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Update 5/2016 :

** Adopt a WIDER ; BROADER Perspective on the answer.

[ IELTS STEP BY STEP Memory and Age]

- Paragraph :

A group of adult novice chess players were compared with a group of child experts at the game. In tests of their
ability to remember a random series of numbers the adults, as expected, outscored the children. But when asked
to remember the patterns of chess pieces arranged on a board, the children won. Because theyd played a lot
of chess, their knowledge of chess was better organized than that of the adults, and their existing knowledge of
chess served as a framework for new memory,

Specialized knowledge is a mental resource that only improves with time. Crystallized intelligence about ones
occupation apparently does not decline at all until at least age 75, and if there is no disease or dementia, may
remain even longer. Special knowledge is often organized by a process called chunking. If procedure A and
procedure B are always done together, for example, the mind may merge them into a single command. When
you apply yourself to a specific interest say, cooking you build increasingly elaborate knowledge structures
that let you do more an do it better. This ability, which is tied to experience, is the essence of expertise.
Vocabulary is one such specialized form of accrued knowledge. Research clearly shows that vocabulary improves
with time. Retired professionals, especially teachers and journalists, consistently score higher on tests of
vocabulary and general information than college students, who are supposed to be in their mental prime.

3. What can be concluded in chess game of children group?

A. They won game with adults

B. Their organization of chess knowledge is better - CORRECT / BROADER Perspective

C. Their image memory is better than adults INCORRECT / NARROWER

D. They used different part of brain when chessing

4. What is authors purpose of using vocabulary study at the end of passage?

A. Certain people are sensitive to vocabularies while others arent

B. Teachers and professionals won by their experience INCORRECT / NARROWER

C. Vocabulary memory as a crystallized intelligence is hard to decline - CORRECT / BROADER


D. Old people use their special zone of brain when study


Find all of the names in the passage first. Scan the whole passage quickly (this is probably
the only type of exercise for which scanning works well) and underline all the names that
the question asks you about.

Remember that academic articles often only use SURNAMES . For example, if
one of the names is Robert Smith, you might not see the first name 'Robert' in the
passage. Just look for the surname 'Smith'.

Do difficult questions last.

If one name is mentioned 3 times in 3 DIFFERENT PARAGRAPHS , it

will be more difficult to match with a statement than a name that is only mentioned

Start with the name that is only mentioned ONCE .

When you find a match, put a CROSS next to the statement; you will only use each
statement once. [= NH DU X cho nhng cu hi lm ri]

As usual, look for "KEYWORDS" - words in the passage that are similar to words
in the QUESTION statements.


So snh/.i chiu cc IM I LP trong options/answers :

Q.28 Ielts Trainer #TEST 4.
A. to find out if cooperative tasks are a useful tool in MEASURING certain skills.

B. to explore WHETHER several abilities are INVOLVED in the development of intelligence.

Try following these steps when doing multiple choice questions:
1. Read the question and underline the "keywords" - these are the words that you will
try to find in the passage (the main words that give the meaning of the question).
2. Read the choices and underline one or two keywords for each one. Focus on words
that make the DIFFERENCE between each choice.
3. Go to the passage and look for the keywords from the question.
4. When you have found the right part of the passage, look for keywords from the choices.
5. Read the relevant part of the passage carefully, comparing it to each choice.
6. To be sure you have the right answer, you should be able to SHOW that the other
answer choices are wrong .
c bit ch n TH TENSE :
PRESENT PERFECT question, vn c th NG cho PAST SIMPLE ; PRESENT SIMPLE ca paragraph

NG/T/F : vn c kh nng khng cn c c 3 . [khi ch c 3-4 cu hi]

Q.5,6,7,8 Test 3 ; Recent Reading Vol 1.

gulls and terns behave in the SAME way # while gulls DIVE, terns FLIES ON.

In the late 20th century, mass media could be classified into eight mass media industries:
books, the Internet, magazines, movies, newspapers, radio, recordings, and television. The
explosion of digital communication technology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries gave
rise to the question: what forms of media should be classified as "mass media"? For example, it
is controversial whether to include cell phones and video games in the definition.
Each mass medium has its own content types, creative artists, technicians, and business
models. For example, the Internet includes blogs, podcasts, web sites, and various other
technologies built atop the general distribution network./ Internet and mobile phones are often
referred to collectively as digital media , and radio and TV as broadcast media. Some argue
that video games have developed into a distinct mass form of media, in the sense that they
provide a common experience to millions of people across the globe and convey the same
messages and ideologies to all their users.
Are the statements below true, false or not given?
1. In the 21st century, it is widely accepted that there are now more than eight mass
media industries. NG F
2. Digital media can be subdivided into various content types. f T
3. Video games are the newest mass media platform. ng
p n thng nm STRONG WORD :


hoc U CUI .


MATCHING PARAGRAPH : reference word for clues

QUESTION - Reference to the STARTING POINT of her research

on paragraph s c ch lin quan n BEGAN .WITH STARTED .WITH.


Double check before proceeding


GAP-FILLING : unchanged wordform

EXPERIENCE : cu hi GAP-FILLING khng bao gi bt THAY I 1 CM T v 1 FORM KHC vi passage.

highlight v gch chn .nhng chnh c trong .cu hi.

gch du (UNDERLINE v BOX) .cho cc chnh ca on vn.

nh du VNG cho chnh ca CU HI c trong on vn.

dng 1 T GIY NHP => ghi ra chnh ca cu hi (tit kim thi gian lt li xem ca tng cu)


Gch chn cu hi

Gch chn the first sentence of each paragraph

tp trung, m, phn x nhanh ln

c k tng ch vo, thng c ch

n Implication / PHI T SUY LUN RA:

aiming to DISTINGUISH between behaviors towards UNDERSTANDING ..them ALL.

Link between television and mental ability watching television makes ... stupider .

Avoiding an overcrowded centre pushing everyone into city centre was not the best approach.

benefits of working together valuable to place people working in related fields .together.

Non-verbal = Pauses and noises .

- Problems in Nordic countries were excluded because they are outside the European Economic
Community. FALSE. NG.

THE PART OF PARAGRAPH : Their initial task was to decide which of the many forest
problems of concern to Europe involved the largest number of countries and might be
subject to joint action. Those confined to particular geographical areas, such as
countries bordering the Mediterranean or the Nordic countries therefore had to be

t THOSE = Forest problems / not Countries.

K thut : We already have a clear reason

The question says that Nordic countries were excluded BECAUSE they were located
outside the EEC.
The passage tells us that Nordic countries were excluded BECAUSE their forest
problems are confined to a particular geographical area, and not spread across many
These reasons are sufficiently different to mean the answer is FALSE. Remember,
the passage and question .do NOT have to be exact opposites to be 'false', they only
have to be different enough so that they cannot coexist, according to the text. =>
Whether or not the Nordic countries are part of the European Economic
Community is irrelevant. We already have a clear reason why they are

Phase I of MIRTP consisted of a survey of household expenditure on transport. =>
Phase I of MIRTP only consisted of a survey of household expenditure on transport

Phase I focused on research. The socio-economic survey of more than 400 households in the district
indicated that a household in Makete spent, on average, seven hours a day on transporting themselves
and their goods. Interesting facts regarding transport were found: 95% was on foot; 80% was within the
locality; and 70% was related to the colleection of water and firewood and travelling to grinding mills.
Having determined the main transport needs, possible solutions were identified.

K thut : 1. gii t by - only ;

2. T vng expenditure : khng ch l v money spent ; cn v time

don't 'OVER-THINK' the answer
The two week planned study into the psychological impact of prison life...

Now decide whether the following statement is true, false or not given:

The study aimed to investigate the mental and behavioural effects of life in prison.

The statement is true, but many students put not given because they "over-think" the meaning of
'psychological'. They think that the definition of psychological must be more complex than 'mental and

Don't think too hard about small differences in meanings. 'Mental and behavioural' might not be a
perfect definition of 'psychological', but the overall meaning is the same (a simple definition of
psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour).

Do .IN THE FIRST PLACE : any questions relating to NAMEs, NUMBERs, DISTINCTIVE
K nng lm bi Matching Heading
Vi Matching Heading, quan trng l tm Topic Sentence, thng thng n nm cu 1 v 2,
nu khng l cu cui, xc sut ca iu ny l 80-85%.

Du hiu nhn bit Topic Sentence:

- Tt c nhng cu no mang ngha l Kt qu, Xc nhn cha nhng t nh:
- In fact, actually, surely, clearly, lead to, result in, give rise to, bring about, however,
both..and, but, yet, eventually, claim, assert, such a, indeed
- Cm t: Its natural that, although, on the other hand, recently, take into account, without
a doubt, there is no reason for, no grounds for, its introduced as, regarded as

Nhng trng hp khng fi l Topic Sentence : Do nhng cu ny ch l gi thuyt,

din gii (not fact)
- Cu cha trng ng ch thi gian, place

Mnh If

Cu nm trong du ngoc or

Nhng cu gii thch nh : because, for example, take some cases

Nhng cu cha: Can, seem to, may, could be, be likely to

Xc nh Heading:

xc nh c Heading th bit nhiu cm synonyms s l mt li th ln.

Trong Topic Sentence c mang ngha ph nh hay khng nh th Heading cng fi mang
ngha nh vy.

Ch th (tense) trong cu Topic Sentence v Heading fi tng t (thng l Fact).

Cn li da vo ngha ca Topic Sentence v Heading.

Tuy nhin lm nhiu th bn thn mnh t thy nhy cm trong lc on ngha l kh ok,
ch khng n mc phi lc tm t in, hoc on m 100%, m vn c mt vi cn c, t
kinh nghim s gip ta lm ng c.
K nng lm bi True/False/Not Given, Text completion

Bc 1: c cc cu hi

S LNG T CHO PHP : c k cu hi ca bi xem bi cho php in mt

t, hai t hay ba t, v khi lm sai yu cu bn s mt im mt cch rt ng ngn v ng tic
, c vo cu hi, nn gch chn di cm t:

1. Complete the summary below. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the
passage for each answer.

2. Complete the table below. Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for
each answer.

Vi yu cu 1 or 2, mi cu tr li ch cho php in 1 or 2 t. Nu cu tr li ca bn
nhiu hn hai t m c cha cu tr li th n vn c coi l 1 p n sai.

Vi yu cu 1 or 2 khng cn phi thay i dng t tm ra cu tr li, m ch cn dng

nhng t xut hin trong bi c in vo ch trng.

3. Answer the question below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Yu cu (3) ny ch ra rng t m bn in vo p n khng nht thit phi c trong on

vn c cho. Nhng vn xut hin trong dng cu ny l th sinh cn t nhiu s ch
hn n vic s dng ng php.

dng ny th cc cu tr li thng xut hin theo th t cc cu hi, nn lm xong cu

no bn nn nh du cu ngay khng mt nhiu thi gian cho cu sau

Bc 2: Xc nh t loi cn in vo ch trng
Xc nh keywords trong cu hi, v cc loi t m chng ta cn in l g : Danh t, tnh t
hay ng t. ng sau mo t The th chc chc ta cn mt danh t , ng sau to be th
chc chn ta cn mt tnh t . Xc nh theo cch ny nhanh v kh nng sai l rt t

Bc 3: Nhn din s xut hin ca cc t ng ngha

Mt vn ln l cc t c dng trong cu hi khng phi hon ton sao chp li trong
vn bn m s c paraphrase. iu ny c ngha rng bn cn phi nm bt c ngha
hay n ca tc gi ch k ch n gin l tm kim cng mt t trong on vn.
Phung Ha Trang IELTS 8.0s :

- Mnh hay dnh khong 3 pht c lt qua mi phn bi c, nhanh chng nh du

nhng chnh v nhng thng tin quan trng trong phn nh cc tn, s liu v ngy
thng quan trng.

- Mnh thng vch chnh vit khong 1 hoc hai t ra l ca on nh cch nh

du nhn dng cu tr li cho d.

- Tip n mnh s xem xt cc cu hi mt cch k cng v lm bi thi ca bn theo th t

cc cu hi d ti kh. Thng thng mnh s lm => ng/Sai/Khng c thng tin
(True/False/Not Given) trc khi lm phn ni vi on (Matching Heading).

- c bit mnh ngh cc bn nn nh du nhng t kha trong cc cu vn tm cc chi

tit, c bit l cc t m thng khng c cc t ng ngha ph bin. Sau hy c tht k
v nhng t ny, ch ti nhng t kha khc trong cu hi m c th bao gm t ng
ngha vi t ang c trong bi. Khi tm thy t no , bn ch hn na ti ng cnh v
hy c cc phn xung quanh t nh cu vn ng trc, cu vn bao gm t v cu
vn pha sau tm ra cu tr li.