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Vladyslav Ivanov Alexeyevich
Box 735, 742 North Amherst Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711 424-343-9794

Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California May 2021
Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Computer Science

Kyiv International School, Kyiv, Ukraine June 2017

QSI American Diploma
GPA: 3.9/4.0

Awards: Recognition Award for Research, Citizenship Presidential Award, Academic Award in AP Government
Involvement: Science Society, Engineering Club, National Honor Society, 3D printing community, Student Council.

Professional Experience

The Filament Company. Kyiv, Ukraine March 2016 July 2017

Founder, CEO

Developed an innovative way to recycle plastic waste into filament for 3D printers.
Founded company in Ukraine.
Pitched project idea and achieved first place at the STEM Engineering Hackathon.
Managed recycling one ton of plastic waste into material for companies-partners.

Universalniy Lombard. Kyiv, Ukraine June 2014 July 2014

Fixed the issue of connectivity to the 1C client-server system by redesigning algorithm and implementing new script.
Created network of interconnected MySQL databases and built reliable back-end architecture for 1C connectivity.
Updated graphics on the website to the contemporary and optimized websites response rate along with widgets.
Increased number of everyday visitors by 40% using Google AdWords and contextual advertising.

Intellar Company. Kyiv, Ukraine July 2015 August 2015

Created online interactive panel user interface to control CCTV, locks, and alarms.
Debugged security platform software by finding loopholes and implementing fixes with team of programmers.
Assisted in installation of advanced security system hardware at the clients office building.

GoITeens. Kyiv, Ukraine June 2016 August 2016

Taught teenagers from Ukraine creation of simple application and web pages.
Evaluated and analyzed engineering-related projects presented by students.
Lectured on topic of product management and social entrepreneurship.
Organized 3D printing masterclasses for teenagers.

Activities & Honors

- 1st place International Microsoft & Intel Hackathon (Project: First CubeSat on platform Intel Edison)
- 1st place National STEM GoIT Engineering Hackathon (Project: Plastic waste recycling into filament for 3D printers)
- Organized national research symposium and presented research on topic of 3D printing technologies in manufacturing.
- Interviewed by Radio Liberty on topic of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Skills & Interests

Languages: Russian (fluent), Ukrainian (fluent), German (basic).
Programming languages: C#, Java, Python (basic). HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript (advanced).
Technical: Google AdWords, Photoshop, Cinema4D, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office Applications, Google Analytics,
phpMyAdmin, Eclipse, Arduino IDE, Cura3D, Visual Studio, Intellij Idea.
Interests: Personal consulting, fitness, machine learning, football, 3D printing, guitar, traveling, web design, technological advances.