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WitchHunt is a social game designed for large groups of The Goal
players facilitated by a Moderator. It is best played in an
open area where players can sit in a circle and hear one WitchHunt is a social deduction game. Social deduction games
another speak. WitchHunt is a great way for groups of involve a number of enemies hiding among a group of players.
people, both familiar and new, to weave stories together. The Village must find out who the Witches are before its too late.
In the many years of development, we have had countless Its all about figuring out which of your friends are lying!
memorable tales; I hope sharing this
game will empower your community
to tell stories of their own. The Basics
WitchHunt alternates between night and day phases.
Every day, the Village wakes up, has a discussion, and may vote
to hang a target they think is a Witch. The vote must be a
Not counting the Moderator, the cards majority, but the Witches hiding among them are voting too!
in this box allow you to play with 7-22
players, and is best with 9-18. Games Every night, players sleep (close their eyes and lower their
take around 4 minutes per player. heads) as the Witches secretly wake up and agree on a
player to kill. Players may not talk or communicate in
The suggested number for a group of any way (like noisemaking or using hand signals) while
new players is around 12. they are supposed to be asleep.
Players are killed off one-by-onebut their cards are
not revealed. As both teams race to eliminate each
other, each round grows more intense.

Game However, dead Villagers become Angels and

continue to influence the game by protecting
Contents those still alive. Meanwhile, dead Witches become
Demons with a few tricks of their own. Dead
22 Jumbo Character Cards
players wield massive influence and can be as
22 Poker Character Cards
much of a factor in winning the game for their
22 Jumbo Team Cards
team as the living!
22 Poker Team Cards
8 Jumbo Rules Cards One side wins when all members of the enemy
8 Poker Rules Cards team are dead.
1 Moderator Scorepad

2 3
The Teams The Characters

There are two teams in WitchHunt: the Witches and Each character has a unique special ability. These characters are
the Villagers. Most characters can be on either team. also sorted into categories: Holy, Offense, Defense, or Information.

Witches Character
Each night the Witches decide as a group on one player
to secretly kill off, while posing as Villagers during
the day so theyre not killed themselves. They want to
eliminate Villagers one-by-one without getting caught,
before it is too late. Being a Witch is toughthese
players spend the entire game lying!

Villagers on the other hand, spend the game Ability
trying to sort out whos on their side...and whos
a Witch. While they may not do as much lying as the
Witches, Villagers have their own challengesthey have
to constantly be on the lookout for signs of deception, be
wary of who they trust, and think carefully about when to
reveal information theyve acquired. Every player gets two random cards at the start of the game: One
for their team, and one for their character. This means someone
with the Dirty Old Bastard character (shown above) could be
either a Villager or a Witch.
VIllage Clergy Because every character is balanced and useful for both teams,
every possible combination makes for a unique game!
The Village Clergy is special team There are a lot of characters in WitchHuntbut dont stress! Its
designation paired with the Priest (and most important that you understand the rules on the character
Acolyte in 17+ player games). These special card you are assigned. The Jumbo cards can be set out in the
Holy characters are always on the Village middle of all players to serve as a reference throughout the game.
teamthey can never be Witches.

4 5
Extra Lives Game Setup

Many characters have abilities that grant extra lives, which allow Assemble a group of at least eight people to playwe recommend
players to survive attempts to kill them. For specific details on how at least ten.
extra lives work, see the General Extra Life FAQs on page 19. One person must choose (or be elected) to be the Moderator.
Dont worry, moderating can be just as much fun as playing! (The
Moderator App makes this easy, and tips for moderating can be
Angels & Demons found on page 15.)
Following the tables below, the Moderator should gather the
Once a player has been killed, they leave the group of living players
character and team cards corresponding to the number of players.
and move on to the afterlifewhere they assume the role of
an Angel or a Demon. Villagers become Angels, while Witches
become Demons.
Suggested Village
Players Players Witches
While they can no longer communicate in any way with living Characters Clergy
players, they never go to sleep. Dead players get to see everything All games Priest 7-8 2 Priest
and make a simple but pivotal choice each night. All games Judge 9-13 3 Priest
All games Gravedigger 14-16 4 Priest
All games Apprentice Priest +
17+ 5
Meddlesome Demons All games Survivalist

First, the Demons pick two players to meddle All games D.O.B.
with. If the Priest character checks either 7+ Gambler If the game has 13 or more non-
meddled player that night, theyll learn the team 8+ Fanatic Moderator players, any of the
of the other player instead! 9+ Oracle extra remaining characters can
10+ Watchman
be included.
11+ Hunter Try different configurations for
Guardian Angels a new experience each time!
12+ Emissary

Then the Angels pick a player to protect. If Bonus

the Witches try to kill that player that night,
the player survives. This only applies to the
Witches killnot other kills during the night.
Angels can protect any player as many times as they want, Example: For a game of 8 players (not counting the Moderator),
but if they protect one of the two players meddled with by the youll use Priest, Judge, Gravedigger, Apprentice, Survivalist, D.O.B.,
Demons, they can never protect that player again. Gambler, and Fanatic. Youll take 1 Clergy team card, 2 Witch team
cards, and 5 Village Peasant team cards.

6 7
1. Separate these three types of cards into separate piles, then
During the Prologue, some essential things happen that wont happen
shuffle them:
at any other time, so this portion may take a few minutes.
Team cards
The Village goes to sleep, and the Prologue is conducted like a night
Holy character cards phase. While asleep, players should close their eyes and put their
Non-Holy character cards heads down. They may not talk or communicate in any way (like
noisemaking or using hand signals).
2. For each character card, pair it with a team card.
The Moderator will have certain players wake up in the following order:
Holy characters always receive a Village Clergy card.
1. Acolyte
Other characters receive a Witch or Village Peasant card
at random. 2. Witches
3. Write the pair down in a list. The Moderator also shows the Witches what characters
their teammates have.
Most characters start with unique letters.
3. Peeping Tom
Example: A Witch Fanatic might just be written as W-F.
4. Oracle
4. Set the pair aside face-down an d repeat until there is a pair
of cards for each player. 5. Apprentice
6. Gambler
7. Bomber
8. Fortune Teller

Want to know exactly

what the Moderator
should say?
Exact lines can be
Example pairs
found on the included
Each player should be dealt a pair of cards: a team card and a Moderator script
character card. Players can look at their cards immediately, but it cards or by using the
is critical that they keep them secret! Moderator App. (See
Lay out a jumbo card for each of the characters in play. These help page 17 for details.)
the players know all of the characters in use for a given game. Set
out jumbo team cards corresponding to the number of players on
each team. Players should feel free to touch, move, group, flip, or
rotate the jumbo cards as they see fit.

8 9
Day Phase If there is a successful majority vote, the Moderator will declare
that player has been hanged (or survived the hanging!) and the
The game begins on Day 1. Village goes to sleep.
Daytime is simpleall the living players gather, try to figure out
who the Witches are, and vote on a player to hang. Days have a Judge
very short, uniform, aggressive deadline (5-8 minutes) that is If a majority is not reached in time, including if there is a tie
predetermined and governed by the Moderator. vote or the Village agrees to kill no one, the Judge is given the
There are no restrictions on speech. Any player of any team may opportunity to decide.
say whatever they want at any time. This includes lying, which is The Village goes to sleep early, and the player with the Judge
the entire point of the game! character gets to wake up and decide who to hang privately. Any
hanging by the Judge also ignores extra lives, which is a common
Voting form of protection some characters enjoy.
As the discussion goes on, living players may start to vote for who The Judge may elect to kill no one. If the Judge is dead, this will
they think should be hanged that day. A successful vote requires happen automatically.
a true majoritymore than half of all living players. Groups can
Even though the Village has gone to sleep early,
use whatever voting conventions they prefer, but here are some
this is still the Village hanging; it is still the day,
suggestions that have proven successful with both new and
not yet night.
tournament-level groups:
Players must vote by pointing both arms, one raised high, so Bomb Passing
it is clear and easy to count. If playing with the Bomber character,
Players can vote for themselves. (This is probably unwise.) there is one final action of the day: the
player holding the Bomb may pass it
Players may change their vote freely before the timer
to someone else if they choose.
reaches zero.
If the player holding the Bomb
If a majority is not reached when time is called, votes are
died, they may still pass the
frozen, and the Moderator offers a brief final call for votes on
Bomb at this moment. If a
each player receiving at least two votes.
dead player chooses not to pass
The day ends early only if all or all-but-one players are voting the Bomb, it is removed from
for the same target, or the Moderator feels that no one has the game.
anything left to say.

Players do not reveal their cards when they die!
They hand their cards to the Moderator and must
not say anything on their way to the afterlife.

10 11
Night Phase If the Witches cannot agree in a reasonable amount of time, the
Moderator should issue a warning before defaulting to no one.
Each night, the Moderator announces what number night it is,
The Witches may choose to kill no one. They can also kill themselves!
and calls for certain players to wake up and take actions in the
following order, as applies to the given night: Last Stand
1. Gravedigger info 6. Inquisitor choice When there is only one Witch team member left alive, that player
may choose to kill two different targets each night instead of one.
2. Demons meddle 7. Bomber choice (while Bomb exists)
This is optional, and the two targets cannot be the same.
3. Angels protect 8. Hunter choice (night following first
4. Witches kill survival)
5. Priest choice 9. Watchman info (first night)

The Moderator always calls for these characters, even if theyre dead. After all Night actions have been taken, the sun rises and the
kill(s)or attempted killsfrom each night are announced by the
Want to know exactly what the Moderator should say? Exact Moderator at the beginning of each day. Players may not speak or
lines can be found on the included Moderator script cards or by communicate before the Moderator is finished announcing.
using the Moderator App. (See page 17 for details.)
If there were multiple kills, the sources of the kills are not identified!
Angels & Demons Example: Alex and Blake were killed during the night.
The Angels and Demons never sleep. They can talk among Whenever a player survives a kill, the target is announced but the
themselvesday or nightbut should make sure that living means of survival is not.
players cant overhear them. Each of these groups get to make a
single, collective decision by plurality vote (the most votes, even if Example: Someone attempted to kill Chris during the night,
not a majority) no matter how many Angels or Demons there are. but failed.

The Demons may meddle with two targets. This interferes with The remaining players begin to discuss another hanging. Repeat
Priest and Angel activities. Day and Night phases until one side wins!

The Angels may protect one target from a kill for that night. This
only lasts for that night and does not affect kills during the day.
If the Angels protect one of the two meddled targets that night,
they may never protect that target again. Otherwise, the Angels One side wins when all members of the enemy team are dead,
may protect any target as many times as they wish. or the Moderator deems that this is inevitable no matter what
actions the enemy team takes.
When they wake up, the Witches may make whatever hand signals Important
or expression they want, and point to who they want to kill. Even if the sides are equal, the presence of characters like the
If there is disagreement, the Witches decide who to kill by plurality. Judge or the Assassin means either team can still win. If
youre not absolutely sure, just let things run their course.

12 13
Advanced Rules

There are a few optional rules that can help tailor games to your Advanced Rules: Angels & Demons
specific play group, especially as they become experienced. Use Once per game, the Angels may vote to protect two different
any combination that you feel is appropriate for your group. targets in one night. However, the Angels may only protect
targets while they outnumber the Demons.
Village Team Handicap
Use this pair of rules for groups of experienced players, who want more
All attempts to kill the Priest the first day and dead player agency and finer-tuned game balance for early-game and
night fail. end-game decisions.
Use this rule for groups that are mostly strangers, These slight tweaks help the Village team when they are behind
where Witches can hide more easily. and limit them when they are enjoying an early lead. This make it
The Priest will survive any kill directed at them more risky for the Priest to reveal their identity early, and makes
the first day and night, preventing the worst-case it much more likely for the end-game to come down to an intense
start to the game for the Village team. three-player showdown.

Witch Team Handicap Advanced Rules: Illusion Kill

At the end of the first night, the
Witch Coven will learn who the Once per game, the Witch Coven may make an Illusion Kill
Priest Checked. instead of or in addition to their usual kill(s). The target always
survives, and this is announced like any other kill.
Use this rule for groups that know
each other well, where Witches have Use this final rule for groups of expert players who have a firm
more difficulty hiding. understanding of the games mechanical space and are brutally
effective as both Angels and Demons.
The Moderator will simply wake
the Witches back up at the end of In other words, the Witches fake a kill on a target,
the first night, and show them the who everyone hears as having survived a kill. The
Priests first target. This may provide potential of this extra deception dramatically expands
a valuable lead on finding the Priest, the possibility space for players to consider, especially
or provide a warning to a Witch who when there is one Witch left.
was checked immediately. Witches can signal the Moderator that they wish
to use their fake kill by pointing to the Illusion Kill
jumbo card, which should be placed in the middle of
the players (alongside the other jumbo cards) when
playing with this option.

14 15
Moderator Rules and Tips
Moderator App
Becoming an effective WitchHunt Moderator takes practice, but
Any sufficiently competitive game environment needs some form
there are resources available that allow even first time players to
of referee, to ensure that new players have a safe space to learn
help their community tell amazing stories!
and grow and that expert players are free to compete to the very
best of their abilities without creating friction in the community. The web-based Moderator App is available for free on any device
with an internet browser. This program offers step-by-step
Its important for WitchHunt to have a non-player Moderator who
instructions on game setup and dealing cards. It keeps track of
understands the game and can fulfill various social roles:
the order of actions, when players survived, when to declare a
Make unbiased decisions on any subject. winning team, and even exactly what to say each step of the way.
Manage game resources, like the timer, in an unbiased Its also a great way to simply keep a list of new players names to
procedure. learn, which can be one of the most important parts of being a
Ensure all rules are followed, and gives otherwise occupied good Moderator.
players the comfort of trusting this. If you know that youll be playing WitchHunt in an environment
Govern community behavioral rules from an unbiased with no internet connection (and cant load the
perspective. web app on a device ahead of time), dont fret!
The website also contains a page dedicated
Answer any rules question honestly, free from the distrust
to Moderator tips that is constantly being
between players of the game.
Above all else, all WitchHunt Moderators must follow these three Running through sample games on the App is
principles: also a great way to get practice!
The Moderator must always deal the cards completely
The Moderator must never lie to the players.
The Moderator must have zero subjective influence on the
mechanisms of the game.

Scan the code above or go to

16 17
Frequently Asked Questions Do Witches win if they make up half the Village?
Probably, but not always. For example, if the Village team has the
Setup Judge character, they could overcome a tie vote and still hang a
What if I dont have a final headcount for the number of players? Witch.
Deal high. Its easier and faster to remove pairs of cards at the last
minute than add. Characters
What if a player saw someone elses cards as the game is starting? General Extra Life FAQs
Unfortunately, all cards must be re-collected, re-randomized, and What if the Angels protect someone with an extra life from a
re-dealt. Its important that players keep their cards hidden to kill? Do they still lose the extra life?
avoid this! No, other forms of protection would count first.
What forms of communication are allowed? Does the player with an extra life know if they lose it?
At night players may not communicate in any way unless they No, as there isnt a good way to communicate it. If a player with an
are told to wake up, during which time they may communicate extra life survives a kill due to some other reason and still has it,
silently with hand signals. then it will be a happy surprise for that player later.
During the day players can say whatever they want while the Can a player have more than one extra life?
moderator is not speaking. Players should make a good faith Yes.
effort to keep all communication inclusive, and not communicate
Do extra lives protect against any kill?
in any manner that seeks to expressively exclude others.
Yes, except for hangings by the Judge.
Teams and Victory Acolyte
Can [Character X] be a Witch? At the start of the game, you learn who has the Priest character.
Yes, unless [Character X] is one of the Holy characters the Priest Can the Acolyte be a Witch?
or Acolyte. No, the Acolyte is a Holy character and is always paired with a
Do the Witches know each others characters? How? Village Clergy team card.
When the Witches first wake up during the Prologue, the Moderator Does the Priest know who the Acolyte is?
can show them the text on the Moderator App or point to the No.
appropriate jumbo cards.
Can Witches chose not to kill someone? Can Witches kill
themselves? Can the last Witch choose to kill only one target At the start of the game, you may select Judge or Gravedigger.
instead of two? You learn who has that character, and take over their duties if
Yes, yes, and yes. they die.
Can the last Witch stack both of their kills on the same target? How does the Apprentice know when to take over their selected job?
No, they must be different. The Apprentice is initially shown what player has the character
they selected, and can simply wake up to fulfill that role when it is
called for after that player is dead.

18 19
Does the Apprentice enjoy all the normal privileges of the Judge Benevolent Old Dame (B.O.D.)
or Gravedigger? Once per game when your death is announced, you may give a
Yes, they behave exactly the same way as the original Gravedigger target other than yourself an extra life.
or Judge once they have taken over a job.
[See General Extra Life FAQs on page 19]
Does the B.O.D. have to give someone the extra life?
Once per game before the end of any day, you may reveal this No. If they do not, then they die silently, without the Village
card and guess the character of a target. If correct, the target is knowing they were the B.O.D..
killed. If incorrect, you are killed.
How quickly must the B.O.D. decide?
How does the Assassin activate? Pretty quickly, at the Moderators discretion. There should be no
The Assassin simply declares their official action, and has the input from the other players.
Moderator resolve it.
Is the B.O.D.s decision public?
Can the Assassin activate after a days voting time is up, or at night? Yes.
Can the Assassin ever guess again, on the same or a different
target? At the start of the game, you may select a target to hold the
No, it is once per game. Bomb. Once per game at the end of any night, you may signal to
detonate the Bomb. It is removed from the game, and the player
Can the Assassin name Witch or Villager?
holding it is killed.
The Assassin selects a specific character
like Judge or Priestnot a team type. The Bomb:The Bomb is publicly held by a living player. At the
end of each day, the person holding the Bomb may pass it to a
new targeteven if the person holding it diedthat day or the
What if the Assassin guesses previous night.
right, but the target has
I dont get it.
an extra life?
The Bomb is the hot potato that players can pass around after
Then the targets survival
each days hanging. The Bomber decides which night it blows up
is announced, and
and kills someone.
everyone knows the
guess was correct. Can the Bomber give themselves the Bomb?
What if the Assassin
guesses wrong, but the What if the Bomber dies before detonating the Bomb?
Assassin has an extra life? The Bomb can still be passed around as normal, since living
Then the Assassins survival players may not know the Bomber is dead.
is announced, and everyone Can a player choose to keep the Bomb instead of passing it? Can
knows the guess was wrong. they pass it even if they died that day?
Yes and yes.

20 21
What if a player with the Bomb dies and does not select a target Fanatic
to pass it to that day? Whenever the Priest checks you, you are secretly notified and
Then they take the Bomb with them, and it is simply removed gain an extra life.
from the game.
[See General Extra Life FAQs on page 19]
Dirty Old Bastard (D.O.B.)
How is the Fanatic notified?
Once per game when your death is announced, you may kill The Moderator simply taps them on the head, silently, after the
a target. Priest returns to sleep.
Does the D.O.B. have to kill a target? Does the Priest know that they checked the Fanatic? Does the
No. If they do not, then they die silently (without the Village Fanatic learn who the Priest is?
knowing they were the D.O.B.). No and no.
How quickly must the D.O.B. decide? What if the Priest checks the Fanatic again?
Pretty quickly, at the Moderators discretion. There should be no Then the Fanatic gets another extra life, and things start getting
input from the other players. really fun.
What if the target survives the kill?
Fortune Teller
Then its really embarrassing and/or hilarious.
At the start of the game, select a character. You learn what the
Emissary Moderator will say if that character dies at night.
The first three days and nights, ...okay, I just dont get it.
you enjoy unlimited protection The Moderator will say some sort of story each morning for
from all kills by other players. everyone who is announced dead, such as, The Village found
Does this include hangings? their body down by the docks. The Moderator just tells the
Yesthe Emissary survives Fortune Teller, in advance, what they will say if the selected
everything, even the Judge! character dies.
Does the Emissary survive a ...sorry, I still dont get it.
Village or Witch vote even if Lets say the Fortune Teller picked the Priest, and the Moderator
they voted for themselves? said they would die stuffed inside a Scarecrow. Now one day, when
Yes, its still regarded as a the group wakes up and the Moderator says, The Village was
group kill by other players. horrified to discover that Rileys was found dead, their body
stuffed inside a scarecrow!, the Fortune Teller will secretly know,
Riley was the Priest, and the Priest is now dead!
Oh, I get it! Thats really clever!
Isnt it?

22 23
What if the character selected dies during the day? Hunter
The Fortune Tellers prediction is only valid for people who die The first time a player survives a kill, you may kill a target the
at night. following night.
Can the Fortune Teller select Witch? Does the Hunter activate every night following a survival?
The Fortune Teller selects a specific character (like Judge or No, only the first.
Priest), not a team type.
Can the Hunter target someone already being targeted with a
Gambler kill, such as by the Witches?
At the start of the game, you may select even or odd. On those Yes. That person would be killed twice, resulting in death even if
nights (but not days), you are protected from a kill. they were protected from a (single) kill.
Does the Gambler survive Village hangings? Can the Hunter choose to kill no one? What if the Hunter is dead?
No, the Gambler only survives kills at night. The hunter can kill no one. Like the Judge and other characters,
this happens by default if the Hunter is dead.
Is the Gambler still protected on even/odd nights after thye
survives once? Inquisitor
Yes, the Gambler is protected on nights of their choice forever, Each night, you may check a targets character category (such
though from just one kill per night. as Holy, Offense, Defense, or Information).
Whats the point of being a Witch Gambler? Is this check swapped by the Demon Meddling like the Priests?
Dont worry, youll figure it out. Does it trigger the Fanatic?
No and no.
At the start of each night, you learn the cards of anyone who What does the Apprentice show as?
died that day. The Apprentice is seen as the category of the character they selected.

Does the Gravedigger see the cards of players who were Judge
killed during the night? At the end of any day the players fail to select a target to hang,
No, only those killed during the day. you may privately decide yourself. This hanging always works,
Does the Gravedigger see both cards: character and team? regardless of protection.
Yes. Do other players get to know/see who the Judge is?
Isnt the Gravedigger a high priority target for the Witches? No, the Village goes to sleep early, even though it is technically still
Possibly, but often they are focused on eliminating the Priest. The day. Their decision is silent, and announced by the Moderator.
Gravedigger is also a very easy target for the Angels to protect, Does the Judge have to pick someone to hang?
since they see the Gravedigger before even their first protection. No.
What if the Judge is dead?
If there is no Judge (and no Apprentice that chose Judge), then
no one is hanged. This is indistinguishable from a living Judge
deliberately choosing to hang no one.

24 25
Loose Cannon Wait, can the Nurse name Nurse?
Before the end of any day, you may reveal this card. Sacrifice Yesbut no promises as to how the Village might react!
yourself to end the day and decide who to hang. Can the Nurse give an extra life to the Priest or Acolyte?
How does the Loose Cannon activate? No, the character specified cannot be a Holy character.
The Loose Cannon simply declares their official action, and has the
Moderator confirm it. They should do this as dramatically as possible.
At the start of the game, you learn the identity of a random
Can the Loose Cannon activate after a days voting time is up, or Village Peasant.
at night?
No. So they just learn someone isnt a Witch?
Yes, and also that this someone is not one of the Village Clergy either.
What if the Loose Cannons target survives?
Then the Loose Cannon still dies, and its hilarious. Shouldnt the Oracle spill their info immediately?
Not always. Think about how this might affect the Witch teams
Does the Loose Cannon survive if they had an extra life? strategy, and consider cases where a later reveal might have
Yesthen its really hilarious. greater impact.
Can the Loose Cannon use their ability again, if they survived Isnt a Witch Oracle not very useful?
the first use due to an extra life? Depends on your ability to lie!
Yes, and peak hilarity is reached.
Peeping Tom
Once per game, you may wake up
Once per game before the end of any day, you may reveal this
with any non-Holy character. If
card and name any non-Holy character. If the player with that
that character is dead, you may
character is still alive, that player gains an extra life.
make decisions in their place.
[See General Extra Life FAQs on page 19]
How does the Peeping Tom use
How does the Nurse activate? their ability?
The Nurse simply declares their official action, and has the They justwake up and watch.
Moderator confirm it. Both players get to see each
Can the Nurse activate after a days voting time is up, or at night? other, and the Peeping Tom
No. shares in any information being
shown. They should make
Can the Nurse ever act again, on the same or a different target? sure the Moderator sees and
No, it is once per game. acknowledges their decision
Can the Nurse name Witch or Villager? to use their ability, though.
The Nurse selects a specific character (like Judge or Nurse), not a
team type.

26 27
Can the Peeping Tom wake up to watch the Acolyte, Priest, Can the Spiritualist activate after a days voting time is up or
Witches, Angels, or Demons? at night?
No, the Peeping Tom can only wake up with non-Holy characters No.
like the Judge, Gambler, Hunter, Watchman, or others. Can the Spiritualist ever act again, on the same or a different
Can the Peeping Tom spy on Prologue wake-ups, like Apprentice, target?
Gambler, and Oracle? No, it is once per game.
Yes, though these choices tend to be strategically dubious. Does the Spiritualist see both cards: character and team?
Does the Peeping Tom spy on the Spiritualists information? Yes.
No, only people who wake up during the night or Prologue. Can the Spiritualist tell people what the cards were?
What characters can the Peeping Tom make decisions for, if they Of course, though they cannot actually show the cards.
are dead?
The Peeping Tom could make a decision for the Judge, Hunter, Survivalist
or Bomber. You start the game with an extra life.
Can the Peeping Tom ever act again, on the same or a different [See General Extra Life FAQs on page 19]
No, it is once per game. Watchman
At the end of the first night, you
learn the identity of a random Village
Each night, you may check if a target is in the Witch Coven. Peasant who did not wake up.
Can the Priest be a Witch? So this is like the Oracle?
No, the Priest is a Holy character and is always given to a Yes, but it happens later and a few
Village Clergy. additional characters (like the Grave-
Are the Priest checks ever wrong? digger) are also excluded from the pool.
See the Meddlesome Demons section on page 6. Can the Watchman learn the identity of
someone killed that night?
No, the Moderator should exclude killed
Once per game before the end of any day, you may targets from the random pool.
reveal this card and name any dead player. You will
privately learn that players cards. Does the Watchman learn a random
Villager every night?
How does the Spiritualist activate? Just the first. (Learning one every night
The Spiritualist simply declares their official action and would be more powerful than the Priest!)
has the Moderator immediately show them the chosen
players cards privately.

28 29
Angels & Demons Does Demon meddling last for only one night?
Do Angels and Demons still retain any character abilities they Correct, though the Demons are free to meddle with the same
had while alive? targets again in future nights.
No. Dead characters will still be called for at night, but the decisions
will default to none.
What if a rule is broken, or a player has to leave?
Do the Angels and Demons ever go to sleep? Modkillingwhen the Moderator steps in to remove a player
No, they see everything. artificiallyis tricky business, since it can throw off the balance
Do the Angels and Demons get to know everything? and proceedings of the game. Careful consideration should be
They are entitled to know the team of any other dead player, given to multiple options:
but otherwise are only entitled to the information they can see In a casual setting, for the first few days a player can be
unfoldingwhich is quite a lot! removed from the game without serious consequence.
Can the Angels and Demons share information within their After a few days, the Moderator may decide that it is
groups? more fair for the player being removed to be the Villages
Yes! But they must take the utmost care to make sure no living mandatory hanging.
players can overhear or gain information from observing them.
In a tournament setting, the most robust solution is to require
The Moderator should be mindful of keeping dead players from
the removed player to be a mandatory hanging on a day of
clustering together in visible Angel/Demon groups.
the Villages choice. (Usually this will be immediate, but the
Who goes first? Can they watch each others actions? group has the option to defer.) Until then, the removed player
Demons act first, and Angels get to watch. The Demons choices does not vote or otherwise make decisions, and the Village
affect the Angels. team loses if they kill every member of the Witch team prior
Can the Angels protect anyone? Any number of times? to fulfilling this obligation.
Yes and yes, with one caveat. If the Angels choose to protect one Any sufficiently serious rules violation, such as a dead player
of the two people the Demons are meddling with that night, the revealing information, may require a team forfeiture.
Angels may never protect that person again.
What if the Moderator forgets something, or makes a mistake?
Does Angelic Protection protect against hangings? Multiple If the mistake only affects one or two players, you can try to
kills? What about the Dirty Old Bastard? discreetly give them a clarification. Other times the Village will
No to all; the Angels protect against a single kill, for that night only. just have to move forward, making the most of the situation. It is
Does Demon meddling reverse Priest checks even if the targets the Moderators call if the game deserves to be restarted.
are on the same side?
No, the Demons swap the check result between the two players.
The checks will only be wrong if the two players would check
differently. Demons may still choose to meddle with two Villagers,
however, if they are focusing on interfering with Angelic Protection.

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Conference Associates, and countless other playtest groups in various
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Henry Payne, Chris Barney, Victoria Phillips, and our Kickstarter backers


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