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Monmouth County, NJ related, Military/Nuclear/Nike/UFO related events

(1958 2002)

Seeking Truth and perhaps shedding some light!

This presentation represents possible Nuclear related incidents having occurred between the
spring of 1958, a UFO sighting that summer and other seemingly related events providing a
synchronicity including 1970, 1996 & 2002. The events included; Nike Ajax and Hercules
missile batteries and the Naval Weapon Station Earle. Events reported are also directly or
indirectly related to UFO activity and their relationship to nuclear weapons possibly stored at
the Navy site. In addition, there were also numerous nuclear warheads deployed on Nike
missiles located in the immediate vicinity of the sightings over the years. This appears to be a
multiple year mystery that bears relating.

This presentation represents personal experiences, either direct or indirect.

Joseph Foster
Setting the Stage - Monmouth County UFO Events
Spring 1958 Summer 2002
At the beginning of the cold war (circa 1945) and after the first use
of nuclear weapons, a threshold had been crossed marking the
beginning of the modern UFO epic .

Related UFO activities created a rush to explore the phenomena

using a myriad of approaches and schemes.

Suggestions dating back to 1952 contained in an Army memo

suggested that the use of the newly developed and under
testing conditions be used to shoot down a UFO/UAP.

Several other approaches may also have been considered


1. Use of the International Geophysical Year as cover

2. Enticing UFO activity by using Nuclear tests as bait
3. Placing an earth satellite in orbit (I.e., Sputnik)

Joseph Foster
Setting the Stage - Option 1

International Geophysical Year (IGY)

July 1st 1957 December 31st 1958

1. Develop protocols for upcoming18-month long IGY engaging

thousands of scientists from around the world

2. Sputnik Launch October 4, 1957

3. Conduct hundreds of nuclear tests (1957 1958)

Premise: IGY may have been an attempt by world powers to

study the UFO phenomenon by coaxing it out into the open
Joseph Foster
with nuclear tests and the launch of Sputnik?
UFO Bait?

Nuclear Testing

Joseph Foster
Nuclear bomb
attendant explosion

Ancient Mesopotamian Relief Seal

Joseph Foster
United States
109 Nuclear tests 1957 +1958
Largest yield - 2.9 megatons

Plumbob Hardtack I
Nevada Test Site Pacific Test Range
30 tests - 1957 39 tests - 1957

Argus Hardtack II
South Atlantic Nevada Test Range
3 high altitude tests - 1958 30 tests - 1958

Joseph Foster
Great Britain
Operation Grapple - Nuclear tests 1957 + 1958
9 tests
largest yield 3 megatons

Grapple X, Grapple Y, and Grapple Z

tests of early hydrogen bombs.

1956 - 1958 Malden Island and Christmas Island in the

Central Pacific Ocean.

Joseph Foster
Soviet Union
52 Nuclear tests 1957 +1958
largest known yield 2.9 megatons

The Tsar Bomba mushroom cloud seen from a

distance of 161 km (100 mi). The crown of the cloud
is 56 km (35 mi) high at the time of the picture
(57 Megatons) 8 mile fireball
Note: This was tested in 1960

Note: Bilateral moratorium reached between USSR and the

US, officially beginning 31 Oct 1958.

Joseph Foster
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (CV 42)
One of the first US Naval Ships to be
Armed with Nuclear Weapons

Nukes at Sea

Joseph Foster
The Truth Is Out There
The Main Event
Dorbrook Farm and the Navy Road Incident 1958 1970 + 2002

Joseph Foster
Synchronicity Nike related Sighting and Crash
W-93 Nike Ajax Site - Olney/Derwood MD
May, 1958 UFO sightings and crash

Reported by: Harlan Bentley

Nike radar operator and eye witness

W-93 site is now currently used as a comm center for

Radioactive contamination from crash site reportedly
removed by an Air Force recovery team.

Nike Battery Crew allegedly debriefed

Joseph Foster
Synchronicity? - NY-53 Nike Ajax Site
Adjacent to Navy Road
May 22, 1958 massive explosion

Site approximately 1 miles from Navy Pier, also about 1 miles

from reported landing Leonardo, NJ and 8 miles from Dorbrook Farm
Worst Accident in Nike Ajax History - 10 men killed
Joseph Foster
This the beginning of my UFO story July 1958

During this period I lived on the farm known then

known as Dorbrook in Colts Neck, NJ. The Summer
of 1958 I was just entering 6th grade in the Atlantic
Township Elementary School.

The site is located adjacent to Normandy Road (Navy

Road) and about 10 miles to the pier facilities in
Leonardo, NJ.
Joseph Foster

Dorbrook Farm Circa 1958

Joseph Foster

Dorbrook Farm Ilustration of Object In relation to tree

line and its relative size from about 300 yards away

Joseph Foster
NY-53 Nike Ajax Site Leonardo Battery
May 22, 1958 massive explosion

To Pier

Normandy Rd
(Navy Road)

To NAD Earle

Nike Site (NY-53)

Location of NY-53 adjacent to Normandy Road

Approximately 1 miles from Navy Pier Leonardo, NJ
Joseph Foster and 8 miles from Dorbrook Farm - 10 men killed
Possible Points of Interest for our Alien visitor Observers
Circa July 1958

Earle Naval Ammunition depot 3 mi

Fort Monmouth CECOM RDEC 3 mi Bell Labs 7 mi

Joseph Foster
Dorbrook Farm UFO (daylight sphere) August 1958
& Crop Circle August 2002 Asbury Park Press


(Reported as having been investigated) Schematic of Crop Circle, UFO sighting witnesses
location, Normandy Road, direction of UFO flight -

Joseph Foster
Dorbrook Farm UFO (daylight sphere) August 1958
& Crop Circle August 2002 Asbury Park Press

Arial Photograph of Crop Circle taken by Rough schematic of Crop Circle, UFO
Asbury Park Press August 2002 sighting witnesses location, Normandy Road,
direction of UFO flight - 1958

Joseph Foster
Location of August 1958 UFO sighting - Dorbrook Farm
(now Dorbrook Recreation Area)

UFO direction
of Flight

Direction of
Leonardo Pier

X My house
Dorbrook Farm

X - UFO Navy Road

(Normady Rd)
NAD Earle
Colts Neck
Storage facility

August 1958
UFO sighting

Map showing Dorbrook Farm, the Navy road and the location of the sighting July/August 1958
Joseph Foster
Dorbrook Recreation Area Dorbrook Farm
Arial View

To Nike Site

Crop Circle - 2002

To Pier

Normandy Rd
X (Navy Road)
To NAD Earle UFO

Arial view of Dorbrook Farm (Park) and the adjacent Normandy Road

Joseph Foster
UFO Landing near Navy Pier and NY-53 Missile Site July 16, 1970

Joseph Foster
Site of July 1970 Reported Landing

Navy Pier
Site of 2
UFO landings
summer 1970

Nike Ajax NY-56
Site Nike Hercules
1958 site

NY-55 DC
AF Radar Command

Location of Nike Site adjacent to Normandy Road

Approximately 1 miles from Navy Pier Leonardo, NJ
Joseph Foster and 8 miles from Dorbrook Farm - 10 men killed
Synchronicity? Nuclear Armed Nike Hercules Readied for Intercept NY 56

Missiles reportedly fully armed and ready for intercept

Summer of 1970 Coincidental to reported sightings and
landing of vehicle in nearby village of Port Monmouth
Joseph Foster
NY 56 Nike Hercules Integrated Fire Control (IFC) July 1970

View of Dual IFCs Fort Hancock NY-56 (tours given today)

Joseph Foster
NY- 56 Nike Hercules Launcher/Magazine - summer 1970

Fire Control

Joseph Foster
Nike Hercules IFC Hardware Restored 2017 - NY 56

View of Battery Control Van and work stations

Joseph Foster
Nike Hercules IFC Hardware Restored 2017 - NY 56

2 Pen
LOPAR Plotter
Low power In
Acquisition Battery
Radar Control

Acquisition View of
Radar BCO Station
Screen And
In Acquisition
Battery Radar Screen
Control In
Van BC Van

Tactical Barometric
Plotter Probe
Board Arming
In Device
Joseph Foster
Nike Hercules MTR Workstation Restored 2017 - NY 56

View of MTR Console ( Missile Tracking Radar) located in

Radar Control Van
Joseph Foster
NY-56 Nike Hercules TTR & TRR Workstations
Restored 2017 - NY 56

View of TTR and TRR work stations(3) Radar

Control Van
Joseph Foster
Other related events NJ & the Military
(nuclear & UFO related) McGuire AFB 1960 & 1978

McGuire AFB,
n of Nuclear
Bomarc B
1960 nuclear

1978 UFO related incident, landing on tarmac of

unused runway between McGuire AFB and Fort Dix.
Alien also reported shot and killed by MP. Partial
corroboration, 1st hand experience FBI agent
confirmed a killing on military base (note: alien was
not specified circa: Jan 1978)

Reported by George Filer (Filers Files)

Joseph Foster

Contact Info:

Joseph Foster


Joseph Foster