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Story of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih


The story takes place in a simple village household. The head of this family has two
wives, and each wife has their own daughter. The older of the two is Bawang Putih, while the
younger one is Bawang Merah. Bawang Merah and her mother are jealous of the attention the
father gives Bawang Putih and her mother, who is also older than her co-wife.

When the father dies, Bawang Merah and her mother take charge of the household and bully
both Bawang Putih and her mother into servitude. Bawang Putihs mother stands up for her
daughter but she soon dies prematurely. One day, while washing the family's laundry in the
river, Bawang Merah's mother pushed her into the water and left her to drown.


With her biological mother and father dead, the gentle and obedient Bawang Putih is
left alone to be tortured by her cruel stepmother and half-sister. On the contrary, two days
after her father passed away, they treated their badly. She had to do all the house
work..Though Bawang Putih suffers, she is patient. Her stepmother said:

Bawang Putih, from this moment, you have to clean the house, guard the house, wash the
clothes, and cook delicious meals.
But mother
No but! You must obey my rule! What do you think? I love you?? Oh No No No I
hate you! Why must I kind to my stepdaughter, ha!?
How poor you are said her stepsister with a sly smile.

Bawang Merah was very lazy, and she always got dress every time. But, Bawang
Putih was more beautiful than her.

One day, Bawang Putih went to river to wash a lot of clothes. Then, she looked a
goldfish cried and needed help. Its mouth was involved by an angler. Seeing the condition
Bawang Putih felt sorry and helped it.

Thank you for your kindness. asked the goldfish.

Bawang Putih was very surprised, the goldfish could speak! And Bawang Putih
answered nervously: O Of course. The fish tells her that it is her mother who has come
back to comfort her. Bawang Putih is overjoyed to be able to speak with her mother again,
and secretly visits the pond whenever she can.
One day Bawang Merah sees Bawang Putih sneaking off and secretly follows her to
the pond, where she witnesses Bawang Putih talking to the fish. And her mom asked Bawang
Merah to catch it. Then, Bawang Merah caught the fish and gave it to her mom. After that,
they cooked it, and ate it! When Bawang Putih knew the fish was her friend, she took the
bones and said:

Oh mother, forgive me I cant take care of you I dont know they will eat you.
Im sorry if I cant reply your kindness to me Good bye mother, good bye
Bawang Putih gathers the fish bones and bury them in a small grave underneath a tree. When
she visits the grave the next day, she is surprised to see that a beautiful swing has appeared
from one of the tree's branches. When Bawang Putih sits in the swing and sings an old
lullaby, it magically swings back and forth.

Bawang Putih continues to visit the magic swing whenever she can. One day, while she is on
the magic swing, a Prince who is hunting nearby hears her song. He follows the sound of her
voice, but before he approaches her, Bawang Putih realizes that she is not alone, she quickly
runs back home.
The Prince and his advisors eventually find the home of Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah.
Bawang Merah's mother, seeing the opportunity, orders Bawang Putih to stay hidden in the
kitchen. The Prince asks about the swing and the girl who sat in it. Bawang Merah's mother
says that the girl he heard is her beautiful and talented daughter Bawang Merah. Though the
Prince agrees that Bawang Merah is beautiful, he requests that she show him how she sang in
the magical swing.

Bawang Merah and mother reluctantly follow the Prince and his advisors back to the magic
swing. Bawang Merah sits in the swing and attempts to sing so that it will move, but she
cannot. The Prince, now angry, ordered Bawang Merah's mother to tell the truth. Bawang
Merah's mother is forced to confess that she has another daughter hidden in her house.

The Prince brings Bawang Putih back to the swing, and as she had done many times
before, the magic swing starts moving as soon as she begins singing. The prince said:

Oh beautiful girl. I love you. Would you become my wife?

Bawang Putih only smiled and nodded. The Prince married her, and Bawang Putih has
forgiven her stepmother and stepsister. And they lived happily ever after.