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„mtg. im.402-0
I Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax
F.,. 990
Duipirtrard of em Tanury
Branco! Roma', Sunk*
JUnder section 501(0),022, or 4847(413 of the Internal Revenue Dods lescept private herrldoDono)
Do Do net elder weal esetrity numbers on We form es It may be weds esb60.
p. Information about Farm 990 and Its Instructions Is at wrow_imagovanerncee
JAN 31, 2014 and ending DEC 31, 2014
A For the 2014 calendar pew, cir tax peer beginning
Et Chockuble C Narne of arganteation D Employer Identlfbadion number

1=1= Doing business es 46-4950751
A Number and Mime (or P.O. box U mail is not debased to sheet address) E Telephone number
300 EAST RANDOLPH STREET 312.626.1135
City or town, slate at province, country, and ZIP or foreign postal G 0.....nompa, I 5,434,077.
1==irdid CIEIC.400, XL 60601 H(a) Is this a _group. retum
F Name and address of prindpal office:Hamm ozoll far subordinates? ElYee ra No
SAND AS C ABOVE H(b) v esubretWiles ilmspearClYes No
I Tax-exempt status. !ILI 5oins) LJ 501(c) )411 (Ineed ML) Li 4947(4)(1) or LI 527 If -No,' attach a list. (see instructions)
• minium Op. BARACEMIARAP'OMMATICIR. ORO H(c) Group exemption number
IC F01711 of orguitardon: Lk] Corporal/on Li Trost Li Association Li mho.. Ii. Year of forendlort 2024 FM State of legal &snag
Part II Surnmary
1 Briefly describe the organization's artesian or axed significant activitietz THE FOUNDATION • S INITIAL FOCUS
Is run olvmooloor or TAN PRESIDENTIAL coma.
2 Check this box II* Li If the organization discontinued Ile operations or dispensed ad more 2r3 cd Its not assets.
3 Number of voting neuters of the governing body (Pert VI. Iberia) t.:1440-tiltinfft0.-
4 Number at independerd voting members of the governing body (Part VI,
5 Total number of indhridualss employed in calendar year 2014 (Part V, lir re 2a1 3
6 Total number of volunteers (estimate If necessary) 5
7 a Total ixtretsted business revenue from Part VIII, cohere' (C), line 12 0.
b Net unrelated business taxable Income from Form 990-T, fine 34 rCePillt °1 ins
T pdar yew
Current Yaw
Contributions and grants (Prot VIII, Ike 1h) _
9 Program service revenue (Part VIII, Bre 2g)
........... • • • - .• • ...... •• • .....

o .
10 Investment Income (Part Vlfl. ccdurnn (A), Ines 3.4. end 7d) °•
11 Other revenue (Part VIII, =Wenn (A), Ines 5, 13d,134, 9c, 10c, and 114
12 Total revenue -add Ines 8 through 11 (must ague! Part VIII, ceunin (A), ire 123 5434 877

13 Grants and Binder arnounta paid (Pall DC, column (A). Ines 1-3) 0
14 13enerflts paid to or for' members (Part DC. column (A), line 4) 0
15 Suicides, other componsatbn, employee benefits (Part DC, =turret (A), Ines 5-10) 173,214.
16a Professional fundraising fees (Part DC, column (A). One 114 466,194
b Tatat fundraising expenses (Part DC, column (0). Eine 25) Pi, 557 , 870 ,
17 Other ermenses (Part IX, column (A), Mee 11e-11d, llf-24e) 1,312,846
18 Total expenses. Add Ones 13-17 (must equal Part DC, cokrrrri (A), ins 25) 1,952,254
19 Revenue less immense& Subtract tine 113 from line 12 3,402,623 •
Beeman. of Canted Year End of Year
20 Total assets (Part X, One 16) 3 670 839.
21 Total Aabilides (Part X, line 26) lea 216.

Mar Net assets or fund balances. Subtract Ma 21 from line 20
II Signature Block

Under paladin at perjury, I declare that I have wwwined tlE3 return, hir.lucling accompanying schedules and shitemeres, and to the best at my knowledge and beta!, It is
true, correct, and complete. Declaration of progeny (other than officer) Is based and Warrantee of Witch prepare his sing knookdos.

51wridure of officer Oats
F 'type or print roma and line
ant 1 11 inia
W-A k PCkne-3
Pressler Finns come
17/1 Rras
owiky,4 po0692324
ap, 36-4109747
We* FireyeAddieepo, 819 SOUTH WABASH AVENUE - SUITE 600
CRICADO • IL 60605 MINN fl0.312 -786 - 0 3 30
idavdtsBidbmwastharelainwiththeormomarshownstove?tmosiribuCdorei LyJ Yes LJ No
432:61 114744 LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, sae the separate instructions Form NO pcn

IRS e-file Signature Authorization
for an Exempt Organization
O e . ¶543-19/7
_ —

Fcr calendar year gm, sr floral rm. bwilrwaft
JAN 31 . 2014, and among DEC 31 .2014
Dapararsva of She Thsestry Do not trend to the IRS. Keen for Your records. 2014
Nor* Rommus Service
hame of exempt orgarittagon

pp. Information about Form sincheo end Its Instructions in at many if
owL ii aturIW

I 46-4950751
Marne and title of officer
I Pert I J Type of Return and Return Information (Whole Dollars Only)
Check the box for the return for which you are using this Form 8879-E0 and enter the
applicable amount. if any. train the return. If you check the box
on line la, 2a, 3a. 4a or 5e, below, and the amount on that line for
the return being filed with this form was blank, then leave line lb, 2b, Eb, 4b, or fib,
whichever is applicable, blank (do not enter -G). But, If you entered on the return, then
enter -0- on the applicable line below. Do not complete more
than 1 Gne in Part I.

la Form 990 check hare 1.113
b Total revenue, If any (Form 990, Part VIII. column (A), line 12)
lb 5,434,077.
2a Form 990-IM check here • E-1 b Total revenue, If any (Form 9901Z, line 9) 2b
3a Ram 1120-POL check here El b Total tax (Form 1120-POL, line 22)
4a Form 99GPF check here U b Tax based on Investment Income (Form 990-PF, Part VI, One 5)
5a Farm BEM check here fir- I I b Balance Duo (Form 8888, Pert I, line 3c or Part II, line BO
1Part ti r Declaration and Signature Authorization of Officer
Under penalties of perjury. I declare that I am an officer of the above organizatio
n and that I have examined a copy of the organizatIon% 2014
electronic return and accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my
knowledge end befief, they are true, correct, and complete. I
further declare that the amount In Peril above Is the amount shown on the copy of the
organization's electronic return. I consent to allow my
intermediate service provider, transmitter, or electronic return originator (ERO) to send
the organIzation's return to the IRS and to receive from the IRS
(a) an acknowledgement of receipt or reason for rejection of the tranerrdselon, (b) the
reason for any delay in processing the return or refund, and (a)
the date of any refund. if applicable, I authorize the U.S. Treasury and its designated
Financial Agent to initiate an electronic funds withdrawal (direct
debt!) entry to the financial Institution account Indicated in the tax preparation software
for payment of the organizatIon% federal taxes owed on this
return, and the financial inslitubon to debit the entry to this account. To revokes payment,
I rrarst contact the U.S. Treasury Mandel Agent at
1-888-353-4537 no later than 2 business days prior to the payment (settlement)
date. I also authorize the financial institutions involved In the
processing of the electronic payment of taxes to receive confidential information necessary
to answer hi:Kirks and resolve Issues related to the
payment. I have selected a persona identification number (PIN) as my signature for
the orgardzation's electronic return and, if applicable, the
organization's consent to electronic funds withdrawal

Officer's PIN: check one box only
to enter my 12047;7710
ERO firm name Enter five numbers, but
do not eater ell zeros
as my signature on the organization's tax year 2014 electronically flied return. If I have
Indicated within this return that a copy of the return
Is being Ned with a slate agent-yes) regulating charities as part of the IRS Fed/State
program, I also authorize the aforementioned ERO to
enter my PIN on the return's disclosure consent screen.
As an officer of the organization. I will enter my PIN as my signature on the
organizations tax year 2014 electronically Ned mean. if I have
Indicated within this return that a copy of the return is being filed with a state agencyfies)
regulating charities as part of the IRS Fed/State
Program. I wfiln rar Zon the return's disclosure consent screen.
Officer's skieureim
re dc
oat Do' 5-i3-/5°
ER01110114/1"111. Eider your six-digit electronic filing Identification
number (EF1N) followed by your tive-dlgit sett-selected PIN. 15071960000
do not enter all Zeros
I certify that the above numeric entry is my FIN, which in my signature an the 2014
elactrontody Ned return ter the organization Indicated above. I
confirm that I am submitting this return In accordance with the requirements of Pub.
4183, Modernized e-Rie (MeF) information for Authorized IRS
e-tife Providers for Busirtess Returns.

ERO's signature • MANE. LjkiaiL
ERO Must Retain This Form - See Instructions
Do Not Submit This Form To the IRS Unless Requested To Do So
LHA For Papenvork Reduction Ad Notice, see Instructions.
03051 Farm 81179-E0 (2014)

13070507 787226 464950751 2014.03040 THE HARACK °HAMA FOUNDATION 46495071

Form 930 4 THE 8,611ACK =AMA F0104326T ma 46-4950751 mm2
I Partil Statement of Program gervice Accomplishments
Check If Schedule 0 contains a response or note to any line in this Pert III III
1 Briefly describe the argardzation's rrdsslon:

2 Did the organization undertake any significant program services during the year which were not listed on
the prior Form 990 or 93042? 11Yes (]El No
If 'Yes,' describe these new services on Schedule 0.
3 Dld the organization cease conducting, or make skinnier:int changes In how it conducts, any program services? =Yes El,i0
if 'Yes, describe these changes on Schedule 0.
4 Describe the organization's program service accornpeshments for each of Its three largest program services, as measured by expenses.
Section 501(4(3) and 501(0(4) organizations am required to report the amount of grants and allocations to others, the total expenses, and
fERMIIKIJ If any, for each cirograrn aortic° reported.
4a (celiac ) (Experlies $ 1. 2 59,6 04 treuding /ma eel ) Orman $

4b (code ) (ExPollos ll indudbig pronto olS ) Olavorul

4e (coo: ) (Emote= Inclueng wants al ) Ornmus

4d Other program services (Describe In Schedule 0)
Orvererr$ $ Irecludhvgrants cd ) IROMILO

4. Total program service expenses 1,159,604.
Forrn 990 (2014)
11 47- 14
18360511 787226 464950751 2014.03040 THE BANACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071

Part VI b Did the organization report an amount for Investments • other securities in Part X.' complete Schedule G.' complete Schedule 0. historic land areas. debt management. or have a section 501(h) election in effect during the tax year? If 'Yes. Part W 11b I e Did the organization report an amount for Investments • program related in Part X. IX. line 15 that is 5% or more of its total assets reported in 1 Part X. column (A). Pert VIII lie d Did the organization report an amount for other assets in Part X. line 167 lf 'Yes. or historic structures? if "Yes. Investment. 501(c)(5). assessments. Foustoymos 46-4950751 psg0 heckIlst of Required Schedules N73 No 1 Is the organization described In section 501(c)(3) or 4947(a)(1) (other than a private foundation)? If 'Yes. or 501(c)(6) organization that receives membersitp dues. Part ill 19 200 Did the organization operate one or more hospital facilities? If 'Yes. Part X lie f Did the organization's separate or consolidated financial statements for the tax year include a footnote that addresses the organization's liability for uncertain tax positions under FIN 48 (ASC 740)? If 'Yes. line 10? if 'Yes. or X as applicable. lines 1c and 8a? if 'Yes. Parts VI. Independent audited financial statements for the tax year? It 'Yes. buildings. column (A).' complete Schedule C. Part IV 9 10 Did the organization. historical treasures.' then complete Schedule D. for escrow or custodial account liability. fundraising. including easements to preserve open space.' complete Schedule D. Part IX 11d e Did the organization report an amount for other liabilities in Part X. line 21. Part III 8 9 Did the organization report an amount in Part X.03040 THE HARACK OHAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . directly or through a related organization. employees. more than $5. and equipment in Part X. Schedule of Contributor 2 x 3 Did the organization engage in direct or indirect political campaign activities on behalf of or In opposition to candidates for public office? If 'Yes. line 25? If 'Yes. line 16711 'Yes.000 or more? if 'Yes.' comp/ate Schedule 11 20a b If 'Yes' to line 20a. independent audited financial statements for the tax year? If 'Yes.' complete Schedule D.' complete Schedule D.000 of gross blame from gantng activities on Pert 11111. serve as a custodian for amounts not listed in Part X. Peril X 01 7 Did the organization receive or hold a conservation easement. credit repair." complete Schedule A 1 X 2 Is the organization required to complete Schedule 13. Fine 13 that Is 5% or more of its total assets reported in Part X. the environment. and prograrn service activities outside the United States. Did the organization engage in lobbying activities.' complete Schedule F.000 of aggregate grants or other assistance to or for foreign Indhriduats? If 'Yes. or quasi-endowments? If 'Yea. line 12 that is 5% or more of Its total assets reported in Pan X.' complete Schedule F. One 3.' complete Schedule C Pen 3 4 Section 501(c)(3) organizations.000 of grants or other assistance to or for any foreign organization? If 'Yes.' complete Schedule 0.' complete Schedule 0.' and if the organization answered 'No' to the 12a.' compete Schedule 6 Parts and IV 15 16 Did the organization report on Part IX.' complete Schedule E 13 14e Did the organization maintain an office. lines 6 arid lie? if "Yes. then corm:Ming Schedule D. or provide credit counseling. or agents outside of the United States? b Did the organization have aggregate revenues or expenses of more than $10. Part X 111 12a Did the organization °blab! separate. column (A).' complete Schedule D. business." complete Schedule D. V111. Part III 5 6 Did the organization maintain any donor advised funds or any similar funds or accounts for which donors have the light to provide advice on the distribution or Investment of amounts In such funds or accounts? if 'Yes.000 total of furtdraising event gross income and contributions on Part VIII. more than $5.' complete Schedule D. Form 990 12014) TIM Sam= oaakta. Parts and 1V 14b X lb Did the organization report an Part IX.000 from grantmaking. Parts fi and IV 16 17 Did the organization report a total of more than $15. or aggregate foreign Investments valued at $100. tine 9a? if complete Schedule G. a Did the organization report an amount for land. permanent endowments. hold assets in temporarily restricted endowments.' complete Schedule C." complete Schedule D.' complete Schedule D. ' complete Schedule D. fine 16? If 'Yes. Part 18 Did the organization report more than $15. Part V 10 11 if the organization's answer to any of the following questions Is "Yes.000 of expense for professional funchzdsing services on Pert IX. tine 3. Part fi 18 19 Did the organization report more than $15. Pert // 5 Is the organization a section 501(c)(4). did the organization attach a copy of its audited financial statements to this return? 20b Form 990 (2014) 432003 11-07-14 3 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. or other similar assets? if 'Yes. VII. Pens V and 33/ 12a I b Was the organization included in consolidated. Part II 7 8 Did the organization maintain collections of =rice of art. complete ScheduleD . or similar amounts as defined in Revenue Procedure 98-19? If 'Yes. or debt negotiation services? If 'Yes. Parts XI and XII is optional 12b 13 is the orgardzation a school described bi section 170())(1)(A)(11)7 If 'Yes.

' complete Schedule I. Part: s I end II 21 X 22 Did the organization report nwre than $5. key 4 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. directors.000 as of the last day of the year.8.000 in nori-cash coraributions? If 'Yes. Part 27 28 Was the organization a party to a business transaction with one of the foilowing parties (see Schedule Part IV instructions for applicable Ring thresholds. dispose of. Pat IV 26c 29 Did the organization receive more than $25.7701-2 and 301. Pert V. • complete Schedule M 39 31 Did the organization liquidate.' complete Schedule M 29 30 Did the organization receive contributions of art. and highest compensated employees? If 'Yes. trustees. a grant selection carrordttee member. line 2 33 37 Did the organization conduct more than 5% of its activities through an entity that is not a related organization and that Is treated as a partnership for federal tricorn° tax purposes? If 'Yes.' complete Schedule L Part IV 28a b A family member of a current or former officer.' complete Schedule Pert 28 27 Did the organization provide a grant or other assistance to an officer. line 2 35b 38 Section 501(c)f3) organization& Did the organization make wry transfers to an exempt non-charitable related organization? If Wes. 2002? If 'Yin. line 3. key employees. trustee. director.' complete Schedule I.' answer Ines 24b Waugh 24d and complete Schedule K. Ike 1 34 35e Did the organization have a controlled entity within the meaning of section 512(b)(13)? 358 b if Was' to tine 358. Parts I and 23 Did the organization answer Was" to Part VII. or other similar assets. or disqualified persons? If "Yes. director. that was issued after December 31. trustee.' complete Schedule N. terminate. did the organization receive any payment from or engage in any transaction with a controlled entity within the meaning of section 5128(13)? if 'Yes. Part V. line 2? If 'Yes. Una 1? if 'Yes. historical treasures.' carlIolate Schedule L.4. direcbir. and that the transaction has not been reported on any of the organization's prior Forms 990 or 990-E2? If 'Yes.7701-3? If 'Yee' =moles Schedule R. directors. Form 990 014) TEE BARACK °BAK& FOIXIDATion 46-41950751 'Part lvi ChecIdle of Required Schedules (corunueco Yes 21 Did the organization report more than $5. and Pert V.' corm:dote Schedule L.COntakte 23 K Schedule J 24e Did the organization have a tax-exempt band Issue vAth an outstanding principal amount of more than $100. trustees. or transfer more than 25% of its net asserbi7ff Was. director. exchange. or key employee (ore family member thereof) was an officer. Pail Iv 28b a An entity of which a current or former officer. or dissolve and cease operations? If lin. 501(a)(4). or key employes? If 'Yes. Part II 32 33 Did the organization own 100% of an entity disregarded as separate from the orgaritzation under Regulations sections 301.000 of grants or other assistance to or for domestic individuals an Part DC column (A). Part I 33 34 Was the organization related to any tax-exempt or taxable entity? If 'Yes. key employee. Pall 11. and 6/31(a)(29) argardzatiene. 111. or key employee? If Was. trustee.' complete Schedule N Part I 31 ---1 32 Did the organization sell. tines 11b and 19? Nate.Dfd the organization engage In an excess benefit transaction with a disqualified person during the year? If 'Yes. Isle 5. trustee. or 22 for receivables from or payables to any currant or former officers. If 'No'. or 5 about compensation of the organization's current and former officers. or to a 35% controlled entity or family member of any of these persons? If 'Yes. column (A). • complete Schedule R Pert 311 Did the organization complete Schedule 0 and provide explanations in Schedule 0 for Part V1. director. railistantial contributor or employee therwif. All Form 990 filers we required to complete Schedule 0 38 Form 990 (2014) 43MO 11-07. arid exceptions): a A current or former officer.' complete Schedule R. or IV.' complete Schedule R. conditions. .000 of grants or other assistance to any domestic organization or domestic government on Part IX.' complete Schedule R. Section A.' compiate Schedule L. or qualified conservation contributions? If Wes. highest compensated employees. go to One 25e 24e b Did the organization invest any proceeds of tax-exempt bonds beyond a temporary period exception? c Did the organization rraintaln an escrow account other than a refunding escrow at any time during the year to defease any tax-axampt bands? 240 d Did the organization act as an on behalf of* issuer for bonds outstanding at any Ora during the year? 24d 25a Section 501(43). Or direct or indirect owner? If 'Yes." =Wilde Schachile L. Part 25b 28 Did the organization report any amount on Part X.03040 THE SMACK °HAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 .' complete Schedule L. Part I 250 b 15 the organization aware that it engaged in an excess benefit transaction with a cesquaffiled parson In a prior year. trustee.

03040 THE ARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . Did a donor advised fund maintained by the N/A sponsoring organization have excess business holdings at any time during the year? 9 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds. on a personal benefit contract? 71 g If the organization received a contribution of quailed intellectual property.. did the organization file all required federal employment tax returns? Note.000 or more during the year? b If 'Yes. pay premiums. Did the organization receive any payments for Indoor tanning services during the tax year? 14s b If "Yes. line 12. b Enter the number of Forms 14/•2G Included in Ina la. N/A 6 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds. tine 12 „. you may be required to e-file (see Instructions) 3a Did the organization have unrelated business gross income of $1. Enter -0.' Indicate the number of Forms 8282 filed during the year I 7d I a Did the organization receive any funds. Enter -0. crrectly or indirectly. and did the organization solicit any contributions that were not tax deductible as charitable contributions? X b If "Yes. Is the organization filing Form 990 in lieu of Form 1041? 12a b If 'Yes. donor advisor. a is the organization licensed to issue qualified health plans In mom than one state? N/A 13. ioaJ tobi b Gross receipts. Included on Form 990.' to line 3b.) llb 12a Section 494700(1) non-erumnpt charitable trusts. Form 990 120141 Tali BARR= MAMA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 Page 5 1 Part VI Statements Regarding other IRS Filings and Tax dompilance Check if Schedule 0 contains a response or note to any In° In this Part V Yes No la Enter the number reported In Box 3 of Form 1098. a Did the sponsoring organization make any taxable distributions under section 4968? N/A b Did the sponsoring organization make a distribution to a donor. Enter: a Gross incorne from members or shareholders N/A l ie b Gross income from other sources (Do not net amounts due or paid to other sources against amounts due or received from them.000. during the year. Enter: a initiation fees and capital contributions inciuded on Part Vill. or related person? N/A 10 Section 501(07) organizations. exchange. did the organization notify the donor of the vakre of the goods or services provided? 7b C Did the organization sag.' enter the name of the foreign country:6r' See instructions for tang requirements for FinCEN Form 114.' to line 58 or 5b.. or a signature or other authority over. securities account..if not applicable I lb c Did the organization comply with backup withholding rules for reportable payments to vendors and reportable gaming (gambling) winnings to prize winners? 2a Enter the number of employees reported on RIM W-3. did the organization file Form 81388-T7 Se Goes the organization have annual gross receipts that are normally greater than $100. or other financial account)? b If 'Yes. filed for the calendar year ending with or within the year covered by this return 28 I b If at least one Is reported on 4ne 2a.if not applicable 1.' has it filed a Form 720 to report these payments? If 'No. did the organization have an interest in. Note. or other vehicles. b Enter the amount of reserves the organization Is required to maintain by the states in which the organization Is licensed to Issue qualified health plans 13b c Enter the amount ofreserves on hand 13c 14. See the instructions for additional information the organization must report on Schedule 0. Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements.' did the organization include with every solicitation an express statement that such contributions or ORB were not lax deductible? 7 Organizations that may receive deductible contributions under section 170(c).' enter the amount of tax-exempt interest received or accrued during the year _. a financial account in a foreign country (such as a bank account. did the organization file Form 8899 as required? 7g N/A h if the organization received a contribution of cars. If the sum of lines la and 2a is greater than 250.' provide an eutplenation h Schedule 0 14b Form 980 (2014) 132005 1T-07. airplanes. to pay premiums on a personal benefit contract? 7e I Did the organization. Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR). did the organization file a Form 1098-C? n. for public use of clUb facilities 11 Section 501(cX12) 5 18360511 787226 464950751 2014.. fla Was the organization a party to a prohibfted tax shelter transaction at any lime during the tax year? b Did any taxable party notify the organization that it was or is a party to a prohibited tax shelter transaction? a c If 'Yes. I 12b I 13 Section 601(429) qualified nonprofit health insurance issuers. or otherwise dispose of tangible personal properly for which it was required to file Form 8282? 7c d If 'Yes. boats.' has it filed a Form 990-T far this year? ff 'No. a DI0 arganizatlen receive a payment in excess af $75 mada partly as a contribution and partly for goods and services pmvkled to tha payar? 70 b if 'Yes. directly or Indirectly. . preWde an mestere:titan In Schedule 0 49 At any time during the calendar year. Part VIII.

Disclosure 17 List the states with which a copy of this Form 990 Is required to be Ned ill•BEE BMW= 18 Section 8104 requires an organization to make Its Forms 1023 (or 1024 if applicable). Policies (This Section B requests Wormetion about poilcies not required by the Internal Revenue Code. or trustees. stockhoklers. trustee. 16a Did the organization invest in. D. trustee. Form 9130 aoia) THE NARA= °HAMA FOUNDATION 16-4950751 PageA3 Limed Vi I Governance. LJ Own website Mother's website Irs Fl Upon request other (e. or trusters.O7. or top management official b Other officers or key employees of the organization If 'Yes' to Ina 15a or 15b.' did the organization follow a written policy or procedure requiring the organization to evaluate its participation hi loInt venture arrangements under applicable federal lax law. See animations Check If Schedule 0 contains a response or note to any One li the Pod ‘11 LEI Section A Governing Body and Management Yee No la Enter the number of voting members of the governing body at the end of the tax year le If there are material differences In voting rights among members of the governing body. who are independent 2 Dkl any officer. how) the organization made Its governing documents. 4 Form 990 (2014) 6 18360511 787226 464950751 2014." provide the names and addresses in Schedule 0 9 X Section B. comparability data. or key employee listed in Part VII. IL 60601 4320Ce 11.= OF AccTroo AND ADM 300 EAST RANDOLPH man. THR SMACK OMAHA FOUNDATION C/0 JO/MEL RUSHETTE. CHICAGO. or changes In Schedule 0. and take steps to safeguard the organization's exempt status with respect to such arrangements? Section C. trustee. or key employees to a management company or other person? 4 Did the organization make any significant changes to Its governing documents since the prior Form 990 was Ned? 4 S Did the organization become aware during the year of a sIgnfilmert diversion of the organization's assets? 5 6 Did the organization have IMOMb0111 or stoddtcdders? 6 7a Did the organization have members. b Enter the number of voting members Included in line in. or persons other than the governing body? 8 Old the organization contemporaneously document the meetings held or written actions undertaken during The year by the folindnie a The governing body? 88 is Each committee with authority to act an behalf of the governing body? 8b X 9 Is there any officer. and fore No response to fine fla. 12N Did the organization have a written conflict of Interest policy? If 'No. kranches. describe the process kr Schedule 0 (see Weeruclions). used by the organization to review this Form 990. Management. Executive Director. lib. and financial statements available to the public during the Me year. and branches to ensure their operations are consistent with the organization's examen purpceses? lla Has the organization provided a complete copy of this Form 990 to all members of Its governing body before filing the form? is Describe in Schedule 0 the process. processes. or key employee? 2 3 Did the organization delegate control over management duties customarily performed by or under the direct supervision of officers. 20 State the name.) 10a Did the organization have local chapters. or participate In a Obit venture or similar arrangement with a taxable entity during the year? is If 'Yes. Section A. director." did the orgarrization have written policies and procedures governing the activities of such chapters. or lab below. describe the drcurnstances.vplain hr Schack:le 0) 19 Describe in Schedule 0 whether (and V so. end telephone number of the pawn who possesses the organization's books and records:10. who coma be reached at the organization's mane address? if 'Yes.' go to Ma 13 b Were officers. and by employees required to declese annually interests that could give rise to conflicts? c Did the organization regularly arid consistently monitor and &dome compliance with the policy? If 'Yes. or key employee have a family relationship or a business relationship with any other officer. director. Check al that apply. address. or other persons who had the power to elect or appoint one or more members of the goverrdng body? 70 b Are any governance decisions of the organization reserved to (or alibied to approval by) members.03040 THE BARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . conflict ol inbsest policy. explain in Schedule 0. directors." describe in Scheduis 0 how this was done 13 Did the organization have a written whistleblower policy? 14 Did the organization have s written document retention and destruction policy? 15 Did the process for determining compensedion of the following persons Include a review and approval by independent parsons. above. and contemporaneous substantiation of the deiberatIon and decision? a The organization's CEO. or If the governing body delegated broad authority to an executive committee or similar committee. and Disclosure For each 'Yes response to lines 2 through lb below. Indicate how you made these available. contribute assets to. or affiliates? b If 'Yes. If any. and 890-T (Section 501(c)gl)s onty) available fojLesblc Inspection. directors. director. stodtholders. 990. affiliates.

and (F) if no compensation was paid. 0.' • List the organization's five currant highest compensated employees (other than an officer. • List all of the organization's former directors or trustees that received.00 TREASURER I 0. NESBITT 10. regardless at amount of compensation. and highest compensated employees who received more than S100.00 DIRECTOR/CKAIRMAN A A 0. (5) ROBBIE COHEN 40. and Highest Compensated Employees is Complete this table for all persons required to be feted. 0. trustees (whether individuals or organizations). 0. or trustee. 0.. key employees.- 1 . and Independent Contractors Check if Schedule 0 contains a response or note to any line In this Part WI Section A. Enter In cohmins (DI). In the capacity as a former director or trustee of the organization. List persons in the following order individual trustees or directors. . Key Employees.) week from from related other (list arty i the organizations compensation hours for organization (W-2/1099-MISC) from the related I wn mammq organization organizations i I 1 1 and related below 1 i . Trustees. highest compensated employees. and former such parsons. Officers.' Lite= utts cox IT reamer me organization nor any nuatea organization compensateci any current officer. • List ail of the organization's current key employees. • List all of the organIzation'a current officers. Lt. director. key employees. Form 990120141 TSB BACK OHARA FOUNDATION 46-4950151 Page 7 [Part VIII Compensation of Officers. more than 610.00 DIRECTOR/PRESIDED? X A 0. directors. 0- (3) DAVID PLOUFFE 5. Highest Compensated Employees.000 from the organization arid any related organizations- • List all of the organization's former officers. Directors. . Ammo FOORMAN 10.00 DIXECTOR/VP/SBCRETARY A A 0.. g VE im ef0enlzetiene line) I 1 iskil 11) MARTIN R. mhos pingo hi both on compensation compensation amount of allooraWadmftMats. curector. Directors.4 i 432007 11-07-14 Form990 (2014) 7 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. 0. (2) J.000 of reportable compensation from the organization and any related organizations. (A) (B) (C) ON (E) (9 Name and Title Position Average oilo not chock mews then anis Reportable Reportable Estimated .00 DIRECTOR X 0. (E).03040 THE HARACK °HAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . Report compensation for the calendar year ending with or within the organization's tax year. officers.000 of reportable compensation from the organization and any related organizations. See Instructions for definition of 'key employee. trustee. o. or key employee) who received report- able compensation (Box 501 Form W-2 and/or Box 7 of Form 1099-MISC) of more than 6100. If any. 0. Key Employees. Institutional trustees. Trustees. 0. (4) MAYA SOBTORO-NC 5. 0. hours per box.

. o. o• o. Officers. !MOT TIMES GROUP.000 of compensation from the organization. Independent Contractors 1 Conplete this table for your five highest compensated Independent contracbas that received mom than $100.' complete Schedule J far such Individual 3 4 For any Intihrictual listed on line le. CHICAGO._ o. LLC. o. IL 60661 LEGAL 107.• • •• •• 5 Section B. Is the sum of reportable compensation and other compensation from the organization and related organizations greater than $150. 1150 18TH STREET NN - SUITE 800. 816 matiacricuT AVENUE.1 for such tridhldual 4 6 Did any person listed on tine is receive or accrue compensation from any um:dated organization or individual for send/zee rendered to the organization? if 'Yes. 2 Total number of Individuals (Including but not lirrdted to those fisted above) who received more than $100. or highest compensated employee on line 1a? If "Yes. 2 Total nwnber of Independent contrectore (including but not Undted to these listed above) wfiorecelvedrriceethan 5100. IL 60606 REAL ESTATE 615.000okmorraxemetioninentheromembmalon lb a Rom 890 (2014) 4320138 11-07-14 8 18360511 787226 464950751 2014.000 of reportable compensation from the organization 0 Yes No 3 Did the organization list any former officer. moms pason is bath al compensation compensation amount of week assmscescwmmos) from related other from (fist any a the organizations compensation hours for a organization (W2/10913-MISC) from the related g a (W-2/109941ISC) organization organizations /1 E.* eftwe than twe hours per be. 0.. LANG LASALLE MIDWEST. SEDENICKERBOCKER. and Hi (cootin (A) (B) (c) (1:0) CM (F) Name arid title Average Position Reportable Reputable Estimated us nal ch.V.' cargoiste Schedule . Report coniperisatlon for the calendar year enditip with or within the 's tax veer.551. WASHINGTON. (A) 04 (C) Name and business address Description of cervices Compensatkm JONES. Dfrt 1 T I(y Employees. d Total (add fines lb and 1c) Ilb. 300 SOUTH RIVERSIDE PLAZA.523. SUITE 200. o. DC 20036 MARMITINO AND COMMUNICATIONS 230. DC 20006 krozmaAiglisti coNandraNT 476.03040 THE BARACK OBAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . complete Sdiedufa J for such person • . Section A lo• o. c Total from conthundian sheets to Part Wt. WASHINGTON.. =CHIN ROSIENMAN. CHICAGO. o. key employee. director. Form 890 (2014) THE BAHACE MAMA FOUNDATION 16-4950751 Page I Part Viii seodon A. I and related below organtzatIons mo 1 1 a !Ili — lb Sub-total IP. N.636. kATTEN. LIP 525 WEST MOSEDE. or trustee.862.000? If 'Yes.

See Part IV.2f Do 3 Investment Income (including dividends.rental expenses c Rental Income or (loss) 1 d Net rental Income or (loss) 00 7a Gross amount from sales of (l) Sernattles (II) Other I assets other than inventory - b Less: cost or other basis and sales expanses . WIN grants. and 1 other sardiar amounts) 110. 5. and 1 . less rallans . See Part Mr. 0.2 g sbnilar amounts not included above Noma.877. PI' 5 434. 1 a h TotaL Add lines la-lf DIP.434. o Galn or (lass) . 4 Income from investment of tax-exempt bond proceeds illio _ (i)Real co personal ea Gross rents b Less. Una 19 a b Less: direct expenses b .. 0. C Net Income or (loss) from gaming activities -. ilil• 10 a Gross sales ol hiventory. - and allowances a b Less cost of goods sold b c Net Income or (loss) from sales of Inventory Miscellaneous Revenue illusiness Code ' 11a b C d All other revenue - a Total.877. interest. . Form 990 M014 TUN NARACK OBANA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 Pa96 9_ [Part VIII J Statement of Revenue .' contbutkens endu cksi in fines a $ llt - 11 5. 0. d Net gain or (loss) III' ea Gross income from fundralshg events (not 1 1 Including 9 contributions reported on fine lc).877. 11-07 -14 Form 990 (2914) 9 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. Total revenue Related or Unrelated RfffenUirkeltgled om lax unfair exempt function revenue business revenue ._ -— • • IA) PO IC. Add lines 1 lal 1 d illo 12 Total revenue. Ilnel 8 b Less* direct expenses of b a c Net Income or (loss) from fundraising events • 9 a Gross Income from gaming activities. I fi3tr5ine5s Code 2a serAce b Revenue C Pram d a .434. or n4 i a 1 a Federated campaigns b Membership duos la lb - o Fundraising events lc _ ii d Related organizations Id gm a Government grants (contributions) Is f All other contributions. • All other program service revenue 1 a ToteL Add Eros 2a. See instructions.03040 THE BARACK °HAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 .

See Part IV.190. 72. 10. depletion. 5.03040 THE HARACK OHANA FOUNDATION 46495071 . d Lobbying e Professional fundraising servims. (List miscellaneous mews hi Ens 24e. foreign governments.983. 7 49 .352.810.254.097. and meetings 20 Interest 21 Payments to anodes 22 Depreciation. 49. 9b. 5.931. 081 . 3. 12 Adverng and promobon 237.209.256. 412. 10 Payrod taxes 11.475. a All other expenses 25 Total functional expessza.523. Itemize expenses net covered above. to disqualified persons (es defined under section 4958(f)(1)) and persons described in section 4958(c)(3)(B) 7 Other salaries and wages 152 .471. 0 II inliowing SOP 115-2 PSC f158-720) 4321119 11-07-14 Form 990 (2014) 10 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. line 21 2 Grants and other assfetence to domestic individuals. L 8 Pension plan accruals and contributions (include section 401(k) end 402(b) employer contributions) 9 Other errealoyee beneffts 8. Ines 15 and 16 4 Benefits paid to or for members 5 Compensation of currerrt officer% dlnactore. See Part IV. 13 Ciffice expenses 41. slate.097.075. 66.159. . 8b. 14 Information technology 270 270. 1 . Total expenses Program service Management and 7b. Complete this line Only if the organization reported hi column (S) joIrd costs from a combined educational campaign and fundralsIng solicited= alla NM 1111.623.327.931. 15 Royalties 18 Occupancy 17 Travel 83. 61• 650 19 • 924. 3 . __. 17. or local pubic officials .194.053. 466. 417 .331. 4.750.604_ 234. 19 Conferences.437.131. 140. ri Fees for services (non-employees): • Management b Legal 256. I f Investment management fees g Other.952.. 668. and 10b of Part VW.699.194. column (A) amount list line 24e expenses on Schedule 0. 562 „. end amortization 991. 557. 3. end key employees 6 COmpensation not included above. See Part IV. All other organizations must =opiate column (A). trustees. 7. If Ina 24e amount exceeds 10% of line 25. See Part IV. ea Accounting 17.) a b C d . 930. 24 Oilier expenses. coma= a response or nom to any line m um 1-11171 IJIL 4TIOCK IT CrinCILINI IIJ IA) NJ IC/ Funlong Do not include 41/101. 452. 68.117 PatilX J State ment of Functional Expenses Section 501(c)(3) and 507(cX4)or9artIzetIons must complete aft columns.147. 1.. conventharm. 177. and foredgn Individuals. list line 11g menses on Sch 0 ) 672. 32.544.. 23 Insurance 3.0703 reported on lines elk.716.870.725. line 17 466. expenses general expenses expenses 1 Grants and other assistance to domestic organlzatiorra arid domestic governments.996. 127. 4 . Add lines 1 through 24a 1. 11.780. Form 990 C20t4 1 TAIT 7T7111177 7711:117 7777. 18 Payments of travel or enterttrtrimerrt expenses for any federal. (if line 11g amount exceeds 10% of One 25. column (A) artiOUrrt. 59. line 22 3 Grants and other assistance to foreign organizations. 24 Joint casts.

See Part IV. Complete Part II of Schedule L 8 Loans end other receivables from other disqualified persons (as defined under section 4958(1)(1)). highest compensated employees. payables to related third parties. 3 Pledges and grants receivable. key employees. 0. 34 Total liabilities and net assetatfund balances 0. and lines 33 and 34. Organizations that follow SEAS 117 (ASC 958).839.623. 10e 9. i Complete Part II of Schedule L 3 23 Secured mortgages and notes payable to unrelated third parties 23 24 Unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated third parties 25 Other liabilities (including federal income tax. 20 1138. endowment. directors.216. check hareill. Complete Part X of Schedule D 25 28 Total liabilities. check here Illo and complete liners 30 through 34.839. 18 3. persons described in section 4958(c)(3)(B).125. 4 Ar-counts receivable. and contributing employers and sponsoring organizations of section 501(c)(3) voluntary employees beneficiary beneficiary organizations (see Ines) Complete Part II of Sch L 7 Notes and loans receivable. 17 Accounts payable and accrued expenses 17 188.000. Add lines 1 through 15 (must equal line 34) 0. net 7 8 inventories for sale or use a 9 Prepaid expenses and deferred charges 9 7. net 5 Loans and other receivables from current and former officers. trustees.886.434. or other funds 32 33 Total net assets or lund balances 0. Complete Part VI of Schedule D 10e 10.670. or land. and disqualified persons. 27 Unnsstricted net assets 27 2.03040 THE HARACK (MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . 30 Capftal stock or trust principal.825. or current funds 30 31 Pafd-in or capital surplus. See Part IV. and other liabilities not included on lines 17-24). building. )X I and Net Assets or FundBalances complete fines 27 through 29.216. net 3 656. See Part TV.737. I Form 990 (2014) 4 32011 21-07-14 11 18360511 787226 464950751 2014.443. 33 3. Add lines 17 through 25 0. and equipment Costar other basis. 2 Savings and temporary cash investments 2 30. trustees. directors. or equipment fund 31 32 Retained earnings. b Less: accumulated depreciation 10b 991.482. One 11 13 14 Intangible assets 14 15 Other assets. and highest compensated employees. 28 Temporarily restricted net assets 28 656 737. 18 Total assets. 11 Investments • publicly traded securities 11 12 Investments • other securities. g key employees. 10a Land. buildings.670.172.942 • 362. Form 990(2014) THE BARAOK OMAHA FOUNDATION 66-4950751 Page I Part X I Balance Sheet Check if Schedule 0 contains a resoonee or note to _ (A) (B) Beginning of year End of year 1 Cash • non-Interest-bearing I 2. 18 Grants payable la 19 Deferred revenue 19 20 Tax-exempt band liabilities 20 21 Escrow or custodial account liability. 29 Permanently restricted net assets Organizations that do not follow SFAS 117 (ASC 958). Complete Part fLi of Schedule D s 22 Loans and other payables to currant and former officers. 34 3. line 11 12 13 Investments • program-related. line 11 • 15 25. accumulated Income.

254. or bath: ED separate basis ED Consolidated basis ED Both consolidated and separate basis c if 'Yes' to Rile 2a or 2b. explain in Schedule 0. 3a As a result of a federal award. consolidated basis. tine 25) 21 1. 2a Were the organization's financial statements compiled or reviewed by an independent accountant? X If 'Yes. 4 Net assets or fund balances at beginniig of year (must equal Part X. or compilation of Its financial statements and selection of an independent accountant7 If the organization changed either Its oversight process or selectkri process during the tax year. was the organization required to undergo en audit or sues as set forth In the Sing* Audit Act and OMB Circular A-133? se X b if 'Yes. Form 990 (2D14 THE HAW= OBAua FOUNDATION 46-4950751 Pagel 2 'Part XI I Reconciliation of Net Assets Check If Schedule 0 contains a response or note to any line in thls Part >2 Li 1 Total revenue (must equal Part VIII. One 33. 2 Tabs] expenses (must equal Part IX cokann (A). or both: Separate basis ED Consolidated basis El Both consolidated end separate basis b Were the organization's financial statements audited by en independent accountant? If 'Yes. 5 Net unrealized gains (losses) on Investments 5 13 Donated services and use of fealties 9 7 Investment expanses 7 Prior period adjustments 8 9 Other changes in net assets or fund balances (explain in Schedule 0) 9 0 10 Net assets or fund balances at end of year.077. explain why in Schedule 0 and describe any steps taken to undergo such audits 3b Farrn 990 (2014) 432012 11-07-14 12 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. line 12) 1 5.4133. column (3)) tO 3.' check a box below to indicate whether the financial shitements for the year were compiled or reviewed on a separate basis. cokann (A)) 4I 0. Subtract tine 2 from linel 3 3. 'Part xiq Financial Statements and Reporting Check if Schedule 0 contains a resporcse or note to any Una in this Part XII Li Yee No Accounting method used to prepare the Form 990: ED Cash EU Accrual Di Other If the organization changed its method of accounting from a prior year or checked 'Other.623.03040 THE MERCK OBAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . cokann pv. 3 Revenue less expanses. review.' did the organization undergo the required audit or audits? If the organization did ma undergo the required audit or audits.' check a box below to indicate whether the financial statements far the year were audited on a separate basis.434.633. explain in Schedule 0.482. Combine Ines 3 through 9 (must equal Pail Mine 33.953. does the organization have a committee that asswnes responsibility for avendght of the audit. consolidated basis.

check only one box. f Enter the number of supported organizations g Provide the fa:Masan raw elution about the supported organization(s).) 1 LJ A church. Sections A and C. 111.nization is not a private foundation because it is: (For fines 1 through 11. I Open tir Pubdo busnal Revenum Service Pio &donned= about. A supporting organization supervised or controlled in connection with its supported organization(s). 1975. b El Type II.) An organization that normally receives: (1) more than 331/3% of its support from contributions.03040 THE EARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . and gross receipts from activities related to its exerren functions • subject to certain exceptions. membership fees. 4 =I A medic:al research organization operated in conjunction with a hospital described in section 170113X1)(A)(111). and Part V. Sections A end B. Type II. The 9x. and 11g.) A community bust described in section 170(1X IXAXv 1 ). You must complete Pert IV. See section 509(a)(3).) A federal. e El Check this box if the organization recehred a written determination from the IRS that it Is a Type I. to perform the functions of. (Complete Part Ill. Sections A and D. 1545-0047 Public Charity Status and Public Support (Form 990 or 9110-EZ) Daparbusret olniTimm Complete If the organization Is a section 501(c)(3) organization or a section 4947(e)(1) nonexempt charitable trust 201-4 III1P Attach to Form 990 or Form 990-EL. (Complete Part II. and (2) no more than 331/3% of its support from gross Investment Income and unrelated business taxable income (less section 511 tax) from businesses acquired by the organization after June 30.) 10 1=I An organization organized and operated exclusively to test for public safety. (Attach Schedule E. See section 509(e)(4). You must complete Part IV. Sections A. Enter the hospital's name. See section 509(4(2). (Complete Part Ii. Schedule A (Fenn 990 er090-82) and Da instructions b at Inspection Name of the organization Employer Identification number THE SARA= MAMA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 I Part I Reason for Public Charity Status (Al organizations rnust complete this part) See Instructions. and E. You must complete Part IV. by having control or management of the supporting organization vested in the same persons that control or manage the supported organization(s). or local government or governmental unit described in section 1 70(bX1XAM4 An organization that normally receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or from the general public described In section 170(b)(1)(AXv1). The organization generally must satisfy a distribution requirement and an attentiveness requirement (see instructions).) 3 Li A hospital or a cooperative hospital aervIce organization described in section 170(b)(1)(A)(111). or controlled by Its supported organization(s). d I=1 Type Ill non-functionally tidewater:1. e El Type 81 heletiertaify Integrated. or to carry out the purposes of one or more publicly supported organizations described In section 609(a)(1) or section 509(a)(2). Type III functionally integrated. (Complete Part II. city. or Type III nondfunctionaily integrated supporting organization. and functionally Integrated with. a El Type LA supporting organization operated. and stale: An organization operated for the benefit of a college or university owned or operated by a governmental unit described In section 170(b)(1)(A)(iv). D. or association of churches described m section 170(bX1Wia 2 =I A school described in section 170(b)(110)(11). state. 432021 09-77-14 13 18360511. A supporting organization operated in connection with its supported organization(s) that Is not furactkinaily integrated. typically by giving the supported organization(s) the power to regularly appoint or elect a majority of the directors or trustees of the supporting organization. see the Instructions for Schedule A (Farm 990 or 090-EL) 14 Farm eso Or 990-EL. Check the box in lines 11 a through 11d that describes the type of supporting organization and complete lines 110. (I) Name of supported MEIN (11) Type of organization 014 is The organization (w) Amount of monetary (v1) Arneunt of organization 'described on Ines 14 fisted in your above or iRc =boa governing document? AtiPricotObs other support (see Insbuctions) instructions) (see instructions)) Yes No — Total LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice. 11 I=1 An organization organized and operated exclusively for the benefit of. Its supported organization(s) (see instructions). convention of churches. A supporting organization operated In connection with. supervised. You must complete Part IV. SCHEDUUEA OMB No.787226 464950751 2014.

. colure (f) divided by line 11. Add lines 1 through 3 5 The portion of total contributions by each person (other then a governmental unit or publicly . Part 11. or fifth tax year as a section 501(a)p) . If the Farm 990 is for the organizats first. check this box and stop here. The organization guerillas as a publicly supported organization 1=I b 33 1/3% support test . check this bra sq0 Mop here lb I= dompufation of Publlc Suppori Percentage O e. lithe orgardzatIon did not check the box on Ine 13. contributions. grants. membership fees received. 4 Total. Public Su Calendar year (ar fiscal year beginning In) lb (a) 2010 (b) 2011 .. column (0) 15 Public support percentage from 2013 Schedule A.2014. fourth. check this box and stop here. summer no 5 earn ardo 4. and if the organization meets the •acts-and-circurnstances• test check this box and stop here. Do not Include gain or toss from the sale of capital assets (Ex)lain in Peril/1j 11 Total support Add Ones 7 through 10 12 Gross receipts from related activities. and . (Do not Include any 'unusual grants. Explain In Pert VI how the organization meets the lacts-and-circumstances' teed. or 170. mid line 14 is 33 1/3% or more. column (0 8 Public support.16b.7. royalties and income from similar sources 9 Net income from unrelated business activities. 2 Tax revenues levied for the organ- ization's benefit and either paid to or expended on its behalf _ 3 The value of services or facilities furnished by a governmental unit to Uhe organization wilhout charge .2013.21:113. check this box and stop here. re7113. If the orgardzation fails to qualify under the tests listed below. or 15b. check thiS box and see Instructions Schedule A (F-ann 990 or 990-IM 2014 men 14 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. payments received on ' securities loans. and if the organization meets the `facts-andsircurnstances' test. If the omenization did not check a box on the 13. If the organization did not check a box on the 13 or 16a. etc. end line 16 is 33 113% or more. 16b. second. 11 the organization did not check a box on line 13. If the organization did not check a box on One 13. (4)2_010 1b12011 (42_ 012 (d) 2013 (e1201 4 to Tctal 7 Amounts from Ane 4 8 Gross income Irom interest. The organtzellon qualifies as a publicly supported organization I=1 17a 10% -facts-and-drcurnatances test .03040 THE EARACK DEANA FOUNDATION 46495071 . 111a. (c) 2012 (d) 2013 (e)2014 (g Total 1 Gifts. third. Schedule A (Form 990 or B90. and One 15 is10% or more. whether or not the business is regularly carded on 10 Other harms. • Section B. or B of Part 1 or If the organization failed to qualify under Part III.2014. supported organization) Included on line 1 that exceeds 2% of the amount shown on line 11. the 14 I 15 14 I 96 18a 33 1/74 support teat .EZ2014 Page 2 I Part III Support Schule for Organizations Described in Sections 170(b)(1)(AK1VJ and 170113}(1)(AXvii (Complete only if you checked the box an line 5. and line 14 is 10% or more. 16a.) Section A. 17a. 1111a. please complete Part III. or 17a. The organization quefdles as a pidilicly supported organization 11•1=1 15 Private foundation. Eingain in Part VI how the orgardzidion meets the 'facts-end-circumstances' test The organization qualities as a publicly supported orgardzation PIP 1=1 b 10% -facta-and-cIrcumatances test .tbr Secntr 14 Public support percentage for 2014 (Me 6. Total Support Calendar year (or fiscal year beginning in) P. dividends. (see Instructions) 121 13 First five years.

contributions. i 14 Find five years. Public Support Calendar year (or flees] year beginning in) Ile (8)2010 (c)_2012 (b)20 71 (0) 2013 (a)2014 (f) Total 1 Gifts. C Add lines 10a and 10b 11 Net income from unrelated business activities not Included In line 10b. and 3 received from disqualified persons 0.877.434. 5. and One 17 is not more than 33 1/3%. and line 16 is more then 331/3%. Of WO tax year as a section 501(c)(3) organization.434. fine 17 94 19a 331/3% support testa -2014. 5. or facilities furnished In any activity that is related to the orgerikaticm's tax-exempt purpose 3 Gross receipts from activities that are not an unrelated trade or bus- . and line 18 is not more then 33 1/3%.03040 THE EARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 .11 the organization did not check the box online 14.877. column (f)) [17 t.. (Do not include any 'unusual grants. 5. 0.7 ons on k. iness under section 513 +— .434.434. on B.434.077. (2)2010 (b) 2011 (c)2012 142013 (e) 2014 (f) Total 9 Amounts from fine 6 5. check this box and stop hare Section C. Schedule A 990 or 2014 Tuft Baas= OBANA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 uppo u — r rgan rr-. 5. ft the organization fans to qualify under the tests listed below.. payments received on securities loans. 7a Amounts Included on fines 1. The organization qualifies as a publicly supported orgardzstion b 331/3% support tests -2013. 4 Tax revenues levied for the organ- ization's benefit and either paid to or expended on its behalf 5 The value of services or fealties furnished by a governmental unit to the organization without charge 6 TotaL Add fines 1 through 5 5. .14 Schedule A Worm 990 or 990-IM 2014 15 18360511 787226 464950751 2014.434. Computation of Public Support Percentage 18 Public support percentage for 2014 (line 8. check This box and stop here. . 2 Gross receipts from admissions.1 (Complete only if you checked the box an line Oaf Part I or If the orgardzation failed to qualify under Part II. if the organization did not check a box on line 14 or fine 19a. b Unrelated business taxable income (leas Section 511 taxes) from businesses acquired after June 30. 1975 l . lac. If the organization did not check a box on One 14.877.877. Total Support Calendar year (or fiscal year beginning in)1110. check this box and stop here. check this box and see instructions /a-1=1 432023 09-17. 5. and Ina 1515 more than 331/3%. c Add fines 7a and 7b 0.) Section A. or 194. Computation of Investment Income Percentage 17 Investment income percentage for 2014 Vine 10c. grants. column (f)) 16 Public support percentage from 2013 Schedule A.. = 20 Private foundation.877. 19a.877.434.005 rff 1% at els =mom on ane War Uss yew . dividends. mg 12-1 5. (megrim a.877.. column (I) divided by line 13. fourth.877. b knounia Included on Woo 2 and 3 rocannel Own gnaw than dlaquiffllEd woo= OW annead Ow graglar al 55. % 18 investment Income percentage from 2013 Schedule A. 11. . line 15 ••1111 Section D. please complete Part II.. The organization qualifies as a publicly supported organization 0. 8 Public 94733POrt Ed Van belt tons En LI i 5. whether or not the business is regularly carried on 12 Other income. If the Form 990 in for the organization's first.434.. 2. Part III.) 13 Total SUpp0d. merchandise sold or services per- formed. rents. and membership fees received.434. Do not Include gain or loss from the sale of capital assets (Explain in Part VI. 10a Gross income from Interest. third. column (f) divided by line 13. Part Ill. royalties and income from similar sources . second.

' provide dotal In poi 10a Was the organization subject to the expose business holdings rules of IRC 4943 because of RC 4943(1) (regarding certain Type II supporting organizations. compensation. substitute. b Type I or Type II only. or remove any supported organizations during the tax year? If answer (b) and (c) below (I applicable). Schedule A from 990 or 990-EZ) 2014 MB DARAMC OBAKA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 Part W Supporting Organizations (Complete only If you checked a box an One 11 of Part I. If you checked 11c of Part I. Was the substitution the result of an event beyond the orgardzation's control? 5c 13 Did the organization provide support (Wither in the farm of grants or the provision of services or fealties) to anyone other than (a) its supported organizations. Also.03040 THE BARACK OBANA FOUNDATION 46495071 .) 10b 412024 el-17-14 Schedule A (Form 90 or 9610-E4 2014 16 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. 4b c Did the organization 'support arty foreign supported organization that does not have an IRS determination under sectiens 501(4(3) and 509(a)(1) or (2)? If 'Yes. If historic and continuing relationship. complete Sections A. describe the designation.carnpiete Sections A and C. provide detail h) p an te4 Including (D the nem= end ON numbers of the supported organizations added. All Supporting Organizations Yes 1 Are al of the organization's supported omanizatIons listed by name in the organization's governing documents? if No describe in Ave vi how the supported organizations are designated. and (14 how the action was accomplished (such as by amendment to the organizing document). to determine whether the organization had excess business fp:Wings. answer (Mend (c) below 4a b Did the organization have ultimate cordial and discretion in deciding whether to make grants to the foreign supported organization? If Yesrkrscribe in part In how the organization had such control arid discretion despite being controlled or supervised by or in connection with its supported organizations. or a 35-percent controlled entity with regard to a substantial contributor? if 'Yes. explain.' explain In pert w what contras the organization used to ensure that all support to the foreign awaited organization was used exclushely for section 170(c)(2)(B) gummwm 4c 5a Did the organization add. ■ •• 8 Did the organization make a loan to a disqualified person (as defined In section 4958) not described In tine 7? If 'Yes.• provWe detail in pea 8a b Did one or ntore disqualified persons (as defined In be 9(a)) hold a controlling interest In any entity in which the Rumoring organization had an interest? If 'Yes. Section A. 1 2 Did the organization have any supported orgardzertion that does not have an IRS determination of status under section 509(a)(1) or (2)? If 'Yes. complete Sections A and B. or other similar payment to a substantial contributor (defined in IRC 4958(c)(3)(C)). or removed. and complete Part V. 015 the aufhorfty under the organization's organizing document authorizing such action. or (3) and satisfied the public support tests under section 509(a)(2)7 If Wes. If you checked 11b of Part I. a family member of a substantial contrbutor. ((1 the reasons for each such action. (b) individuals that are part of the charitable class benefited by one or more of its supported organizations. 2 3a Did the organization have a supported organization described in section 501(c)(4).' provide detail in pelt c Did a disqualified person (as defined in the 9(a)) have an ownership interest in. loan. (5).' describe in part I I when and how the organization no the datermhation. D. Was any added or substituted supported organization part of a class already designated in the organization% organizing document? Substitutions only. complete Sections A and D. Form 4720. ildesignated by dos or purpose. substituted. end all Type ID non-functionally integrated supporting organtzations)? If 'Yes. and E.• explain In patt tfi how the organization determined that the supported orgenizetian was described kr section 509(a)(1) or (2). or (3)? If 'Yes. or (c) other supporting organizations that also support or benefit one or more of the filing organizations supported organizations? If 'Yea' provide detest In Pest Vt 7 Did the organization provide a grant.' answer (b) below.' answer (b) and (c) below b Did the organization confinn that each supported organization qualified under section 501(c)(4). c Did the organization Mang that all support to such organizations was used exchrsively for section 170(4(2) (B) purposes? if 'Yes. or derive any personal benefit from. If you checked lid of Part I. (5). 3c 4a Was any supported organization not organized in the United States (foreign supported orgardzatinn"? if 'Yee and If you checked lle or llb hi Pert I.' explain In Apt vi what controls the organization put h o place to ensure such use." complete Part lot Schedule I. 10a b Did the organization have wry excess business holdings h the tax yew? (Use Schedule C. assets In which the supporting organization also had an Interest/ if 'Yes. if you checked 11 a of Pert 1.' combats Part cif Schedule L (Form 990). (Form 990 8 f3a Was the organization controlled directly or indirectly at any time during the tax year by one or more disqualified persons as defined In section 4946 (other than foundation managers and organizations described In section 509(a)(1) or (2)]? If 'Yes.

or trustees either (i) appointed or elected by the supported organization(s) or (ii) serving on the governing body of a supported organization? If WO.' describe in pan w how control or management of the supporting organization was vested In the same persons that contronerl or managed the supported organization(s). provide detail in pm. (1) a mitten notice describing the type and amount of support provided during the prior tax year.03040 THE BARACK OBAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . Ia. directors. to the extent not previously provided? 1 2 Were any of the organization's officers. one or more of the organization's supported organization(s) would have been engaged In? if •Yes. the governing body of a supported organization? 11a b A family member of a person described in (a) above? 11b o A39% controlled entity of a person described in (a) or (b) above?tf 'Yes to a b. describe in part W the role The ergardzeffell's supported organizations played in this regard. 3 Section E.. haw the organization was responsive to those supported organizations. If any. The organization supported a governmental entity. Type I Supporting Organizations Yes No 1 Did the directors." then In part tri ideadry thaw supponed organizers and arpiala how these activities am* furthered their exempt purposes. Type Ii Supporting Organizations Yes 1 Were a majority of the organization's directors or trustees during the tax year also a majority of the directors or trustees of each of the organization's supported organization(s)? if 'No. trustees. Type Iii Supporting Org rgaaltizati lzations No 1 Did the organization provide to each of its supported organizations. wasted to such powers during the tax year. Arsewer Au and (b) bedew.17-11 Schedule A (Farm 090 or 0130-1M) 2014 17 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. TYpelliFunctionally-integrated Supporting Organizations 1 Check the box next to the method that the organization used to satisfy the integral Part That during the yearta n bunTuctfon* a The organization satisfied the Activities Test Campiete one 2 below. or controlled the supporting atomization. or c. directors. in the rule Played by the organization Err this 412025 09.' explain in pan vi how the organization maintained a dose and continuous working relationshkr with the supported organization(s). or controlled the supporting organization? If Wes. and haw the organization determined that these activities constituted substantially aB of its activfties- b Did the activities described in (a) constitute activities that. Section D. Schedule A (Form 990 or 990E232014 MB BAUM Olutidit FOUNDATION i6-4950751 fttle 6 !Trawl_ Supporting Organizations pantinuwo No 11 Has the organization accepted a gift or contribution from any of the following persons? a A person who directly or Indirectly controls. either alone or together with persons described in (b) and (c) below. 2 Section C. 3 Parent of Supported Organizations.' describe Wpm. or controlled the organization's activities.r pen tof how providing such benefit carried out the purposes of the supported arganizetion(s) that operated. • expkrin b. 2 Did the organization operate for the benefit of any supported organization other than the supported organization(s) that operated. Cr trustees of each of the supported organizations? Provide details in pan b Did the organization exercise a substantial degree of direction over the policies. a Did substantially all of the organization's activities during the tax year directly further the exempt purposes of the supported organization(s) to which the organization was responsive? if 'Yes. supervised.. and (3) copies of the organization's governing documents in effect on the dote of notification. Complete fi ne 3 below. 11e Section B. supervised. pan w how the supported organization(s) effectively operated. describe how the powers to appoint and/or remove directors or trustees were allocated among the supported organizations and what conditions or restrictions. Answer (eland (13) a Did the organization have the power to regularly appoint or elect a majority of the officers. did the organization's supported organizations have a significant voice in the organization's investment policies arid in directing the use of the organizations Income or assets at all times during the tax year? if 'Yee. programs. 2 3 By reason of the relationship described in (2). If the organization had more than one supported organization. and activities of each of its supported oroardzations? if "Yee. a' membership of one or more supported organizations have the power to regularly appoint or elect at least a majority of the organization's directors or trustees at all times during the tax year? If 'No.' describe fr. supervised. b IThhe organization is the parent of each of its supported organizations. by the last day of the fifth month of the organization's tax year. • explain in pan vi the reasons for the argenizadon's position that Its supported organization(s) would have engaged in these activities but for the organization's involvement. Describe in Part I / I how you supported a government entity (see instructions 2 Acthrities Test. (2) a copy of the Form 990 that was most recently filed as of the date of notification. but for the organization's involvement.

3 Minimum asset amount for prior year (from Section 13. 7 LI Check hem if the current year Is the organtzMion'e that as a non-functlonaBythtegrated Type Ill supporting organization (see Instructions). 1 n Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2014 I Parti TBB BABA= OBANA FOUNDATION Type 111 Non-Functionally Integrated 509(a)(3) Supporting Omani:cations 117-TT711 -771 Check here If the organization satisfied the Integral Pert Test as a qualifying trust on Nov. or maintenance of properly held for production of income (see Instructkins) 6 7 Other expenses (see instructions) 7 13 Adjoined Not Income (subtract linen 5. Column /) 1 2 Enter 59)5 of One 1 2 . 3 Other gross Income (see Irtstructions) 9 4 Add Ones 1 through 3 4 5 Depreciation and depletion 5 6 Portion of operating expenses paid or thcurred for production or collection of gross income or for management. unless subject to emergency temporary reduction (see Instructions) 6 . Enter 1-112% of line 3 (for greater amount. See Instructions.6 and 7 from line 4) 8 (B) Current Year Section 13 .035 0 7 Recoveries of prior-year diebibutIons 7 8 MIninvan Asset Amount (add line 7 to line 6) Section C . All raw Tvnaillnonlunctiorsilbr inteoreten sumortina oroartratbass must complete Sections A throurth E. • Discount claimed for blockage or other . Ens El. 1970.Distributable Amount Currant Year 1 Adjusted net income for prior yew (from Section A. _ (8) Current Year Section A .frorn One 4. lb and 1c) Id .03040 THE BARACR OBAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . factors (explain in detail in Part VI): Acquisition indebtedness appricable to non-exempt-use assets 2 3 Subtract line 2 from line ld 3 4 Cash deemed held for exempt use. Ikhedule A (Form 990 or 99e-M) 2014 4321X213 09-17-14 18 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. Colurrin Al 9 . 5 Net value of non-exempt-use assets (subtract One 4 from One 3) 5 6 Multiply One 5 by . Vne 6. conservation.20.Adjusted Net Income (A) Prior Year MPtlena0 1 Net short-term capital gain 1 2 Recoveries of prior-year dist/both:Ins 2 . 4 Enter greater of line 2 or line 3 4 _ 5 Income tax imposed in prior yew 5 6 Distributable Amount Subtract line 5.Minimum Asset Amount (A) Prior Year lePtbrieb 1 Aggregate fair market value of all non-exempt-use assets (see instructions for short tax year or assets held for part of year): a Average monthly value of securities Is b Average monthly cash babinces lb o Fair market value of other non-exempt-use assets lc d Total (add lines la. see tratructIons).

line l3 2 Underdistributions. 9 Distributable amount for 2014 from Section C. Add lines N and 4c. greater than zero. for years prior to 2014 (reasonable cause required-see instructions) 3 Excess distributions cerryover. II any. • 8 Remaining tmderdistributIons for years prior to 2014. Subtract lines 4a and 4b from 4. 8 Distributions to attentive supported organizations to which the organization Is responsive (provide details In Part VI). Subtract lines 3g.4950751 fti:m7 Part V FType III Non-Functionally Integrated a)(3) Supporting Organizations Section D . Subtract lines 3h and 46 from line 1 (d amount greater than zero. if any. 6 Remaining underdistributions for 2014. 7 Total annual distributions. rine 8 10 Line 8 amount divided by Line 9 amount In 01) ('$) Excess Distributions Underdistributions Distributable Section E . In excess of Income from activity 3 Administrative expenses paid to accomplish exempt purposes of supported organizations 4 Amounts paid to acquire exempt-use assets Qualified set. to 2014: a b - C d O From 2013 I Total of lines 3a throup e g Applied to underdistrbutlons of prior years h Applied to 2014 distributable amount i Carryover from 2009 not applied (see iristructions I Remainder. Distributions Current Year 1 Amounts paid to supported organizations to accomplish exempt purposes Amounts paid to perform activity that directly furthers exempt purposes of supported organizations. See Instructions. Add HMIS 1 through 6. d Excess tram 2013 e Excess from 2014 Scheshale A (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2014 4321W 09-17-14 19 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. line 7: $ a Applied to undardistribulions of prior years b Applied to 2014 distributable amount c Remainder. and 31from 3f.aside amounts (prior IRS approval required) 8 Other distributions (describe In Part 111).Distribution Allocations (see inatnactione) Pre-2014 Amount for 2014 1 Distributable amount for 2014 from Section C. see instructions).03040 THE BARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . See instructions. Excess distributions carryover to 2015. see instructions). if any. Subtract lines 3g and 4a from Ene 2 (d amount . 4 Distributions for 2014 from Section D. Schedulakftarn990or8904a)2014 THE BABA= OBANA FOUNDATION 46. 31i. 8 Breakdovm of line 7: a C .

46-1950751 ScheduleA(Form990or9904E42014 TER RARACR COMMA FOUNDATION PeIMS Part VI Supplemental Information. and Part III. (Sea Instructions).SECTION A THE OtterunIATION BEGIN OPERATIONS ON JANUARY 31 • 2014. Provide the explanations required by Part II. PART II .€2) 2014 20 18360511 787226 464950751 2014.03040 THE HARACK °HAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . Una 12. this 17a or 17b. Part II. Also complete this part for any additional information. fine 10. 432112a 69-17-14 Schedule A (Form 990 or 890.

g. Part Una 8. 11d. 7. Information about Schedule D (Form 990) and Its Instructions Is at evivrii. as permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 958). Part X • $ 2 If the organization received or held works of art. Iry "7117 trulPeado!I EmPloyer klentificatthe number PRE SMACK OBABIA FOLIEMAT/al 46-4950751 Part I I Organizations Maintaining Donor Advised Funds or Other Similar Funds or Accounts. or terminated by the organization during the tax year P. and enforcement of the conservation easement. Part X • $ Li-IA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice. and enforcing conservation easements during the yearillo 7 Amount of expenses incurred in monitoring. to report In its revenue statement and balance sheet works of art. Inspecting.. and donor advisors in writing that grant funds can be used only for charitable purposes and not for the benefit of the donor or donor advisor.. SCHEDULE 13 Supplemental Financial Statements (Form 990) 110. b if the organization elected. donors. Open to Public ireernompl■irrirc Name of the organization jo. provide the following amounts relating to these items: (I) Revenue included in Form 990. 11 tx. recreation or education) Preservation of a historically important land area ED Protection of natural habitat 1=1 Preservation of a certified historic structure I= Preservation of open space 2 Complete Ones 2a through 2d If the organization held a qualified conservation contribution in the form of a conservation easement on the last day of the tax year. Inspecting. if applicable. 11f. Part IV. Complete If the orgardeatIon answered 'Yee to Form 990. line B. the text of the footnote to the organization's financial statements that describes the arganizatIon's accounting for conservation easements. released. it holds? ED Yes E:1 No B Stiff and volunteer hours devoted to monitoring. see the Instructions for Farm 990. Part VIII. as permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 958). or research in furtherance of public service. provide. historical treasures. (a) Donor advised funds (b) Funds and other accounts 1 Total number at end of year 2 Aggregate value of contributions to (during year) 3 Aggregate value of grants from (during year) . or Other Simile: Assets. education. Complete if the organization answered "Yes to Farm 990. Provide the taming amounts required to be reported under SFAS 118 (ASC 958) relating to these items: a Revenue included in Farm 990. 1a If the organtzatian elected. Held at Hie End of to Tax Yam a Total number of conservation easements 2a b Total acreage restricted by conservation easements 2b c Number of conservation easements on a certified historic structure included in (a) 2e d Number of conservation armaments included in (c) acquired after 8/17/06. line 7. 11c. or other similar assets for financial gain. extinguished. 11e.03040 THE BARACK OBANA FOUNDATION 46495071 . One 1 IP• $ (II) Assets included in Form 990. Historical Treasures. and not on a historic structure listed In the National Register 2d 3 Number of conservation easements modified. In Pert X111. Part IV. Part VIII. and enforcing conservation easements during the year 1111. transferred. the text of the footnote to its financial striternents that describes these items. education. or other similar assets held for pubic exhibition. Complete If the organization answered 'Yee to Form 990.170(h)(4)(B)(i) and section 170(h)(4)(13)(h)? U Yes U Na 9 in Part XIII. or research in furtherance of public service.comptete if the organization answered "Yes" to Farm 990. I Part III I Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art. describe how the organization reports conservation easements in Its revenue end expense statement. historical treasures. handling of violations. Inspection. and include. not to report in its revenue statement and balance sheet works of art. 10. Schedule 0 (Form 990) 2014 432051 1104 26 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. 4 Number of states where property subject to conservation inurement is located 111. and balance sheet. or for any other purpose conferring impermissible private benefit? Yes No I Part II I Conservation Easements. One 6. line 1 • $ b Assets Included in Form 990. or 12b. LI Preservation of land far public use (e. 1 pmcse(s) of conservation easements held by the organization (check all that apply). 11a. historical treasures. $ 8 Does each conservation easement reported on fine 21c1) above satisfy the requirements of aection . 12a. Opaapprent rent Alas ifre reasuurryy 110 Attach to Farm 990.9. Pert IV. or other similar assets held for public exhibition. • Does the organization have a written policy regarding the periodic monitoring. 4 Aggregate value at and of year 5 Did the organization Inform all donors and donor advisors In writing that the assets held in donor advised funds are the organization's property. subject to the organization's exclusive legal control? Yes No 43 Did the organization inform all grantees. 8.

did the organization solicit or receive donations of art." explain the arrangernerd In Part XIII and complete the following table: Amount c Beginning balance ■utt d Additions during the year ▪ (Xstributions during the year I Ending balance 2a Did the organization include an amount on Form 990. 15 During the year. the 10. and Equipment. custodian or other intermediary for contributions or other assets not (rick:dad on Form 990. • Temporarily restricted endowment • The percentages in lines 2a. Add lines la through 1e. Complete (a) Current year (b) Prior year (a) Two years back (d) Three years back (a) Four years back Ii Beginning of year balance b Contributions o Net Invesfrnerd earnings. Part IV. . are the related organizations listed as required on Schedule R? 4 Describe in Part XIII the intended uses of the orgerrization's endowment funds. Description of property (*Cost or other (b) Cost or other (c) Accumulated (d) Book yaks) bests Onvesb-nent) basis (other) depreciation la Land b Buildings c Leasehold improvements d Equipment 10. Una 21. 9.443 . gains. Po 9. or other similar assets to be sold to raise funds rather than to be maintained as part of the organizations collection? =Yes = No 1 Part IV 1 Escrow and Custodial Arrangements. and 2c should equal 100%.. Historical Treasures. Total. 991. Check here if We explanation has been provided In Part XIII 1 Part V j Endowment Funds. Buildings. Complete if the organization answered •Yes • to Form 990. Part IV. -. II Li Au b If 'Yes. Part X. a Other . explain the arrangement in Part XIII. Part X. and other records. trustee. historical treasures. check any of the following that are a significant use of its collection Items (check all that apply): a = Public exhibition d = Loan or exchange programs b = Scholarly research a= Other a = Preservation for future generations 4 Provide a description of the organization's collections and explain how they further the organization's exempt purpose In Part )711. §ne MO . for escrow or custodial account liability? I_ Jr? its. Part x.03040 TEE EARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . Schedule 17 (Fong 990)21714 432052 113-1:11-74 27 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. line 11a.434. line 9. Part X? Yea El No b If "Yes. la is the organization an agent. the 21. accession. See Form 990. Complete if the organization answered "Yee to Form 990. 2b. 3a Are there endowment funds not in the possession of the organization that are held and achnkdstered for the organization by Lim No 0) unrelated organizations (II) related organizations b U'Yes' to 3a). Schedule D Form 990) 2014 FBI BABA= OBANA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 Page 2 'Part Ill I Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art.— . fC0klinn 00 MU& WWII Form 990.443. or reported an amount on Form 990. cokami (a)) held as a Board designated or quasi-endowment Do b Permanent endowment BP. or Other Similar AS9091KccvrtInues0 3 Using the organization's acquisition. Pen A column (B). j_Part VI I Land. and losses d Grants or scholarships • Other expenditures for facieties and programs f Admirdstrative expenses g End of year balance 2 Provide the estimated percentage of the current year end balance (the 1g.

Part X col. Part X. Part X. Una 13. Part X. line 12. provide the text of the footnote to the organization's financial stedernents that reports the organization's liability for uncertain tax positions under FIN 48 (ASC 740). line 25. col.) I Part X I Other liabilities. Liability for uncertain tax positions. Check here if the tart of the footnote has been provided In Part XIII El Schedule D (Farm 990) 2014 4320U 10-01-14 28 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. 1 . in Pert XIII. Part X.03040 THE SMACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . (13) nne 25. See Form 990. (B) toe12. ilrn3 15. col. Part )4 cot (B) line 15. Part IV. Part IV. Complete if the organization answered 'Yes to Form 990. (a) Description of liability (b) Book value 01 Fetters! Income taxes (6) (6) (7) -1 (2) Total. See Form 990. Part IV. (Column (b) must equal Form 990. Part X. Schedule D (Form 990) 2014 TER RAMER ORANA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 Pan! 3 I Part VIII Investments . Complete if the orrnization answered 'Yes' to Form 990. (b) must equal Form 990. line 11c. (P) Total. (13) Una 13. I Part VIIII Investments . (a) Description (b) Book value cii (g) (6). Part IV.) 2. Part X. See Form 990.)110.Other Securities. line tie or 111. (CoL (b) must equal Form 990. (13) DoschPiton of worn or category (bwludirle nom eaciery) I (b) Book value (e) Method of valuation: Cast or end-of-year market value (1) Financial derivatives (2) Closely-held equity interests (3) Other (A) (D) (E) (G) Total.Program Related. Complete if the organization answered 'Yes' to Form 990. One 11b. Complete if the organization answered 'Yes" to Form 990. (a) Description of investment (b) Book value (e) Method of valuation: Cost or end-of•year market value (1) 12) 13L (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) Total. See Form 990. (Column (b) must equal Form 990. line 11d.) NIP Part IX Other Assets. (Col.

Part VIII.729. 5. Part IX.952. line 15.) 0. 5 5. One 12: a Net unrealized gains (losses) on investmente b Donated services and use of facilities 505 719. Complete if the organization answered "Yes to Form 990. Ines 3.. Part )111 I Reconciliation of Expenses per Audited Financial Statements see per Return. lines 24 and 4b. Part VIII. 1 Total revenue. Ines la and 4. Provide the descriptions required for Part II. One 25.5.729. One 12. Pan I. • Add Inas 2a through 2d 1. Part VIII.1 .434.457.03040 THE BARACK DEANA FOUNDATION 46495071 . lines lb and 2b. 3 Subtract Ana 2e horn line 1 5. Part X.729. Add Ones 3 and 4c.. One 2. Also corriplete this part to provide any additional Iriformstion.954.) 2c a Add Ones Sta through 2d 505. gains. Pert VIII.434 877. but not on line 1: a Investment expenses not Included on Fenn 990. Complete If the organization answered 'Yes" to Form 990. 2 Amounts Included on line 1 but not on Form 990.) Is1 1.977. c Recoveries of prior year grants 2c d Other (Describe in Part XIII. Part V. Part IV.. (This must equal Fonn 990.. line 76 Lea b Other (Descrbe In Part XIII. Schedule 0 (Form 550) 2014 10-01-411 29 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. and Past X11. and 9.254 Part X1111 Supplemental Information. fine 7b b Other (Describe in Part XIII..993.940. Pan /. Part XI. lines 2d and 4b.) 0 c Add lines 4e and 4b 5 Total expanses_ Add lines 3 and 4e. HIM 12.254 3 Subtract line 2e from line 1 4 Amounts included on Form 990. Schedule DiForm 99012014 THZ BAUM MAMA VOUNDAVION 46-4950751 pone 4 [Part XI Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial Statements With Revenue per Return. 1 Total expenses and losses per audited financial statements 2. but not on One 1: a Investment expenses not ncluded on Form 090.. Part IV. and other =poen par audited financial statements 2 Amounts Included on One I but not an Form 990... MDMR.606. 4 Amounts Included on Form 990. One 25: a Donated DOME= and use of facades 505. Part IX. (This must equal Form 990. One 4. b Prior year adjustment' a Other bases d Other (Describe In Part XIII 505. Part IV. One 12a. One 12a. e Add Ines 4a and 4b 5 Total revenue. Part III.

ED.TN.OX.VA.03040 THE BARACK OBAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . line 17.WI LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice.NC ND.551. 5.806. lines 17.NJ.IL.18.EH.SC. directors.DC.WV. Check all that apply. A Total PP 5.806.LA. Pan VII) or entity In connection with professional fundraising services? EN Yes No b if 'Yes.FL.KN. SOLICITATION I 5. AL. Form 990-E2 filers are not required to complete this part 1 Indicate whether the organization raised funds through any of the following activities.806. 476.HA. Open to Public • Werra! Reverrue Service Inspection' Name of the organization Employer Identification number THE SMACK OHANA FOUNDATION 46-4950751 Fundraiskm Activities. or 19.444.OH.444.AK. Complete if the organization answered 'Yes' to Form 990.HI. Anwunt maid (1) Name and address of Individual 01) Activity (iv) Gross receipts toed(or retained— 011 by) to (orAmount retainedpaid by) or entity (fundraiser) .WA. a Ell Mall solicitations e ra Solicitation of non-government grants Ell Internet and email solicitations f = Solicitation of government grants Phone solicitations g 1=1 Special fundrabring events El In-person solicitations 28 Did the organization have a written or oral agreement with any individual (Including officers. IrLdTalIal from activity fundraiser oarromacno listed in cal.CA. - teanarei. SCHEOUUEG or No 15454647 Supplemental Information Regarding Fundraising or Gaming Activities (Farm 990 °YOKO-Ea Osprortent ot the Tremmmy Complete if the organization answered "Yes ° to Farm 990. 2014 • Attach to Farm 990 or Fawn 990-1M. see the Instructions far Form 990 or 990-EL Schedule G (Farm 990 or 1190-EZ) 2014 SEE FART IV FOR CONTINUATIONS 432031 05.HI.UT.KH. 5.444. Part IV.HI.551. Part IV. 9 List all states In which the organization is registered or licensed to solicit contsibuticxv3 or has been notified it is exempt from registration or licensing.000 by the organization.000 on Form 99042.C61.KY.COST.OA.NY.ME.M8.(I) organization SMOOT TAMES GROUP .618 Yes No CONNECTICUT AVENUE NW.444.AR.' list the ten highest paid individuals or entitles (fundraisers) pursuant to agreements under which the fundraiser Is to be compensated at least $5. 476. line ea.806.23-14 30 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. trustees or key employees listed in Form 990.EN. or if the organization entered more than $18.PA.

Subtract line 7 horn fine 1.080 on Form 990-IM. One (b) Full tabs/Instant (d) Total garrdng (add (a) Bingo bingo/progressive bingo to) Other gaming Cot.ssee siurenr nrnary nari AAlicdlen eneEst thr thrturgghh 9 M column (d) ikbutt ks:me N in mo summmas sum Sublhaact Sub ct lift II II rroorn rn One 3.. cokonn (d) 9 Enter the stets(s) in which the organization conducts gaming activities: a is the organization licensed to conduct gaming activities in each of these states? Li Yes Li No b If 'No. (a) through coL (cD 1 Gross revenue . (cD (event type) (event tYPe) (total number) 1 Gross receipts 2 Less: Contributions 3 Gross Income pine 1 minus line 2) 4 Cash prizes 5 Noncash Wass Rent/facility costs 7 Food and beverages a Entertainment 9 Other direct expenses I AV IIIIIRescdt ee. Pert IV. Part IV.000. or reported more then $1 5. line 19. line 18. column Id) 1 P811 III I Gaming. (a) Event 01 (b) Event 52 (c) Other events (d) Total events (add col. (a) through col. suspended or terminated during the tax year? -. Complete if the organization answered 'Yes to Farm osa. Lint events with gross receipts greater than $5.-1 Yes % LJ Yes % I I yes Volunteer labor 1Q1_ 40 No E1 No 7 Direct expense summary. Add lines 2 through 5 in column (d) IP• 8 Net aarrdno Income summary. 2 Cash prizes 3 Noncash prizes 4 Rant/facility costs 5 Other direct expanses L. Schedule G earn 990 or 990-EZI 2014 TDB HAMM ODAM FOUNDATION 66-4950751 Page 2 iPart iii Fundraising Events.03040 THE BARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . Complete If the organization answered 'Yee to Form 990. lines 1 and 6b. 17Ives I left bIfYaseplatn: 4=12 133-28-14 Schedule 0 (Form 9900r 9904E42014 31 18360511 187226 464950751 2014.* explain: 10a Were any of the organization a gaming (tenses revoked. or reported more than 915.000 at fundraising event contributions and gross income on Form 990-EZ.

16. PART I. as applicable. LIST OF TEN HIGHEST PAID FONDRAISERBe (I) NAME OF FUNDRAISER 2 SMOOT THEE& GROUP (I) ADDRESS OF PVWDRAXSER: 816 CONNECTICUT AVENUE NW. and Part III. cokerins (II) and (v)." enter name and address of the third party: Name Address Po 19 Gaming manager Information: Narne Gaming marelger compensation Or. Ones 9. and 17b. Also provide any additional information (see instructions). $ Description of services provided Po . Provide the explanations required by Part I. benErfldary or trustee of a trust or a member of a partnership or other entity formed to administer charitable gaming? 0 Yes 1:::1 No 43 indicate the percentage of gaming activity conducted in: a The organization's facility % b An outside facility [ lll i % 14 Enter the name and address of the person who prepares the orgardzation's gaming/spacial events books and records: Name Address 10. 156. DC 20006 432083 08-20-14 Schedule 0 (Form 990 or 950-EZ) 2014 32 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. LINE 25. El Director/officer El Employee 1=3 independent contractor 17 Mandatory distributions: a Is the organization required under state law to make charitable distributions from the gaming proceeds to retain the state gaming license? 1=1 Yes El No b Enter the amount of distributions required under state law to be distributed to other exempt organizations or spent in the oruarrization's own exempt activities durinp the tax year 11. $ and the amount of gaming revenue retained by the third party 0. WASHINGTON.03040 THE EARACK °HAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . ikre 2b.• $ C If Yes.11904M)2014 THE BARACK DRAMA FOUNDATION 66-4050751 Peas 3 11 Does the organization conduct gaming activities with nonmembers? LJ Yes U No 12 is the organization a grantor. $ 1Part IV I Supplemental Information. 10b. 15c. geheduWA3(FerrnS600. SCHEDULE G. 913. 15a Dues the organization have a contract with a third party from whom the organization receives gaming revenue? El Yea ED No b If Yes enter the amount of gaming revenue received by the organization .

46-4950751 Schedule OlFoñnego or TEE 136RACIC OEM& FOUNDATION [Pail IV I Supplemental inform an &Gnawed) Scheckdo G (Farrn 090 or 990-EZ3 4321E4 05-01 -1-4 33 18360511 787226 464950751 2014.03040 THE HARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 .

950751 - 1Parti I Excess Benefit Transactions (section 501(c)(3). 2. 25b. or if the organization repartee an amount on rannelbM. am u05. 1 (b) Relationship between disqualified (a) Name of disqualified person (c) Description of transaction person and organization Yea No 2 Enter the amount of tax Incurred by the orgardzatIon managers or disqualified persona during the year Larder section 4958 p $ 3 Enter the amount of tax.. 1545-0047 (Farm 990 or 990-EZ)I IP.. or iez. II* Attach to Farm 990 or Form 990-IM. Part V.03040 THE BARACX OBAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . Part V. Part IV. $ G rants or Assistance creates Person 1.owifonn ogg. Part IV. . section 501(c)(4). or Form 990-EZ. 1-1111 IV.iampuns a me organization answers(' . line 401). above. 20. ran AL. line 25a or 25b. line 25a. THE BARACK OBAHA POWIDATION I 46 4. (a) Name of interested person (b) Relationship between (c) Amount of (d) Type of (e) Purpose of Interested parson and assistance assistance assistance the organization _ LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice. (a) Wane of (b) Relationship (c) Purpose On Loan to w ( e) Original (I) Balance due (g) hi NIPmor ea (I) Written Interested person with organizatiOn of loan torn Um ammumfara principal amount by b MIoard defautr? conmethie agreement? 'From From Yes No Yes No Yea No _ • . 10. fine -26. reimbursed by the organization P $ )130411] Loans to ancVor From interested Persons. Department af the Treasury 28b. Part V.Yea" on Ham tom. if any. Complete if the organization answered °Yes° on Form 990„ Pert IV. Inspection Name of the organization I Employer identification number . Complete if the organization answered 'Yee on Farm 990. line 38a or 40b. 1010 2/. or Form 990-EZ. tine 38a or Form NO. on One 2. SCHEDULE L Transactions With Interested Persons ohm P. Complete if the organization answered 'Yes on Form 990-EZ. 20W Open To Public Intwnar Revamps Saivism information about Schedule L (Form 80001 990-EZ) and ite Instructions Is it wwwini. or 28c.27. see the Instructions for Form 990 or 990-E2. Total . Schedule L (Form 990 or 990-EZI 2014 02131 10-05-14 34 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. end 501(c)(29) organizations only).

NESBITT X - ' . (a) Name of interested person (b) Relationship between Interested (a) Amount of (d) Description of Pi 511a" al orgardzation's person end the organization transaction transaction revenues? Yee No waif aRlIBIIV SOARD MG= . PART TV.KR.523. SCH L.! ffmg2014 TNN ARACK MAMA FOUNDATION 4S-49507S1 ess ranee I . 61E. BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS INVOLVING INTERESTED PERSONS: (A) NANB OF PERSON: EMMY NESBITT (0) ORSCRIPTION OF TRANSACTION: NR. Schechda L (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2014 432122 10-05-14 35 18360511 787226 464950751 2014. Schedule L 990cm: . _ Supplemental Information Provide additional Information for responses to questions an Schedufe L (see Instructions). NESBITT IS ALSO A BOARD NEMER OF AN ORGANIZATION THAT NAB PAID FOR CONSULTING SERVICES. NERBIKT IS CO-CEO OF AN ORGANISATION THAT HAS PROVIDED DONATED OFFICE SPACE. (A) NAME OF PERSON: MARTI NESBITT (D) DESCRIPTION OF TRANSACTION: NA. NESBITT X kARTY sEssxrr /Whim MEMBER. V' r .396NR. • late if theorqsnhellon answered 'Yes on Form 990 IV fine 28a. 29b or 29c.03040 THE HARACK °HAMA FOUNDATION 46495071 . 47.



* GRAND TOTAL 990 - PAGE 10 DEPR 10. .. ' ' •75.407.00 16 2. . . _ . Bonus. 2114DEVEC1A1IONAIMAIMMIZA1IONWOM PORN 990 MOB 10 990 ymmm■■■. . Description Acquired Method Life No.434. 1.00 16 1. .00 16 2.407. 234. MACHINERY & —. o. .. .1 . COMPUTER 11i2014SL 3. 214. 0.136. 414. Accumulated Currerd Current Year No. 2. (I 991 .2214SL 3. COMPUTER 091214SL 3. cast or Basis Exci Basis Depreciation Depreciation Sec 179 Deduction .110.136. 2..637. Selvage._ .136. EQUIPMENT COMPUTER 08. COMPUTER 091214SL 3. .136.434. 991. 2. * 990 PAGE 10 TOTAL MACHINERY & EQUIPM 10. 1 1 e AIM( Dale Lila Unadjusted Bus I Reduction In Basis For . Commercial Revttellzation Deduction 37. 2. 0.434. Section 179. _ 428102 05-01-14 (D) Asset disposed • ITC. 0. 10.00 16 2. . 091514L e3. .00 16 2. 0. COMPUTER .116.444. 254.637. . 10.