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9/13/2017 LIST of Important Tables in SAP | ABAP | STechies

Sales Orders









Material Management

Name Description

MARA Inventory Master

MARC Plant Data

MARD Current Inventory

MAKT Descriptions

MBEW Material Valuation

T179 Product Hierarchy

MVKE Sales data (materials)

MKPF Material document

Status code 'R' in VBFA


Name Description

EINA Purchasing inforecord

MATNR/LIFNR contains things like vendor material number and access key for EINE

EINE Purchasing inforecord detail Contains minimum purchase, group, currency

EKPO Purchase orders

EKET Scheduled lines

EKES Vendor confirmed lines

Service Management

Name Description

CAUFV Service order header 1/2
9/13/2017 LIST of Important Tables in SAP | ABAP | STechies

AFPO Service order line Holds items that will create "reservations"

RESB SM Reservations Materials needed for line Customer Data

KNAI Customer Master

KNVV Sales information

KNVP Partners (ship-to, etc)

System tables

Name Description

DD02T Table texts

DD03L Table fields Lists the fields in a table

DD04T Data element texts

USR02 Valid user names

Config tables (normally begin with "T")

Name Description

T001 Client table

T002 Languages

T005 Region (Country)

TCURR Currency and exchange rates

TVAK Order type

TVSB Shipping condition

TVAGT Rejected reason for order line

Other tables

Name Description

STXH Text header

STXL Text detail 2/2