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Cable protection and suspension Installation of pumps

for tube installed pumps Pump installation can be

For tube-installed submersible pumps, proper cable facilitated with the aid of
protection and suspension is essential for trouble the Dock-Lock device
free operation. Cable suspension and protection for easy and safe retriev-
requirements become more stringent with longer al of pumps in a wet well.
cable lengths and higher discharge velocities. The Dock-Lock con-
sists of a spring-loaded
hooking device, a guide
line and a tension drum.
Because the line guides
the hook, theres no time
wasted trying to find
the pump shackle. The
device ensures that the
hook actually locks into
the shackle. Pumps are
retrieved safely, easily
and quickly, with mini-
mal maintenance costs.

Flygt cable seal units

for pressurized tube (column)

Flygt cable suspension system

A few basic principles govern good cable protec-

tion and suspension practices:
Cables must be suspended in such a way that if
they should move, they will not come in contact
with any surfaces which could abrade the jacket
these include pump and tube components, as well The Flygt cable seal
as other cables. units with Roxtec seal-
Cables should be bundled together, using ing technology are
components which will not cut or abrade the used to make a water
cables. tight cable entry into a
Proper strain relief and support at prescribed discharge column with
intervals (depending on length) should be water tight cover.
provided Spring-controlled tensioning and an
integrated guide wire are recommended for The cable seal units are
long cable lengths . complete with frame,
Roxtec cable seal mod-
We offer a variety of cable protection and suspen- ules, tightening wedge,
sion accessories with recommendations to suit lubricant and installa-
all types of installations and running conditions. tion manual.
Contact your local Application engineer for infor-
mation on the best system to meet your needs.