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Rubix Cube Algorithms

Complete First Layer (White Top)

White Cross
-if white piece is not up, F U L U

Corner Pieces
-orient the corner piece to the 3 colors of the sides
-the piece must be on the bottom layer (D) facing the
front (left/right)
Top layer to bottom: R D R D
When facing down (in bottom layer): R 2D R D
Facing Right: R D R
Facing left: D R D R

Complete Second Layer

-find edge piece w/out yellow
-match the front with the corresponding sides
-look at the top of the same piece
-if the corresponding top color is
o Right: U R U R U F U F
o Left: U L U L U F U F
-faulty edge piece correction: 2R 2U F 2R F 2U R U R
Complete Third Layer
-look at yellow side, the configuration of the yellow pieces
will be one of the following:
-L shape

1) L shape (to reach bar)

-get the L to top left corner
- F R U R U F
-repeat until bar

2) Bar
-hold it horizontally
-do same algorithm: F R U R U F
-repeat until cross

3) Cross (line it up correctly)

-at least two sides should line up
-the two sides should either be across from each other or
adjacent to each other
-if across hold one side to the front or if adjacent hold on
side to the back and the other to the right
- R U R U R 2U R U
-Find unsolved yellow corner with corresponding colors
(doesnt necessarily have to be oriented and matched)
- hold it to right corner: U R U L U R U L
-repeat until two corners are solved

-Twist one unsolved yellow corner to the right

- R D R D
-repeat until that one corner is solved

-Twist remaining corner to the front

- same algorithm: R D R D