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| name = The Box

| image = The Box at 2015 Festival of Friends.jpg

| caption = The Box performing at the 2015 [[Festival of Friends]]

| image_size =

| background = group_or_band

| alias = Box

| origin = [[Montreal]], [[Quebec]], [[Canada]]

| genre = [[New wave music|New wave]], [[Rock music|rock]], [[progressive rock]]

| years_active = 19811992, 2002present

| label = [[Alert Records|Alert]], [[Universal Music Group|Universal]], [[Capitol Records|


| associated_acts =

| website = {{URL|}}

| current_members = Jean-Marc Pisapia<br/>Dan Volj<br/>Guillaume Jodoin<br/>Francois

Bruneau<br/>Martin Lapierre<br/>Isabelle Lemay

| past_members = Guy Florent<br/>Jean-Pierre Brie<br/>Guy Pisapia<br/>Sylvain

Coutu<br/>Philippe Bernard<br/>Claude Thibeault<br/>Luc Papineau<br/>Denis
Faucher<br/>Eric Theocharides<br/>[[Sass Jordan]]


'''The Box''' is a [[Canadian]] [[New wave music|new wave]] group from [[Montreal]]. Founded in
1981, they achieved commercial success in Canada, recording four charting albums and 10
charting singles between 1984 and 1990. The group broke up in 1992, but a new lineup of the
band was founded in 2005. This iteration of the group has released two further albums.

The band was formed in 1981 by Jean-Marc Pisapia, an early member of [[Men Without
Hats]].<ref name=jam>[ The Box] at
[[]]'s Pop Music Encyclopedia.</ref> He recruited [[guitar]]ist Guy Florent and [[bass
guitar|bass]]ist Jean-Pierre Brie and, before they settled on calling themselves The Box,<ref
name=jam />the group was known as Checkpoint Charlie.

The band's first single attracted the attention of Montreal radio station [[CKOI-FM]], leading to a
deal with [[Alert Records]].<ref name=jam /> Also that year, Pisapia's brother Guy joined on
keyboards.<ref name=jam />

Their debut album, ''The Box'', was released in 1984 and produced the hit singles "Must I Always
Remember" and "Walk Away".<ref name=jam /> Drummer Sylvain Coutu joined the band for its
supporting tour, but was replaced by Pierre Taillefer before the next album. Florent also left and
was replaced by Claude Thibeault.

In 1985, The Box released ''All the Time, All the Time, All the Time''. That album, which included
backing vocals by [[Sass Jordan]] and [[Marie Carmen]],<ref name=jam /> produced the hit
singles "My Dreams of You" and "L'Affaire Dumoutier (Say to Me)".<ref name=jam /> They won
the 1985 [[Flix Award]] for group of the year, and were nominated for the [[Juno Award]] for
most promising group.<ref name=jam />

1987's ''Closer Together'' was the band's most commercially successful album. Featuring the hit
singles "Ordinary People", "Closer Together" and "Crying Out Loud for Love", the album was
certified platinum.<ref name=jam /> Backing vocals on the album were provided by Jordan and
[[Martine St. Clair]].

After touring for more than eighteen months, the band took six months off to recover before
returning with 1990's ''The Pleasure and the Pain''.<ref name=jam /> That album was a
commercial disappointment, and The Box disbanded in 1992 after releasing the [[greatest hits]]
compilation ''A Decade of Box Music''.<ref name=jam />

Pisapia released a solo album, ''John of Mark'', in 1995.<ref name=jam /> This was eventually
reissued as a Box album in 2015.

Pisapia revived The Box with a new lineup in 2002, issuing two new Box tracks (recorded in 1996
and 2002) on a new hits compilation, ''Always in Touch With You.'' This version of The Box was
essentially Pisapia backed by session musicians, but the line-up soon coalesced into steady group
that had a decidedly more [[prog-rock]] orientation than the original incarnation of the
band.<ref name=jam />

In 2005 the band released ''Black Dog There'', its first new album in 15 years.<ref name=jam />
This was followed up by the 2009 album ''D'Apres le Horla de Maupassant'', the first Box album
sung entirely in French.



{| class="wikitable plainrowheaders" style="text-align:center;"


! rowspan="2"| Year

! rowspan="2" style="width:18em;"| Single

! colspan="1"| Peak positions

! rowspan="2"| Album

|- style="font-size:smaller;"

! width="50"| [[Canadian Singles Chart|CAN]]<br><ref>{{cite web|

title=Results - RPM - Library and Archives Canada - Top Singles|work=[[RPM (magazine)|RPM]]|
accessdate=August 26, 2011}}</ref>


| rowspan="3"| 1984

! scope="row"| "Walk Away"

| 48

| align="left" rowspan="3"| ''The Box''


! scope="row"| "Must I Always Remember"

| 82


! scope="row"| "Dancing on the Grave"


| rowspan="2"| 1985

! scope="row"| "With All This Cash"

| align="left" rowspan="3"| ''All the Time, All the Time, All the Time''


! scope="row"| "L'Affaire Dumoutier (Say to Me)"

| 21


| 1986

! scope="row"| "My Dreams of You"

| 51


| rowspan="3"| 1987

! scope="row"| "Closer Together"

| 13

| align="left" rowspan="4"| ''Closer Together''


! scope="row"| "Ordinary People"

| 16


! scope="row"| "Crying Out Loud for Love"

| 40


| 1988

! scope="row"| "I'm Back"


| rowspan="3"| 1990

! scope="row"| "Carry On"

| 12

| align="left" rowspan="3"| ''The Pleasure and the Pain''


! scope="row"| "Temptation"

| 39


! scope="row"| "Inside My Heart"

| 20


| colspan="10" style="font-size:8pt"| "" denotes releases that did not chart



====Original studio albums====

{| class="wikitable"


!rowspan="2"|Release date


!colspan="1"|Chart positions

|- style="font-size:smaller;"

!width="90"|[[Canada]]<br>RPM Album charts


|May 1984

|''The Box''



|January 1986

|''All the Time, All the Time, All the Time''



|March 1987

|''Closer Together''



|March 1990

|''The Pleasure and the Pain''



|June 1995

|''John Of Mark''''''''



|March 2005

|''Black Dog There''



|November 2009

|''D'Apres Le Horla De Maupassant''



'''''' Originally issued as by "John Of Mark"; reissued as by The Box in 2015.

====Compilation albums====

* ''A Decade of Box Music'' (1992)

* ''Always in Touch with You: The Best of the Box'' (2003)

* ''The Best Of The Box (2007) CD + DVD


==External links==

* [ The Box] official website

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