati : so pity. Its a bit for you..
The Old Man : thanks a lot, boy. You are so kind with me.

The old man was having magic. He immediately hit the rave with his stick. The rave was destroyed.
The Witch : aaaaaaa!!
The Old Man : it is incarnation of the witch. It will mislead your way. Let me accompany you.

Scene 8
They arrived at a hut in the Dadapan village to asked for some water to drink.
Inu Kertapati : excuse me.
The Old Man : may I ask for some water?
The Old Man : of course,wait a minute.
The Old Man : okay.
Inu Kertapati saw Dewi Kirana from the window.
Inu Kertapati : this is you, Dewi Kirana?
Dewi Kirana turned.
Dewi Kirana : raden Inu Kertapati? (embrace)
The curse was gone. The old man and the old man come happy with their meeting. And they back to
the pallace.

Scene 9
They arrived at the pallace.
Dewi Kirana : you are very cruel, Galuh.
Inu Kertapati : you will get a punishment from the king.
Dewi Galuh : what do you mean? This is impossible! You! You! you! dewi kirana! No! Its
Dewi Galuh run away from the palace and plunged into the revine.

Scene 10
Inu Kertapati dan Dewi Kirana married
Dewi Kirana : kanda, I feel so happy.
Inu Kertapati : me too, dinda.
The old man who very kind with them also stayed at the pallace. All of they, lived happily ever after.